BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2010


Chapter 2010 – Meeting A Fellow Disciple

After cleaning up the Rock Scorpions, Zhao Hai found a place to take a rest. He consumed quite a bit of energy during the battle. It was important for him to return to his optimum condition. 

Recalling the battle, Zhao Hai was even more convinced about not underestimating the beasts of the True Spirit Realm. These beasts weren’t easy to deal with. Rock Scorpions weren’t the weakest beasts of the True Spirit Realm, but they weren’t that far from the bottom. Rock Scorpions have two things, their ability to shield against spiritual force and their formidable defense. Besides those two things, the Scorpions weren’t that special. Even so, Zhao Hai spent several hours dealing with them. One could see from this point how formidable these beasts were.

After resting for an hour, Zhao Hai’s energy was fully restored. Then as he stood up, he muttered, “I didn’t think the scorpions were this strong. It seems like I’ll have to be more careful about the beasts of the True Spirit Realm.”

Zhao Hai was saying this to Laura and the others who were in the Space. And upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura replied, “Brother, be careful when you face these beasts.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I will.” Then he continued to move towards Black Dragon Mountain.

After walking for around three hours, Zhao Hai began to slow down his speed. The closer he got to Black Dragon Mountain, the more beasts he would eventually meet. So he slowed down to deal with any danger that might come up.

As he was moving forward, Zhao Hai suddenly felt the ground under him change. Upon this discovery, Zhao Hai immediately moved out of the way.

Just as Zhao Hai moved away, a sharp horn suddenly appeared from the ground. If Zhao Hai was slow, he would have been skewered by this horn.

Seeing the sharp horn, Zhao Hai’s lower regions couldn’t help but feel cold. Fortunately, he was able to dodge in time. Otherwise, his jewels would have been obliterated.

Then the horn disappeared as fast as it appeared. Seeing this, Zhao Hai’s expression changed, then he coldly snorted and swam under the soil using his earth-element divergent ability.

Zhao Hai has no other choice but to do this. The beast that attacked him right now clearly has no intentions of revealing itself. It wanted to stay underground and keep attacking. In this case, Zhao Hai wouldn’t just wait until he was attacked. Since the enemy doesn’t want to go above ground, then Zhao Hai would have to go under.

The moment he sank underground, Zhao Hai felt a rustling sound from the soil. He immediately dove towards that direction.

Before long, Zhao Hai stopped as two cold eyes that belonged to a beast appeared in front of him. The beast in front of him had the form of a lizard. On its head was a sharp horn. Its body was very slender. If it didn’t have legs, it would have been a snake, not a lizard.

The eyes of the lizard were very small. These small eyes were currently fixated on Zhao Hai. It was clear that the lizard was surprised by Zhao Hai’s sudden appearance.

The lizard’s slender body was two meters wide and was built to be very fast underground. Zhao Hai also discovered that the horn on its head could rotate. The lizard should have relied on this rotation to break through the soil, allowing fast movement underground.

Ground Fleeing Lizard. This was the lizard’s name. This beast was a huge headache to low-level cultivators of the True Spirit Realm. The lizard lived underground and rarely went above ground. They could dive to about a hundred meters underground. Their main attack was the sharp horn on their heads.

Because the lizard’s rotating horn could break the soil, the lizard’s movements underground make very little noise. And due to the length of the horn, it was very silent when it attacked. With the land of the True Spirit Realm having a natural shielding against spiritual force, the lizard’s attacks were very successful against low-level cultivators. Plenty of low-level cultivators have fallen to this sudden attack.

Looking at the Ground Fleeing Lizard, Zhao Hai coldly snorted. He waved his hand and took out his tang blade. Then he charged towards the lizard.

The lizard also screeched and charged towards Zhao Hai. They were currently underground, but the lizard soon found out that it was being suppressed in the environment it was most familiar with. Its opponent seems to be more comfortable with the earth.

Because he communicated with the earth, Zhao Hai was truly comfortable with being underground. By this point, his movements underground were as free as when he was above. Zhao Hai could even use his movement techniques underground without any negative effects. He was a nightmare for Ground Fleeing Lizards.

Before long, the battle was over. Zhao Hai was able to finish the battle faster compared to his battle against the scorpions. This was because the lizard wasn’t as strong as the scorpions. Also, Zhao Hai had the advantage underground.

After receiving the corpse of the Ground Fleeing Lizard, Zhao Hai went aboveground and continued traveling towards Black Dragon Mountain. At the same time, he became more wary of the surroundings. He knew that the nearer he got to Black Dragon Mountain, the more beasts he would meet.

As Zhao Hai advanced, he suddenly heard sounds of fighting in front of him. Besides the roars of a beast, he could also hear sounds of people. While listening, Zhao Hai found that someone was fighting a beast.

Zhao Hai went towards the sound but then stopped before long. The reason he stopped was because people were blocking the way ahead.

The strength of these people weren’t weak. Looking at their appearance, they seem to be from the Tyrant Blade Sect. They were currently blocking the way forward while giving Zhao Hai a fierce glare.

From what Zhao Hai could see, there were three people standing in front of him, there were also two people lying on the boulder behind them. And the fighting was happening not far from the group. It was clear that those fighting were part of the same group.

Zhao Hai looked at the three people blocking his way. They were wearing gray clothing and had blades on their backs. The person in front was about 1.8 meters tall and should be less than 30 years old. He had long hair and a beard. His skin was bronze which made him look more manly.

The second person looked very thin and seemed to be in his 30s. He had a mustache on his face. And because he was thin, his eyes looked big. He was currently glaring at Zhao Hai.

The third person was neither short nor tall. His height was average. He had short hair and a very common face. It would be very easy for him to merge with a crowd. He had a forgettable face.

As Zhao Hai looked at these people, the three were also sizing him up. Zhao Hai’s appearance was very ordinary. He wore very simple black clothing and had nothing special to him. Surprisingly, Zhao Hai didn’t bring his blade with him.

The person at the front of the three cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and said, “May I ask if Junior Brother is from the Tyrant Blade Sect? This one is Inner Sect Disciple Ge Yueyu of Fast Ground Mountain.”

Hearing the other party, Zhao Hai also cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Senior Brother. I’m Zhao Hai from Lower Earth Mountain.”

As he said that, Zhao Hai also presented his blade token. Seeing Zhao Hai’s blade token, Gu Yueyu’s expression relaxed. Then he gave Zhao Hai a curious look as he asked, “Junior Brother is from Lower Earth Mountain? I heard that Lower Earth Mountain only has the 12 Eccentrics. When did Junior arrive in Lower Earth Mountain?”

Ge Yueyu relaxed very quickly because of the unity between the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Fighting between disciples was heavily punished by the sect. Because of this, disciples would have no hostility towards each other whenever they meet.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It has been a month since I started living in Lower Earth Mountain. It’s normal for Senior Brother to not know of me.”

Ge Yueyu laughed and said, “I see, no wonder I haven’t heard of you. So you’re the one who wanted to farm the lands of Lower Earth Mountain? I heard that someone took that task a while ago. I was curious about who would take that task. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I have made Senior Brother laugh. I just arrived from the Soaring Dragon Realm. I have a few robots from the lower realms that couldn’t fight, they can only plow the land. So when I saw that there’s land that wasn’t farmed, I made a request to the sect. I didn’t expect that there would be a mission for it.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the group chuckled. The atmosphere became more relaxed. Zhao Hai turned towards the sound of fighting and said, “Senior Brother Ge, who are you fighting? I rushed over when I heard fighting. Do you need help?”

Ge Yueyu shook his head and said, “There’s no need. It’s only a Sharp-clawed Ape. I brought my fellow disciples for training. So I’m currently giving them the opportunity to fight the beasts.”

Zhao Hai immediately understood. He smiled faintly and said, “I see, I was worried. Then I won’t be disturbing you anymore. Senior Brother, if you have time, you can come visit Lower Earth Mountain’s First Peak. Then, this Little Brother will bid farewell.” Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the group, showing his intention to leave.

But before Zhao Hai could leave, he was stopped by Ge Yueyu, “Junior Brother, wait a moment. Did you come to Black Dragon Mountain on your own for training?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes.”

Ge Yueyu replied, “Then Junior Brother should be careful. Now that you’re close to Black Dragon Mountain, you’re going to encounter deceitful beasts. If you’re not careful, you will suffer grave injuries. I suggest the next time you come here, you should go to the Miscellaneous Hall first. There are teams looking for members there. Going to the mountain alone is dangerous.”

Hearing Gu Yueyu, Zhao Hai showed a grateful smile as he said, “Thank you, Senior Brother. I will keep that in mind.” Then he cupped his fist once more before leaving.


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