BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1929


Chapter 1929 – Assigning Tasks

Everyone was still confused. Yuan Ba looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, if I may ask, what do you plan to do? Will it help us take on tasks in the future?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine. I promise to not let you do useless work. Newcomers will stay in the camp and use this opportunity to ask the others for advice about the Soaring Dragon Realm. After all, a single mistake might cost you your life here. I hope that before it gets dark, everyone can complete the tasks I assigned. Little Mu, we need to distribute the funds for today’s activities.”

Li Mu immediately took action and gave certain amounts of spirit stones to the people who would go out. He didn’t give any extra because he didn’t have a lot of spirit stones.

After Li Mu divided the spirit stones, everyone prepared to head out. Zhao Hai also found the people who had been in the Soaring Dragon Realm for a long time and asked for information. Actually, Zhao Hai has no need to ask. However, he has to ask questions to avoid suspicion.

The day passed quickly. Before it got dark, everyone returned to the camp. Zhao Hai also activated the defensive shield and had everyone take a rest. Then he collected the tasks that Yuan Ba and the others listed down before returning to his residence.

Yuan Ba and the others were still unclear about Zhao Hai’s actions. Some of them even felt disdain. After all, they had been in the Soaring Dragon Realm for longer than Zhao Hai. In their opinion, Zhao Hai shouldn’t know much about the Soaring Dragon Realm. This made his orders look like he was enforcing his authority.

A night of silence passed and the next morning, Zhao Hai called everyone over to the transmission formation plaza. Seeing that everyone was gathered, Zhao smiled and said, “Yesterday, I had everyone go out to record tasks from various cities because I want to find tasks that are the easiest to do but with good rewards. If we complete them, we would be able to acquire a certain amount of wealth in the shortest time. This will be important for our future development, and it will also help the others who will be coming to the Soaring Dragon Realm.”

“I have found a few tasks that newcomers can do. These are tasks that have low risk but high reward. However, there aren’t a lot of them. We have 90 newcomers here, including myself. We can divide into nine groups and be led by an experienced person. As for the others, you can complete other tasks. The tasks we’re going to do might not gain us a lot of impression points, but we can get a lot of spirit stones from them. Only by having a lot of spirit stones can we better arm ourselves. Li Mu, these are the tasks that need to be completed. All of them are selected by me. Listed along with the tasks are the amount of people needed to complete it. I also wrote down what needs to be done. Just follow everything.”

“Also, the camp cannot be left with nobody. Li Mu, I’ll leave a portable transmission formation to you. At least 200 people need to be in the camp, ready to support the others if something comes up.”

After giving his instructions, Zhao Hai gave Li Mu the portable transmission formation as well as the jade slips. Li Mu and the others couldn’t help but be dazed. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to prepare this much in just one night.

Under Zhao Hai’s assignment, the newcomers to the Soaring Dragon Realm were divided into nine groups. Each group would be led by an experienced cultivator. Then they all went out to receive the tasks that were assigned.

Zhao Hai’s task was quite special, it was to go to the third mining area to find jade stalactites. Jade stalactites were like normal stalactites, but they were valued by the True Spirit Realm for its medicinal properties. This material was rare, but looking for it didn’t involve any danger. This was because beasts don’t have any use for jade stalactites. Additionally, jade stalactites were very small. A jade stalactite the size of a cup would take about 10 thousand years to form. And if it was all taken away, that spot would no longer produce stalactites.

Finding jade stalactites wasn’t dangerous, but one needs to be patient. Naturally, because of its rarity, jade stalactites fetch a very good price. They’re also worth quite a lot of impression points.

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s task was a relatively difficult one. He left the easier tasks for the others to do.

The jade stalactite task can be found in any sect branch, so Zhao Hai’s group of 11 went to Wulong City. Recently, the people of the Great Realm of Cultivation have been working in Wulong City, it was the place they were most familiar with.

The experienced person that went with Zhao Hai’s group was Yuan Ba. Naturally, Yuan Ba wasn’t opposed to being with Zhao Hai’s team.

After arriving at Wulong City, Zhao Hai looked around him and said, “Mist Pill Sect has our task. Let’s head there to accept it.”

Yuan Ba initially wanted to introduce the sects in Wulong City. But upon hearing Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare. There was indeed a sect branch of the Mist Pill Sect in Wulong City. Mist Pill Sect specializes in refining medicinal material. Moreover, the artifacts that they refine were also made with medicinal materials. These artifacts were very special. Although they were made with medicinal resources, they cannot be consumed, only used like other artifacts. Only capable people from the Mist Pill Sect could refine these artifacts.

The Mist Pill Sect wasn’t powerful, but their position in the True Spirit Realm wasn’t low. Most importantly, people from the Mist Pill Sect were very good at refining pills as well as curing wounds.

A doctor would always be respected wherever they are. Even cultivators would need someone to fix their wounds. And these cultivators would go to the Mist Pill Sect to get cured. Because of this, cultivators of the Mist Pill Sect were respected in the True Spirit Realm.

The Mist Pill Sect was also aware of their place. They acted low-key and were friendly to everyone. As long as there was an injured person, or a medicinal material to be refined, they usually wouldn’t refuse. This allowed the Mist Pill Sect to have a higher position compared to the others. The sect has numerous friends who owed them a favor. 

Because of this, the Mist Pill Sect has branches in almost all medium-sized cities and above. One could see how respected the sect was.

Mist Pill Sect mainly received medicinal materials in the Soaring Dragon Realm. All year round, they would have purchase and collection tasks for medicinal materials. Moreover, they give rich rewards. A lot of cultivators choose to do tasks issued by the Mist Pill Sect because of this. And since Zhao Hai’s goal was to collect jade stalactites, it was natural for him to accept the task from the Mist Pill Sect.

Yuan Ba also wanted to lead Zhao Hai to the Mist Pill Sect to get tasks. However, before he could say it, Zhao Hai was already planning to go there. This gave Yuan Ba a new understanding of Zhao Hai. It seems like Zhao Hai really did study the night before. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made the correct decision.

At the same time, Yuan Ba became curious about the tasks that Zhao Hai gave out. From Zhao Hai’s performance, these tasks certainly wouldn’t be simple.

Although Wulong City was only a medium-sized city in the Soaring Dragon Realm, its size couldn’t be considered small. It was a city that could accommodate a million people. Even three million people wouldn’t be a problem. However, the number of cultivators currently living inside the city didn’t exceed 100 thousand. This made the city look empty.

It was also because of this that the shops in the city were very large, they didn’t lack any land to build on. The branch office of the Mist Pill Sect was in a non-conspicuous part of the city. In front of it was a two-story building and then two succeeding buildings be. The buildings were made with cyan-colored stone. It made the buildings look solid.

The Mist Pill Sect office in Wulong City wasn’t eye-catching. There was also a large area behind the sect’s shop. In this area were pill-making and refining rooms. Pills and artifacts that the cultivators of the Soaring Dragon Realm commissioned would be made here.

Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the building of the Mist Pill Sect. The building wasn’t very large, only 1000 square meters. There was a plaque above the entrance that spelled “Mist Pill Sect” in large characters. Then below the large characters were smaller characters that spelled “Wulong City Branch”.

Zhao Hai sized up the building and discovered that cultivators were coming in and out of the building, indicating how busy it was. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he looked at everyone and said, “Let’s head in.”

Yuan Ba and the others nodded. Then they followed Zhao Hai to the building. There were three rows of counters inside. One row was facing the entrance while the other two were at the left and right sides of the building. The center counter was labeled with ‘Task Releasing’ while the left and right counters were labeled ‘Task Handover’ and ‘Trading’ respectively.

When Zhao Hai walked up to the task releasing counter, he saw several female cultivators behind it. These female cultivators were wearing cyan robes, and they were very beautiful.

Beside the dividing walls of the counter was a light screen that showed tasks. It looked like a screen from a computer.

Looking at the tasks, Zhao Hai quickly found the one that requires jade stalactites. A cup-sized jade stalactite was required to complete it. One could get 10 impression points from completing the task. Additionally, two detoxification pills, two recovery pills, and one origin pill will be awarded. One could only get the impression points during the first time they complete the tasks. 


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