My Take on Coiling Dragon’s Epilogue

On September 3,2017 reddit /r/noveltranslations opened up a short story writing contest.

The premise is to write an ‘alternative’ take on a certain part of a novel. Since Coiling Dragon  was my gateway novel into this community I’ve decided to write a Coiling Dragon epilogue.

It comprises of a total 1497 words. If i have time in the future i’d like to revisit this story and add some things here and there.


Delia hurriedly wiped her tears away, looking towards the figure carefully.
“Boss!” Bebe called out jubilantly. He was the first to speak.
The others stared, wide-eyed, at the person who had appeared out of nowhere. A sky-blue robed man, with that familiar face!
“Third Bro!!!” Yale, George, and Reynolds rushed over simultaneously.
“Linley.” “Father!”
“Big Brother!”
Facing his family and friends, a big smile blossomed on Linley’s face. Delia, Bebe, his Father Hogg, his Mother Lina, his brother Wharton, his three closest Bros, George, Yale, Reynolds, Beirut and Bluefire, his children, the Four Divine Beast Clan and many others, they all were a part of his long adventure. Even though his Grandpa Doehring is gone forever, his memory still lies in the deepest of Linley’s heart.

“Boss!” Bebe ran up and hugged Linley tightly. To Bebe, Linley is the closest and most important member of his family. Losing Linley would be a huge blow to Bebe.

Delia, on the other hand, wanted to scold Linley strongly but the burst of emotion after knowing that her husband is safe erased any notion of anger in the depths of her heart. She was just happy that her husband is completely safe and sound.

Sound of jubilant cheers and celebrations rang out between Linley’s close families and friends. Being the de facto ‘Elders’ of the bunch, Beirut and Bluefire stayed at the back with huge happy grins on their faces. But aside from the feeling of happiness, a strange feeling welled up from the depths of their souls. Both of their sovereign sparks started to vibrate slightly, as to resonate with something related to Linley. The sovereign sparks themselves seemed to want to prostrate themselves towards this being in front of them.

“Boss, what happened? Your attack just then was so powerful!” Bebe inquisitively asked Linley with sparkling eyes

“Hahaha. Let’s head inside first” Linley patted Bebe’s shoulder

Inside Linley’s Skyrite Mountain Mansion

Linley, Delia, Bebe, Beirut and Bluefire sat down and drank tea. The others acted in modesty and decided to opt out and celebrated by themselves outside.

Linley told them everything that happened. About how being a four-way soul mutate Sovereign in the Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind Laws made him break through the cosmos. About his new name ‘Meng’ and his new big brother Hong Meng. About the grey energy that destroyed even sovereign sparks into nothingness, the grandmist.

Linley couldn’t be bothered to prevent them from spreading this information, he couldn’t care less, much less Hong. But the others know full well the impact this would have should the information spread, so each one of them unanimously decided to stay mum, including Bebe.

This didn’t stop the little Godeater Rat from making a fuss though.

“Wow Boss! You’re super powerful now! Nobody’s gonna dare offend us any longer! Hahaha”, Bebe happily mused, almost to the point of jumping everywhere.

“Boss”, Bebe whispered as he sidled bit by bit towards Linley

“Since you’re technically more powerful than the Overgods, how about gifting this brother of yours a treasure or two so i could shove them up that Reisgem’s face.”

Bebe and Reisgem often met here and there whilst travelling for leisure. Reisgem almost always brags to Bebe about the might of his mother who is an Intermediate Sovereign.

“What do you think you’re whispering there ha?!, your brother has just come back and the first thing you do is ask for souvenirs?”, Beirut barked while giving Bebe a slap to the back of his head.
Linley let out a smile as he viewed the two Godeater Rats bickering with each other. These two has helped him tremendously throughout his life and he wouldn’t skimp out in giving them benefits now that he has become this powerful.

“Bebe, Grandpa Beirut, I wouldn’t have become what i am today if it weren’t for the help of the two of you.” Linley gave a slight bow to the both of them.

Before the two Godeater Rats could respond, Linley waved his right hand. Grey mist gathered as they formed two objects in the air. These two objects were black colored, one in the form of a shiny bead while the other takes the shape of a rock.

The rock flew towards Bebe as he stretched out his hands to catch it. Staring at the object at his hands emanating in the Laws of Darkness, Bebe became dumbfounded, his mouth opening and closing repeatedly.

“Boss. This…”, Bebe lifted his head as he looked at Linley.

Linley only nodded. “Place a drop of blood to absorb it”

Bebe did as instructed, he cut open his finger and smeared a drop of his blood on the surface of the rock.


The laws in the surroundings shook as they descended towards Bebe. A thick amount of Darkness essence invaded the space around him as the black rock entered Bebe’s sea of consciousness.

Beirut, as a Sovereign himself knew what the black rock was, and judging from the aura emanating from his grandson, it should be an Intermediate Sovereign spark.

Intermediate Sovereign!

There are only two Intermediate Sovereigns for each of the Laws, now his grandson is one of them. Beirut was extremely proud for his grandson, and he couldn’t be more thankful to Linley who made this possible.

“Grandpa Beirut, this is for you. Just place a drop of blood on it and you’ll know what it is” Linley passed the black bead over to Beirut.

Despite knowing what the rock is, Beirut has absolutely no idea what this black bead is. He placed a drop of his blood on the bead and information immediately rushed towards his mind.

“Linley, This is… Thank you very much”, upon knowing the purpose of the bead Linley gave him, Beirut was extremely joyful. What Linley gave him was his entire life’s wish, he scoured the Upper Planes as well as countless Material Planes for a way to enrich his descendant’s bloodline to make them Godeater Rats. But after searching for countless years his mission has come up empty.

Until now.

The bead, as long as it rests in magical water contained inside a Godspark basin, will allow one of a Godeater Rat’s descendant to improve their bloodline to become Godeater Rats themselves every 100,000 years.

Even though 100,000 years is long enough for a mortal, it is an extremely short time for timeless beings such as Beirut’s descendants.

“Linley thanks””Boss thanks!”, the Grandpa and grandson duo thanked Linley from the bottom of their hearts.


Just as they finished saying their gratitude the heavens acted up once again. The laws descended towards not only Beirut and Bebe, but it included Bluefire, Chief Sovereign of Destruction Wodred , the Redbud Sovereign, Bloodridge Sovereign Boson, and the Chief Sovereign of Death.

An additional portion of Will!

Linley naturally wouldn’t forget those sovereigns who have defended and protected Linley when he was in trouble, so he gave them an additional portion of will as gratitude.

“And another thing”, Linley sliced the space in front of him as he dumped a bunch of sovereign sparks inside. A lot of sovereigns got swallowed up by the grandmist so the spots needs to be filled up. It will be up to fate as to whoever can receive these sparks.

Divine Earth Realm

Like his usual routine, Hemmers was lying down on the ground closing his eyes as he senses the earth all around him.


All of a sudden, the space beside him cracked and a piece of yellowish rock was spat out. Hemmers picked it up and examined the rock with scrutiny as it managed to survive the chaotic space.

Time passed and traders noticed a new yellow mountain range in place of where Hemmers used to lie down. The mountain would eventually be named Yellowrock Mountain and is the current home of Hemmers, the Yellowrock Sovereign.

Skyrite Mountains
Liney, Delia, and Bebe were currently standing on Linley’s courtyard. Accompanying them were their close friends and families as well as the Four Clan Leaders, and some friendly sovereigns. The Four Divine Beast Clan leaders’ complete reverence towards Linley can be seen through their eyes. Linley technically ‘returned’ to them the sovereign sparks of their parents. The Chief Fate Sovereign spark has been given to the Chief Sovereigns of Death, Destruction, and Life to find a suitable candidate for.

Linley, Delia and Bebe bid all of them farewell as they flew upwards. Linley slashed his arm out as well as extended his divine sense to protect Bebe and Delia.

They planned to explore the other cosmos that Hong created before Linley establishes his own. Linley needs references as to what he should do with his cosmos, Delia and Bebe decided to come with him to see various interesting things together.

With Delia in hand and his brother Bebe beside him, Linley flew faster than light to their first destination, Hong’s largest cosmos as well as the home of Linley’s first disciple Clayweg, Godking cosmos!

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  1. That was a nice short man. I’m not sure what other stuff you have to add on but I’m sure it’ll be good. I had thought about doing a 25-50 chapter story about the addition on the god eater rat clan joining the other DB clans, finally ending in a 5DB clan. —–> a whole new storyline after that. I’m saying this cause I def wouldn’t mind if someone else used that plot XD

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