BTFTLIAW – Chapter 973


Chapter 973  – Gu?[1]

Kampala looked at Zhao Hai, then he slightly smiled and said, “I looks like Mister is different from ordinary people. When others see us, they would immediately shout ‘kill them!’. However, Mister didn’t. This makes me surprised.”

Zhao Hai looked at Kampala and chuckled a bit, “This isn’t strange, I’m a Dark Mage so I deal with the undead almost everyday. I’m also used to people yelling ‘kill him’ to me.”

After the three undead heard this, they couldn’t help but stare. Kampala looked at Skeleton Guli and said, “Old Bones, is Mister really the one you fought before? Why didn’t you tell us that he’s a Dark Mage?”

Guli also looked at Zhao Hai and tilted his head. He couldn’t understand what was going on. Zhao Hai just smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need to doubt my identity. I’m a Dark Mage but I’m also a Warrior as well as a Divergent Ability user. Moreover, I can also use magic from other magic branches. This isn’t strange, when you reach my level you would be able to transform your energy to another type. Couldn’t you do it as well?”

The three shook their heads, the Lich looked at Zhao Hai and smiled bitterly, “Mister might not know, but there is only one type of energy in the Dark World and that is dark energy. Because of this, both warriors and mages only use this type.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he replied, “You still haven’t expressed why you called me over.”

When Kampala heard Zhao Hai, he immediately answered, “Mister, we came this time to offer a sincere cooperation. But before we tell you, we’ ll have to little talk with Mister first. Can Mister agree to this?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Of course I agree. Everyone, there’s no need for us to keep standing here. Let’s go take a seat.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand, making four stone chairs appear on the ground. Shortly after Zhao Hai went down, Guli and Jiang Zheng sat on the stone chair. On the other hand, Kampala just fluttered which made Zhao Hai slightly smile.

When the group had sat down, Kampala looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, we came here for cooperation because of the spatial rift. The spatial rift is our hope.”

Zhao Hai looked puzzled at the Lich. The Lich returned Zhao Hai’s gaze and smiled bitterly as he said, “Mister, you might have any ideas about the undead living in the Underworld. In fact, at the very beginning, the undead of the Underworld didn’t fight, nobody perished. After all the undead appeared, they just peacefully wandered around the Underworld. This is because we know that we have endless life, so why should we fight? We could live for thousands or tens of thousands of years, or even much longer. Even if we practice a bit every day, we would eventually become masters. Because of this, nobody fought and nobody cultivated voraciously.”

Zhao Hai blankly stared at Kampala. He suspected that this Lich might have gone crazy, the Undead were peaceful? How could darkness lifeforms know peace? It wasn’t like the ghost stories? But to think about it, the Lich was itself a ghost. If he said it, then it might be true.

Kampala looked at Zhao Hai and saw his disbelief. Kampala lightly sighed and said, “Mister, you might think that I’m talking nonsense. But what I said is true. The three of use are one of the longest living undead in the Underworld. I can’t remember how old I am. The only thing I remember is that when I woke up I was a young Lich. i went about the underworld looking for people like me and learned from them. I lived happily, these two did as well. Guli started out as a grey skeleton, Jiang Zheng also started out as a low-level zombie.”

While speaking about this, Kampala had the look of recollection. This was because he could remember the good times. He looked like an old man thinking back to his younger days.

After some time, Kampala sighed. Then he turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “I also don’t know when it started, but undead with memories started to be born. These new undead began to fight against the other undead. These undead killed others and absorbed their energies. This way, these new undead accelerated their cultivation.”

When Zhao Hai heard Kampala, his eyes shone. He looked at the Lich and asked, “You mean that in the beginning, the undead of the Underworld can’t remember anything? They’re just like newborn babies?”

Kampala had a surprised look at Zhao Hai as he said, “Isn’t that natural? Haven’t I told you? Right, I forgot to say it. But this isn’t strage. Shouldn’t undead have no memories to begin with?”

Upon being asked by Kampala, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. But then he began to recall that Kampala was right. Undead weren’t born with memories already in them. Even those summoned by mages won’t have memories of their past life. Only high-level creatures would have memories. It might be because of heaven’s intervention since summoning high-level undead would cause a mage to make a large sacrifice. Naturally, this didn’t include the Space since it was a cheat itself.

After he saw Zhao Hai nod, Kampala continued, “Those undead with memories destroyed the Underworld’s peace. They put an end to the undead’s peaceful life. They wantonly slaughtered the undead and absorbed their energy. Finally, the undead began to resist, making the Underworld a huge battlefield.”

Kampala sighed, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “You could never imagine how terrible this war is. And because of the battle, more and more powerful undead emerged. What surprised us the most was the sudden emergence of a temple. This temple is surrounded by undead. The undead with memories are the most faithful believers of this temple.”

Kampala looked Zhao Hai in the eyes and said, “It might be fine if it’s just that. However, we discovered that those experts who attacked the temple were all killed, on the other hand, those who came to worship the temple were spared and turned into the temple’s followers. They became fanatics, it’s as though they were under someone’s control.”

Zhao Hai was continually surprised at Kampala. He didn’t think that the undead would be this insightful. It seems like Zhao Hai was still underestimating Kampala and the others.

Kampala seems to ignore Zhao Hai’s expression as he went on, “We aren’t willing to be controlled therefore we united in order to resist the temple. However, their numbers are continually growing. Their power is getting stronger and stronger as well. Fortunately, for every ten undead born in the underworld, only two or three of them would be those with memories. This allowed us to supplement our strength. Otherwise, we would have already perished.”

After talking about this, Kampala looked at Zhao Hai and said, “But even so, we are still being pushed back. Our territory became smaller and smaller. In order to escape elimination, we have no choice but to expand outward. Several times we began attack a plane similar to the Underworld, but we didn’t expect the inhabitants to be very powerful. We were repelled in the end.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then he guessed that the plane Kampala was talking about was the Demon Realm. In the past, the Demon Realm was under attack by undead creatures.

Kampala continued, “After being repelled, our days became even more bleak. But at the same time, we discovered a secret. The reason why the Underworld became like this was because someone was controlling everything behind the scenes. This person was the one who built the Dark Temple. We don’t know who he is, but he is very strong and he wants to be the only God of all undead. Most importantly, he wants the creatures of the Underworld to be as strong as possible. Then he would choose the most powerful undead and take them away from the Underworld to be his most loyal slaves!”

Zhao Hai suddenly thought about a chinese legend. Someone used a jar to raise poisonous insects. These insects would kill each other and the last one alive would be the most powerful insect.

Upon hearing Kampala, it seems like they were in the same state. They were raised inside this jar while being urged to kill each other. Those who killed would become more powerful and the survivors would be the most powerful undead.

Kampala stopped for a moment before he continued, “Although we don’t know where he took those undead, we are very sure that they were taken away. Those undead must have been taken in order to fight stronger enemies. We don’t want to live like that, so we resisted.”

Zhao Hai nodded. To be honest, he really admired the tenacity of Kampala’s group. However, Zhao Hai still didn’t understand where the cooperation would fit into this matter.

It was at this time where Kampala looked at Zhao Hai, his facial expression changed as he said, “Just as we thought that there was no way out, a spatial rift suddenly appeared in the Underworld. That spatial rift brought us great hope.”

As he looked at Kampala, Zhao Hai couldn’t bear it anymore as he asked, “Mister Kampala, until now, I still couldn’t understand the reason why you want my cooperation. Can you get to the point?”

  1. Means poisonous insects, decided to keep it as is since it has been used in other novels


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