BTFTLIAW – Chapter 991


Chapter 991 – Huge Light Bulb

Weng! A grating sound along with flashes of red light resounded inside the camp. This made the entire O’Neal family camp burst into action. Those who were veterans in battles knew very well what the sound and lights meant, the enemy came to attack!

One has to recognize that with regards to understanding magic formations, the Atlanta Plane completely trumps the Divine Race. And even then, the Foreign Races still fall short compared to the Divines when it came to magic formations. Because of this, it was impossible for them to discover all of the warnings that were arranged by the O’Neal family.

For the Supreme Elders to reach one kilometer into the defensive line’s range was already a miracle. If they didn’t have formidable sense, then they might have already been discovered a long time ago.

When the four Supreme Elders heard this sound, they immediately knew that they were discovered. So immediately, they stopped hiding and directly flew upwards. They already put their combat suits on as they went towards the O’Neal family’s defensive line.

Just as the four flew up, beams of light began to shoot up from the O’Neal family’s camp. Then more and more of these beams began to light upon the elders.

The four Elders made shields for themselves. They didn’t bother evading the beams as they just flew quickly towards the defensive line.

At this time, 50 magic armors went out of the O’Neal family’s defensive line and met with the Supreme Elders. Then almost all of the searchlights in the camp were directed at the same time.

At this moment, an innumerable amount of arrows began to fly out of the darkness. These arrows weren’t shot towards the magic armors but instead they were heading towards the lamps. Several bangs were heard as the searchlights were shot down. The night immediately turned darker, plunging the Supreme Elders into darkness once more.

Such change made the people in the O’Neal family camp stare. However, they were still soldiers with experience of a hundred battles. They were quick to respond as they quickly set up a protective shield. This time, it was the foreign races who stared, they haven’t seen such a protective shield before.

It was a white semi-spherical shield with no special characteristics to it. However, when it was set-up, the entire shield lit up like a huge light bulb, sending white fluorescence everywhere.

This wasn’t something that the foreign races had met before. Protective shields could also light up? What is happening?

Actually, the foreign races didn’t know, but this shining protective shield wasn’t a significant matter. The Magic Armor Continent where the O’Neal family were situated in had been fighting against the Warrior and Mage Continents for who knows how many years. Therefore, they were very knowledgeable about Warrior attacks like this one. They knew each others’ weak points and were striving to improve upon them.

And just as the Beastman Supreme Elder thought, the O’Neal family’s magic armors weren’t very suitable for nighttime battles. During the night, the magic armors would lose some combat power because of the lack of light. In this case, what would happen if the enemy launched an evening attack? In the very beginning, they used searchlights to counteract this weakness. But after the searchlights were destroyed several times and causing the Magic Armor Continent to eat a few losses, they began to think of other methods. And in the end, they were able to invent a magical formation that makes a shield that illuminates. This magic formation wasn’t anything special, it was just an ordinary defensive magic formation with a few additions of light producing magic formations. But due to this modification, the energy consumed by the entire shield had increased by a lot.

But still, the discovery of this magic formation made the entire Magic Armor Continent’s nighttime capabilities improve by a qualitative leap. Magic armors still weren’t good with nighttime battles, but with the addition of the magic formation, even if they cannot make a strong attack, at the very least they could still defend their camp.

At this time, the situation with the defensive line was the same. The illuminated defensive magic formation restored the flexibility of the magic armors. They arranged into formations once more and tangled with the four Supreme Elders.

Meanwhile,. the cannons and war tanks of the defensive line weren’t idling. The moment the searchlights were attacked, the O’Neal family immediately knew that the enemy wasn’t just one or two. Therefore, their cannons aimed towards the direction where the arrows came from. It was a covering fire, a completely indiscriminate firing method. No matter who was hiding, if one was unlucky, then they would be obliterated. At the most, the O’Neal family would just waste a couple of shells.

This kind of attack was used by the O’Neal family repeatedly against the enemies in the Warrior and Mage Continent. All of their soldiers would identify the direction the arrows were coming from before peppering the region with cannon shells.

One shouldn’t think that it was just a careless and relaxed action. Each O’Neal family soldier were strictly trained and taught matters of the battlefield. Moreover, they made repeated trials in order to make the most accurate shot as possible.

The Foreign Race army didn’t expect a swift counter-attack by the O’Neal family. Just as they were stunned by this matter, the cannon shells began to rain down upon them.

One shouldn’t underestimate the might of these shells. In the Atlanta Plane, both the Warrior Continent and the Mage Continent never lacked any experts. And both of the continents had combat power no worse than the Foreign Races. If the weapons made by the Magic Armor Continent had no way to harm these people, then the Magic Armor Continent would have long since been destroyed by the other two continents.

The O’Neal family’s attacks were very fast, cannons fired one after another, making the Foreign Race soldiers eat cannon shells. This time, they dispatched 100 thousand people to mount a sneak attack. But they didn’t think that they would be met by a violent counter-attack. This rain of cannons shells had beaten them until there were only 30 thousand of them left..

At this time, more magic armors flew out from the camp. Part of them went towards the four Supreme Elders while the others protected the skies above the camp. Nobody went around to patrol. Since the shells still costs a lot of money, the cannons only fired for another five rounds before all of them stopped.

Upon looking at this situation, the Supreme Elders knew that tonight’s sneak attack was impossible to accomplish. They began to slowly retreat. But at this time, explosion sounds were suddenly heard from the direction of the Foreign Races’ camp. Upon hearing this sound, the four Supreme Elder stared before the quickly retreated from the magic armor encirclement. They knew that they had just been attacked. As for who did it, there was no need to think about it, it was surely the O’Neal family.

When they thought about this, they became even more worried. The people from the O’Neal family had good fighting prowess. At this time, the camp had no way to contend against them. If the O’Neal family sent troops to the camp, then the situation would become dangerous very soon.

Upon returning to the camp along with the stealth army, the four Supreme Elders found that the O’Neal family also retreated. Although they were angry, they were also relieved.

At the same time, the O’Neal family welcomed the reinforcements. This one was completely comprised of magic armors, and their leader was George.

George received Axe’s order to lead the first wave of magic armor reinforcements. Besides the time they changed energy converters, they spent their entire time flying straight towards the defensive line.

But when they arrived, George discovered that they were being attacked by the Foreign Races. The pilots who were with him wanted to offer their support, however, George didn’t agree.

They had been flying for a good several hours, they were physically and mentally exhausted. It would be useless for them to enter the fight this time, it might even be possible for them to suffer a small loss. Naturally, George didn’t want to see that situation. Therefore, George led the magic armors to attack the Foreign Race camp instead of attacking the Supreme Elders.

The Foreign Race camp wasn’t jet black dark. There were magical lamps being lit up in all directions. It can be said that the camp was adequately illuminated. Naturally, George and the others were able to spot them easily. George wasn’t polite as he immediately ordered to launch a small wave of bombs before they retreat.

He knew that this kind of attack wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Foreign Race army, but he can affirm that after seeing their own camp being attacked, then the Supreme Elders would surely go back and help them. As long as these people retreat, then the defensive line’s crisis would be solved. Moreover, their exhausted pilots would then be able to take a good rest.

George’s timely return to help the defensive line made the garrison troops feel relief. The defenders here weren’t a lot while the other party was a twenty million-strong army. Such pressure made the garrison commander feel a headache. Fortunately, George and his men arrived.

The lively evening passed just like that. The Foreign Races’ evening attack didn’t yield the result that was expected. Moreover, they had suffered some losses. But generally speaking, this allowed the foreign races to have a certain understanding about their enemy’s strength. This would provide some advantages in their later fight.

After the four Supreme Elders returned to the camp, the soldiers who were left behind began to feel relief. Although they had been attacked, these people were veterans, they didn’t take it too heavily. When the destroyed places were cleaned up, everything went back to normal.


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