BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1577


Chapter 1577 – Next Target

Zhao Hai was calm as he walked out of the transmission formation. The first person he saw when he came out was Mu Yu. It’s been two years since he has seen him.

Seeing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu smiled faintly and said, “Let’s go. Master and the other Elders have been waiting.” Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t say anything as he went to the conference hall with Mu Yu.

The two also met Hundred Treasure Realm Cultivators along the way. Each one of these cultivators exuded an extraordinary aura. They were much more vigorous compared to two years ago.

Mu Yu noticed Zhao Hai looking at these cultivators and he smiled and said, “A lot of people have got their hands on cloud beasts in these two years. Moreover, they had trained in the Sea of Beasts for some time. Their progress was very rapid. You’re not doing badly as well. You’ve actually reached the Severed Soul Stage.”

Zhao Hai’s progress in these two years was indeed very fast. He used all of his time strengthening himself. And because he has beasts inside the Space supplying him with spiritual qi, he was able to elevate his strength in just two years. He also used the time to review his moves and integrate them with each other in order to be more effective in battle.

Zhao Hai has a lot of methods to attack. One of them was using his large artifacts. The attacks weren’t actually that complicated. Although he used the Pagoda Technique before, he wasn’t able to use much of it during battle. There were very few people who could stop the large artifacts, so there weren’t any opportunities to use more complicated maneuvers. 

Another type of attack that Zhao Hai could do was the Stellar Transformations Sword Formation. To be honest, the sword formation wasn’t that strong without Faith Power. It can be used to deal with Severed Soul Experts but it was useless against Immortal Experts. But once Faith Power was used, the power of the sword formation would increase by several folds. Even powerful Immortal Experts would need to watch out for its strength.

The third type of attack that Zhao Hai could use were the Buddhist Techniques. Zhao Hai learned 18 Buddhist Techniques. They were all very powerful. But because he couldn’t use them often, he was unable to achieve mastery.

In these two years, Zhao Hai racked his brains in order to find a way to improve his battle capability. He wanted to integrate all of his moves and master them so that he could use them more conveniently.

Due to the non-stop spiritual qi provided to him by the Space’s beasts, Zhao Hai could leave spiritual qi accumulation to the side while he focused on his combat techniques. He also took Julie as his sparring partner. Actually, only Julie can be Zhao Hai’s sparring partner, others were simply unqualified.

Because she also benefited from the genes extracted from the cloud beasts, Julie was now stronger than the average Immortal Expert. Julie was also a master at close Combat. Zhao Hai also discovered that the Buddhist Techniques were very good at close-range. It could show great strength whether he used his hands, feet, or artifacts.

After two years of practice, Zhao Hai’s combat strength was now more solid than before. Now, even against a strong expert like Mu Yao, Zhao Hai would be able to fight evenly. And if the fight turned desperate, Mu Yao would not be Zhao Hai’s match. After all, Zhao Hai’s body was just too abnormal.

Zhao Hai’s body was now exuding the aura of a Severed Soul Expert. However, 100 Severed Soul Experts wouldn’t be able to hurt him.

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu and then smiled as he said, “Big Brother Mu, you’re not doing too bad yourself. You look like you’re about to break through to the Immortal Stage. Did you suppress yourself?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he said, “What else can I do? Let Little Jie and the others go? This is something we two brothers should do.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Isn’t that good? I have been waiting for a long time. I want to experience the Sky Tower.”

While they were talking, the two arrived at the conference hall and directly went inside. The conference hall was the same as before, only three people were inside, Zong Ze, Mu Yao, and Tang Yaoen. In these two years, Mu Yao and Tang Yaoen didn’t do much. When Zhao Hai and Mu Yu closed up, they closed up as well. They came out this time to see the two.

When the two entered the conference hall, Mu Yao nodded and said, “Take a seat.”

After the two sat down, Mu Yao gave them a complicated look as he said, “Tomorrow you will head out to the Sky Tower. Don’t think too much, just do your best. It doesn’t matter if you lose, you just need to save your lives and come back.”

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stared. Although Mu Yao gave pleasant words to make them do their best, it felt like he wasn’t confident that they would win. It can be seen from this how much Mu Yao dreaded the Sky Tower.

Although the two thought that Mu Yao’s words were a bit improper, they didn’t show it and just nodded. Mu Yao continued, “The realm has already prepared for the worst, so you don’t need to worry. The Hundred Treasures realm has been in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for so many years, and nobody can easily deal with us. We also have a base in the Cloudsea Territory. However, the Sky Tower isn’t like any realms. The people of the Sky Tower hold mysterious origins. Nobody knew where they came from but their strength couldn’t be doubted. It’s best to not offend the people of the Sky Tower. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good for the Hundred Treasure Realm. Understood?”

Hearing Mu Yao, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu immediately understood what he wanted to say. They can strive hard to win the bet, but they cannot offend the people of the Sky Tower. Otherwise, the Hundred Treasures Realm would suffer. In other words, even if they can win against the enemy, they should make sure to not injure them too much.

The two nodded. Looking at them, Mu Yao sighed and said, “Alright, I’ve said what I should say. Go to the back mountain tomorrow and use the transmission formation to send you to the Sky Tower. We’ll send an Immortal Expert to accompany you. Someone from the Sky Tower will also meet you.”

The two people gave the three Elders a salute before turning around and leaving. Mu Yao looked at their departing backs as he turned to Tang Yaoen and said, “Yaoen, you need to protect the two. Little Yu is capable and he will lead the Hundred Treasures Realm in the future. There’s no need to say about Little Hai’s importance. No matter what, the realm cannot lose the two of them.”

Tang Yaoen nodded and said, “Senior Brother, since you know that it would be dangerous, then why did you send Little Yu and Little Hai?”

Mu Yao smiled bitterly as he turned to Zong Ze. Seeing Mu Yao’s gaze, Zong Ze smiled bitterly and explained, “The Sky Tower has been around for so many years and they had already laid down the rules for their bets. They strictly said that the best of the young generation should be sent. If we didn’t send Little Hai and Little Yu, then the Sky Tower would definitely find ways to punish the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Tang Yaoen coldly snorted, clearly showing his displeasure with the Sky Tower. Although he didn’t like these rules, he also knew that they couldn’t afford to offend the Sky Tower. He can only swallow his feelings and hope that Zhao Hai and Mu Yu will be fine. Otherwise, the Hundred Treasures Realm would suffer greatly.

When Zhao Hai and Mu Yu left the conference hall, Mu Yu turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, let’s go to my place and sit for a while.” Zhao Hai nodded and followed Mu Yu to his residence.

Before long, the two arrived inside Mu Yu’s residence. Upon entering, Mu Yu sighed and said, “Little Hai, did you understand what Master is implying? Is the Sky Tower really that strong?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I’m afraid they are. Otherwise, Elder Mu wouldn’t have said those words. But once we reach the Sky Tower, we’ll make sure to teach those guys a lesson. We’ll let them know that people like us aren’t easy to provoke.”

Mu Yu coldly snorted and said, “Little Hai, do you still remember the words you said two years ago? You said, one day, we’ll be the ones playing the game. Little Hai, we’ll be the ones playing on the board one day. We’ll definitely be.”

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu, he smiled and said, “I believe we will. Haha. Big Brother Mu, there’s no need to be anxious. We’ll take things step by step. Like cultivation, we cannot rush. I think the reason Elder Mu and the others are afraid of the Sky Tower is because they don’t know their background. Because of this, they’re wary of offending them. What we need to do is collect information about the Sky Tower. Once we find out who or what they are, only then can we deal with them. Big Brother Mu, our Hundred Treasures Realm plotted against the Giant Spirit Realm for generations, and now they’re gone from the battlefield. Our next target is this Sky Tower. It must be said that our Hundred Treasures Realm’s biggest enemy is the Sky Tower, not the Giant Spirit Realm.”

Hearing what Zhao Hai said, Mu Yu couldn’t help but stare. He lowered his head and thought for some time. Then he raised his head and looked at Zhao Hai, “Right, they are the Hundred Treasures Realm’s next target. This time, we’ll explore their bottom line first. Little Hai, what do you think is on top of the Sky Tower?”

When he heard Mu Yu’s question, Zhao Hai paused. Then he laughed and said, “I want to know as well.” 

Mu Yu smiled and said, “Alright, we’ll know tomorrow. But I still don’t know which Elder will go with us. Will you go back and rest?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’ll head back and rest. See you tomorrow.” Then he stood up and walked out. He knew which Elder would go with them tomorrow, but he didn’t tell Mu Yu.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu went to the back mountains and saw Zong Ze, Mu Yao, and Tang Yaoen. Mu Yao nodded at the two and then led them inside a cave. Inside the cave was a small transmission formation that was set up temporarily. Mu Yao looked at the two and said, “Tang Yaoen will be the person accompanying you.”

Mu Yu didn’t expect that Tang Yaoen would be the Elder who would come with them. However, he and Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. Along with Tang Yaoen, the group entered the transmission formation and disappeared along with a white flash.


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