BTFTLIAW – Chapter 338

Chapter 338 – Spies

Ruyen also followed Zhao Hai’s decision to stay at Shelley Hotel. All this time, Ruyen was a bit too behaved. Her silence made Zhao Hai uneasy and wondering what kind of schemes she was concocting.

The group entered their suite. When they sat down, Zhao Hai turned to Shue and Shun, “Shue. Shun, you guys go and find out what’s going on in this Shelley Hotel. Find out why this business looks very bleak and empty.” The two nodded then walked away.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Why do we need to know? Even if there’s a problem, it’s Shelley Family’s matter. What does this have to do with us?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I want to find out which business managed to choke Shelley Family. If that person belongs to Rosen Empire, we may need to keep our eyes open, as such person isn’t ordinary. Since we may even get to meet them in the future, it’s better to have prior knowledge.”

Laura thought for a moment and nodded, “You’re right, people who dared contest the Shelley Family couldn’t be simple. For these huge business companies, there are many ways other than pure commercial prowess in competing for the market. If they wouldn’t use their other, easier, means, then wouldn’t they just be wasting resources?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “So I have to pay attention to who is competing with Shelley Hotel. In any case, we’re already inside Rosen Empire, and we cannot continue staying in Purcell duchy, other than here, we don’t have any other more suitable place in the continent to stay in.”

Laura agreed, “If we’re unable to stay here as well as in the Purcell Duchy, I’m afraid we only have to stay inside the Beastman Prairie.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “Well, to be honest, I actually liked associating with the beastmen. Mostly because they don’t have so much plotting minds as the Humans.”

Laura smiled and said, “I also like hanging out with them, they’re simpler and didn’t overthink about everything. Right, Brother Hai, didn’t you say that Ruyen had been quiet lately, probably plotting? Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “I cannot understand that woman’s mind. Forget it, we’ll just drop her off in Carson City, then we’ll set off. She couldn’t mess with us any longer after that.”

At this time, a knock could be heard at the door. Blockhead immediately went forward and asked, “Who is it?”

Jill’s voice could be heard from outside, “Jill seeks an audience with Mister Wales.”

Blockhead turned to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai nodded, then Blockhead opened the door and asked Jill to come in. Jill looked at Laura and the others and froze for a moment, logically, from Laura and the other’s status, they shouldn’t be allowed to sit along with Zhao Hai. But he didn’t care about that this time, he gave a salute to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, the young lady wants to ask mister whether you’ll still be travelling with us?”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then he nodded, “Yes. We will go to Carson City first, then head towards Sky Water City. Why did you ask?”

Jill gave a bow to Zhao Hai and said, “There’s nothing, Jill wants to thank mister wales. Her highness was not sensible and have angered mister. Please forgive her.”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “Consider that matter finished, this time I’ll let it go in respect for Grand Duke Evan’s face. I don’t care about what she did, but I hope that she won’t bother me in the future. To be honest, when I told the Grand Duke about what she did, he told me to just leave her alone. But I didn’t do it, but only this time. I hope that Ruyen doesn’t go and challenge my bottom line, otherwise I wouldn’t be polite. I don’t care about the title, I’m just grateful for the Grand Duke. But this does not mean that I’ll compromise my safety in exchange for her amusement.”

Zhao Hai knew that Jill was sent by Ruyen to find out about his mood. So he simply explained the matter that if Ruyen went too far next time, he wouldn’t be polite anymore.

Hearing Zhao Hai, Jill sighed inside. He understood Zhao Hai’s temperament, he knew that Zhao Hai didn’t care about Ruyen’s identity. Zhao Hai didn’t make a move previously simply because of his relationship with the Grand Duke. If the young lady continues to annoy him, Jill wouldn’t know what will happen.

Zhao Hai sighed as he looked at Jill’s appearance, “Go back, I know Ruyen wouldn’t listen to your words anyway. No matter what, we’ll send her to Carson city first. I’m sure the Grand Duke already informed you, Carson City is different from Casa City, although they only differ by one word, the quality of people present differ by a thousand folds. If she can’t fix her attitude, her life will be hell. Don’t think that you’re smart, nobody in this world is stupid. You can leave.”

Jill complied, he bowed and headed out. Looking at the door closing on Jill, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh, “For Jill to follow such a master, he really is unlucky.”

Laura forced a smiled, “Actually, young lady Ruyen’s situation is very common among the nobility. People like Fernand are already considered good. I heard that there is even something known as a “noble’s right of the first night” inside their territories.[1]

Zhao Hai blinked his eye and asked Laura, “Do we have that sort of thing?”

Laura nodded, then Zhao Hai smiled, “Then when we’re in our territory, let’s do that.”

Laura knew that Zhao Hai was joking, She looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, as long as you work hard.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Forget it, I still want to live comfortably for two years. But these nobles really are a bit too outrageous. We should never allow that to happen inside our territory in the future.”

Laura smiled, “That place is our territory. It’ll be what we want it to be.”

At this time, another set of knocks could be heard from the door. But this time, it was Shue and Shun who came in. They both gave Zhao Hai a salute then said their report, “Young Master, we asked around, Shelley Hotels have always been like this inside Rosen Empire. Inside Rosen Empire, people are more willing to settle inside Lion Hotels. The Lion Hotel chain was opened by Rosen Empire’s Grand Duke Lionheart. He’s one of the most powerful grand duke inside the empire, so he didn’t need to fear the Shelley Family.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it was the typical domestic force versus international force. Seeing that the Shelley Family’s headquarters wasn’t inside Rosen Empire, it was understandable for Grand Duke Lionheart to go head to head with them, even gaining the upper hand inside his home empire. Even though the Shelley Family can be considered as a strong power, a powerful dragon cannot defeat the local snake. Additionally, Grand Duke Lionheart wasn’t the local snake, he was the local dragon.

Laura turned to Shue and said, “Good, you two take a rest. We also need to get up early tomorrow. Also, go tell the hotel to prepare some food for us to eat.”

Before ending their conversation, Shun interjected, “Young Master, Madam, I heard those who settled inside this Shelley Hotel had met bad luck. Do we need to pay attention?

Zhao Hai and Laura froze, Laura looked at Shun and said, “Really? Is this information accurate?”

Shun nodded, “It should be true. I heard that when someone from Rosen Empire once stayed inside the hotel, they suffered an accident later on. Because of this, the hotel’s business became dismal.”

Zhao Hai calmed down, then he said, “We just arrived at Rosen Empire but it seems like we already offended someone we shouldn’t. But isn’t Grand Duke Lionheart going too far? Can Shelley Family just turn a blind eye to this?”

Laura shook her head and said, “They definitely won’t, Shelley Family’s power and influence is much bigger than Grand Duke Lionheart. They obviously couldn’t turn a blind eye, but it seems that they couldn’t counter-attack yet at this time. It seems like our days ahead wouldn’t be smooth.”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “What this Grand Duke Lionheart is doing is so excessive, I think that Shelley Family’s counterattack would be tough. If they couldn’t overthrow Lionheart, it would be their downfall. We’re only accessories, but I want to find out how they would deal with us.”

Laura smiled and turned to Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, do you think that the Shelley Family will use our Milk Wine for their counter-attack?”

Zhao Hai froze, he didn’t think of this, but when Laura said it, there could really be a possibility for it to be so. He smiled and said, “Well, if it isn’t used, we’ll just continue selling. We can’t control any other aspect of their dispute.”

Laura waved her hand and said, “Alright, you two go on. You don’t need to worry about this.” Shue and Shun gave their affirmation and then turned away.

Zhao Hai looked at Blockhead and said, “Blockhead, go inform Jill about this and make them prepare. I’m afraid that the road ahead wouldn’t be peaceful.”

Blockhead nodded, then he walked out. Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “What method do you think the Grand Duke’s men will use against us? We just arrived from Aksu Empire, they shouldn’t be too excessive right?”

Laura shook her head, “I’m uncertain about that, Grand Duke might just have ordered his men to teach the residents a lesson. But it isn’t easy to know what his subordinate might do. In any case, we’re in some trouble. If it was just any noble from Rosen Empire, they might hold back, but we’re from Aksu Empire, we didn’t have any influence here. We aren’t afraid of them if they move against us in the dark. What I’m afraid of is that they’ll use their authority inside Rosen Empire to deal with us. If that happens, then it won’t be easy for us to solve it.”

Zhao Hai nodded and frowned, “We’re Aksu Empire nobles, would they dare accuse us of crime?”

Laura forced a smile and said, “They will, Rosen Empire citizens think that they’re above all others. For them to pin some charges on us isn’t impossible.”

Zhao Hai was helpless, “If they really dared, then we’ll make a fuss. Not only am I a Viscount, I’m also a tri-element Mage. Let’s see how they’ll handle us then.”

Laura nodded, “Right, Mages aren’t easy to offend inside the continent. If they really wanted to give us trouble, then we’ll reciprocate their efforts.”

At this time, Blockhead came back. Zhao Hai looked at him and said, “How was it? Did you send the message?”

Blockhead nodded, “I’ve told Jill, they prepared themselves, but they’re evidently quite worried.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Telling them is enough. You also go and rest, tomorrow we’ll leave Hundred Battles Fortress. When we leave, I want to see how the Grand Duke’s men deals with us.”

However, it was a pity that the Grand Duke’s men didn’t give him that opportunity. They didn’t wait for Zhao Hai to leave the next day. They came immediately.

While Zhao Hai’s group was eating at the dining hall after resting for a while, sounds of conflict could be heard outside the hotel. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare at the commotion. Shun immediately went out to find out what’s happening, when he came back, he went to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, a lot of cavalry came to get you. They said that you are a spy sent by Aksu Empire. The hotel staff stopped them at the entrance.”

Zhao Hai stared blankly, then he turned to Laura and smiled slightly, “I didn’t expect them to arrive so soon. We should go and take a look. There are people who came to grab us.” Then he got up, Laura and the others also closely followed him behind.

Ruyen, who was sitting at another table, was listening to Shun’s report. When she saw Zhao Hai’s reaction, she knew that it was related to what Jill informed her later. Ruyen couldn’t stop herself and stood up to take a look at the situation. She wanted to see how Zhao Hai was going to deal with this matter.

Before long, everyone arrived at the hotel’s lobby. As soon as they arrived, they heard a sly voice outside, “Shelley Hotel’s attendants, do you really want to shelter an enemy spy?”

A calm voice responded, “No matter who he is, he entered our hotel and thus became our guest. Before he leaves our hotel, nobody could enter and disturb him. Who dares to do so would be waging war with our Shelley Family.”

The impudent voice laughed and said, “And how would your Shelley Family wage war? Is the Shelley Family too powerful to circumvent the empire’s laws? Know your limitation, or else we won’t be polite.”

The calm voice replied, “Shelley Hotel certainly follows the empire’s laws, but we didn’t receive any notification that the guest was a spy before he settled in our hotel. Therefore, he is a legitimate guest at our hotel. And we cannot allow you to bother our guests.”

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