BTFTLIAW – Chapter 995


Chapter 995 – Dark Pharaoh

Although the battle was very lively, but for Zhao Hai, this kind of battle wasn’t worthy of his attention. He had already seen through the tricks of both sides. Unless the O’Neal family shows something good, then only then would Zhao Hai take a look. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have any interest in what was happening.

The migration of the Divine Dwarves was still going on. It’s possibly because they didn’t dispatch troops that the Beastmen and the Elves didn’t try to contact them. This allowed the Dwarves to move without the knowledge of the other two races.

Because Zhao Hai opened a lot of spatial rifts, the migration of the Dwarves went faster compared to the Winged Pegasus Clan. Moreover, the important ores and products of the Dwarves had already been moved by Zhao Hai. This allowed the Dwarves to pack lightly, saving a lot of time in the process.

Leir calculated that the migration wouldn’t take ten days. This result surprised him.

The population of the Dwarves was more than any Divine Race Continent. If they didn’t have this population advantage, then they wouldn’t have dared to go against the Divines, and continuing to do so for many years. For these many people to be moved in just ten days was unexpected. In the past, Leir wouldn’t even have dreamt for this to be possible.

At this time, Leir didn’t think too much about the migration. Inside the Space, the responsibility of settling the Dwarves has been handed over to Ryder. Ryder was the one with the most contact with Zhao Hai. Nobody was more qualified than him to take charge of the relocation. Meanwhile, Leir would be the one taking charge in directing the other Dwarves in the Libra Continent towards the spatial rifts.

Days passed and the Dwarves only used seven days to completely move to the Space. Moreover, everything was managed very well. The Dwarves had all that they needed. Because of this, the Dwarves felt that they were sent to heaven upon entering the Space.

Here, one could live in a bright room, eat grain every day, have bread, drink wine, and even hit iron. They can also mine all they want. Their situation here was much better compared to their previous living environment.

What made the Dwarves most happy about was the fact that they could eat fresh vegetables and fresh meat here. Moreover, when they go mining, they could buy special carts that could carry the ores. They can also take baths in their own house. In the past, they wouldn’t even dare imagine such a lifestyle.

There were Dwarves who didn’t understand why they needed to move and had some grievances in their hearts. But upon entering the Space, they immediately fell in love with it. Although they would need gold coins in order to construct their house, all of them felt that it was worth it. It can be said that aside from being able to hammer iron all they want, everything else was solved by the Space. This made the Dwarves very satisfied with the move.

The Dwarves finished their migration in seven days. Now, Zhao Hai was ready to head towards the Underworld. Just three days ago, more reinforcements arrived from the O’Neal family. This time, the battle didn’t just happen in the spatial rift but in the fields outside as well. The two sides clashed and it was a huge battle. This time, the Foreign Race suffered losses in the hands of the O’Neal family. Their total number of casualties had already surpassed 1 million.

Facing this situation, the Foreign Race army had no choice but to make a temporary retreat. At the same time, Solomon and Yerd realized that the enemy wasn’t going to be easily dealt with. But they still sent reinforcements, an additional 20 million troops as well as two Supreme Elders.

After sending the reinforcements, Solomon and Yerd suddenly discovered that Leir had been perfectly silent in the past several days. The two were very puzzled, so they immediately went to contact Leir using his messenger fish. But no reply came.

Solomon and Yerd couldn’t understand why Leir would do this. It can be said that the suppression done to the Dwarves wasn’t that ruthless. With Leir’s character, he shouldn’t have been pushed too hard. In the current war, the damages to their weapons were very critical, they would need the Dwarves to provide massive amounts of weapons. If Leir dared to break the weapon supply at this time, then this would certainly cause the two races to be enraged. From how the two understood of Leir, he wouldn’t do this.

After repeatedly calling Leir and coming up with no result, Solomon and Yerd began to be worried. They immediately sent two teams to the Libra Continent to examine the situation. However, the result that they received made them greatly surprised.

There were no longer any Dwarves in the Libra Continent, everyone had moved out. In the Dwarven territory, the only things that the scouts found were large quantities of weapons, four ultimate weapons, as well as a letter.

This letter was written by Leir for Solomon and Yerd. Its contents were very simple. In essence, Leir didn’t want to stay in the Divine Realm anymore. He also said that Solomon and Yerd had changed and since the Dwarves didn’t want change, they decided to leave. And that these weapons as well as four ultimate weapons were the last help that the Dwarves would give to the Beastmen and the Elves.

Solomon and Yerd read the letter and were left with shock. Leir’s letter said that the Dwarves had followed Zhao Hai. Just like the Winged Pegasus, the Dwarves had moved to Zhao Hai’s Space.

Solomon and Yerd didn’t know where the Winged Pegasus and the Dwarves moved to, but they had made calculations from what Zhao Hai told them before. They believed that Zhao Hai used Space magic in order to move them to another plane. It was just like what Zhao Hai did to the Ark Continent.

However, the two still couldn’t accept this result. They couldn’t understand what method Zhao Hai used to convince Leir and the others to allow the entire Dwarven Race to migrate. Moreover, when did Zhao Hai complete such a huge operation?

Solomon and Yerd were startled, they even led their own teams and personally went to the Libra Continent. They want to see whether the Dwarves moved on their own or if they were seized by Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai forcefully took them, then they would find Zhao Hai at all costs and rescue the Dwarves.

Although there were some contradictions between the three races, they still existed together for tens of thousands of years. The three races were like three brothers. Even if they had some small quarrels, they were still siblings. Now that one brother left them forever, the other two couldn’t just easily accept it.

But after seeing the situation in the Libra Continent, Solomon and Yerd became silent. This was because there were no traces of fighting in the Libra Continent. Moreover, one could see that the Dwarves had calmly moved. They didn’t bring any unwieldy things with them and only took important possessions. Moreover, they also left behind some weapons as well as the four ultimate weapons.

When they heard this news before, Solomon and Yerd already knew that this was the case, but they still couldn’t believe it at that time. But now, they had no choice but to accept it. The two were in a heavy mood especially when they saw the letter that Leir had left behind. They began to think about themselves and recalled that they had really changed.

Zhao Hai didn’t have time to care about Solomon and Yerd’s concerns. He was now preparing to enter the Underworld. But before he went in, he would need to have an identity. Zhao Hai didn’t want to enter the Underworld as a human. This would only make the undead attack him, and he didn’t want that.

Because of this, Zhao Hai needed to an identity to assume while in the Underworld. After repeated discussions with Kampala, Kampala finally remembered a profession that was almost forgotten by the whole Underworld, a Dark Pharaoh!

A Dark Pharaoh was a type of Dark lifeform that belonged to the mage class. They wore clothes but it was different to what other people wore. These clothes wrapped their whole bodies with no area uncovered. Most importantly, despite being a Dark lifeform, they weren’t considered as undead since they had heartbeats as well as an aura of life. However, their entire body was made out of dark energy. As for how a Dark Pharaoh was born, Kampala and the others had no idea. They only knew that there were very few Dark Pharaohs in the Underworld. And it had been several thousand years since news about one was heard.

It just so happens that being a Dark Pharaoh best suits Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has a heartbeat, has life aura, and can change his energy into the dark element. Most importantly, although these Dark Pharaohs were in the mage class, they also had certain close combat capabilities which meets Zhao Hai exact description. Because of this, Kampala decided to have Zhao Hai act as a Dark Pharaoh.

There was also another advantage in posing as a Dark Pharaoh. In the Underworld, every Dark Pharaoh were powerful beings. Therefore, nobody in the Underworld would suspect Zhao Hai no matter how much power he shows.

Zhao Hai also thought that being a Dark Pharaoh was very suitable for him. With his status as a Dark Pharaoh, Zhao Hai can be open in taking over Kampala’s territory. After all, in the Underworld, the universal language was strength. Kampala and the others submitting to a powerful Dark Pharaoh was very normal.

Now that his identity has been settled, Zhao Hai spent the remaining time learning the customs and etiquette of the Underworld. These were matter that he would also need to pay attention to.

Who would’ve imagined that there would be so many races in the Underworld. Aside from the undead, there was also the Dark Creatures. These dark creatures were beings like the Dark Pharaoh. They were entities made and honed by dark energy. Such creatures can be seen all throughout the Underworld. They were another major force aside from the three Undead factions.


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