BTFTLIAW – Chapter 293

Chapter 293 – Milk Wine Partnership

Zhao Hai never thought of himself as a saint, he was just an ordinary man who can be a bit selfish. He didn’t think of becoming a hero nor did he want to become a saint, he just wanted his life to be a little bit more comfortable, and also make his followers’ life more comfortable.

Laura also knows that this was Zhao Hai’s ideals, she didn’t think that Zhao Hao was wrong. After all, who wouldn’t want want to make his family’s life more comfortable, isn’t that a man’s responsibility? If you don’t help your family, but you’re trying to help other people, then you are not a saint but a hypocrite, and neither are you a good husband.

Laura nodded, “Now we can only wait until something happens. Then we decide what to do. I hope the result wouldn’t be too bad.”

At this time, Meg had brought the pen and paper. Zhao Hai started to write Wales’ letter. The information he got today was very important, he wanted to tell Wales immediately.

After writing the letter and having the blood hawk send it, Zhao Hai also rested, after all it was already late. What they didn’t know, when Bell came back to his tent, he was already sober.

Pretending to be drunk was a basic merchant’s skill, so Bell with his long years of experience would naturally be very skillful in this aspect.

How could a merchant possibly be unable to handle alcohol? Although Zhao Hai’s milk wine had a high alcohol content, Bell quickly adapted to it after having a small sip. He then pretended to be drunk so that he could return to his tent.

After returning to his tent, Bell immediately drank a few glasses of cold water to make himself feel better, the he ate a few fruits, only then did his mind completely sober up.

Cassie was standing next to him, he looked at Bell and said, “Master, Zhao Hai was quite reserved when speaking to you, you asked him about his matters but he didn’t respond, why did you still give him a lot of information?”

Bell shook his head and replied, “Zhao Hai not trusting me is completely normal. I can be sure that if I weren’t a member of the league then he’d never even meet me, perhaps he’ll even deal with me. He is not the friendly kind, moreover he has astonishing power. Currently, in the whole of Aksu Empire, aside from a few people, almost all nobles wanted to deal with Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai and Laura give up their business for many years, this hatred is impossible to be erased. I can say that right now, Zhao Hai won’t just trust anybody. Him meeting and speaking with me is already good enough. The current matter is very favorable to the alliance, I did not tell him this, moreover he also had not told me his secret, the matter that stumped the league would be solved by him. This time, the Radiant Church’s men in the prairie would certainly suffer a few big losses.”

Cassie was not opposed to what Bell said, he knows that Bell was right, Zhao Hai wouldn’t let go of the chance to attack the Radiant Church, his enmity with the church was very big.

Bell calmed his mood, he turned his head to Cassie, “Did you drink Zhao Hai’s milk wine? What do you think?”

Cassie’s eyes lit up, “Money!”

Bell became amused by Cassie’s expression, he laughed and said, “You say it well, money, a lot of money, hahaha, I believe this wine is a huge business opportunity. Zhao Hai must’ve given me face as a fellow league member, otherwise he wouldn’t have given me such a good deal. The taste of the wine is too fragrant, looking at what those beastmen’s expression, it seemed that they haven’t drunk such good milk wine is their entire life, they haven’t expected that milk wine could taste so good.”

Cassie flapped his lips, to be honest, that milk wine was the best liquor he had drank. Though he was not used to the taste of alcohol, that milk wine’s taste made him unable to stop.

Bell looked at Cassie’s appearance and smiled faintly, “Do to not think about it too much, take a good rest, tomorrow we’ll talk to Zhao Hai about this milk wine partnership.”

Cassie nodded, he prepared Bell’s bed then retreated outside the tent. Casey is the absolute subordinate of Bell, he knows all of Bell’s matters. In fact, they grew up together, this is why he calls Bell master, as well as being able to talk casually with Bell if there are no other persons nearby.

The next morning, Bell wasn’t able to find Zhao Hai to discuss the matter with the milk wine because the camp suddenly became lively, and there’s no other reason for this atmosphere other than Zhao Hai’s convoy arriving for the fourth time in West Wonder King’s camp.

Bell didn’t think much of it when he saw the big row of grain carts, when he delivered grain to West Wonder King before, his convoy was a lot bigger than this one. But he didn’t not expect the beastmen to be more enthusiastic to Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai transports to West Wonder King’s camp, he didn’t need to arrange for his people to unload the grain. These beastmen would willingly do the work, before long, all the grain had been snatched up.

With the grain gone, Zhao Hai immediately had his team head towards the outside of the camp where the Argali were herded, ready to be taken away.

Bell also saw Zhao Hai’s convoy and noticed the undead which made him envious. He hired a lot of people for his convoys, and all of them needed to be paid with money, unlike Zhao Hai, who had no other men on his convoy other than undead. There was no need to be told that Zhao Hai didn’t need to spend a single cent for wages, as well as money for meals.

Zhao Hai reducing the price of grain, Bell didn’t mind. The beastmen lack food too much, and Zhao Hai’s grain quantity is merely a spray compared to the entire prairie. Additionally, he also knew that Zhao Hai was selling grain in order to gather information, thus Bell didn’t mind it too much.

To be honest, after drinking Zhao Hai’s milk wine, Bell almost wanted to give up his grain business in the prairie. This was because trading grain the the prairie was a very huge risk, very hard. But the milk wine was a very high quality good just in the continent alone, doing such business one wouldn’t worry about money not coming in droves, therefore Bell is preparing to make trading milk liquor his main business now.

However, after the grain convoy left, Beta came. This led Bell’s plan to approach Zhao Hai delayed once again, which made Bell very helpless.

Beta went and delivered the spices to Zhao Hai, he brought a lot of spices this time, with only a couple of them being seen at Spier’s camp, and the others Zhao Hai hadn’t seen before. Unfortunately, when he threw these spices to the space, the space gave a prompt saying that the level of these plants were too low and therefore is not enough to upgrade its level, this made Zhao Hai quite depressed.

However, he still gave Beta some milk wine since in any case, Beta treated him well. He wanted to pay Beta back as a friend, so he gave Beta 50 jin of wine.

After Beta was sent away, Bell came to Zhao Hai immediately. He was afraid that other people will come and delay his plans yet again. Seeing Bell’s behavior, Zhao Hai couldn’t help the urge to laugh,

They sat down inside the tent, Laura gave the two of them some milk tea. Bell smiled at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Zhao, I thought that you had already familiarized with the lifestyle of the prairie, drinking their drink but instead you’re drinking milk tea.”

Zhao Hai smiled and replied, “I really like the taste of milk tea, and I’m unable to stomach the beastmen’s milk tea. Thus, I made my own, come taste.”

Bell smiled, then he tasted Zhao Hai’s milk tea, its taste was very good. He thought that this couldn’t be sheep’s milk, but a never before seen Magic Beast’s milk, the flavor is very mellow, very good to drink.”

After putting down the cup, Bell laughed and said, “I won’t be polite to you, I came here today to discuss to you about the matter with the milk wine, how much milk wine can you provide me?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Calculating the current production progress, I can provide about 1,000 jin every month, although its quite small, it’s the current limit.

Bell smiled and said, “This is already a lot, this number was above my expectations. I’ll have you know that I already have the equipment and route for selling your high-quality milk wine, so for how much would you want to sell it?

Zhao Hai smiled, “What do you think? I don’t know the prices of alcohol that well.”

Bell replied, “I think one bottle can be sold for three gold coins, a jin of wine per bottle, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai replied with a faint smile, “Right, going by your calculation, how about I sell you the wine for two gold for one jin, while you sell it at three gold?

Bell stared for a moment, “Godo, let’s do it, to be honest I feel that I got the wine for cheap, to be able to gain a gold coin per bottle is quite good. Right, how do you want to deliver the goods?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “We don’t need to rush about this I think, if we do, I won’t have time to return to human lands. We’ll begin our business at the beginning of spring, when the time comes I’ll tell you where to pick up the goods, what do you think?”

Bell knitted his eyebrows, he thinks that the beginning of spring is quite a long time, but he also knew that Zhao Hai was in the prairie to collect information for Wales, so he didn’t say anything, he just nodded and replied, “Ok, let’s do that, I’ll wait for your news. I’ll get ready to head back tomorrow, when the time comes it’ll be easier if you look for me at the Iksa territory.”

Zhao Hai smiled lightly, “I’d also like to express my gratitude for the information you provided. Right, I have a small request, can you help me with a small matter, a simple mercenary task? The task is to collect rare plants and magic beasts, the more the better, all needs to be alive, I’ll pay handsomely.”

These days Bell has been made aware of this habit of Zhao Hai, he just nodded his head, “No problem, don’t worry.” After that, Bell said goodbye, then Zhao Hai escorted him out of the tent.


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