BTFTLIAW – Chapter 898 – 903

Happy Monday!

Been sick the entire week :/

Anyway, how was your valentines? Cooked some rubbery beef for the gf. She said she liked it, but I know that it’s bad T__T

Here are your chapters:

Chapter 898 – Two-man Act
Chapter 899 – Just A Step Closer!
Chapter 900 – Finally Reached
Chapter 901 – A Fight On Both Sides
Chapter 902 – Science and Technology Background and Universal Scanner
Chapter 903 – Zhao Hai’s Thoughts

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BTFTLIAW – Chapter 882 – 884

One year of BTFTLIAW! And also an increment to my age!

Started the project a year ago, on my birthday xD Time passes by quickly. whew!

Once again, thanks for the support in this span of one year. Hoping for more years to come!

On a side note, I found someone to help me edit and to keep me in check. I reckon the schedule would improve from now on :3

Here’s to another year!!!

P.S. I had a great night :3 Since my parents’ silver wedding anniversary was on the 22nd and my birthday on the 27th, we decided to celebrate both occasions today. Friends and family came, it’s quite a good day 😀

Here’re your chapters:

Chapter 882 – Crystal Card and Selfishness
Chapter 883 – Two Geniuses
Chapter 884 – Yin Fire?

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