BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1574


Chapter 1574 – Urgent Recall

If it was someone else, the calculations would have made them collapse. However, Cai’er felt no pressure at all. This was because Cai’er has been integrated with the Space and knew everything about it. It was too easy for her to calculate these things.

There’s also Zhao Hai’s request to limit the spiritual qi supply so that the beasts’ cultivation wouldn’t be affected. Zhao Hai knew that the beasts in the Space were also part of his strength. Zhao Hai didn’t want the beasts to sacrifice themselves for him.

Naturally, this request was easy to accomplish. There were just too many beasts inside the Space. Cai’er could just calculate the safe amount to be sent to Zhao Hai.

Before long, Cai’er calculated that the amount of spiritual qi that the Space’s beasts could safely send Zhao Hai was still too much for him. Even Immortal Experts would find it very hard to digest this much spiritual qi. Moreover, this was still spiritual qi that was sent by a fraction of the beasts. If all of the beasts were to send spiritual qi, then an Immortal Expert wouldn’t have a good time digesting it.

Cai’er tuned the amount of spiritual qi to be sent to Zhao Hai and began sending it to Zhao Hai’s body.

Originally, because of Zhao Hai’s Ten-thousand Transformations Yin-Yang Art, he was able to cultivate all the time. If Zhao Hai was cultivating alone in the past, then now it was as if he had another person to cultivate for him. And it was cultivation that happened at all times. This increased Zhao Hai’s cultivation speed by several folds.

Spiritual qi absorbed by cultivators weren’t always constant. It was influenced by their location, mood, and current body state.

But for Zhao Hai, there’s no need to consider the optimal conditions for cultivation. The amount of spiritual qi that Cai’er sends to Zhao Hai from the Space was akin to being in the perfect state of cultivation at all times. This was impossible for others to do. Even people in the Cloudsea Territory couldn’t do this.

Cai’er’s computational speed couldn’t be underestimated. She began her calculations as soon as Zhao Hai asked her to. Before long, Zhao Hai felt a constant stream of spiritual qi entering his body. Only then did he slowly open his eyes.

Normally, when a cultivator is injected with spiritual qi, they would need to use their own spiritual qi to guide it through their body. It was precisely because of this that the cultivators of the Cloudsea Territory could use more spiritual qi compared to the cultivators of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t have this problem. The Ten-thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang art that he practices operated at all times. Because of this, any spiritual qi sent to Zhao Hai’s body was immediately refined and circulated along his cultivation path. Zhao Hai simply didn’t need to worry about it.

Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu opposite him and saw that the spiritual qi inside Mu Yu’s body was becoming richer and richer. It seems like he was also getting used to the process.

Actually, this type of cultivation wasn’t difficult for Cultivators in the Transcending Tribulation Stage and above. This was because their spiritual force was already formidable. Even if they use part of their spiritual force to take control of the new spiritual qi, there would be no problems.

Zhao Hai stood up and walked out of the room to take a look outside. Some of the Cloudsea Territory Cultivators were looking after the herbs on the medicinal fields. These herbs had already taken root and sprouted. The herbs were different from the ones in the battlefield. They now looked like the cloud herbs of the Cloudsea Territory. However, Zhao Hai knew that this was only a superficial effect. The medicinal potency and properties of these herbs weren’t changed in any way.

The ones looking after the herbs were the older residents of the island. Since they weren’t able to go outside to catch cloud beasts, they could only take the job of watching over the herbs. Although the contribution points they received were less, it was a relatively safer job. 

Hidden Cloud Village was currently undergoing a period of gentle development. It was developing very well. Zhao Hai not only posted missions here and planted herbs, he also planted cloud rice and cloud vegetables on the island. And with all kinds of cultivation resources sent over by the Hundred Treasures Realm, the island can be treated as a branch of the Hundred Treasures Realm.

The people of the Hidden Cloud Village were now regarding themselves as members of the Hundred Treasures Realm. This wasn’t to say that they betrayed the Cloudsea Territory. For the people in the Hidden Cloud Village, the Cloudsea Territory had never accepted them as one of theirs.

They were able to reach their current situation with their own efforts. The actual rulers of the Cloudsea Territory, the Big Clans, didn’t provide them with any help and they even suppressed them. In the end, they can only escape to the Hidden Cloud Village and wait for their death like prisoners. As time passed by, their sense of belonging towards the Cloudsea Territory has disappeared. 

On the other hand, the Hundred Treasures Realm provided them everything they always wished for. If these people didn’t side with the Hundred Treasures Realm, then they have no heart.

Regarding the development of the Hidden Cloud Village, Zhao Hai was very happy. This was a bridgehead for the Hundred Treasures Realm to move in and out freely in the Cloudsea Territory. And because the Hidden Cloud Village was close to the Sea of Beasts, they can get a large number of cloud beasts. With these cloud beasts, not only could the people of the Hundred Treasures Realm increase their strength, they can also adapt to the environment and be more prepared in attacking the Cloudsea Territory.

Zhao Hai stood in front of the door as he continued to look around the village. The scattered yet organized cloud houses looked very beautiful. Cultivators could be seen having a leisurely chat here and there. The increased vitality of the island made the Hidden Cloud Village more attractive.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt that Mu Yu had awakened. He turned his head and saw Mu Yu standing. Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu and asked, “Brother Mu, how is it?”

Mu Yu smiled and said, “It’s very good. It felt very good. It seems like the experiment is a success. I think we should send word back. Let people come over to receive cloud beasts.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Those guys from the other realms really think that the Cloudsea Territory is a soft persimmon. Although we already provided them with an introduction to the Cloudsea Territory, I don’t expect them to take it to heart. They’re all filled with the thought of finding new territories to conquer. Let’s see them suffer for once, to teach them a lesson.”

Mu Yu smiled and said, “Perhaps those people think that the information we gave was fake. Just to prevent them from leaving the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “It’s better if they don’t believe us. The more they lose in the Cloudsea Territory, the sooner our plan can start. Brother Mu, send word back to the realm. Let them come here to collect the cloud beasts and get familiar with the environment of the territory. The people of the Hidden Cloud Village can help them in this aspect.”

Mu Yu nodded and took out a jade sword message, wrote the message, and released it. Before long, a white light flashed from the Hidden Cloud Village’s transmission formation. Tang Jie and other cultivators from the Hundred Treasures Realm appeared. Mu Yu didn’t expect Tang Jie to be one of the first people to come to the Hidden Cloud Village to get cloud beasts.

Tang Jie went towards the two and gave his greetings, “Big Brother Mu, Brother Hai, the Elders asked the two of you to return. I’ll take responsibility for this place temporarily.”

When he heard this, Zhao Hai’s heart moved. He could almost guess why the Elders called them back. He didn’t expect this day to come this quickly. But since Mu Yu didn’t know anything, he knit his brows and said, “But why? Hidden Cloud Village is now on the right track and there are still things to deal with. Little Hai and I cannot leave now, and you’re not familiar with this place.”

Tang Jie smiled and said, “It’ll be fine. You can give me some pointers and I’ll learn slowly. And the Elders seem to be anxious. I think you should head back and take a look.”

Mu Yu sighed, he nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll go back. Little Jie, come with me. I’ll explain everything about this place to you.” Tang Jie complied and then walked around the Hidden Cloud Village with Mu Yu. He was also told about how to use the cloud beasts and how to transfer spiritual qi. After everything was done, Mu Yu said, “Little Jie, the Hidden Cloud Village is very important for the realm. You need to take good care of this place and arrange people to venture into the Sea of Beasts to adapt to the environment. However, you need to watch out for the major powers of the territory. Understand?”

Tang Jie nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Brother Mu. There’ll be no problems. After a while, an Immortal Expert will be sent here to supervise. You can rest assured.”

Hearing Tang Jie, Mu Yu nodded and said, “Alright, then we’re leaving this place to you. If something is wrong when we return, you’ll see how I deal with you.”

Tang Jie gave a nod as he grinned. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu proceeded towards the transmission formation. With a flash of light, they returned to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters in the battlefield.

After arriving at the headquarters, the two were immediately led to the conference hall. When they arrived inside, the two couldn’t help but stare. Lately, the conference hall has been filled with people. But now, there were only three people inside, Zong Ze, Mu Yao, and Tang Yaoen. 


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