BTFTLIAW – Chapter 990


Chapter 990 – Preparations For A Night Assault

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and then he said, “If you want to try, you can tell Ryder about it. If it’s successful, then that would be the best. If it isn’t, then it’s fine. We already have quite an amount of people inside the Space.”

Laura smiled and said, “The more people we have inside the Space, the better. We have dozens of backgrounds, but the ones we truly use is actually less than ten. It’s such a waste.”

Zhao Hai smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, let’s just take our time. Sooner or later we will make use of them. Right, do you want to go back to the Space to have a look?”

Laura and the others knew what this meant. He wanted to go back to Wild Dragon Island to see how the place was doing.

Naturally, they wouldn’t decline Zhao Hai’s decision, so they entered the Space with Zhao Hai and went to Wild Dragon Island. There was no need to discuss the island’s situation, the laboratory was doing really well. In order to speed up the research, Zhao Hai got a few computers from the science and technology background and improved them using the processing machine. Then he handed them over to Karen and the others to use. This made their work much more efficient.

While Zhao Hai and the others were relaxing inside the Space for the day, Axe and the others weren’t having a great time. They had received the report from the defensive line describing the attack. These days, they had been steady and weren’t going very fast. And this time, they suddenly received this request for help. As soon as the letter landed on Axe’s hand, Axe couldn’t help but be surprised.

Axe was very clear, now that they were inside this plane, if the rift was sealed up, then that would be equal to them being choked to death. This wasn’t a good development. Because of this, Axe immediately looked for the Generals who came with him.

These Generals were old members of the O’Neal family. Even the O’Neal family’s Patriarch would give them some face. Because of this, Axe needs to discuss this matter with these people.

After waiting for these Generals to arrive inside his War Tank, Axe presented the letter on the table as he looked at these officers and said, “I just received a report from the defensive line. An army has suddenly appeared outside this plane. It seems like there are millions of soldiers. Everyone have a look, what do you think?”

Upon hearing Axe, the expression of those present changed. One of them immediately stood up and said, “Young Lord, we’re currently inside a plane with enemies inside. If we let people block our exit, then we’ll end up being surrounded on both ends. That wouldn’t be good. Young Lord, we should get back right away.”

Every commander present nodded. Axe nodded as well as he said, “I also know about this. But I believe that we should return in batches. We will send a group of magic armors back first as we slowly draw back. So even if those inside this place counter-attacks, then we would have some people to block them. In this case, we wouldn’t fall into a situation where we get our backs attacked. What do you think?”

As soon as they heard Axe, these commanders were a little surprised. To be honest, they weren’t convinced of Axe before. After all, Axe hadn’t commanded a battle in the past. But after this time’s attack, they became relieved. Axe’s commanding capabilities were quite satisfactory, and he hasn’t made any mistakes. Because of this, they didn’t raise any objections nor did they neglect giving him face. After all, Axe was the son of the Patriarch, it wasn’t a good idea to offend him.

And this time, the plan that Axe proposed made them a little stunned. It wasn’t the plan, per se, the plan can be said to be alright. But for a newcomer in the battlefield, Axe keeping a calm mind in this situation showed his character. This was what made these people surprised.

However, they didn’t react too much as they just agreed to Axe’s plan. Axe then proceeded to assigned tasks. He left behind the majority of War Tanks and some magic armors. As for the remaining magic armors, all of them were going to be sent back to the defensive line. To speed up the return of the magic armors, Axe made the magic armors bring energy converters with them. With this, they would be able to fly for a long time.

The method that Axe was doing was generally used on magic armors dedicated to sending letters. These magic armors would carry multiple energy converters so that the pilot could replace them while on the go. This would make their travel quick. Naturally, this tactic wasn’t suitable for a long-distance attack. It was because this method would make the magic armor pilot extremely fatigued, it will affect their fighting strength.

However, the situation this time was different. This was because they needed to support the defensive line. As long as their magic armors were able to reach the defensive line, then their pilots could just rest there before they can be mobilized for battle. Additionally, the defensive line wasn’t very far, so Axe was able to use this method.

Axe didn’t head back with the magic armors. He took charge commanding the main army to slowly retreat. It was George who went with the reinforcing magic armor troop.

Axe’s current situation was unknown to Shan. At this time, he was still moving his people to the space. The situation didn’t change from before.

But the same cannot be said about the Foreign Race camp. They were actually anxious. Although most of them were taking a rest, there were some who cannot fall asleep. They didn’t expect the enemy to be able to block their Supreme Elders. The influence of this event to their morale was quite significant.

The foreign races were somewhat like the Divines, they too worship the power of their Supreme Elders. They held great belief towards their ultimate weapons. In their eyes, once their Supreme Elders use their ultimate weapons, then there wasn’t anything that they couldn’t solve. This worship wasn’t brought about in one or two days, it was a mindset that was passed down through tens of thousands of years, it was almost carved into their bones.

This sense of worship both had its advantages and disadvantages. As long as there was a Supreme Elder present, then an army’s fighting spirit would be amplified, strengthening the army by an explosive 120%. Naturally, the disadvantage was an obvious one. If their Supreme Elder gets entangled with something, then the morale would fatally drop.

Now, after seeing the Supreme Elders not being able to deal with the metallic men, the morale of the Foreign Race army would surely be affected.

The Supreme Elders have also noted this situation. Of these Supreme Elders, one of them was the original Supreme Elder of the Beastman Race, the other three had just been promoted when their race gained new ultimate weapons. Compared to the three Supreme Elders, the original Beastman Supreme Elder had the greatest fighting strength.

Combat suits were like weapons, and each weapon had its own characteristic. If one uses a weapon for a lifetime, then the weapon would eventually become part of one’s body. On the other hand, if one just had their hands on a weapon, then even if this weapon was strong, it was impossible for the person to display its real capabilities in a short time. The same was the case for combat suits.

The three had just obtained their combat suits and became Supreme Elders of the Beastman and the Elven Races. Although obtaining the combat suits made them powerful, they were still yet to utilize the combat suits’ abilities completely. Because of this, compared to the original Beastman Supreme Elder, they still fall short. Naturally, this group of Supreme Elders were headed by that Beastman Supreme Elder.

Sitting in the room, the original Beastman Supreme Elder’s expression had sunk. This room was made by magic, the furniture and anything else was made by magic as well. Then a layer of beast skin was placed on top of the floor. In this plain, this condition wasn’t bad at all.

The Beastman Elder looked at the other three and said, “You three, the enemy this time doesn’t bode well for us. Tell me what you think?”

The three elders turned silent. To be honest, the O’Neal family’s performance today made them very startled. They didn’t know any method to deal with them at this time.

The Beastmen Elder looked at the three’s reaction and understood what they were thinking. He couldn’t blame them for being silent, even he didn’t have any means of dealing with them right now. However, the situation needed to be changed.

The Beastman Elder continued, “The army we faced are definitely the ones attacking the Winged Pegasus Clan. Moreover, those we clashed with are merely their garrison troops. If their garrison troops are this hard to deal with, our troubles would be bigger once their main army comes back. Because of this, I think we should recuperate our energies and carry an attack during the night. Let’s see how they fight during nighttime. If their nighttime combat capabilities are still very strong, then we can only make a hard attack tomorrow. If they couldn’t fight well at night, then we will fight it out during nighttime.”

The other Supreme Elders nodded. This time, the four Supreme Elders led an army of 20 million. They had just made contact with their enemy, so they couldn’t just retreat. If they did, then they would have no face left, so they had no choice but launch another assault.

When he saw the three Elders agree, the Beastman Supreme Elder nodded and said, “Since you agree, then you should go back to rest. We will act at night.” The three nodded before bowing to the Beastman Supreme Elder and leaving.

When the three Elders left, the Beastman Supreme Elder also called the army Generals in. The lead General was a Beastman. Naturally, the Elves also had their own General, so the Supreme Elder called two Generals in.

After the two entered the room and exchanged greetings, the Supreme Elder said, “I called you two here to tell you that us four Supreme Elders will be attacking this evening. You need to prepare and see if they manage to adapt to nighttime battle. When we leave, go follow behind us. If the other party isn’t comfortable with fighting in the night, then you will immediately launch an attack. Even if we cannot take their defensive line, we can still make them suffer a loss. Don’t send a lot of people in this attack. The defensive line is huge, taking too many people would be useless. As for how many to bring, I’ll leave that to you.”

The two nodded. Then the Beastman Supreme Elder waved his hand, making them leave. The Beastman Supreme Elder slowly closed his eyes and controlled his breathing. He needed to be in optimum condition later because the other party was very strong. Especially those magic armors, their fighting strength was very good.

The day slowly turned dark, and Axe’s reinforcement troops had yet to arrive. The entire defensive line was brilliantly illuminated. The defensive line was powered with energy converters, allowing the garrison troops to set up a lot of search lights. They didn’t stop staring outside the defensive line. They were afraid that the foreign races would make a night assault.

Naturally, the O’Neal family had certain means to deal with a nighttime assault. However, although their magic armors can fight at night, they weren’t as comfortable as during the day. This would affect the fighting strength of the magic armors. Because of this, they had to resort to such means in order to fight in darkness.

Before 1 o’clock at night, the surrounding area was silent, the foreign races had yet to move. A short while after 1 o’clock, the four Supreme Elders began to make their move towards the defensive line. At the same time, the Elves and Beastmen prepared 100 thousand troops to follow behind. The Elves brought 30 thousand while the Beastman took 70 thousand. Among the 70 thousand Beastmen, 30 thousand of them were from the Rat Tribe, 20 thousand from the Cat tribe, and the last 20 thousand came from the Wolf tribe. These were the races that were the most suitable for stealth.

There were no distinction between War Clans and other Tribes in the Beastman race here. They advanced from 1st to 9th rank and the become God-rank experts. And no matter which race, the disparity between their fighting strength wasn’t very big. Because of this, there were no such thing as War Clans nor Slave Races in the Divine Realm’s Beastman race.

On the other hand, the 30 thousand Elves were all archers. Even if they become God-ranks, they still need to have a discipline they focus on. For example, there were some Elves who prefer swords while some wanted to use bows and arrows, and there were also those who use magic. This time, the 30 thousand troops all used bows and arrows.

Although it can be said that the O’Neal clan’s defense was very dense, it wasn’t enough to intimidate the four Supreme Elders as well as the stealth troops. There was needless to say but the four Supreme Elders were very fast. The same was also true for the stealth troops. However, they couldn’t be hasty or else they would be detected by the O’Neal family. After all, the family’s search lights weren’t just mere ornaments.

The four Supreme Elders quickly entered the area covered by the defensive line. But they were able to quickly discover that the O’Neal family had set-up some early warning systems. The four Elders focused their energies in order to avoid these alarms. But the closer the went towards the defensive line, the more warning devices they encountered. It was inevitable for the group to slow down.

The group carefully moved forward, getting closer and closer to the defensive line. They were now able to attack, but they chose not to. They wouldn’t be able to obtain a huge victory this way. Therefore, they went closer to the defensive line before making an attack.


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