21 thoughts on “No Chapters today, got the sniffles

  1. I know what you mean. Weather is is bad. 1st sunny then windy and rain. Just take care of yourself.

  2. Wow. Something happen to me also. Been sick and sleep at the bed today…. i feel scared when i think how much work needed to do at office tonorrow….. wish i had time machine….

  3. U need that get up on that alkaline diet to boost your immune system . So u don’t get sick easily

  4. better drink juice (not tropical fruit) but not coold, let it out of fridge. Be Well !!

  5. Is it possible to have a map ? There are a few things I don’t understand :
    – which countries share a border with black wastelands and caryon swamp.
    – how large are the different parts where Zhao Hai had gone…
    – distances

    It’d be easier to understand a few things. But perhaps it’d show autor’s errors : for exampl sometimes I think Zhao Hai sails too quickly.

    1. if there is it is fan made. the autor will not make a map, beacause it will put some restriction to the story. till now we only know two kingdom black wastelands caryon swamp and grasslands. The grasslands has border with both kingdom … the black wastelands and caryon swamp is near to the grasslands and the smaller kingdom ….
      the border of kingdoms are (ing general naural form border (mountains,canyons ecc)
      There isn’t enough information to create a map, for now.

    2. The beastman prairie is to the north. If i am not mistaken the Elf forest is the east of it.
      Under the prairie is the Aksu empire for where our hero came. Not sure if it is east or west but the black wasteland is connected to it. And connected to the wasteland not Aksu is the caryon swamp.
      The Aksu empire is about the same size as the black wasteland.
      And under that is the Rosen empire. The Rosen empire is in the middle of the continent.

      1. And under of Rosen empire is Lyson empire.
        and maybe the Black wasteland is East?

        Rosen is middle of the continent
        Aksu is East
        Beastman is North.
        Lyson is South

        West is Oceanwave Dynasty.

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