BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1320


Chapter 1320 – The Ashley Family Was Attacked!

Zhao Hai was walking around in the soft gold mine. He was able to find a good place for him. He can kill anyone here. In any case, nobody knows who he is and nobody also cared. The soft gold mine was a wild jungle. Everyone here was like a hungry wild beast that eats people. Killing or being killed was the normal lifestyle here.

Such a place seems barbaric. But for Zhao Hai, it was also the simplest. You don’t need to worry about too many things. The only thing you need to worry was murder, simple!

At this time, Laura’s sound came in from the space, “Brother Hai, come back. Captain Yuan and the others have the result.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he looked at his surroundings to see if there’s nobody present before flashing back to the Space. Laura and the others were looking at the monitor as Yuan and the others discussed something.

Upon hearing what Yuan and the others said, Zhao Hai knew that the incident had reached a conclusion. He let out a long breath and said, “It looks like the matter has ended.” Lizzy turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what do you think about the Lock Mountain Range Alliance?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s a good idea. If there’s such a thing in place, then the Lock Mountain Range would become safer. Alright, let’s talk about that later. I think once Captain comes back, he would immediately announce his retirement. We need to find an opportunity to get him to stay in Yalei 2.”

As he was saying that, Margaret walked in from outside. Her expression wasn’t very good. Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and stared, then he said, “Margaret, what’s wrong? Are you tired? You don’t need to worry much about the transmission formations. You can take your time.”

Margaret shook her head and said, “It isn’t because of the transmission formations, it’s the family. Brother Hai, when I was outside, Uncle Desbarres talked to me. He said that someone has been targeting the Ashley Family recently, especially the members of the External Hall. No matter which camp they came from, they would be attacked when they go out for a mission. A very few of them were able to come back. This is also true for the Bone Symbol Camp. Recently, 21 people from the Bone Symbol Camp went out, but none of them came back. All of them went missing!”

Upon hearing Margaret, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he knit his brows and said, “Why did I just find out about this now? Have we lost a lot?”

Margaret nodded and said, “A lot. In the beginning, Uncle De only thought that they were having some delays. After all, it’s normal for people to have missions that lasted a few months. However, some missions have been completed long ago but the people haven’t come back. The family looked for them but they all disappeared. This caught the family’s attention.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It seems like people are targeting the Ashley Family, who can it be? Making people silently disappear isn’t a simple matter. Has some powerful group moved their troops recently?”

Margaret shook her head and said, “The Machine Field has been very calm. The family thinks that it may be done by the other realms and directed at you. They deal with the family in order to draw you out.”

Zhao Hai frowned and then nodded, “That’s possible. Let’s go, I need to take a look and speak to Uncle Desbarres.” 

Margaret nodded. Then Zhao Hai gave Laura and the others a nod before he flashed back to his room in the Bone Symbol Camp. As soon as Zhao Hai and Margaret came out, they saw Zheng Yun cleaning the villa. Zheng Yun didn’t expect the two to appear, she was startled. Then she immediately lowered her head and said, Brother Zhao Hai, Miss Margaret.”

Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Yun and then nodded and said, “Yun’er, thank you for cleaning my place. Pay more attention to cultivation in the future. You can leave these things to the robots.”

Zheng Yun complied with a low voice while her head was still lowered. Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Yun’s appearance and couldn’t help but sigh inside. He knew that Zheng Yun wouldn’t allow the robot to replace her. Then he said, “You can go if you’re tired. I still have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first.” Then he walked out of the villa along with Margaret.

Zheng Yun looked at Zhao Hai and Margaret who were walking shoulder to shoulder. A flash of obsession radiated in her eyes. At this time, only Zhao Hai was in her eyes.

Before long, Zhao Hai and Margaret arrived at the main island and found Cadjo. Cadjo has become too thin recently because of his busy schedule. However, his spirit was still good. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to come back this quickly, so he asked the two to take a seat.

After everyone had sat down, Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, did you come because you heard about the attacks on the family’s External Halls? This matter is truly difficult. I have sent people to check the places where they disappeared. However, we found nothing. After further deliberation, the family determined that it may be done by the other realms. I’m afraid the Machine Field doesn’t have forces strong enough to make so many people go missing at the same time.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It seems like that is indeed the case. It’s likely to be the Cultivators or the people from the Devil Realm. I also offended the Sprites in the Six Realms Battlefield, but the Six Realms Battlefield is different from the outside world. The Sprites shouldn’t retaliate in this way. It’s better to assume that it’s the Cultivation Realm or the Devil Realm. We need to solve this matter soon. It seems like the other party dispatched a lot of people. If we can’t deal with this as soon as possible, then our losses would only increase.”

Cadjo agreed, “I think so too. But when it comes to individual strength, we are too weak. Also, setting traps for those people isn’t easy. Those guys have strong spiritual force. If they find out, then they would immediately run. They managed to attack us without leaving any clues. This is enough to show how strong they are. If we send a few people, then it’s impossible to fight them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he knit his brows before he said, “Uncle, give me a little time. Don’t allow anyone to go out. I will prepare something for everyone to bring with them outside.”

Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What is it? Is it a weapon?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s not a weapon. I’m planning on making tracking talismans tokens. This can allow us to know the location of their owners. As long as they encounter danger, they can immediately crush the token so we can rush to their aid as soon as possible. I want to see who wants to deal with us.”

Cadjo heard Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but frown as he said, “Little Hai, I need to remind you that the goal of these people is to draw you out. If you enter their trap…..”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, I know what I’m doing. There’s no need to worry. Since they want me, then I’ll make sure to make it worth their time.”

Seeing Zhao Hai so confident, Cadjo didn’t say anything. Cadjo knew that Zhao Hai was very strong. Moreover, Zhao Hai wasn’t impulsive. He wouldn’t do anything he wasn’t confident in. Now that Zhao Hai said this, Cadjo wouldn’t stop him.

Cadjo nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll tell the External Halls. You don’t need to make a lot of tokens. After all, not everyone will head out. I can have them take turns in using the tokens.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, “I’ll take care of it. But Uncle, you also need to remind the family to be careful. If the attackers see that the External Halls weren’t heading out, then they might attack the core members of the family.”

Cadjo nodded. Then at this time Margaret said, “Brother Hai, I might have an idea to lure them out. The whole World of Cultivation knows that I’m your woman. We can lure them out better if they attack me. What do you think?”

Cadjo’s expression quickly changed as he immediately said, “No, it’s too dangerous. You can’t go.”

Zhao Hai didn’t think that there would be any danger in this. What he said about tracking tokens were all rubbish. What he really wanted to do was to leave silver needles in those tokens so that Cai’er can monitor those who carry the tokens all the time. If they were in danger, Zhao Hai would still be able to know about it even if they don’t crush the token. Naturally, Margaret would also carry a silver needle if she heads out.

Although it wasn’t a problem, Zhao Hai still shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that wouldn’t work. Those guys certainly know that their actions have come into the family’s attention. If you head out, then they would certainly be suspicious. It’s not necessary for you to go out. Let’s stick to the original plan.” Margaret didn’t object. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai already told Cai’er to start making the tracking tokens.

Hearing that Zhao Hai didn’t agree with Margaret, Cadjo relaxed. Although he believed in Zhao Hai’s strength, he still didn’t want Margaret to take the risk. After all, Margaret’s status was special. If Margaret acts as a bait, it’s certain that the Patriarch wouldn’t agree.

Zhao Hai also noticed Cadjo’s expression. He smiled faintly and then looked at Cadjo and said, “Uncle, we’ll head back first so we can make the tracking tokens.”

Cadjo nodded, “Alright, you can go. Do you need anything? As long as you need something, I will immediately give them to you.” Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s fine, I have all that I need.” Cadjo nodded and then nodded before sending Margaret and Zhao Hai out.

Although the Ashley Family suffered a huge loss because of Zhao Hai, Cadjo didn’t complain about it to him. This was because Zhao Hai did nothing wrong. Due to Zhao Hai’s actions in the Cultivation Realm, the Ashley Family were able to attain their current position. Compared to their gains, the losses to the family wasn’t even worth mentioning. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s position was still very high in Cadjo’s mind.

Before long Zhao Hai and Margaret returned to the Bone Symbol Camp. The two rushing over to the main island have been seen by a lot of people in the camp. Because of this, they couldn’t greet Zhao Hai at that time. They saw from Zhao Hai’s appearance that it was an urgent matter. And with the current situation with the External Halls, they were sure that Zhao Hai came because of this matter. Therefore, nobody delayed him from his matters.

When Zhao Hai and Margaret returned to the Bone Symbol Camp, a lot of people were already waiting for them. Among these people were Tie Sheng, Tao Wang, as well as Zheng Li and the others. Naturally, there were also new faces among them. After the Ashley Family became famous, they didn’t plan to accept people in the beginning. This was because this influx of people brought forth a mix between good and bad people. Some even had pirate backgrounds. Each one of them were hard to manage and were quite unruly.

However, if they don’t accept people even if those people had skill, then people might think that the family had become arrogant. This wasn’t an outcome that the family wanted. Therefore, the family had no choice but to accept these people and manage them slowly.

But it was clear that the Ashley Family’s management of these people wasn’t enough. Especially those people with an unknown origin. Their strength was good, but they weren’t good people. Ever since they arrived, more and more infighting happened in the Bone Symbol Camp. Fortunately, Tie Sheng and Tao Wang’s prestige were able to stop them. Therefore, these troublemakers began to behave in the Bone Symbol Camp.

Of course, these people have also heard about Zhao Hai’s name. Upon hearing that Zhao Hai had come back, they immediately ran over to see the spectacle. Some of these people believed in Zhao Hai’s strength, but there were also those who didn’t. In their opinion, if Zhao Hai can do it, then so can they. Seeing Zhao Hai’s relationship with Margaret as well as hearing about Zheng Yun’s efforts in the past few days, these people thought that Zhao Hai was just a person who knew his way around women.

Normally, with Zhao Hai’s current fame, nobody would have such thoughts. After all, Zhao Hai had gone through many tough battles. Many of them were recorded and watched by people. These recordings weren’t fake. With these as evidence, nobody should doubt him.

However, there were still some mentally challenged people who doubted this evidence. In their opinion, Zhao Hai was just a lucky man. What he can do, they can do as well, even better. In their minds, Zhao Hai was a stepping stone. As long as they take Zhao Hai down, then they can gain fame overnight. Money, status, everything would be in their hands. They will be like Zhao Hai, and might even be better.


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