BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1054


Chapter 1054 – The Attack of an Enraged Yin Wind Ghost Emperor

Zhao Hai looked at the ghosts. He sensed that the ghosts were winding up for attack. At the same time, Zhao Hai could feel the ghosts absorbing the Dark Mist and beginning to materialize.

Zhao Hai’s spiritual force has been greatly enhanced. Additionally, he has been training how to use his spiritual force with Berry these past few days. Because of this, he was now quite skillful in using his spiritual force.

It can be said that although the Succubi weren’t the strongest when it came to spiritual forces, no other race could compare to them when it came to control.

The Succubi were born with spiritual force, it was their racial skill. One shouldn’t underestimate this innate skill. It was said that reaching the peak needed 99% diligence and 1% talent. This 1% of talent was often much more important than the other 99%. Just like how the Dwarves were innately born with sensitivity towards metals, the Succubi were innately born to control spiritual force in a minute level.

Minute control and ordinary control were totally different. If ordinary control was sewing clothes, this minute control was embroidery.

Minute control was transforming spiritual force into filaments and controlling it. And this wasn’t just a two step approach, it was also a balancing act on what to focus on.

Zhao Hai trained in minutely controlling his spiritual force because he had analyzed the formations of the Dark Temple ahead of time, he was prepared for this attack. Just as the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor launched the formation, Zhao Hai immediately controlled his spiritual force to cover the entire formation.

He was able to look at the formation because of this ability. This allowed him to not only know that the ghosts could make spiritual attacks, but they could also inflict physical damage.

This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. Spiritual and physical attacks were totally different. Moreover, it was very hard to defend against this kind of transforming attack.

For example, a ghost would throw itself over to Zhao Hai, but the ghost just passed through his body and didn’t do any harm. The next time, when a ghost would fly towards Zhao Hai, he could choose to ignore it. However, this time, the ghost would suddenly make an attack. In this case, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Because of this, Zhao Hai was thinking that the formation was adaptable and strong. However, Zhao Hai didn’t know that the formation didn’t actually have that many effects. This formation collects ten thousand living souls and refines them. Then it would release the souls to attack the enemy. Its only strategy was ghost swarming, nothing else.

A person’s living soul and fiery souls were completely different. Fiery souls were mutated souls that allowed the Undead to absorb energy and obtain life. On the other hand, living souls were souls obtained after a human just died. It was the thing that allowed humans to grow stronger when they were alive, it also allowed them to reincarnate after death. If its owner had grievances when they were alive, the living souls would turn into malicious ghosts. It was totally different from fiery souls.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was also paying attention to Zhao Hai. After seeing Zhao Hai standing there and not moving, the Ghost Emperor began to form ideas in his mind. But he wasn’t thinking that Zhao Hai didn’t dare to move. He hasn’t fought with Zhao Hai before, and even if his incarnation wasn’t that strong in the Underworld, he still had his insight. He was aware that Zhao Hai wasn’t weak. It can be said that Zhao Hai was the strongest person he ever met after entering the Underworld. This formation shouldn’t be enough to scare Zhao Hai.

In fact, the Ten Thousand Ghosts formation’s use was just to surround Zhao Hai and confuse his sight and hearing. This way, the beast skeletons would be able to find an opportunity to make an attack.

Zhao Hai was paying attention to the formation as well as the beast skeletons. And in both subjects, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to find anything special. Then while observing the Dark Temple, Zhao Hai discovered that there was a small formation on the skull of a beast skeleton. This caused him to be startled. Then he traced the skull to see anything else special. 

Originally, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to see any difference between these beast skeletons and the beasts in the Underworld. But then, Cai’er gave him a reminder. After looking at the skulls of the skeleton beasts, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, these beasts aren’t from the Underworld. They have eyes!”

Those words reminded Zhao Hai that the beasts in the Underworld didn’t have eyes. On the other hand, these skeleton beasts had eye sockets. And after thinking about where they were and the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor, it seems like Zhao Hai had correctly guessed the identity of these skeleton beasts. In his dialogue with the Ghost Emperor, Zhao Hai just deliberately said those words as a probe. He didn’t expect that he was right.

The skeleton beasts were now making their move, their actions were very smooth and it seems like they were following a certain rhythm. Inside the Ten Thousand Ghost formation, they were able to walk discreetly. If Zhao Hai wasn’t paying attention to them using fine threads of his spiritual force, then he wouldn’t have been able to feel them.

The skeleton beasts were probably controlled by the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. Because of this, they were able to hide their energy while moving.

Any creature, as long as they had energy, would emit energy when they move. On the other hand, these beast skeletons didn’t emit any energy while moving. This wasn’t an accident, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was certainly using tricks.

While Zhao Hai was thinking about this, a skeleton beast about five meters away from him began to crouch in preparation to strike!

Just as the skeleton beast pounced, Zhao Hai waved his hand and turned his Blood Ghost Staff into a sledgehammer and then swung it towards the skeleton beast’s skull. The skeleton beast shook, and before it could respond, Zhao Hai turned the sledgehammer into a huge net that covered the entire beast. After that, Zhao Hai pulled the net and just like a basketball, he flung it over and shot it straight into the Space.

The process might look very slow, but it actually happened very fast. It was like how you catch the ball and then lobbed it into the basket immediately. 

When the skeleton beast was sent to the Space, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor immediately felt that his connection to the beast was cut off. This caused him to be surprised. One must know that although the beasts weren’t that strong in the Cultivation Realm, a lot of time was spent refining them. Now that someone had stolen one, how could he not be angry?

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor felt his lungs explode with rage. But at this moment, several skeleton beasts threw themselves towards Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai’s movements were quick, this also left him with an opening. The beasts used this opportunity to attack.

However, Zhao Hai did something that the beast never expected. His body flashed and then reappeared a few meters away. This change in position made the skeleton beasts attack the empty air.

Zhao Hai didn’t think too much about them as he moved and rushed towards the skeleton beasts. But the beasts were slippery, they immediately retreated to the sea of ghosts, disappearing from sight.

Zhao Hai wanted to catch the skeleton beasts, but unfortunately, he was stopped by the ghosts that have already materialized.

Because of the Dark Mist, the ghost were now tangible. Naturally, they were different compared to real malicious ghosts, and their strengths were worse. Nevertheless, they have materialized and now had fighting power.

At this time, Zhao Hai stopped. Then he turned the head of his Blood Ghost Staff into a lotus. Zhao Hai raised his staff as it emitted light, it was as though the sun had just risen.

This was light magic, moreover it was a wide-scale light magic called Descent of the Holy Light. Light element was the nemesis of Dark Energy, and these ghosts were made out of dark energy. Along with the flash of this light element magic, the ghosts screeched before they vanished.

After using his light magic, Zhao Hai moved and appeared beside a skeleton beast. While the skeleton beast was still struggling under the light magic, Zhao Hai caught its neck and then threw it into the Space.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor didn’t expect Zhao Hai to use light element magic in the Underworld. One must know that Dark Energy was prevalent in this plane, there were almost no other energy here. However, Zhao Hai actually managed to cast light magic, and a very strong one at that. It didn’t take long before the ghosts of the imitation Ten Thousand Ghost Formation vanished under the light magic assault.

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor felt that he was going crazy. He couldn’t understand how a monster like Zhao Hai exists. The formation simply had no effect on him. He treated the temple as though it was his own back garden.

After seeing Zhao Hai steal another skeleton beast, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor’s eyes turned red. He fiercely waved his Ten Thousand Ghost Scepter and then muttered an incantation.

The incantation made the eyes on the Ten Thousand Ghost Scepter’s skull light up with red light. However, this light didn’t shoot towards Zhao Hai, but to the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor instead!


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