BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1073


Chapter 1073 – Room 2046

The Old Man looked at Zhao Hai staring at the paper and smiled, “Young Man, go and take a rest. You just ascended to Machine Field. I know that you are the strongest person at your plane. But here, you’re just an early ascendant. Go, go and rest. Someone will fetch you tomorrow to take you to a place with all the answers you seek.”

When he heard the Old Mage, Zhao Hai immediately stopped reading the paper. Then he gave the Old Man a respectful bow and said, “Yes, thank you for the advice.” Then Zhao Hai turned around and followed the five Robot Mages.

After seeing Zhao Hai leave, the Old Mage murmured, “He’s a special one. A Mage that isn’t arrogant. He will surely make waves in the future.” Once he said that, the Old Mage yawned once more before leaning on the table and saying, “I hope those guys can train him properly.” His voice got quieter and quieter as he finally fell asleep.

Zhao Hai followed the Robot Mages and left the room. While they were walking up a level, Zhao Hai tried to use his spiritual force to scan the surroundings. Then he discovered that the building was made out of special materials that completely isolated spiritual force. 

Upon knowing about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be more careful. His spiritual force was very formidable, it was many times better than ordinary Mages. But even so, he still cannot penetrate anything inside this place.

Not to mention the Old Mage’s strength, nor the materials used to make this building that weren’t in the Atlanta Plane, the five Robot Mages alone made Zhao Hai curious about this place called the Machine Field.

But what made Zhao Hai curious the most was the fact that he didn’t ascend in the Cultivation Realm, but instead in this Machine Field. Also, he hadn’t heard about this place before, did Lu Wei’s remnant soul lie? That’s impossible. At that time, the soul has been subdued by the Space, it couldn’t have lied. It might be because he ascended in the Atlanta Plane.

After he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel regret. If he knew that he would ascend to this place, then he might not have chosen the Mage Continent. Instead, he would just choose to ascend in the Divine Realm. After all, he still had some understanding with regards to the Cultivation Realm. As for this Machine Field, he was completely clueless.

But after some thought, Zhao Hai removed the negative thoughts from his mind and instead rejoiced. Looking at what just happened, it seems like the Machine Field was used to receiving ascenders. Moreover, they already had a set of procedures in welcoming newcomers. This was noteworthy. This meant that this plane’s strength was much higher than the Mage Continent. It shouldn’t be any weaker than the Cultivation Realm.

While Zhao Hai was thinking about these things, the five Robot Mages stopped in front of a room before Number 1 turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, please go in and take a rest. We shall be waiting outside. You can call us if you need anything.” Zhao Hai recovered, then after he gave the Robot Mages his gratitude, he turned around and pushed the door open. But upon seeing the door plate, Zhao Hai couldnt’ help but stare. There were four numbers printed in arabic numerals, 2046!

When he saw these four numbers, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seems like he was number 2046. Who knows if this room was different compared to the others.

He gently shook his head and then entered the room. Zhao Hai also knew that this was just a coincidence, it shouldn’t be related to Earth.

It was an ordinary room. It was divided into two parts, a small living room and the bedroom. In between the living room and the bedroom was a door. Zhao Hai opened it and saw that it was the bathroom.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but faintly smile. He didn’t mind the room anymore as he walked to his bedroom. The bedroom was also very ordinary, there wasn’t anything special inside. It had a cabinet, a bed, and a lamp. After looking through the room, Zhao Hai sat down and began to contact Cai’er using his mind.

And after hearing Cai’er’s reply, Zhao Hai began to feel relieved. Then he used his mind to talk, “Cai’er, I won’t be able to enter the Space in the meantime. I’m afraid this room is under surveillance. Let’s wait for a while as I gain more understanding about this plane. Tell everyone that there’s no need to worry.” Cai’er gave her approval. After the small conversation, Zhao Hao stopped their communication. Then he began to sit cross-legged as he rested. What Zhao Hai didn’t know was the fact that he was right. This room was monitored. Not entering the Space was the right decision.

The moment Zhao Hai entered room 2046, his actions were immediately noted down. Moreover, his presence in this room began to shake the Machine Field.

Zhao Hai just came to the Machine Field so he didn’t know. The Machine Field was quite good in looking after ascenders from the lower realms. This was because everyone knew that the concentration of energy in both realms were very different. If someone was able to ascend from a lower realm, then this meant that they were rare talents. Such people needed to be trained well and they might emerge as powerful Experts later on.

Naturally, this went according to how diligent the ascender was. After all, back in their lower realms, these ascenders were powerful experts. But upon reaching the Machine Realm, they were demoted into ordinary people. Some people couldn’t bear this change of status and would live a life of degeneracy and vanishing from the eyes of the people. There would also be people who treated the Machine Field as an amusement park, not having the heart to progress in their cultivation. With this mindset, it was impossible for them to become strong.

The place where Zhao Hai was currently in was an area specifically made to receive ascenders. There were quite a lot of planes that the Machine Field was in control of. And almost every year, an ascender would come from the lower realms. However, only a handful of these ascenders would truly prove themselves as talented, the others, for some reason, became just ordinary people.

But among the rooms used to receive ascenders, there was one room the Machine Field deemed very special. And it was room 2046!

Besides the reception tower as well as the first level staff room, the second to eleventh layers were places for ascenders to occupy. There were 100 rooms in each level. Above the eleventh floor were rooms for the staff to rest in.

There weren’t necessarily 100 people in the Machine Field’s Ascender Reception Area. Moreover, some of them would live here for just one night and then leave the day after. Because of this, these 100 rooms were generally empty. The staff responsible for registering the ascenders was also in charge of where to put them. Naturally, the assignment of the rooms wasn’t random.

One’s room went according to the ascender’s recorded aptitude. The higher your talent, the higher the floor you’ll be assigned to. And the lower one’s floor assignment was, the lower their talent would be. And Zhao Hai was in the second level, so he should be on one of the worst rooms. However, room 2046 was an exception.

Among the ascender reception staff, room 2046 held a very special status. Naturally, room 2046 was just an ordinary room in the beginning. But one day, it changed when a Mage from a lower realm ascended. This Mage was referred to have a low aptitude, and that he had no future. Because of this, he was assigned to room 2046. But who would’ve expected that the Mage would create a miracle, becoming a famous expert in the Machine Field. In his old age, the Mage decided to settle down in the Ascender Reception Tower. And from that moment on, each ascender that the Mage had his eyes on would be sent to room 2046. And after that, every ascender that took residence in room 2046 became strong experts. This Mage would continually assign ascenders to room 2046, and almost without fail, those ascenders would become strong experts. As this information got passed around, the Machine Field began to have an unwritten rule, every ascender living in room 2046 was favored to be a strong expert later on.

Because of this, people would pay attention whenever an ascender gets assigned to room 2046. But Zhao Hai was unaware of this. He thought that it was the Robot Mages’ decision to assign him to room 2046.

At this moment, Zhao Hai’s image was passed around to all influences in the Machine Realm. Before long, all of these powers began to note Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai continued to practice inside his room. However, he felt a little strange. He was very sensitive when it came to energy. Because of this, he knew very clearly that the amount of energy inside this metal room shouldn’t be that rich. Although the laws here were the same, the energy density had actually undergone a huge change.

Even if he was puzzled, Zhao Hai recalled the Old Mage saying that someone would take him to a place tomorrow. There, all of his questions would be answered. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t dwell on this matter for long.

Since he was in a new place, he needed to be low-key. Therefore, Zhao Hai planned to show as little as possible. But he didn’t know that the Old Mage fancied his talent and placed him in room 2046.

If Zhao Hai knew about what the Old Mage did, then he wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Fortunately, he was careful and didn’t enter the Space. Otherwise, his secret might place him into huge trouble.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that his information was already on the desks of the Machine Field’s various powers. When these huge influences saw that Zhao Hai was a Mage that can use all of the elements, they immediately took note of him.

Back in the Divine Realm, Zhao Hai transformed his energy to shift between battle qi and magic. However, due to the Mage Continent’s laws, this transformation between energies and elements was impossible. Zhao Hai didn’t know about this because he spent too little time in the Mage Continent.


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