BTFTLIAW – Chapter 992


Chapter 992 – The Suppression Has Started!

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space, looking at the restored calmness on both camps. Then he turned to his side to Laura and said, “It seems like we should find someone from the Atlanta Plane. Magic armors and ordinary armies are indeed two different things.”

Laura nodded and said, “I really didn’t expect it, the O’Neal family are really powerful. The attacks made by the Foreign Races have been destroyed by them. Judging by what I can see, it would be very hard for the Foreign Races to break through this defensive line.”

After hearing this, Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. The O’Neal family has yet to capture the advantage. Don’t forget, the Foreign Races haven’t encountered anything like this before. Now that they have experienced the O’Neal family’s methods, they would surely find ways to deal with them. Additionally, they have the population advantage. I reckon tomorrow, the real trouble for the O’Neal family will arrive.”

Laura gently knit his eyebrows and said, “Are you sure? The O’Neal family’s cannons are very strong.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The cannons are indeed strong, but they have their own characteristic. If it is against enemies on the ground, then there’s no need to dispute how strong they are. However, the Foreign Races can attack in the air. As long as they don’t use formations when they advance, then the cannons’ lethality would be reduced.”

Laura nodded. The individual skills of the Foreign Races were much better compared to the Divine Race. If it wasn’t for these skills, then it would have been impossible for them to block the Divine Race’s attacks.

The Foreign Races suffered losses before because they had zero understanding about the O’Neal family. They were unaware about what the magic armors and cannons did. But once they’re introduced to these things, then the Foreign Races would be able to formulate methods to deal with them. When the time comes, the O’Neal family would have worse days.

After seeing that both sides had gone to rest, Zhao Hai exhaled. Then he turned to Laura and said, “We’ll take a rest as well. I’m sure none of them would retreat tomorrow. When we get up, we can still watch them. And after Shan had all of the Winged Pegasus Clan move into the Space, we can have Ryder go to the Dwarves. And then when that is finished, we can proceed to take a look at the Underworld.”

Laura nodded, “Right. We should go to the Underworld and see the situation. At the same time, we can also receive more Undead, they’ve always given us huge advantages.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he led Laura to take a rest. Actually, Zhao Hai’s main focus in going to the Underworld was to take a look at the person behind the Dark Temple. If that person wasn’t Lu Wei, then Zhao Hai can confirm his own suspicion. The Underworld, Divine Realm, and the Atlanta Plane were all controlled by different people from the Cultivation Realm. Which plane he chooses to ascend in would dictate which faction he would join.

This matter was very important to Zhao Hai. As long as he confirmed this point, then he would have a choice instead of being passive like he was doing right now. After all, he has offended Lu Wei, an Elder-level character in a Big Cultivation Realm faction.

While Zhao Hai and the others rested, Shan was still very busy. This time, the movement to the Space wasn’t only happening during the day. Even at night, he still wanted to make his people move. He wants the migration to end as soon as possible. Only after everyone was safe would Shan feel relief.

The next day, Shan and the others had finally taken the Winged Pegasus into the Space. And Shan was finally able to let out a long breath. Also, Shan didn’t make it difficult for Fenglei’s group to enter the Space. Because of this, at this moment, besides magic beasts, nobody was left inside the Winged Pegasus Plane.

When Fenglei entered the Space, he initially wanted to tell the Foreign Races about the current situation. However, he suddenly discovered that his messenger fish had lost its function. At the same time, as soon as he entered the Space, Fenglei was suddenly grasped by an invisible force and was sent to a closed small dark room. There were things to eat inside that room, drinks to quench his thirst, as well as a place for sleeping. But besides all of that, there was nothing else. Everything was black, moreover, nothing could be heard in the surroundings.

Lonely, depressing, it seems like the world was so far away. This feeling almost made Fenglei turn crazy. He began to destroy everything as well as yelling as loud as he could. However, not even an echo was heard back. Every sound coming out from his mouth seems to be eaten by the surrounding darkness.

He wanted to walk around, but he was not able to go beyond the five square meters of space. He also wanted to destroy the area, but an invisible energy was making it impossible.

However, back when Fenglei was captured, he was able to hear a voice announcing his sins. His sins were betraying his clansmen as well as trying to betray the Space. Because of this, his punishment was half a month of time inside the dark room.

For the first five days, Fenglei vented out as though he was crazy. He did everything he could, even the food and water were destroyed.

But his struggles were useless. After the food and water were destroyed, although they wouldn’t restore immediately, after some time, they would mysteriously come back. Moreover, these meals would come three times a day, always at the same time.

He also wanted to kill himself. Whenever he had this thought, he discovered that he would lose his ability to move. He can only rotate his eyebrows, the other parts of his body would simply stop cooperating.

After five days, Fenglei looked shaggy. The thing he did everyday after that was sitting there in a daze. He would eat when he was hungry and he would drink when he’s thirsty. He thought about going on a hunger strike, but it was useless. Whenever he chose to starve himself, he would once again lose his strength while the food and water would turn into a disgusting mulch. Then his mouth would open as this mulch enters it. In any case, he could never starve.

At this point, Fenglei abandoned all hopes of killing himself. He knew that he couldn’t die at this place. Therefore, what he did everyday was be in a daze. Sometimes he would reflect on things he has done before, and sometimes he would just clear his head, not thinking of anything else. Only then could he stop himself from going mad.

After 15 days, Fenglei suddenly discovered that he was once again among his clansmen. He appeared as mysteriously as he disappeared. He didn’t know when he appeared, but when he saw his clansmen, he suddenly cried. He discovered the first time how beautiful his people were. These people weren’t chess pieces, they were simply his clansmen.

While Fenglei was trapped inside the little dark room, the battle between the Foreign Races and the O’Neal family went on. As Zhao Hai previously thought, the Foreign Race were finally able to understand the O’Neal family. After eating two more losses, the Foreign Races began to make adjustments to their tactics. Their formations became more open and they weren’t attacking in secret anymore. Instead they went by waves, after one attack was finished, another one would begin. In this case, the effectiveness of the O’Neal family’s cannons became lower. However, the cannon attacks still couldn’t be underestimated. And with the help of the magic armors, the Foreign Races still had no way to take the defensive line.

After knowing that Shan had moved his people into the Space, Zhao Hai began to feel relief. At the same time, he carried out the next step of his plan. He delivered Ryder to the Libra Continent and had him see Leir.

Leir wasn’t having great days recently. He didn’t want to be Zhao Hai’s enemy. He was a Dwarf, and Dwarves knew how to repay favors. Not only him, almost all of the Dwarves didn’t agree to dispatching troops. Because of this, of the three races, only the Beastmen and Elves sent troops. The Dwarves didn’t even send their Supreme Elders. This was under Leir’s decision.

He knew that he would definitely offend the Beastmen and the Elves with this action. However, he didn’t regret his decision, he was a proud member of the Dwarven Race.

Leir also knew that the moment he rejected dispatching troops, a fissure would be formed between the Foreign Races. Moreover, compared to the united Elves and Beastmen, the Dwarves could be said to be weak. Their future definitely wouldn’t be better.

However, Leir was already mentally prepared for this. Currently, the Dwarven Race also had four ultimate weapons. He didn’t believe that the Elves and the Beastmen would dare to go all out against them. If they dared to do so, then the Dwarves certainly didn’t lack in brave warriors who would go all out.

Leir didn’t have an ounce of regret. He knew that this was what being a Dwarf meant. However, this decision wasn’t something he casually decided on. He gave this decision a very thorough thought.

Leir wasn’t like Solomon and Yerd who were bent on uniting everything into one rule. Although the Dwarves were known for their bad temper, they weren’t ambitious people. For them, hammering metals was more interesting than killing. All they want to do was hammer metals, not rule other people.

Recognizing grace and grievances was the Dwarven Race’s most precious tradition. This tradition allowed the Dwarves to gain a lot of friends. It can be said that the current Dwarven Race was brought up by this tradition. Because of this, the Dwarves couldn’t lose this tradition.

Although it would bring the Dwarves further troubles, in order to protect this tradition, Leir didn’t agree to dispatch troops. To Leir, in spite of the consequences, it was all worth it.

Leir was currently inside his room, looking at the document in front of him. Written on this document was the Dwarves Race’s recent food deficit. Leir knew that the Beastmen and the Elves had started their suppression.

Placing the report down on the table, Leir let out a long sigh. He calculated the time and then muttered, “At this time, have they gotten those people in control?”

Then, at this moment, a voice was suddenly heard from outside, “Patriarch, Ryder is seeking an audience.”


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