BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1907


Chapter 1907 – Gentleman Sword

The reason Zhang Feng held this meeting was because it took a lot of effort to decide on the ten people that would be sent. After its expansion, the Freedom Alliance now has hundreds of immortal experts that were qualified to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. It wasn’t an easy task to select ten people from these hundreds without offending anyone.

Fortunately, the Freedom Alliance was now one cohesive group. In the end, Zhang Feng directly used his power as the alliance leader to decide that only the immortal experts of the first-class sects would be sent to the Soaring Dragon Realm.

This removed a lot of people from the pool. Then Zhang Feng decided to exclude the younger immortal experts. These people would have an opportunity to enter later on. After choosing the older immortal experts as well as Tie Zhantian, the ten people were finally chosen.

However, no matter how smart the process was, it would still offend some sects. Therefore, Zhang Feng called the meeting to explain to everyone and avoid any potential trouble in the future.

As soon as they listened to Zhang Feng, the sect masters relaxed. They also knew that their current state was special. Zhao Hai was now in seclusion. Therefore, the alliance couldn’t send too many people to the Soaring Dragon Realm. Immortal experts need to stay and protect the alliance. They don’t want to make the same mistake as the nine super sects, which was sending all of their immortal experts to the Soaring Dragon Realm. Not being selected this time was normal.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Zhang Feng also relaxed. The Black Tiger Gang’s current strength wasn’t enough to coerce everyone in the alliance. The only reason the other sects behaved was Zhao Hai’s authority. But at this moment, Zhang Feng wanted to reduce the Black Tiger Gang’s reliance on Zhao Hai. He couldn’t keep using a hard fist to solve problems of the sect. This was also the agreement he reached with Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai also wanted to reduce the sect’s reliance on him. Only then could the Black Tiger Gang be able to stand at the peak. After all, it was impossible for him to protect the Black Tiger Gang forever.

Zhang Feng also discussed matters other than the Soaring Dragon Realm with the sect masters before everyone left. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was observing the situation in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

The place Tie Zhantian and the others appeared in was a camp. It wasn’t a big camp. It could accommodate at most about a thousand people. The camp was in a mountain valley with the transmission formations at the bottom. On the cliff sides were cave residences. However, these cave residences looked very empty.

As Tie Zhantian and the others were inspecting their surroundings, a person flew over to them. When they saw this person, Tie Zhantian and the others couldn’t help but stare. This was because they knew who this person was.

This person was wearing navy blue cultivator robes. He didn’t look old and was even quite handsome. Although he had a serious expression on his face, he didn’t show any arrogance. Instead, his temperament was very peaceful.

At the back of this person was a sword. The sword didn’t look any special. It had a black scabbard and seemed like an average sword.

Seeing this person, one would immediately think of a few words, a gentleman like jade, a sheathed sword.

Tie Zhantian and the others actually knew who this person was. This person was nicknamed the Gentleman Sword and his given name was Ouyang Yu. This person was born in the Heaven Sect and was quickly known as a rare genius. Before he was 30, he had already reached the nascent soul stage. And before he reached 100, he entered the immortal stage.

Naturally, his speed of cultivation wasn’t the only thing that made him famous. His cultivation wasn’t even as famous as his character. He is a well-known gentleman in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Although he was born in the powerful Heaven Sect, he didn’t look down on anyone. When he goes out to get experience, besides those who were wicked, he would never kill nor hurt other cultivators. He would even help the disciples of other sects. It can be said that he was a true gentleman.

In the beginning, people thought that Ouyang Yu was acting. But after various investigations, it was discovered that he was truly a gentleman. The sword technique that he practiced was called the gentleman’s sword. If he was acting, it would be impossible for him to use this cultivation method.

For this reason, Ouyang Yu was very famous in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Even people who didn’t like the nine super sects respected Ouyang Yu. And this respect came from the heart.

However, because of his gentlemanly nature, Ouyang Yu was incompatible with the overbearing attitudes of the nine super sects. He couldn’t get used to the way the nine super sects handled its matters. And in turn, the nine super sects didn’t favor him. It has already been 50 years since he last appeared in public.

Although it has been 50 years, Tie Zhantian still recognized Ouyang Yu. It must be said that if there was anyone he would remember the most from the nine super sects, then that person would be Ouyang Yu.

The other immortal experts also know who Ouyang Yu was. Although Ouyang Yu entered the immortal stage at roughly the same period as them, he wasn’t weak at all. After Ouyang Yu disappeared, the nine super sects reported that he went into seclusion. But now, they realized that Ouyang Yu didn’t close up. Instead, he was sent to the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Ouyang Yu looked at the group and lightly frowned. Then when he saw Tie Zhantian, he couldn’t help but pause for a moment before he smiled faintly and said, “Brother Zhantian, you finally reached the immortal stage. And you entered the Soaring Dragon Realm.”

When Tie Zhantian heard this, he couldn’t help but get excited. Actually, the two of them personally knew each other. Tie Zhantian wasn’t the gang leader when he knew Ouyang Yu. Although the two have different personalities, they became very close friends. It was only after the nine super sects said that Ouyang Yu was in seclusion did the two lose contact with each other. Then shortly after that, Tie Zhantian took over the position of gang leader. Then he became very busy with managing the sect. Neither of the two expected to meet the other at this time.

Tie Zhantian excitedly replied, “Brother Ouyang, it’s really you. I didn’t expect to see you here. I thought you were in seclusion. But when the Heavenly Demons invaded, I knew that you weren’t. With your personality, it’s impossible for you to hide during the war. It’s then that I suspected that you’re in the Soaring Dragon Realm. However, upon not seeing you among the experts that returned, I thought that you suffered an unfortunate end.”

Ouyang Yu smiled bitterly and said, “I also want to go back, but I can no longer return. I have joined the Jade Sword Sect here and became an outer disciple. I only appeared here because I took a mission from the sect. Because of the Heavenly Demon Realm’s invasion, the people of the Great Realm of Cultivation went back. I came to help manage this camp. After all, the rules state that those who leave cannot return.”

Hearing Ouyang Yu, Tie Zhantian was happy. He replied, “So Brother Ouyang already joined an upper realm sect. This is a good thing. Let’s have a drink. I happen to bring a lot of spirit wine.”

When Ouyang Yu heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “I also have some spirit wine with me. Right, did the Great Realm of Cultivation manage to defend against the Heavenly Demons? Also, how are the nine super sects doing? From what I can see, you aren’t from the nine super sects.”

Tie Zhantian immediately replied. “Just like you said, we aren’t from the nine super sects. I’m afraid the nine super sects wouldn’t be able to send experts to the Soaring Dragon Realm in a short time. Brother Ouyang, is this the camp of our Great Realm of Cultivation? Can we live here?”

Ouyang Yu nodded and said, “This is the camp of the Great Realm of Cultivation. As long as there’s an empty cave, you can occupy it.”

Hearing this, Tie Zhantian turned to the others and said, “Everyone, go choose your caves first. After I ask Brother Ouyang about the situation in the Soaring Dragon realm, we’ll discuss what we should do next. Right, if there’s nothing, try to keep yourself from going out” The other immortal experts nodded. Then they turned around and picked a residence.

Looking at the immortal experts, Ouyang Yu couldn’t help but stare. He looked at Tie Zhantian and said, “Brother Zhantian, these are old immortal experts of the realm. Why would they listen to you?”

Tie Zhantian had a wide grin on his face as he replied, “I have a lot to talk with you about. I’m currently the team leader. Let’s go and have some drinks.” Ouyang Yu didn’t say anything as he followed Tie Zhantian to pick a cave residences and the two entered.

When the two sat inside the cave residences, Ouyang Yu took out a few jade bottles. Seeing the bottles, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Ouyang, just by looking at it, the higher realms seem to have treated you well. Did they give you the spirit wine as well?”

Ouyang Yu chuckled and said, “The people from the higher realms are different from those in the Great Realm of Cultivation. In the Great Realm of Cultivation, spirit wine is a precious resource. However, in the higher realms, everyone consumes spiritual food. Naturally, they also have a lot of spirit wine. To them, spirit wine isn’t precious.”

Tie Zhantian stared, then he said, “Brother Ouyang, people from the higher realms need to eat food?”

Ouyang Yu smiled and said, “Since you’re here, we should call that place the True Spirit Realm. The spiritual qi there is very rich, much richer than the spiritual qi in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Because of this, beasts and plants contain very strong amounts of spiritual qi. They could be eaten directly and they don’t have a lot of impurities. It also provides benefits towards cultivation. It’s not unusual for people in that realm to eat food and drink wine.”

Hearing this, Tie Zhantian let out a sigh. Then he said, “So it’s like that. That’s great. Now I really want to taste the spirit wine from the True Spirit Realm.”

Ouyang Yu smiled faintly as he took out two jade cups. Then he took a jade bottle and poured a cup for himself as well as Tie Zhantian. 

Tie Zhantian received the ox eye-sized jade cup and then smiled bitterly as he said, “I must say, Brother Ouyang, after so many years, your temperament never changed. Look at this cup, it’s too small. I won’t be satisfied by this amount of wine.”

Ouyang Yu was aware of Tie Zhantian’s character, so he didn’t take it seriously. He just smiled and said, “Alright, just try the wine.” After he said that, he raised his cup towards Tie Zhantian and then took a sip.

Tie Zhantian wasn’t as refined as Ouyang Yu. He directly took his cup and then poured its contents into his mouth. After some time, he shook his head and said, “Brother Ouyang, I really envy you. However, when it comes to spirit wine, yours isn’t good enough.” Then he took out a jar of wine. This was wine given to him by Zhao Hai.

Tie Zhantian took out two large cups and then poured wine onto them. After handing a cup to Ouyang Yu, Tie Zhantian said, “Brother Ouyang, have a taste of my wine.”

Ouyang Yu stared. But he didn’t say anything. He just smiled and then tipped the jade cup towards his mouth. After drinking the wine, Ouyang Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but shine. He nodded and said, “This is really nice wine. I didn’t expect Brother Zhantian to have such good wine. Where did you get it from?”

Tie Zhantian smiled and said, “It’s fermented by a junior from the Black Tiger Gang. When you go back, I’ll give you a jar. One jar is enough for someone like you to drink for some time.”

Ouyang Yu didn’t decline and just nodded. Then he looked at Tie Zhantian and said, “Brother, from what I could see, something huge happened to the Great Realm of Cultivation. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to become a team leader of immortal experts. Tell me, what happened?”

Tie Zhantian smiled and said, “A lot has happened in the Great Realm of Cultivation. The nine super sects suffered a huge loss….” Then Tie Zhantian told Ouyang Yu about the Great Realm of Cultivation’s recent events. He told him stories from the invasion of the Heavenly Demons to the Soaring Dragon Realm’s trial, then to their entry to the Soaring Dragon Realm.

The two drank for several hours as they talked about the Great Realm of Cultivation. Without the two knowing, the jug of wine has been emptied.

After Tie Zhantian finished talking, Ouyang Yu nodded and said, “I didn’t expect so many things to happen in the realm. Moreover, all of these seem to be connected to Zhao Hai. When there’s an opportunity, I’d like to meet him.”

Tie Zhantian smiled and said, “You will. He would definitely break through to the immortal stage and enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. When the time comes, I’ll introduce him to you.”

At this moment, inside the Space, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and muttered, “Oh there will be an opportunity.”


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