BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1499


Chapter 1499 – Army Threatening The Border!

Mu Yu’s words showed how high his appraisal of Zhao Hai was. To be honest, in the beginning, Mu Yao and the others favored Zhao Hai only because of the status he represented, which was someone from the World of Cultivation. They pulled Zhao Hai in so that the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race would have peace of mind going over to their side.

After discovering Zhao Hai’s special ability, the Hundred Treasures Realm began to attach great importance to him. However, they still wanted Zhao Hai to be no more than a refiner. This could be seen from the fact that they gave him the title of Refining Grandmaster.

Although they could recognize Zhao Hai’s strength, they didn’t actually care. The Hundred Treasures Realm was different compared to the World of Cultivation. Talents like Zhao Hai were nurtured carefully by the World of Cultivation. They would make all of their resources available for Zhao Hai to use.

However, the Hundred Treasures Realm just has too many geniuses like Mu Yu, Tang Jie, Tang Wen, and other Severed Soul youngsters. Even Mu Ping was considered to be a genius, reaching the Transcending Tribulation Stage in a very short time.

With too many geniuses present, it was hard for the realm to appreciate them all. They would only focus on the genius among these geniuses. Otherwise, they would need backers in order to shine. Even Mu Yu and Tang Jie needed backers in order to reach their current status. This allowed them to become well-known juniors in the realm and hold real power.

Zhao Hai was different compared to Mu Yu. Firstly, Zhao Hai was taken in by the Hundred Treasures Realm under special conditions. His strength wasn’t the thing that attracted them to him. Therefore, they didn’t take Zhao Hai’s strength too seriously.

But now, Mu Yu’s words implied that Octopus Island wouldn’t be able to defend without Zhao Hai. This caused Mu Yao to be surprised. He looked at Mu Yu and said, “Little Yu, what are you saying? Zhao Hai was the one defending the Octopus Islands? Isn’t Little Jie there to protect it using the two Giant Spirit Treasure Ships?”

Mu Yu smiled bitterly and said, “Master, although Little Jie has two Giant Spirit Treasure ships, they couldn’t compare against Little Hai’s three artifacts. Each of the three can take in several tens of thousands of people inside. Moreover, they’re very resilient. They are far better compared to the Giant Spirit Treasure Ships.”

Mu Yao frowned and said, “So if we want to defend the Octopus Islands, then we need to keep Little Hai there? But if that’s the case, how can we produce the rifles? You should know that the rifles are the only things that can save us against the Fireweavers.”

Mu Yu replied, “I just want to suggest delaying Little Hai’s return. At least for the current period, he can’t leave.”

Mu Yao knit his brows. At this time, a jade sword message barreled in from the outside and stopped in front of him. Mu Yao received the jade sword message and read its contents. After a short while, his expression changed, then he angrily shouted, “Fireweaver Race, good. You really know how to bully people!”

Everyone turned towards Mu Yao. Looking at the gazes towards him, Mu Yao explained, “The Fireweavers got an army of 120 thousand along with 80 thousand from the Giant Spirit Realm, totalling 200 thousand. And they’re currently killing their way into the Hundred Treasures Realm’s territory. Additionally, the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm sent out five Immortal Experts to hunt down Little Hai!”

Hearing Mu Yao, everyone’s expression changed. The other Immortal Stage Experts all had difficult expressions. The thin Immortal Expert seems to have an irritable personality as he stood up and said, “Good, Fireweaver Race. Then let this old man face them!” Then he left after.

Mu Yao shouted, “Yaoen, calm yourself down. This isn’t the time to be enraged. Little Yu, inform Little Jie and the others immediately. They can no longer stay on Octopus Island. Have them return to the headquarters. Remember, make sure that Little Hai gets here safely.” Mu Yu nodded as he took out a jade sword message and wrote the information in. Then he let go of the message. The message would go through the transmission formation, so Tang Jie and the others should be able to get it quick.

Mu Yao no longer minded Mu Yu actions. Instead he said, “Tell all our subordinates to immediately move here using their transmission formations. This is an alliance army of the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm, they would not be able to stop them. Let’s get everybody safe first before finding a solution.”

The other Immortal Experts nodded and then went on to handle their own matters. Mu Yao turned to the thin Immortal Expert and said, “Tang Yaoen, you’re already old, why does your mind still get cloudy sometimes. Tang Jie and Tang Wen grew up well. How did they do that with a Master like you?” As it turns out, the thin elder was Tang Jie and Tang Wen’s Master.

Although Tang Yaoen wasn’t a tall individual, his temperament was extremely explosive. Even after becoming an Immortal Expert, his temperament was still the same. Ordinary people simply couldn’t persuade him. He only listens to one person, and that was Mu Yao. The two of them had the same master in the past. Their Master was also an Immortal Expert. Mu Yao was the first person to become immortal and after that, he took great care of Tang Yaoen. According to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s custom, the two of them should have the same surname of ‘Mu’. But because of the great relationship between their Master and his wife, Tang Yaoen chose to inherit his wife’s master’s surname, making his surname ‘Tang’.

Because of Mu Yao’s care for him from when they were young, Tang Yaoen treated Mu Yao as both a Senior Brother as well as an elder. So even if Tang Yaoen’s temperament was explosive, he could still be pacified by Mu Yao. In the entire Hundred Treasures Realm, he listened to nobody else besides Mu Yao.

After hearing Mu Yao, Tang Yaoen sat down with a harrumph. He turned his head to Mu Yao and said, “Senior Brother, the Fireweaver bastards are now going for our head. If we hesitate this time, wouldn’t our prestige suffer a huge blow?”

Mu Yao looked at Tang Yaoen and said, “Who says we’re hesitating? First, we need to make sure our subordinate realms are able to retreat into the headquarters to avoid them being killed or captured. Moreover, we can take this opportunity to express our goodwill towards our subordinate realms. We’ll let them feel assured so that they would cooperate with us fully. The more troops we have, the greater the possibility of us being able to defend.”

Tang Yaoen wasn’t a fool, so he didn’t say anything when he heard Mu Yao. Instead he turned to Mu Yu and said, “Then we’ll have to wait and see. When will Little Jie and the others come back? We can’t let them suffer any accidents.”

Mu Yu was about to go out when he heard Tang Jie’s voice from outside, “Tang Jie, Tang Wen, and Zhao Hai wishes an audience with the Elders.”

Tang Yaoen stared, then he opened his mouth and scolded, “Little egg, how did you return so quickly? Come in.” 

After he finished speaking, Tang Jie and Tang Wen brought Zhao Hai in. Upon entering, they immediately greeted the Elders inside. Tang Yaoen didn’t make them stand up as he scolded once more, “Little kid, how are you here? We still haven’t taken care of the subordinate realms. Why did you come back on your own? Our Hundred Treasures Realm doesn’t have any cowards.”

Tang Jie naturally understood Tang Yaoen’s temperament. Therefore, he quickly responded, “Master, we didn’t come on our own. Everyone from the Octopus Islands has been taken care of. Nobody was left behind.”

Tang Yaoen stared, then with an angry expression he said, “Nonsense, Little Mu just sent word back. How can you return this quickly?”

Tang Jie quickly replied, “Master, it’s true. Back when we battled the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm, everyone got into Little Hai’s three large artifacts. Therefore, when we received information, everyone was already prepared to head back. We immediately entered the transmission formation. Everyone’s currently outside.”

Tang Yaoen stared, then he used his spiritual force and discovered three large artifacts stopped outside the headquarters. And people were beginning to disembark from it.

Tang Yaoen stared, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “With how large they are, how were you able to come back through the transmission formation?”

Tang Jie smiled and said, “Master Little Hai’s large artifacts are special. They can change their sizes to about a meter long. With their small forms, it’s quite easy for us to go through the transmission formations.”

Tang Yaoen stared, he turned to Mu Yao and said, “Senior Brother, have you heard anything similar to that artifact?”

Mu Yao shook his head and said, “I haven’t heard of anything like that. Are you Zhao Hai? Where did you get those artifacts?”

Zhao Hai immediately bowed to Mu Yao and replied, “Replying to the Elders. Changing the sizes of artifacts is something I learned back in the lower realms. Later on, after being integrated to Liquid Silver, the artifacts here also inherited the ability.”

Mu Yao knit his brows and said, “I haven’t heard of such special artifacts before. Which realm did you ascend from?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m from the Ark Continent. But this technique shouldn’t have originated from the lower realms. This was because it came with a set of cultivation methods, which should be from the Upper Realms.”

Mu Yao frowned, then he said, “Cultivation Method? What’s its name?” Normally, asking about a cultivation method was taboo. However, Mu Yao didn’t care at all. He was an Immortal Expert. He can easily deal with Zhao Hai, so he has enough courage to ask about Zhao Hai’s cultivation method. Moreover, with Zhao Hai joining the Hundred Treasures Realm, Mu Yao naturally needed to know Zhao Hai’s information.

Zhao Hai didn’t plan on keeping silent, he answered, “The Cultivation Method is called the Myriad Stellar Transformations Art.” He hid the ‘yin-yang’ part of the method. Although it might not be that special, adding it to the name of the cultivation method would make it sound more cryptic. If Mu Yao heard about something foreign like ‘yin-yang’, then he might feel that the cultivation method was special and he might covet it.


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