BTFTLIAW – Chapter 332

Chapter 332 – A Gift to You

Fernand was shocked as he looked at Zhao Hai, “They’re gone? Brother, did you raise that magic beast? How can it carry someone easily?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “It’s a phantasmal beast I raised, hehe. Also, don’t think of riding it, only Shun can do that with his light body. Being too heavy is not good.”

Fernand paled while he asked Zhao Hai, “Brother did you know how valuable that hawk is? Except for 9th ranks, there are only few people who could fly, aerial magic beasts are very difficult to subdue, and only 9th ranks are able to do so. Even though they were captured, their bodies would be too small, unable to carry a person. Although you said that only lightweight people can ride your Blood Hawk, how difficult would it be for Great Nobles to find some light warriors? If your Blood Hawk were to be reproduced, they can become an aerial battalion. Brother, you must not reveal this fact willingly, don’t blame me if you get into trouble because of it. Also, did you say that the hawk was a phantasmal beast? Is there really a phantasmal beast that big?”

When Zhao Hai heard Fernand warn him, he thought that Fernand wasn’t that bad. He also treated Zhao Hai as a true friend, otherwise he wouldn’t tell him about this matter. If it were to spread, Zhao Hai will have to change his appearance again.

However, after hearing the other part of Fernand’s statement, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but roll his eyes and said, “You think I’m lying to you? That is a genuine phantasmal beast. How about I give you one?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Fernand’s eyes lit up, “Are you sure? That’s great, where is it? Call it quickly, right, the beast’s body is huge, I fear that my little body won’t be able to support its consumption.”

What Fernand said was reasonable, phantasmal beasts in the continent needed energy to feed on. With the Blood Hawk’s build, the amount of energy it needs to feed would certainly be huge, with Fernand’s subpar mage talent, he’s afraid that he’ll be sucked dry.

Zhao Hai smiled and assured him, “It’s alright to feed them meat. Don’t tell me you can’t even feed them meat? You’ll make me look down on you.”

Fernand was confused, he replied, “You mean that your phantasmal beasts can eat meat? Is it really a phantasmal beast?”

Zhao Hai gave him a blank look, “Do you want it or not? Remember, either you feed it or make it find food for itself.”

Fernand’s eyes were very bright, “Of course I want it. Why would I deny such great thing? When will you give it to me?”

Zhao Hai gave another howl, then a Blood Hawk came down, it looked like the one Shun was riding on. Zhao Hai turned to the hawk and said, “I’ll gift you to Fernand, follow his orders from now on.” The hawk nodded, then the hawk went to Fernand and with its sharp beak, rubbed Fernand lightly, expressing its affection.

Fernand did not become afraid of the hawk. Even though it seems to have sharp beaks capable of breaking through metal, it didn’t emit any harmful intentions at this time. He excitedly touched and pet the hawk, the hawk didn’t have any reactions.

However, Fernand said while looking at the Blood Hawk, “How would I bring this thing back? It couldn’t ride inside the carriage, the horses would be too scared to move.”

Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “No need to place it on a carriage, just let it follow you back to the mansion. But you need to prepare a suitable place for it to stay.”

Fernand nodded, he looked at the Blood Hawk happily and said, “Go fly!”. The Blood Hawk was very obedient, it immediately flapped its wings and flew.

Fernand laughed and said, “Good! Fantastic! This hawk is very obedient. I must say brother Wales, why do you have such good things?”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, “Well, isn’t it good to have nice things? Since you already had the hawk, let’s go back. I still need to see Bell and discuss the matter with the milk wine. Originally I only had him sell the wine, but Illin unexpectedly suggested to serve it on the hotel.”

Fernand smiled, “Look, how about you also do milk wine business with my Family? I can talk to father.”

Zhao Hai looked at him and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, if I supply you with milk wine you’ll end up drinking all of them. Forget it, let’s return.” Soon after, the carriage returned to Sarte City. Zhao Hai immediately headed for Spring Grass Residence.

At this time, not only did Fernand forget about yesterday’s matter, he also accompanied him like a friend. Also, his cheeky attitude made Zhao Hai admire him.

Zhao Hai met Bell and discussed about the new developments on the business. Bell didn’t object, the Shelley Hotel only intended to serve the wine to their customers. Guests drinking in the hotel wouldn’t put a dent on his business. He also knew that his capabilities still aren’t enough, it was natural for Zhao Hai to find another partner.

Moreover, Bell understood that there was no way to compare his capability with the Shelley Family. If Zhao Hai and him weren’t fellow members of the league, their partnership won’t probably even happen. Shelley Family, on the other hand, is famous throughout the whole continent. With their business, not to mention his 1,000 jin per month, they could even swallow more than 10,000 jin.

Supplying 10,000 jin to the hotel each month sounds a lot, but as Robert said, the Shelley Family has more than 10,000 hotels in the continent. Later on, if the wine were to be divided, each branch would have less than a jin of wine each, this quantity is sufficient enough.

It was because of this that Bell didn’t become disappointed and agreed to Zhao Hai’s request to supply the wine. In Bell’s mind, if he helped Zhao Hai supply the liquor, he could make connections with manager Illin. With this relationship, even if Illin gave him a small business deal, it would be much better than trading in the prairie.

Zhao Hai was glad when he saw Bell agree. Then, Zhao Hai asked Bell to prepare some dishes to eat. Bell didn’t decline, and ordered his servants to prepare a meal. Fernand also stayed and ate with them even though he didn’t have any business with Bell. Fernand joined their talks and also laughed with them.

Bell understood human nature and also understood Fernand’s temper. He had a child’s temper since he was spoiled from his youth. And only Robert could scold him, no wonder he turned to be what he is today.

With Bell’s constant contact with Fernand, he knew all about Fernand’s quirks. So he didn’t take yesterday’s matter to heart. Fernand also seemed to forget about yesterday as he joked around with Bell, surprising Zhao Hai.

Regarding Fernand’s disposition, Zhao Hai was helpless. After having lunch, Zhao Hai took the drunk Fernand back to the mansion.

After handing Fernand milk wine to give to Robert, he left and returned to his room at Shelley Hotel to toke a good rest. At around 2 in the afternoon, Shun returned bringing with him a wax sealed letter and handed it over to Zhao Hai.

Inside was a letter written by Evan. Zhao Hai opened it and read the contents inside. The letter didn’t say anything else other than telling Zhao Hai the he didn’t need to take care of Ruyen anymore. He also stated how disappointed he was at his daughter.

Zhao Hai also couldn’t bear travelling with Ruyen anymore. If Ruyen keeps bringing him trouble, he wouldn’t know what to do. If it were another person, he could just shout at them when he gets annoyed, but he couldn’t do that to Ruyen. She was Evan’s daughter, and Zhao Hai was indebted to the Grand Duke, to shout at his daughter was unjustifiable.

Zhao Hai just wouldn’t care about her anymore. For the young lady, he could only ignore her. He also couldn’t just wait it out, Zhao Hai saw that Ruyen intends to keep following him since she still hadn’t left Sarte City. Her waiting made Zhao Hai sigh.

That evening they rested well. Early next morning, the group ate their breakfast and set out. As Zhao Hai expected, Ruyen followed his convoy closely, annoying Zhao Hai.

Without noticing, they arrived outside the city. When they exited the city, they saw two carriages waiting for them, one was Bell’s and the other was Fernand’s.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s carriage, Bell and Fernand immediately went and gave Zhao Hai a greeting. When Zhao Hai walked out of his carriage, Bell smiled and handed him something, “Here, it’s the letter of introduction for Sky Water City’s lord, when you arrive there you can hand it to him.”

Zhao Hai nodded his head and didn’t say anything to Bell. There were a lot of people present, so it was inappropriate to discuss their secrets. In any case, the business with Bell had already been settled anyway.

Fernand looked at Zhao Hai and his eyes looked at bit red. He had lost friends in the past because of his identity, but Zhao Hai didn’t care about who Fernand is. Although Fernand couldn’t follow him, he was given a lot of things by Zhao Hai. He had the milk wine as well as the hawk, Fernand was sad, it was hard to find such a friend.

Fernand patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Brother Wales, I’m not like you who could travel the world. My only great talent is appreciating the good things in the world, so if brother manages to find something good, you can keep it for me. Right, now that you’re leaving, how about giving your brother some wine.”

Zhao Hai slapped Fernand’s hand and said, “We’re already on the road, yet you still want to drink? If you keep being like this then we’ll have to leave immediately.”

Fernand seemed to not hear Zhao Hai, he smiled and took something from his carriage, “This is an emblem of our Iksa Family, take it, it makes you become someone from the Iksa Family. Yesterday I had father register your name to the Empire. Although it doesn’t hold any title, it is still an emblem. Use it if the Purcell Family takes away your title.”

  • I know they’re called phantasmal eagles or something in the past. But I can’t find any connections where they suddenly became blood hawks. Let’s just agree on this and move on XD I’ll do updates as I catch up on reading the previous chapters


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  1. They became blood hawks when Zhao Hai captured the two red hawks of Wales’ brother and they upgraded the phantasmagoric eagles when put in the Space

      1. I think its a bit of both. They were enhanced by the blood mosquitos, and further enhanced by the two eagles Gasol raised.(Could be mistaken on the enhancement for Gasol though)

  2. Phantasmal eagles es el nombre original..
    Pero su especie cambio al fusionarce con los mosquitos rojos y los alcones de fuego..
    Como resultado pasaron a ser llamados Blood Hawks.

  3. “She was Evan’s daughter, and Zhao Hai was indebted to the Grand Duke, to shout at his daughter was unjustifiable.” – That’s just bullshit!

    It’s also bullshit that Bell would not be pissed that MC gives him “sole” distribution rights to sell in the Asku Kingdom and then immediately undercuts him by directly selling to the hotel. That would have been a major source of revenue for Bell since he would have became the distributor of wine for their hotels in the Asku Kingdom but, the deal cuts him out of the middle and yet the MC just expects Bell to deliver these shipments to the hotel on his behalf without any mention of payment for doing so.

    If the MC had just licensed the wine selling to Bell then it would be fine however he told Bell he would be the “sole” distributor then immediately screws him out of potential profits. Yet, conveniently poor storytelling makes Bell completely OK with being screwed over.

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