BTFTLIAW – Chapter 994


Chapter 994 – The Dwarves Enter The Space

Leir was currently looking at his clansmen who were tidying up. And in a place not too far away, there were also people who were walking towards a spatial rift.

He remembered the matters that happened in the past two days. Leir felt that everything he saw was just a dream. When they entered the Space with Zhao Hai, they saw how the Goblins were currently living. And after seeing the place Zhao Hai had prepared for them, everything else became smoother, nobody opposed entering the Space.

Leir and the others had seen the state of the Goblins before. In their view, Goblins couldn’t even be considered as a member of the intelligent race. There more like a group of walking dead, a group of unthinking magic beasts. They were emaciated, dirty. They would eat anything in order to live. It seems like as long as they could survive, then they’re satisfied.

But this time, when they saw the Goblins in the Space, Leir and the others were shocked. They simply didn’t believe that they were seeing Goblins. Now, the Goblins were wearing very good clothes, their bodies were also washed clean. At the same time, everyone had their own proper homes. Most importantly, the Goblins had developed a temperament, a mild-mannered and cultured temperament. Although they were short and small, and their skin was still green, nobody could imagine that these were the Goblins that were enslaved by the Divine Race.

Perhaps this was what “One who is filled with knowledge always behaved with elegance” meant. The Goblins now looked like scholars, they were completely different compared to what they were before.[1]

And the most important thing was the Goblin Race’s change in mentality. The Goblins seem to have gained a strong and persistent passion. It was a kind of appreciation for life as well as a dedication to researching magic formations. This fact really made Leir and the others surprised.

It was because they saw the transformation of the Goblins that Leir and the others decided to move their clansmen into the Space.

Moreover, the place that Zhao Hai had prepared left Leir and the others with no way to decline. In that place, there were rice bamboo and bread trees everywhere. And besides these, there were also iron spear trees present. And most importantly, there were plenty of mineral lodes inside. These mineral lodes were enough for the Dwarves to work on for many years. Zhao Hai also showed the church to Leir’s group. Upon seeing what can be exchanged, Leir and the others were left speechless.

While looking at his migrating people, Leir couldn’t help but let out a long breath. Although the Divine Dwarves and the Ark Continent’s Dwarves had been separated for many years and had developed their own cultures, they still share the same love for forging. And LIbra Continent, with its abundance of ores, had become the place that the Dwarves loved the most.

However, after years upon years of mining, the Divine Dwarves had stockpiled an enormous amount of ores as well as processed goods such as weapons and metal tools. It would take some time to move all of these things.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai promised to help them bring these items into the Space. Overall, the relocation of the Divine Dwarves was going very smoothly.

Although the Dwarves had been migrating, there were no signs of this happening in the outside world. Dwarves lived inside caverns and weren’t usually seen outside. Also, Zhao Hai didn’t open only one spatial rift. This was so that the relocation would go faster. Meanwhile, Leir was currently paying attention to the war in the Taurus Continent.

Leir had already talked with Solomon and Yerd. Although the two said that the war was doing good, and that they took a lot of wins, with how many years Leir had conversed with the two of them, he actually understood something different from the words that were said. Although they said that they had obtained wins, they didn’t say that they had come in contact with the Winged Pegasus. Moreover, they didn’t raise the issue of casualty between their side and the enemy’s. All of these weren’t normal. This made Leir speculate that the war wasn’t going very smoothly for the Foreign Races.

Even if they were migrating, Leir still wants to leave something for the Beastmen and the Elves. After all, the three races had been fighting side by side for tens of thousands of years. Although there had been some friction recently, their years of alliance couldn’t just be forgotten. Because of this, the Dwarves left their four ultimate weapons behind.

Zhao Hai didn’t have any objections to this choice. In any case, the Dwarves wouldn’t need to fight when they enter the Space. It can be said that those ultimate weapons were already useless in their hands.

The Winged Pegasus Clan, Thunder Clan, and the Barbarians have already moved into the Space. And now, the Dwarves were in the process of migrating. One could say that almost all of Zhao Hai’s relations in the Divine Realm had already moved to the Space. At this point, there was nothing in the Divine Realm that needs Zhao Hai’s worry.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s factory in the Atlanta Continent has already been established. And along with the factory’s establishment, Bluewell also bought the things that Zhao Hai needed. At this time, those items had been sent to Wild Dragon Island for Karen and the others to study.

After multiple discussions between Zhao Hai and Bluewell, they finally named their factory Wolf Fang Factory due to its address being Wolf Fang mountain. The factory has yet to start full production. Various equipments were still being shipped to the factory, and only after installing them would the factory be up and running.

Zhao Hai didn’t worry about a lot of matters anymore. He also wasn’t worried about the Dwarves’ migration. What Zhao Hai cared about right now was the Underworld’s matter.

Zhao Hai was prepared to immediately depart for the Underworld once all of the Dwarves had moved into the Space. At this moment, Kampala and the others have already fully adapted to life inside the Space. The Dark Mist in the Ark Continent was still under Zhao Hai’s monitoring. He was even able to penetrate his gaze into a small portion of the Underworld.

Currently, the undead roaming this region were no longer Kampala and the others’ subordinates. Instead, they have been substituted with Zhao Hai’s undead. Once other undead arrives, Zhao Hai would immediately know.

Zhao Hai already asked Kampala and was able to know that the Underworld was a very large plane. Nobody knew how long the Lich has lived, but he hasn’t been able to explore the entirety of the Underworld. Because of this, although the spatial rift in the Ark Continent would make subtle disturbances on the Dark Mist, the undead living in the Underworld would still need some time before they were able to sense it. Discovering the change in the Dark Mist in a short time was virtually impossible.

And most importantly, the Underworld was producing Dark Mists all the time. Such a slight change wouldn’t cause a reaction among the undead. This was the reason why the creatures of the Underworld were yet to discover the spatial rift.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that they didn’t have unlimited time. So before someone discovers the spatial rift, Zhao Hai would first take the time to take a stroll in the Underworld. He liked taking initiative in these matters.

The fight between the Foreign Races and the O’Neal family was still going on. And just as what Leir thought, the Foreign Races weren’t having a smooth time. Their 10 million soldiers had been attacking the defensive line and were suffering heavy losses. So far, the Foreign Races had lost several hundred thousand troops while the losses of the enemy side could be said to be negligible.

Although the Foreign Races had been changing their tactics with each attack, their enemies were still veterans with rich experience. Additionally, they had the appropriate weapons to face the Foreign Races. For the Foreign Races, this wasn’t a good thing.

At the same time, the O’Neal family’s situation wasn’t doing any better. Both magic cannons and magic armors consumed a lot of energy after each fierce fight. At this time, the cannons have used up all of their shells. Now they could only rely on their magic armors and war tanks in order to defend. Their casualties would begin to mount up after this.

It was great that the O’Neal family had prepared themselves for this invasion. They had enough energy converters in stock. They also had a small energy charger. Because of this, they weren’t worried about running out of energy.

In the Magic Armor Continent, almost every place used energy converters. It was just like an all-purpose battery that can be repeatedly used. And it also lasts a long time. An energy converter can be used up for up to 1000 times. These referred to the energy converters used by civilians. But for the military, energy converters could only be used 500 times.

This was a property of energy converters. After repeatedly using one 200 times, the energy that can be contained inside could no longer reach its maximum amount. And every time it was used, this maximum amount would become lower and lower. A completely new energy converter could support a magic armor for about four hours. Meanwhile, an energy converter that has been used 400 times could only support a magic armor for one hour. As for energy converters that were used 500 times, they can hardly support magic armors.

This time, the O’Neal family had been wary. Not only did they prepare a lot of energy converters, they also brought a charging station. This charging station can charge 100 energy converters at the same time. As long as there was enough energy to supply, this charger could recharge 100 energy converters in half an hour.

The material used to fuel energy converters were magic crystals. These magic crystals weren’t only found in the Magic Armor Continent, it can be found in other areas as well. Coincidentally, there was a spatial rift to the Winged Pegasus Plane not too far away. And at that place, there was a magic crystal mine. Axe and the others were relying on this magic crystal mine right now. If there were no magic crystals present, then they could only rely on sunlight or water currents for energy. But when that time comes, they would be completely destroyed by the Foreign Races.

  1. 腹有诗书气自华 – source here[]


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