BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1028


Chapter 1028 – 10 Billion Undead Army

Actually, once you subdue most of the high-ranked Undead in the Underworld, the low-ranked would be very easy to deal with. The territory of the Five Element Skeleton was an example of this. After reaching an agreement, the Five Element Skeletons returned to their territories. When they arrived, the Skeletons immediately had their people enter the Space.

Levels were very strict in the Underworld, this allowed the Five Element Skeletons to order their subordinates with ease. If their subordinates dared to rebel, then they would immediately be killed. Also, the high-ranked Undead under the Skeletons were in a soul contract. And unlike Addison, these Undead didn’t have any means to erase it. Therefore, these Undead could only follow the orders that their masters gave them.

After subduing all of the Five Element Skeleton’s subordinates, there was only one thing left to do, this was to send all of the remaining undead inside the Cities into the Space.

Compared to sending the Five Element Skeleton’s subordinates to the Space, this one was much more difficult to complete. Although the Five Element Skeletons were far more powerful than these Undead, there were undead who didn’t necessarily heed to all their demands. After all, the Five Element Skeletons didn’t have a soul contract with them.

Zhao Hai asked Addison and knew that even high-ranked Undead would have limited Undead that they could control. For example, Addison’s control couldn’t exceed 100 people. And then the control of these people couldn’t exceed 90. As the hierarchy goes down, then the limit of control would also decrease. In the end, most Undead on the level of silver skeletons could only control 20 or so Undead.

Addison’s army was built like a pyramid. He conquered Undead who in turn conquered their own. With this system, an army was slowly formed.

However, people like Addison wouldn’t just rashly use their quota for 100 people. This wouldn’t be too beneficial to them. If they encounter a high-ranked Undead but their quota was already full of low-ranked Undead, then it would be too much of a loss.

For this reason, King-level Undead like Addison wouldn’t form too many soul contracts. However, because there were a lot of Undead in the Underworld, some Undead would still surrender to Addison and become his subordinates.

This surrender didn’t mean that a contract was made, there was no need for one. It was a relationship similar to a weaker being seeking protection from the strong. Addison would protect them while they work for Addison. They were also an integral part of Addison’s army. However, it was still clear that these Undead weren’t as good as the contracted Undead. If Addison gained some good resources, then he would definitely prefer to give them to the Undead that were contracted to him. This caused a gap between the contracted and non-contracted Undead.

Also, there were some Undead in the Resistance Army who didn’t want to surrender to the strong. This made their lives much more dangerous, but they still didn’t want to submit to anybody.

There were plenty of these Undead in each City. Although these Undead gave respects to the powerful, they wouldn’t give their unconditional obedience to them. At the same time, it would also be impossible for a City Lord to force them, otherwise they would leave. And this would be the prelude of a perishing city.

For these reasons, it wasn’t easy for the Five Element Skeletons to gain full control of the Undead in their cities. If these Undead escaped, then they would surely spread the information. And if it reached the ears of the Gibbon Brothers, then they might be prompted to move.

Even if Zhao Hai could subdue the Gibbon Brothers using his overwhelming strength, the Brothers had billions upon billions of Undead in their cities. With Zhao Hai’s current strength, it was impossible for him to eat them all up in one go. Only when he subdued all the Undead in the Five Element Skeleton’s territory would he have the possibility to do so. Before that happens, Zhao Hai didn’t want information to be passed on. If the Dark Temple gets word about what was happening, then the trouble would be bigger.

The Five Element Skeletons collectively controlled 70 cities. The size of these cities varied, but in general, their overall population ranged from 600 million to 7 billion. Such enormous number wouldn’t be very easy to subdue.

What Zhao Hai dreaded wasn’t these ordinary Undead but instead those fellows from the Dark Temple. If the Dark Temple came to know about this matter, then they would certainly make a move. Because of this, secrecy needed to be kept in this situation.

Fortunately, in the Underworld, besides those who were had great strength, not a lot of Undead would go to another city. Most of them were only active in and around their city of residence.

With this in place, one could be assured that communications between cities would be minimal. It can even be said that each city was sealed of from the others. This gave Zhao Hai an opportunity to defeat each city one by one.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried. They would start with Wood Skeleton’s territory first before proceeding towards Water Skeleton’s place. They would subdue cities bit by bit, one after another. Then they would proceed to the other territories, conquering all of the Undead along the way.

Zhao Hai had been very patient, starting to subdue one or two cities per day wasn’t a problem. With more and more Undead going into his hands, it wouldn’t be long before they would be able to subdue multiple cities in one day. After all, the managers of those cities had already become their people. With those people in hand, it wouldn’t be very difficult to conquer all of the Undead residents.

With this set-up, it took nearly one month before all of the Undead from the Five Element Skeleton’s territory were captured. Now, they would proceed to deal with the Gibbon Brothers.

Upon capturing all of the Undead, Zhao Hai noted that the Undead inside the Space had already numbered to over 13 billion. This was definitely a very huge number.

Fortunately, besides the Hell Space, Zhao Hai bought several other dark-attributed backgrounds. These backgrounds would be enough to house these Undead.

This didn’t mean that the Hell Space couldn’t accommodate all of these Undead. It was just that it wouldn’t be easy to manage these Undead if they were all inside a single Space. Therefore, Zhao Hai had 5 other backgrounds each with 2 billion Undead inside. Zhao Hai also established Undead Academies in these backgrounds. Naturally, these Academies were just branches of the original Undead Academy. There were no instructors from other races in these Academies. However, they still managed to inspire the Undead living in each Space.

The Five Element Skeletons were unaware about these matters until Addison told them. Upon knowing that the Undead could study, and even be taught by the other races, the Five Element Skeletons were moved, their respect for Zhao Hai increased even more.

In this month of time, while Zhao Hai subdued the Undead in the Five Element Skeleton’s territory, the Divine Realm wasn’t going very peacefully.

The O’Neal family already had a firm standing in the Taurus Continent. After transferring more higher levelled magic armors, the O’Neal family gained more courage. They started to explore the Taurus Continent, mining the resources while also surveying the Barbarian, Winged Pegasus, and Thunder Clan planes. There was nobody inside these planes to prevent them from doing so.

Because of this, the O’Neal family brought a lot of slaves from the Atlanta Plane. One shouldn’t underestimate these slaves. Slave trade wasn’t something new to the Atlanta Plane. Because of this, keeping and nurturing these slaves were very well managed. In the Atlanta Plane, slaves weren’t immediately taken to do work. Instead, they were trained to control civilian magic armor first. Only after learning how to drive these magic armors were these slaves allowed to be sold off.

The O’Neal family obtained a domain several times larger than the Ark Continent. Naturally, this meant that they would need a lot of manpower. Because of this, they bought trained slaves en masse.

The reason for the O’Neal family’s anxiety were the foreign races. They knew that the enemy were very powerful. If they don’t develop as soon as possible, then it was highly probable that the Foreign Races would seriously attack them in the future. If this happened, then they would have no way to resist.

However, the O’Neal family didn’t expect the Foreign races to attack so soon. It had just been two months since the last conflict between the two parties.

This time, the exchange between the O’Neal family and the Foreign Races weren’t huge-scale battles. Instead, the Foreign Races employed small-unit tactics. They would make a short attack before retreating. This made the O’Neal family anxious. 

Naturally, this exchange was brought to Zhao Hai’s attention. He didn’t think that the Foreign Races would wage war against the O’Neal family in such a short time.

However, after further deliberation, Zhao Hai knew why the Foreign Races chose to do this. The strength of the Foreign Races came from their population. Because of this, these small-scale battles would be able to slowly chip out the military power of the O’Neal family. They would obtain great victory by grinding the O’Neal family down.

This idea was good, but the tactics weren’t executed well. After all, their speed was just on par with the magic armors. After looking at the battles for several days, Zhao Hai finally lost his interest.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s thoughts weren’t on the O’Neal family and the Foreign Races, but instead it was on the Gibbon Brothers. His interest was greatly roused upon hearing about the unusual pair of Lich from Addison.


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