BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1954


Chapter 1954 – Bubble’s Help

Zhao Hai was discovered by the huge loach. Although Zhao Hai was now integrated with the lake water, this was in terms of feeling and movement. His body didn’t turn into water. If a beast only hunted through their senses, then it would be impossible to find Zhao Hai.

However, the cold loaches weren’t such beasts. They have eyes and can see things. And Zhao Hai was a person. Although he was very agile in moving through the lotuses, he couldn’t escape the eyes of the cold loach. Upon seeing food, it’s natural for the loach to attack Zhao Hai.

The cold loach’s intelligence wasn’t low. It was precisely because of this intellect that the loach decided to attack Zhao Hai. To the cold loach, Zhao Hai was a dangerous being. If he were kept alive, he would be too dangerous for the loaches in the lake.

Zhao Hai looked at the huge mouth of the loach and then waved his hand. The water around him seemed to follow his orders and made ropes out of water. Then the ropes connected with each other forming a huge net. The net was then thrown towards the loach.

The cold loach saw Zhao Hai’s attack and shot out a water arrow. At the same time, it controlled the water around him.

Zhao Hai knew that the cold loach was also good at controlling water. Now, the loach took control of the net and then broke it.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t admit defeat. His other divergent abilities would be suppressed in the lake. So he only used his water-element ability to attack the loach.

Zhao Hai waved both of his hands and sent a water arrow to the cold loach. The cold loach waved its tail, turning the surrounding water into a weapon and attacked Zhao Hai.

One person and one loach attacked each other for some time. However, neither could do anything to the other. But at this moment, several loaches sensed the battle and swam over.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that he could no longer be entangled in this battle so he retreated to a clump of lotuses. The cold loach naturally wouldn’t let him off, so it pursued Zhao Hai.

Although Zhao Hai was a peak existence among immortal experts and could be considered invincible, the strength of several cold loaches couldn’t be underestimated. These loaches were also top existences among immortal experts. It would be hard for Zhao Hai to deal with them in a short time.

Also, even if Zhao Hai controlled all of the water, he wouldn’t be able to handle so many loaches. And because he could only control water in this environment, Zhao Hai wasn’t using all of his strength. His overall combat power has been affected.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai was severely weakened. His attacks were still very lethal. Zhao Hai also tried to control the lotus. After all, the cold lotus also carries the wood attribute. If he can control the lotuses to attack, then his strength would increase.

But just as he was about to take control of the lotuses, Zhao Hai discovered that the lotus was actively rejecting him. Zhao Hai found out that there was a variation on these lotuses. Although they looked like ordinary lotuses, the wood attribute in their body was only 10 percent, 90 percent of its attribute was water. These water lotuses could no longer be considered plants, but a type of water with the wood element.

While Zhao Hai was in the process of controlling the lotuses, the lotuses were enraged. Then they began attacking Zhao Hai alongside the loaches.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai immediately understood. Although these lotuses have yet to turn into lotus beasts, they only need time to form a consciousness. 

With the lotuses joining the fight, it became harder for Zhao Hai to move around. The lotus lived in the lake, so it was very comfortable with everything in it. This meant that the lotuses could control the water better than the cold loach. The lotuses formed whips from the lake water and attacked Zhao Hai with it. At the same time, they made the surrounding lake water into a labyrinth, intending to trap Zhao Hai inside.

Zhao Hai knew that the cold lotuses grew up with the cold loaches. For the lotuses, the cold loaches were their companions. Although Zhao Hai could integrate with the water, he was still regarded as an outsider by the lotuses.

With him being attacked by both loaches and lotuses, Zhao Hai had to take liquid silver out. He used his water element abilities to block the water attacks of the lotuses while he used liquid silver to deal with the lotuses and the loaches.

The loaches could also see how strong liquid silver was. These loaches knew how hard the lotuses were. For Zhao Hai to be able to cut them meant that even the defenses of the lotuses couldn’t block his attacks.

Zhao Hai has no other place to go now. He was blocked in all directions. But Zhao Hai’s attacks using liquid silver was just a distraction. As he was fighting, Bubble appeared beside him, helping Zhao Hai to deal with the water attacks. This way, Zhao Hai could use all of his strength in attacking.

Although Zhao Hai’s swordsmanship was limited in the lake, things were different with Bubble around. Bubble could control water better than Zhao Hai. As the battle continued, Zhao Hai discovered that the lake was slowly being controlled by Bubble. It was as if Bubble was turning the lake into its own body.

This development made Zhao Hai happy. He continued to wave his blade around, cutting lotuses one after another. He was also beginning to deal with the loaches.

Noticing the change in the battle, the loaches knew that they couldn’t do anything to him. There was no victory against Zhao Hai and Bubble. Because of this realization, the cold loaches began to run away.

One has to recognize how fast the loaches were in water. In just one swing of their tail, they vanished into the distance. Zhao Hai couldn’t catch up to them.

Zhao Hai also has no intentions of chasing the loaches down. He was here for the nine core lotus seeds, not the cold loaches.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to take cold loaches for the Space. But during the battle, Cai’er was able to take care of it. She took some loaches from the waterways and sent them to the Space. This made Zhao Hai lose interest in the loaches.

The lotuses were severely damaged by the battle. After searching among the destroyed lotuses, Zhao Hai was able to find a few lotus flowers and lotus pods. The task was now completed.

Although he was done with his task, Zhao Hai has no intentions of leaving Moon Bathed Lake. He plans to search it to see the reason why the lake turned into this.

Zhao Hai has Bubble accompany him as they search the lake. The lake was quite large. It took about ten minutes before they reached the center. There were no lotus growing in the center of the lake. There weren’t even cold loaches spotted. This was because it was too cold.

Moon Bathed Lake’s center was too cold that cold mist had begun to form on its surface. Zhao Hai knew that if he threw a metal piece into the water, then it would immediately turn into a brittle material that would break into fragments. Immortal experts would be frozen into ice immediately with just one drop of this water.

Zhao Hai began to wonder why the water has yet to freeze in such frigid temperatures. However, Zhao Hai has been to so many realms and has seen too many strange places that he was no longer surprised. Then he began to dive into the lake to see the bottom.

In addition to being large, the lake was also very deep. Zhao Hai also noticed that the suppression of his spiritual force was increasing the deeper he went. On the surface, the Space could scan 500 meters around him, but in the lake, the scan was reduced to only 200 meters.

Although Zhao Hai could still see, his visibility has been reduced to less than 100 meters. However, Zhao Hai didn’t stop. He continued to search for the bottom of the lake. 

Zhao Hai dove for half an hour but he has yet to see any ground ahead. He could feel that there were no other elements around him other than the water element. It became a world completely made of water.

This was a rare situation and Zhao Hai was happy. Such unique circumstances were bound to produce extraordinary treasures.

An hour turned into two hours, but Zhao Hai was still unable to find the bottom of the lake. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t as fast as the loaches, his speed in water was still very quick. He didn’t expect to still be diving down two hours into his search.

At this moment, Zhao Hai felt his communicator fluctuate. Zhao Hai immediately had Bubble form an empty space around him. Then he answered the call.

After answering, Zhao Hai saw Zhang Feng’s anxious expression on his communicator. Seeing Zhao Hai alive, Zhang Feng looked relieved, then he asked, “Little Hai, where are you now? Why haven’t you returned?”

Zhao Hai asked, “Why? What time is it?”

Zhang Feng stared at Zhao Hai and said, “It’s already dark. Where are you? Why didn’t you know that the sun has gone down?”

Zhao Hai looked around him and could only see water with no traces of light. Naturally, he didn’t notice what time it was. He smiled bitterly and said, “I’ve worried Senior Brother. I really don’t know the time. The place I’m in is very safe. It’s the location of my current task.”


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