BTFTLIAW – Chapter 611

Chapter 611 – Stone Column Island

Zhao Hai saw on the monitor that the Rock Shrimp Patriarch gave the Swordfish man a salute. Then after a bit of talking, he presented a token to the Swordfish tribesman.

The Swordfish tribesman received the token and after taking a look at it, he nodded. Then the Rock Shrimp Patriarch and the others returned to the sea’s surface.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation and understood that he wasn’t here to see the Sea King. The Rock Shrimp Patriarch can only escort him up to here.

After that, just as Zhao Hai closed the monitor, the Rock Shrimp Patriarch’s was heard outside, “I ask Mister Zhao Hai to please come out.” Then Zhao Hai and the others went on to the ship’s bow to see the Rock Shrimp Patriarch as well as the Swordfish tribesman. The Swordfish was still sitting on his mount, he came along with his men. All them looked at Zhao Hai with a hint of curiosity.

Zhao Hai gave a bow and said, “I’ve seen the Rock Shrimp Patriarch and brother Fishman. Why did Patriarch call for me?”

The Rock Shrimp Patriarch returned the bow and then said, “Mister, we can only take you up to here. This is the Junior Patriarch of the Swordfish tribe. The next step would be up to him.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “I thank the Patriarch for his efforts. The Patriarch doesn’t need to worry, I have already sent a letter back to the family, they will be sending you two shipments worth of supplies. That would be my gratitude for Patriarch’s help. The Patriarch would just need to wait in your place and the ships would arrive in a few days. Please don’t refuse this gift.”

The Rock Shrimp Patriarch’s face couldn’t help but burst in glee, “Then mister Zhao Hai has my deepest gratitude. Junior Patriarch, Mister Zhao Hai is a very good person. Please take care of him.”

The Junior Patriarch of the Swordfish tribe looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, “I will. Patriarch Libben can rest assured.” The Rock Shrimp Patriarch then nodded and gave a bow to Zhao Hai before he submerged back to the sea.

Zhao Hai turned to the Junior Patriarch of the Swordfish tribe, he gave a bow and said, “Zhao Hai has seen Junior Patriarch, I apologize for the trouble.”

The Junior Patriarch of the Swordfish tribe was polite to Zhao Hai as well. He returned Zhao Hai’s bow and said, “Mister is too polite. The Sea King had issued summons for mister, so naturally we wouldn’t dare to ignore it. Mister, please come with us.” Then the Junior Patriarch went to the front of the Haven. The other Knights looked at Zhao Hai before they went to the sides of the ship and escorted it.

Zhao Hai discovered that the Junior Patriarch of the Swordfish tribe seemed to dislike having in contact with him. However, this Junior Patriarch also seemed to be very strong. Zhao Hai estimated this Junior Patriarch to be equivalent to an 8th rank human expert.

Zhao Hai has no way to calculate a Fishman’s age, so he didn’t know how old this Junior Patriarch was. But what he definitely knew was that this Junior Patriarch was not old for his race. For him to be 8th rank was a proof of his extraordinary talent.

Moreover, Zhao Hai also discovered that this Junior Patriarch’s army was very unified. These Swordfish Knights under his command, although only about 500, were comprised of 6th to 7th rank experts. These people were very unified that even in motion they still kept their proper formation.

Zhao Hai also paid close attention to the Swordfish knights’ reaction towards the Junior Patriarch. They seem to have no hint of resistance to his command, some of them even carried expressions of worship. This showed that the commanding power of this Junior Patriarch was very great.

An army this sharp usually held great pride. Even if one’s status was high, if they don’t believe your strength, then they would find it hard to follow you and would only look down on you. However, this Junior Patriarch seemed to have completely conquered these people. There was no need to doubt his strength and skill in handling his army.

Zhao Hai wanted to talk to this Junior Patriarch, but it seems like this Junior Patriarch was unwilling to talk to him. Zhao Hai tribed to open up a conversation only to be turned down with short answers. In the end, Zhao Hai chose to give up.

Following Laura and the others in returning to the Space, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Brother Hai, they actually chose to ignore you. I haven’t seen that before.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “It’s just his arrogance. Hehe, this is the first time I’ve seen someone do that to me.”

Meg suddenly got fired up, “His arrogance is useless. Compared to the Young Master, his strength is just nothing. He actually acted disrespectfully to Young Master, you should go and teach him a lesson.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Calm down, we’re still in their domain. In addition, this Junior Patriarch is still young. Being this young and already strong is commendable. After all, he didn’t have the help of the Space.”

Although Meg nodded, her face still couldn’t hide her indignation. In her heart, Zhao Hai was the best, he was the strongest of them all. She would get angry if anyone were to dare to be impolite to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai thought that he would be seeing the Sea King after only a few days. But he didn’t expect the ship to travel for 20 days. On the 20th day, Zhao Hai discovered that there was a rainbow like radiance in the distance.

Zhao Hai opened the monitor and immediately became shocked. The rainbow lights was not too far. But after seeing what it was, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare at the scenery, surprised.

What Zhao Hai saw was an island. But this island was peculiar, it wasn’t connected to the sea but was instead held up by 13 huge pillars on the water.

He didn’t know how these stone pillars were produced, but there were many holes on each pillar of which water kept flowing out. The water produced mist that would in turn make the rainbows.

Zhao Hai also saw that in those holes, Merpeople can be seen. These merpeople had the upper bodies of humans but had a lower body of a fish. They all had long golden hair and dark blue eyes. Their chests were covered by shells while the others parts were left exposed. They looked pure with a tint of temptation. Their appearance made people unable to look away.

Laura and the others were also dumbfounded upon seeing these people. They also didn’t think that there would be such a place. The mists kept coming as an endless amount of water kept pouring down the pillars. There were also the attractive mermaids. This made them feel like they were in a fairytale.

After some time, Laura and the others recovered. Their mouths couldn’t help but release a sound of wonder. Zhao Hai was also the same, this scenery was indeed too beautiful.

At this time, the Haven was already slowly approaching the place. After heading to the island for some time, they were immediately blocked by a gigantic Fishman. This man’s stature was very tall and big. He was even taller than the biggest Beastman. It had blue skin and was as tall as Zhao Hai’s stone golem and looked just as strong. He held a huge trident on one hand that was about 20 meters long, it looked quite heavy.

The bodies of these people don’t seem to be different from humans. The sole difference were some parts of their body as well as their enormous tail. The tail was very robust, Zhao Hai seemed to identify it as something that belonged to a whale.

These people had their mounts as well. Each one of them had huge blue whales that carried them on their backs. They looked extraordinarily formidable. After they blocked the Junior Patriarch of the Swordfish tribe, the Junior Patriarch immediately took the token that was handed over by the Rock Shrimp Patriarch and gave it to the opposite party. The huge fishman nodded before he waved his hand, sending the Junior Patriarch away.

Although the Junior Patriarch was arrogant, he still wouldn’t dare to pull rank against these Whale Fishmen. The Junior Patriarch bowed to the Whale fishman before he retreated. The Whales then started to slowly float towards the surface.

When the Whale fishman started to appear on the surface, Zhao Hai can immediately feel the pressure coming out of them. These Whale fishmen on top of the whale mounts looked just like the ancient giants from the legends. Their heights had surpassed the deck of the ship.

Before Zhao Hai could speak, one Whale fishman said, “You are Zhao Hai?” His voice rumbling, it was as deep as thunder.

Zhao Hai didn’t get frightened, he immediately gave a bow and said, “Brother Fishman, I am indeed Zhao Hai.”

The Whale fishman looked at Zhao Hai and said, “The Sea King has summoned you. Go retrieve your sails.” Zhao Hai complied as he had the undead take down the sails of the ship.

Just as the sails were taken down, two Whale fishmen arrived by his ship and extended their hands towards the Haven’s bow before pushing it towards the small island.

Zhao Hai looked at these Whale fishmen, he didn’t think that these soldiers would have this strength. They seem to push an Ironclad Five masted ship with absolutely no effort.

It didn’t take a long time for them to arrive at the vicinity of the small island. However, Zhao Hai cannot walk at this time. This was because surrounding the small island were all kinds of reefs. There was simply no way for the ship to continue.

Zhao Hai also saw some Mermaids on the reefs. These mermaids looked curiously at Zhao Hai. Once in a while they would whisper some words to their companions before bell-like laughters echoed out.

About one kilometer away from a column, the Haven stopped. The Whale fishman then looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You come to my mount’s back. I’ll take you further.”

Zhao Hai expressed his gratitude before leading Laura and the others to the back of the whale. When they arrived on top of the whale, they discovered that they were only as tall as the Whale fishman’s feet. It seems like if the Whale fishman wants to, he could step on them.

The Whale fishman turned his head to Zhao Hai as he cracked a smile. Then he led his whale mount to swim towards the island. Before long, they had passed by the stone columns and reached the middle column of the island. Zhao Hai noted that the stone column seem to be several hundred meters high. The waters from the holes above also kept flowing down. On top of this stone column was a palace, something that Zhao Hai has not seen before.


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