BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1441


Chapter 1441 – Highcloud Flying Shuttle

Xia Baichuan took out several formation flags from his spatial ring. He inserted the flags all around the island and then took a flag for himself and then stood in the middle of the island.

Meanwhile, Tang Jie and the others were in the surroundings. Nobody spoke and even if someone did, they did it in whispers. They don’t dare be too loud in fear of disturbing Xia Baichuan.

A lot of the people present have never seen the Detective Race recreate a scenario before, so they were very curious. But since they were also aware of how important this matter was to the Hundred Treasures Realm, they didn’t dare make unnecessary actions.

Xia Baichuan stood firmly as he flipped the flag in his hand into the formation. Then he took out a formation disk and closed his eyes as he muttered a string of words. People knew that he was reading something. Then after a while, Xia Baichuan opened his mouth as he spat out a mouthful of blood into the formation disk.

As blood was spat out into the formation disk, it immediately shone. Then at the same time, the formation flags around the island fluttered. Finally, the formation flags, the formation plate, and Xia Baichuan disappeared. What appeared in front of Tang Jie and the clothes was a scene.

The scene showed a battle. The 1000 people from the Hundred Treasures Realm had lined up behind the three Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots. The opposite party had a huge ship and pagoda. A faint rumbling sound was heard as the two sides clashed repeatedly. The Xu Race were also fighting with the World of Cultivation. There’s also a massive number of Undead, making the scene look very chaotic.

Then after some time, the scene disappeared, causing Tang Jin and the others to stare. Then they saw Xia Baichuan with a pale expression. Tang Jie was about to ask what was wrong when Xia Baichuan coughed out blood. This wasn’t intentional like before, he was really injured.

Tang Jie quickly moved to Xia Baichuan’s side and supplied him with spiritual qi. When his spiritual qi entered Xia Baichuan’s body, Tang Jie was suddenly given a scare. This was because Xia Baichuan’s spiritual qi was in chaos. It seemed like he was possessed by a devil.

This discovery caused Tang Jie to be startled. Although Xia Baichuan was the weakest one among them, Nascent Soul Experts still had great control over the spiritual qi in their bodies. How could Xia Baichuan be possessed by a devil?

However, Tang Jie also discovered that although Xia Baichuan’s spiritual qi was in chaos, his foundation was clear and stable. Tang Jie continued to supply Xia Baichuan with spiritual qi and he also took out a pill and shoved it into Xia Baichuan’s mouth.

It was clear that Xia Baichuan was conscious since he opened his mouth to accept the pill. Then with the help of Tang Jie, he was able to stabilize the flow of his spiritual qi. He was no longer in fear of losing his body to the devil.

Xia Baichuan let out a long breath and then bowed to Tang Jie as he said, “I thank Senior Tang Jie for saving me.”

Tang Jie waved his hand and said, “Your a guest of the Hundred Treasures Realm, it’s no problem. What happened? How come you suddenly collapsed?”

Xia Baichuan recalled what happened. His expression couldn’t hide his fear as he answered, “I don’t know why, but I felt a very powerful energy break by reconstruction. Moreover, it even invaded my body. If it weren’t for Senior’s help, then my body might have perished. It seemed like someone layered a formation in this place. He’s certainly an expert in spiritual force.”

Tang Jie stared and said, “People can eradicate a scene with this method?”

Xi Baichuan shook his head and said, “Most people aren’t able to eradicate scenes, only those especially skilled in using spiritual force. Moreover, they have to be very talented in this area.”

Tang Jie nodded and said, “How strong do you think this person is?”

Xia Baichuan thought for a moment and said, “They’re at Severed Soul Stage at least. Moreover, they’re extremely skilled in using spiritual force. I can even say that they specialize in spiritual force. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to do this.”

 Tang Jie nodded, he could understand what Xia Baichuan meant. Although cultivators use spiritual force, they generally wouldn’t specialize on it. They would rather focus on their spells and artifacts while using spiritual force as a support.

But in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, there were cultivators that specialized in using spiritual force. In fact, these cultivators turned out to be a pain to deal with. This was because spiritual force was invisible and without form. If it was practiced to the extreme, then people would have a hard time facing it.

Although Tang Jie believed Xia Baichuan’s words, he still was able to calm down. This was because he didn’t see anyone from the Giant Spirit Realm from the recreated scene. This meant that the Giant Spirit Race wasn’t involved at this point, which was good news for the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Since the Giant Spirit Realm didn’t participate in the attack, then this meant that they had yet to know about the Hundred Treasures Realm’s plan. The Hundred Treasures Realm still held the upper hand in this situation.

As for the person that specializes in spiritual force, Tang Jie wasn’t worried about him. He thinks that it might possibly be Zhao Hai.

Although Zhao Hai’s strength appeared to be at Nascent Soul on the surface, the fact that he can use large artifacts to go against the Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots meant that he had formidable spiritual force.

 Tang Jie was also certain that the Xu Race had suffered bad luck. Judging from the recreated scene, the battle on the Octopus Islands did indeed happen near the ground. It can be said that the restored scene convinced Tang Jie that the first battlefield was in the Octopus Islands. Now, he has nothing to worry about.

Since the matter in the Octopus Islands has been settled, then the only thing left to do was to cause trouble for the World of Cultivation. It’s possible that Giant Spirit Realm was now aware of this matter, but Tang Jie still wanted to cause trouble. This was because the World of Cultivation killed his people. Moreover, he can fight the Giant Spirit Realm through this.

When he thought of this, Tang Jie immediately turned to Tang Wen and said, “Little Wen, get everyone to prepare. Leave 300 people to defend the Octopus Islands while we depart to deal with the World of Cultivation. It seems like our people have met their demise, we need to take revenge for them.”

Tang Wen nodded as he turned around and left. Tang Jie looked at Xia Baichuan and said, “Baichuan, you stay here and rest.”

Xia Baichuan didn’t decline since he was truly injured. He nodded, then Tang Jie had someone send him to his residence.

Before long, 2700 people from the Hundred Treasures Realm have assembled. Only 300 people were left behind to defend the island.

Looking at the people that gathered, Tang Jie stood in front and said, “Everyone should have already seen the scene just now. It’s almost certain that the first group were killed by the World of Cultivation. When did such a small realm dare stretch their claws against our Hundred Treasures Realm? Today we’ll let them know what happens if they offend us!”

Tang Jie was able to transfer his mood to the group, they all loudly shouted. Then Tang Jie added, “We’ll charge towards the World of Cultivation’s base at the quickest speed. Take out the Highcloud Flying Shuttles!”

Upon hearing Tang Jie, the group immediately began to move as three hundred people stepped forward. These people were grouped by ten and then each group began to take out a small shuttle from their spatial item. As the shuttle was taken out, it immediately enlarged and assumed the form of a pointy shuttle. Its size allowed 100 people inside it with no problem.

This Highcloud Flying Shuttle was an artifact specially made by the Hundred Treasures Realm to travel quickly. Its speed was incredibly fast. However, it consumed a large amount of spiritual qi. Although the shuttle used crystal stones as a power source, controlling it required more spiritual qi. Because of this, the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm rarely used it.

Thirty highcloud Flying Shuttles were soon prepared. Since each shuttle had less than 100 people inside, it was able to fly at a very high speed.

Seeing that everything was prepared, Tang Jie boarded his own shuttle before commanding, “Depart!” Along with his voice, 30 flying shuttles sprang out like arrows towards the direction of the World of Cultivation’s base.

Zhao Hai saw all of this through the Space. He discovered that he really underestimated these high-grade realms. He hadn’t heard of these Highcloud Flying Shuttles before, but their speed was the real deal. From the way things were going, it would take them just a bit more than a day to reach the stronghold. His previous estimates were completely wrong.

Fortunately, in order to give the Giant Spirit Realm a sense that a battle was happening soon, the World of Cultivation already started to make preparations. At this time, everything was about to be done. And if the Giant Spirit Realm came earlier, then they would be safe.

However, just to be careful, Zhao Hai immediately looked for Kong Miao. Kong Miao was currently inside his room. He no longer needs to be worried about the arrangements outside. At this time, he was looking at the cultivation methods of the Hundred Treasures Realm. Although it was already too late to change his cultivation method, he could still study the Hundred Treasures Realm’s techniques. It must be known that the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff could turn itself into a smaller artifact. It would be helpful for Kong Miao to study the small artifact controlling techniques of the Hundred Treasures Realm.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard outside Kong Miao’s residence, “Grandmaster Kong Miao, Zhao Hai asks for an audience.”

Hearing Zhao Hai’s voice, Kong Miao immediately stored his jade slip as he said, “Little Hai, come in.” Zhao Hai complied and entered Kong Miao’s residence.

Kong Miao’s place was very big and had many rooms inside. Moreover, one could see that it was decorated attractively.

When Zhao Hai entered the room, he cupped his fists and said, “Grandmaster, I have something to report!”


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