BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2014


Chapter 2014 – Cavalry Charge

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Back in the lower realms, there are quite a few people who use this kind of blade. It’s most suitable for charging and killing thousands of enemies. Do you want to give it a try?” After saying that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a demon horse.

The demon horse was a product of a low-level realm. When Zhao Hai first obtained this horse, it was three meters tall and five meters long. It has great strength and sharp teeth. It was extremely fierce.

Normally, the potential of this beast shouldn’t be great. But because of the Space, the beasts that Zhao Hai took in from the True Spirit Realm provided the demon horse with genes that rapidly increased its evolution. After some time, the strength of the demon horse became no weaker than novice cultivators of the True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Hai also discovered an issue. Although the Undead directly benefited from his increase in strength, they weren’t as fast in upgrading as the Space’s beasts. Now, the most common Raging Bull in the Space had the strength of the Transcending Tribulation Stage. As for the Argali, they were at the Nascent Soul Stage. The increase of their strength was shocking.

And like the Raging Bull and the Argali, the Demon Horse have become stronger. Their hooves were now emitting fire and their tails had a wisp of flame. Their skin was as tough as leather armor and their eyes were as red as blood. They became one of the most suitable mounts for the battlefield.

After installing the saddle on the back of the demon horse, Zhao Hai rode on its back. At the same time, a set of fierce armor appeared on his body.

This wasn’t the end. Hu Wei and the other Undead soldiers also waved their hands and took out their own Undead mounts. After mounting their mounts, they waved their hands once more to take their weapons out.

Dao Shu and the others stared at this scene. They were completely speechless. This was the first time they saw something like this.

Zhao Hai turned his head towards Dao Shu and the others. By this point, his whole body has been covered by armor. Even his face was covered by his headpiece. On his left hand was a shield that had a devil’s face in front. In place of the devil’s eyes were two red crystals. This made Zhao Hai look like the reincarnation of a Devil King.

As soon as they met Zhao Hai’s gaze, Dao Shu and the others felt like they were frogs being targeted by a snake. The hair on their body couldn’t help but stand up. Then Zhao Hai flipped open his visor and said, “Senior Brothers, wait here for a moment. I’ll lead my Undead army for a charge to trim the numbers of the beasts.”

Dao Shu stared, then his expression changed as he said, “You want to attack? No, that’s too dangerous. There are high-level beasts among the horde. You can’t go.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “There’s no need to worry about me. A beast is a beast. Senior Brothers, wait for me. I’ll return soon.” After he was done speaking, Zhao Hai put down his visor. He swung his glaive forward and roared, “Kill!” Then he charged towards the horde of beasts.

They were still on the mountain and there were only a few narrow roads leading down. And because of disrepair, weeds were very abundant on the paths. It wasn’t easy to walk through the paths. However, Zhao Hai and the army don’t care. The Demon Horse treated the mountain terrain as though it was flat land. The same was true for Hu Wei and his army’s Undead Horses.

Zhao Hai and his army looked like a group of fierce tigers descending the mountain and charging towards the beasts. At the same time, Zhao Hai immersed himself in the intent of the Rolling Rocks Technique. A huge stone slowly emerged from Zhao Hai’s body and rolled down the mountain, aiming towards trampling the incoming beasts.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s group approaching them, the beasts from Black Dragon Mountain couldn’t help but get stunned. These beasts were as smart as humans. And they haven’t seen someone face them like this before.

Although the beasts were stunned, their speed didn’t allow them to stop. They continued to charge towards Zhao Hai. Before long, the two groups clashed.

With his large glaive in his hand, Zhao Hai danced around the Black Dragon Mountain’s beasts. Rebirth stage beasts were like paper as he teared through them.

Zhao Hai’s approach naturally attracted the attention of the high-level beasts. They immediately rushed towards Zhao Hai and his Undead army.

Clang! It was the first time Zhao Hai’s large glaive was blocked. In front of him was a huge boar at the height of three meters. It had half-meter long fangs that looked like two scimitars.

Although Zhao Hai’s blades were blocked by the boar, Zhao Hai didn’t halt his charge. The demon horse continued to charge forward. The wild board couldn’t help but get stunned when it saw Zhao Hai. It expected its blow to stun Zhao Hai. However, its opponent continued on as if nothing happened. 

As the board was stunned, Hu Wei and the others also charged in. Hu Wei and his soldiers were veteran soldiers of the battlefield. They were knowledgeable about anything regarding the battlefield. They might look like they were charging with all their strength, but this wasn’t the case. Whenever they attack, they would always add a bit of spring to their weapon. They might go for a frontal attack, but their swing would be a bit soft. This would prevent any counterforce from stunning them. They would only use all of their strength in bursts. This would save enough energy to survive the entire length of the charge.

Zhao Hai also used this method when he fought against the boar. It might seem like he was recklessly charging over, but he was making precise attacks along with his demon horse. It was precisely because of this that he wasn’t harmed by the boar.

The boar was unable to hurt Zhao Hai, which was unfortunate for it. As soon as Zhao Hai passed by it, Hu Wei and the others followed. With the boar being stunned, Hu Wei and the others took advantage and attacked. Although the boar was quite strong, it was currently facing an army, or a cavalry to be precise. In this case, the boar was immediately hacked by the Undead army. In the end, it had to retreat with heavy injuries.

Zhao Hai and the army didn’t stop. They continued to charge into the flood of ten thousand beasts. Then before long, Zhao Hai and the army pass through the entire beast horde.

After breaking through the horde of beasts, Zhao Hai turned his demon horse around and then rushed back into the beasts. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Hai rushed into the beast horde and then charged back again. At the same time, the flying beasts that Zhao Hai released fought against the eagle-shaped beasts for a few rounds before returning to patrol around resident complex 52.

When he got out from the beasts once more, Zhao Hai didn’t charge back. Instead, he commanded his army to return to resident complex 52. After jumping down his demon horse, Zhao Hai waved his hand and received Hu Wei and the others along with the demon horse and his glaive. Naturally, the flying beasts were taken back as well. The peak returned to its normal appearance.

Meanwhile, Dao Shu and the others were stunned by what they saw. Dao Shu and the others were cultivation madmen and were from the Tyrant Blade Sect. They have seen cavalry charges like these in the past. But the charges they’ve seen didn’t have as much impact as Zhao Hai’s.

As he received his glaive, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “How is it, Senior Brothers? Isn’t this impressive?”

Dao Shu and the others recovered their senses. They looked at Zhao Hai with shining eyes. Then Dao Shu exclaimed, “Impressive, very impressive! Brother, let us try it too!”

Zhao Hai gasped for breath and said, “Senior Brother, you’re going to exhaust me to death. It’s not easy to release those Undead. I need to replenish my spiritual force. Our charge should buy us some time. I’m going to rest first.” After speaking, Zhao Hai took out a few pills and ate them. Then he sat down cross-legged before saying, “Senior Brothers, help me for a while. I’ll recover first. Now that I attacked, the beasts would certainly target resident complex 52. As long as we persevere until reinforcements arrive, we will win.”

Dao Shu and the others now understood why Zhao Hai charged into the beast horde. He wanted to attract their attention so that they wouldn’t go anywhere else. 

Actually, Zhao Hai has no issues with his spiritual force. He just said that to make Dao Shu and the others believe that he couldn’t fight with his Undead for a long time. This would conform to the standards of a Rebirth-stage cultivator.

Dao Shu and the others complied. They immediately pulled their own blades out and glared at the beasts. They had fought against beasts many times. Now that they managed to taunt the beasts and could gain time for the sect, they naturally have no complaints.

At this time, the coming beasts were flooding towards resident complex 52. In his charge with Hu Wei and the others, Zhao Hai managed to kill around 2000 beasts. It was quite a terrifying number. Because of this, the beast horde was enraged. Now, the only thing in their eyes was resident complex 52. If they didn’t trample Zhao Hai, then they wouldn’t be able to calm down. Therefore, all the beasts charged towards Zhao Hai’s peak. 

But what Zhao Hai and the others didn’t know was that two pairs of eyes were observing them from above. They even heard Zhao Hai’s words. The two people who were observing had smiles running from ear to ear. Of course, the two people were the Yin Yang Elders.


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