BTFTLIAW – Chapter 993


Chapter 993 – Divine Dwarf Race

Leir stared, he didn’t expect to hear Ryder’s name at this time. In the past, Ryder didn’t have any impression on him. But ever since he came in contact with Zhao Hai, Ryder’s name began to appear frequently.

But ever since Zhao Hai destroyed the Divine Race, the name vanished. When Leir recalled Ryder and wanted to look for him, the person had already disappeared.

Although there was no evidence, Leir knew that Ryder chose to follow Zhao Hai along with Bingya and Yehta. These three had the most contact with Zhao Hai, and they chose to follow him in the end.

Leir wasn’t like Solomon who became angry upon hearing this information. On the contrary, Leir pondered why. Why would they give up their clansman in order to follow an outsider like Zhao Hai?

In the end, Leir reached a conclusion. All of it was because of Zhao Hai. For Ryder and the others, Zhao Hai was a person worth following.

Leir didn’t express this conclusion to Solomon and Yerd. This was because Leir discovered that the current Beastmen and Elves were different than what they were before. In the past, although the Elves were arrogant, their pursuit of art was unmatched. Although the Beastmen were uncouth, their appreciation for self-improvement was also very strong. But now, Leir saw in the eyes of the Beastmen and the Elves something that he could only see from the Divine Race, ambition!

Both Beastmen and Elves had eyes shaded with ambition. Now, they desired slaves and had lost their conscience. Because of this, Leir decided to not tell them this conclusion. He knew that they wouldn’t listen even if he did.

The Elves had started to suppress the grain that they were sending the Dwarves. Because of this, it’s possible that the Dwarves would enter a food crisis. However, Leir didn’t want to admit defeat despite of this. The Elven Race would need weapons produced by the Dwarves. If they don’t provide grain, then they won’t be getting weapons.

However, Leir knew that this mentality wouldn’t last for a long time. In the end, the Dwarves would still suffer a loss. This was because people wouldn’t have a choice but to eat their meals. And at this moment, Ryder suddenly appeared.

But why would he appear now? What does he want to do? Or to say it accurately, what does Zhao Hai want to do? Leir knew that Ryder appearing here would surely be connected to Zhao Hai.

When he thought of this, Leir immediately said, “Have him come in.” The person on the door complied and before long Ryder was inside Leir’s room.

Ryder gave Leir a salute and said, “This one has seen the Patriarch.”

Leir looked at Ryder and said, “Ryder, did Mister send you here? If so, then what does Mister want?”

Ryder smiled faintly and said, “Just like the Patriarch said, Mister had me come here. Mister wants to invite the Patriarch to move the entire Dwarf Race to his Space.”

Leir’s two eyes shrunk. However, he didn’t jump to angrily rebuking Ryder, instead he looked straight into Ryder’s eyes and asked, “Ryder, are you still a Dwarf?”

Ryder’s body shook gently, then he gave an affirmative nod and said, “I am a Dwarf, and forever will be!”

Leir nodded, then he said, “So answer me honestly. As a fellow Dwarf, do you think that entering Mister Zhao Hai’s Space would make our race’s situation much better than it is now?”

Ryder didn’t even think as he gave a strong nod and said, “Yes. It will definitely be better than now. I can guarantee this promise!”

Leir looked at Ryder’s face, and for quite a while he couldn’t reach a decision. After some time he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go look for the clan’s Elders. However, if Mister Zhao Hai could come out, then it would be much better for us to have him personally discuss this matter”

And without even waiting for Ryder to speak, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “Since Patriarch wants to see me, then I wouldn’t dare to decline.” After hearing this, Ryder saw a spatial rift appearing in front of him. Then from the other side, Zhao Hai walked out. Zhao Hai gave Leir a salute and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Patriarch.”

Leir saw Zhao Hai and stood up. He gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, “Leir has seen Mister. Mister, please have a seat.” Zhao Hai smiled and then sat down on the chair next to him.

Leir looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister has been listening to our conversation?”

Zhao Hai didn’t cover anything up, he nodded and said, “Yes. This matter is too important, it’s impossible for me to not pay attention. I hope the Patriarch can forgive me for not coming here directly to present the matter. I don’t know how the Patriarch would receive the suggestion, so I had Ryder try to see your reaction.”

Leir nodded, he liked Zhao Hai’s honest manner. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Why would Mister want the Dwarves inside your Space? After entering the Space, what can the Dwarven Race get?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I want to have the Dwarves enter the Space because I like the Dwarves. Among the three Foreign Races, only the Dwarves had thought about the favor I gave them. I know that the Dwarves are like the Dwarves in the Ark Continent, so I want to invite you over to the Space. If you enter the Space, then you will have an entire place to yourself, you can do whatever you want to it. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about eating. You can do what you like, the same as the conditions I gave the Goblins. Ryder has seen the situation of the Goblin Race, you can ask him.”

Leir’s gaze switched over to Ryder. Ryder didn’t hesitate as he nodded and told Leir about the Goblin Race’s current situation.

This was also something that Zhao Hai prepared for. After Ryder and the others entered the Space and were arranged a place in Wild Dragon Island, Zhao Hai also had them visit the various backgrounds inside the Space. It can be said that Ryder had some understanding regarding the places inside.

Leir quietly listened to Ryder’s words. He believed that Ryder was telling the truth because he could hear a hint on envy from Ryder’s tone.

After Ryder was finished talking, Leir quietly sat down and closed his eyes. He didn’t say anything for a while. Zhao Hai looked at Leir and stayed quiet as well. He just smiled faintly as he took a pot of tea from the Space and drank some tea slowly.

After some time, Leir opened his eyes and looked at Zhao Hai, “Is Mister aware of the Dwarves’ current situation?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t know, but now I do.” When he said that, he pointed at the crisis report on top of Leir’s table.

Leir laughed out loud and said, “Mister is really frank. Then I won’t go in circles, I can’t decide on this matter alone. Please wait a moment, I want to meet with the family elders first. After we convene, only then could we reach a decision.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Patriarch, do as you please.”

Leir nodded before he loudly said, “Someone call the Elders over to the Conference Hall. Tell them that I have something important to discuss.” The Dwarf on the door complied before leaving.

Leir turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister please wait a moment. I need to head to the conference hall. Can I ask Ryder to come with me?”

Zhao Hai lightly smiled and said, “No problem. Since the Patriarch asked, Ryder, you can go with the Patriarch.” Ryder nodded before he walked out with Leir.

When the two left, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. He knew that the Conference Hall wasn’t that far from the Patriarch’s room. Therefore, Zhao Hai can definitely see their meeting from the Space’s monitor.

When Zhao Hai returned to the Space, Laura and the others immediately welcomed him. Then Laura said, “Brother Hai, fantastic. I didn’t think that it would be this smooth. From what I can see, Patriarch Leir agrees to enter the Space.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and nodded, “Right, by seeing his attitude it seems like he agrees. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken Ryder along. We need to get ready. Right, after entering the space, do we group them up with the Ark Continent’s Dwarves or do we give them a separate background?”

As soon as Laura and the others heard this, they couldn’t help but chuckle. Then Lizzy said, “Big Brother Hai, why are you being impatient? They still haven’t agreed to come, why did you jump into conclusions?”

Zhao Hai lightly smiled and said, “Isn’t it better to be prepared? If they agree, then it’ll be too late to think about it.”

Laura smiled and said, “Alright, if we need to think about it, I think Brother Hai should give them a separate Space. They’re unable to live together with the Ark Continent’s Dwarves. At this time, the Dwarves from the Ark Continent are living inside the Ark Space, and they’ve been living very well there. The Ark Continent’s development is intertwined with the races living inside. If we insert the Dwarves from the Divine Realm, then that wouldn’t be good.”

Lizzy also nodded and said, “Although the Dwarves from the Ark Continent are still Dwarves, they still have their own culture. Meanwhile, the Divine Dwarves also have their own culture. If we have them live together, then it’s possible that a conflict would occur.”

At this time, Megan added, “Most importantly, the Divine Dwarven Race also had their own air of arrogance. If they live with the Ark Continent’s Dwarves, then it’s possible that they would treat themselves as higher level beings. I’m not sure if the Ark Continent’s Dwarves would be able to accept this. Don’t forget, Patriarch Billy and Ryder’s first interaction didn’t go too well.”

When he heard these opinions, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “So we should give the Divine Dwarves their own background? Alright, then we need to choose which background to give them. Moreover, we need to transform it, making sure to have mineral lodes inside.”

While they were discussing this matter, the Dwarven Elders began to arrive inside the conference hall. When these people noticed Ryder, they couldn’t help but gawk. They might not recognize Ryder before, but after Ryder’s connection with Zhao Hai, these people began to know him. They didn’t expect Ryder to suddenly appear at this time.

After the group had sat down, Leir said, “I know everyone has noticed it, but Ryder came back. This time, he represents Mister Zhao Hai to propose a matter. Mister Zhao Hai is inviting our Dwarven Race to migrate into his Space.”

Upon hearing Leir’s voice, the Dwarves present were shocked. Then the room blew up, the news was too shocking for them.

After a couple of minutes of messy discussion, Leir knocked on his table a few times before loudly saying, “Quiet down and listen to me.” The Elders slowly calmed down and looked at each other before turning their attention to Leir.

Leir swept the room with his gaze and said, “Mister Zhao Hai also came over and we talked about it. Mister assured me and guaranteed the Dwarven Race’s safety. I think Mister is sincere. I called everyone over to say that I agree to enter Mister’s Space. Everyone should be aware of this, now that we didn’t dispatch troops, the Elves had started to suppress our grain supply. Although we can also suppress their weapon supply, we would still be losing in the end. Weapons are different from grains. Food is indispensable while weapons can be reused. And this is only the beginning. In the future, the suppression would increase. The Elves and the Beastmen would unite against us and our days wouldn’t be very good. Mister Zhao Hai assured absolute safety for us, and he also said that we can do whatever we want. Because of this, I agree to moving into Mister’s Space.”

The words that Leir said made the hall silent. The Elders began to calm down and carefully consider Leir’s words.

When Leir saw this situation, he decided to hammer it down, he said, “Everyone should know about the Goblins. They were enslaved by the Divines. Their lives are miserable. But now that the Goblins have entered Mister Zhao Hai’s Space, their lives had improved significantly. Ryder was able to see the state of the Goblins. Ryder, tell everyone about what you saw.”

In an instant, everyone’s eyes turned to Ryder. Ryder didn’t delay, as soon as Leir finished talking, he immediately spoke. When Ryder began to recall what he saw, the Elders carefully listened from beginning to end. Nobody made any noise.

When Ryder was done talking, an Elder suddenly said, “How do we know if what you said is real? Patriarch, this is a huge matter for our Race. I think we should see it with our own eyes.”

Leir turned his head to Ryder and said, “Will Mister agree to this condition?”

Ryder smiled faintly and said, “Patriarch, rest assured, Mister will certainly agree.”


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