BTFTLIAW – Chapter 998


Chapter 998 – Some People Have Plan About Three Saint City

Zhao Hai was really surprised by this fire boomerang. This boomerang wasn’t like any fire magic he had seen. As soon as the magic was cast, the fire boomerang began to compact, not a lick of flame was seen. It seems to have become a crystal. This made the boomerang in Zhao Hai’s hand look like it was made out of red crystal.

Such fire-element magic was novel to Zhao Hai. He didn’t think that fire-element magic would assume this appearance.

Another thing that surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that this research happened in the Underworld. One must know that the magic that was used here was of the dark-element. In other words, Fire-element Mages was practically useless here since there wasn’t any fire-element present. The only reason why Zhao Hai was able to use this fire-element magic was because he has the Space to supply fire-element.

However, any new magic would need repeated experiments. One couldn’t just provide proof through theory alone. This was especially true for magic, it needed to be tested time and time again before being finalized.

And now, this fire-element crystal magic was successfully researched in a place without the fire-element. Isn’t that surprising? How did Kampala do it?

Zhao Hai placed the beast skin down before picking another one from the shelf. Recorded inside was another fire-element magic that had something to do with arrows. It was thus named as, Flame Arrow Spell.

Although the spell Flame arrow was also present in conventional fire-element spells, the one written in the beastskin scroll was actually different. This spell requires the user to do compression on the fire-element to make this fire crystal arrow. This arrow had the strength of a normal arrow. But after this arrow was shot out and hit its target, it would explode. Even if it was shot down by the opposite party, as long as a certain resistance was felt, the arrow would still explode.

Zhao Hai immediately did the incantations expressed on the scroll. And sure enough, to his surprised, casting the magic was a success.

Zhao Hai placed the beastskin scroll down as he looked at the shelf full of scrolls. He suddenly felt that he had entered a huge treasure trove. These scrolls were the product of Kampala’s countless years of research. Although there were things like poetry among them, spells like the Fire Boomerang and Flame Arrow were inventions that had subverted the current magic system.

Magic compression had always been a topic of study among the researchers in the Ark Continent. People had invented compressed magic spells before, but they found that even if compressed magic was powerful, it was also very dangerous. If the compressed magic wasn’t stable, then it was very likely to explode, which would be dangerous to the Mage. Therefore, this was the first problem that needed to be solved.

Zhao Hai continued to scan Kampala’s beastskin scrolls. Almost all of the things recorded on these scrolls were compressed magic, and all of them were compressed to an ultimate degree. Spells like Flame Arrows were much stronger than their contemporaries by about 100 times.

And after reading these scrolls, Zhao Hai managed to find a trend. There were several incantations and hand movements in these spells. Zhao Hai hypothesized that these incantations and gestures might be the key to compressed magic.

After he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t stay still. He immediately took all of the things in this room and received them into his Space.

On Wild Dragon Island, in addition to Karen’s magic formation laboratory, there were also other people who did their own research. This was because Wild Dragon Island was a place where studies had become integral to day to day life. There were people here who were studying magic spells, so Zhao Hai had these people inspect his recently acquired scrolls.

Besides these scrolls, Kampala’s collections were also taken by Zhao Hai to the Space. First, he wanted to see if these things could increase the Space’s experience. And second, he wanted to see if he could discover new ores or materials. These discoveries would have huge benefits to him.

And there was no need to mention that Kampala’s collection, especially the ores, were things that couldn’t be seen in the Ark Continent nor in the Divine Realm. These ores contained the yin(dark)-element. People in the Cultivation Realm divided materials into Yin and Yang. For example, there were things such as yin wood and yang wood, yin stone and yang stone. Naturally, metals were also divided into such classification.

It was a very simple method. But in the Cultivation Realm, the usage of these yin and yang items were totally different.

Dark-element items in the Underworld were seen by the people in the Cultivation Realm as yin-type items. For some people in the Cultivation Realm, these things were precious.

After emptying the room, Zhao Hai refurbished the room. He just made it according to his current thoughts. After all, he didn’t intend to stay in the Underworld for a long time. And in his downtime, he would still return to the Space.

After taking care of the room, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. But he didn’t want to take a look at the battle between the O’Neal family and the foreign races. Instead, he continued to look at Kampala’s scrolls. This time, he didn’t intend to study them, instead he divided the scrolls according to their classification.

Who knows how long Kampala had these scrolls stored up. There were some scrolls that had been researched recently and there were also some who had been there for a very long time. Although it was very messy, one has to recognize that these things were really useful.

Whether it was magic tests or other research, a single person researching all of it was different compared to when series of people took over one after another. Their accomplishments would certainly not be the same.

With compression magic, Kampala personally went through the research for a long time. He managed to capture several important points with regards to the magic. To him, compression magic had become very simple.

On the other hand, the people from the Ark Continent wouldn’t be able to achieve this point. This was because Kampala was only able to get this essence after several hundreds of years. The Mages from the Ark Continent couldn’t live for that long. Once a Mage dies, their apprentice would be taking their place. Even if the research was doing very well, there was a high possibility of it branching into some other result once the successor takes charge, causing the research to fail.

After sorting through the scrolls inside the Space, Zhao Hai returned to the Underworld. This time, he wanted to gain a better understanding of the Underworld. If he wanted to stay here daily, this was imperative.

Just as Zhao Hai went out of the Space, Guli and Jiang Zheng arrived at his tower. Naturally, Zhao Hai invited them in. When the two saw the room, they couldn’t help but stare. They had seen Kampala’s room before, and now it was different. It now had one shelf filled with books. It had a desk and a chair. Then in the distance was a resting area with a set of sofas, a coffee table, and some daily necessities. The area was also covered with carpet, and there was also a rocking chair.

Zhao Hai looked at the two and smiled faintly, “Sit, aren’t you supposed to handle Three Saint City? Why did you come here? Also, I didn’t think Kampala’s room would have such good things. Right, did you know that Kampala was researching magic here?”

The two nodded, Guli said, “We knew. For a while, Kampala was immersed in studying magic of other elements. In the Underworld, although it was filled with dark-element, after years of development, using other elements had become possible. After all, light and dark magics are the most fundamental magic in the universe. Although dark magic is still widely used in the Underworld, there are still some who use magic in other departments.”

Upon hearing Guli, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod. He remembered the first batch of Lich that he met before. They used innate yin fire which can be said to be part of fire-element spells. However, that spell didn’t belong to the yang(light) flame, instead it was yin(dark) fire. After he thought about this, Zhao Hai began to relax. But this made him even more curious about the Underworld. He didn’t think that the Undead would be this smart.

Zhao Hai looked at the two and said, “Right, why did you come see me at this time? Did something happen to Three Saint City?”

Jiang Zheng replied, “Young Master, we came looking for you to report that Three Saint City might be targeted by other people. After we came back, we asked a few of our men about what happened when the three of us went out. At that time, there was a sudden increase of undead entering the city. Although they were doing business in a proper manner, it’s hard to say what they are going to do in the future.”

Zhao Hai stared, then his two eyes glimmered, “So you’re saying that some people have ideas about Three Saint City? A battle is coming to the city?”


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