BTFTLIAW – Chapter 989


Chapter 989 – Flaw of the Ultimate Weapons

The magic armors and the Elders quickly began their battle. One has to recognize that the O’Neal family’s pilots were really excellent. The mutual cooperation between each one of them were perfect. Additionally, they can transform their magic armors at opportune times, allowing them with a wide degree of attacks. Their attacking strength was also quite good. Almost immediately, the two sides were at a stalemate.

This battle really shook both sides. The O’Neal family didn’t expect that 50 magic armors wouldn’t be able to exterminate these four experts. At the same time, the Foreign Races were also startled. They see their Supreme Elders as symbols of invincibility. Besides against the anomaly that was Zhao Hai, they haven’t seen Supreme Elders suffer a loss. They didn’t expect the enemy’s metallic men to block the Supreme Elders’ attacks.

Both sides were shocked, neither of them expected the strength of the other. At the same time, the O’Neal family also prepared to have the other magic armors substitute. They were very clear that the magic armors couldn’t fight for a long time.

But what the O’Neal family didn’t know was that the Foreign Race Supreme Elders couldn’t fight for a long time as well. Although their current combat suits were products of the Space, it still needed energy to function. With the strength of the combat suits, their energy requirement was not small. Because of this, the Supreme Elders couldn’t fight as for a long time as well.

The biggest advantage of the Space’s combat suits was its lack of backlash to the user. In the past, in addition to the immense energy required to run them, if the user can’t achieve the requirements, then they would suffer a backlash. In other words, the Divine Race’s Supreme Elders, after using the combat suits for a long time, would receive internal injuries. This was the case with Gold Ben from the Taurus Divines.

The Space’s combat suits didn’t have this disadvantage. These combat suits were now akin to a giant sword. This sword can give you a huge promotion of strength, but when you use it, it would also consume your stamina. And once you run out of strength, then this sword wouldn’t be used anymore. More importantly, this sword wouldn’t attack you if you run out of strength. At the most, it was a sword, it alone cannot injure you.

Although the current combat suits wouldn’t have any backlash, the energy required to use them was still quite big. Even if they were Supreme Elders, using these combat suits for a long time was impossible.

Actually, this disadvantage was left behind by Zhao Hai. The combat suits that he handed over had more problems compared to the ones that the Space was using; such as an over excessive consumption of energy. The combat suits used by Zhao Hai also had problems in energy consumption, but they weren’t as severe as the ones used by the foreign races.

Zhao Hai discovered that these people from Foreign Races have no sense of gratitude and were always wary of him. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t give them good things, he wasn’t stupid.

Zhao Hai was such a person, if he treated you right and you didn’t return the sentiment, then he wouldn’t be polite to you. He wouldn’t discuss his plans with you anymore.

The Space has the Scanner and the Processing Machine to help Zhao Hai with his life. Although the combat suits have been planted, Zhao Hai used the Scanner and the Processing Machine to modify them a bit before handing them over to the foreign races. Because of this, these combat suits weren’t as good as the ones used in the Space.

The four Foreign Race Supreme Elders were aware about their limitation, so after clashing with the enemy for some time, they chose to draw back.

As the four Supreme Elders retreated, the O’Neal family’s magic armors drew back as well. To be honest, the pressure that they felt was really big. Fortunately, they were all experienced fighters, so they made zero mistakes. Otherwise, the consequences would really be unimaginable.

So far, the two sides had been acquainted with the others’ power, so nobody attacked. The foreign races needed to rest. Meanwhile, although the garrison troops didn’t need to rest, they still need to write a report about this situation and then have it sent back to the family.

In the past, they never thought that there were people so strong that four of them could block the attack of 50 God-rank magic armors. Fortunately, the other side didn’t seem to have a lot of those kinds of experts.

But what both sides didn’t know was the fact that Zhao Hai had seen the entirety of their battle. After seeing the performance of the O’Neal family’s 50 magic armors, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod. The coordination between the 50 magic armors was really great. Their attack and defensive maneuvers didn’t have any point of mistake. Doing this wasn’t an easy matter.

As the two sides drew back to their own camps, Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and the others and said, “It looks like the Atlanta Plane is really extraordinary. Four Supreme Elders in their combat suits could actually be blocked by 50 God-rank magic armors. At the same time, it seems like these God-rank magic armors are more formidable than God-rank Experts. They seem to be close to the peak of power.”

Laura nodded and said, “I also didn’t expect the magic armors to be that strong. From what i can see, the Foreign Race reinforcement wouldn’t be able to do anything to the O’Neal family.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Isn’t that great? If they have no way to deal with the O’Neal family, then they would ask for help. When the time comes, the Foreign Race would definitely send support. As for the O’Neal family, it seems like they don’t have a lot of God-rank magic armors. Now, I want to see what kind of magic armor the O’Neal family would send if they suffer huge losses here.”

Then Lizzy added, “The O’Neal family would certainly want to deal with the Foreign Races. With how they intend to rule the Divine Realm, the O’Neal would surely find the Foreign Races as their archenemy. And seeing how they handle things, the O’Neal family wouldn’t treat them as friends.”

Zhao Hai nodded, even he didn’t expect the O’Neal family to be so ruthless. Almost all of the Winged Pegasus cities that they came upon were left with no survivors. This caused Zhao Hai to feel puzzled, don’t they need any slaves?

But what Zhao Hai didn’t know, in the Magic Armor Continent, major families who conquered a plane rarely took slaves. This was because  these planes were mainly practicing either magic or martial arts. Such people were hard to conquer, and even if they were captured, there were little use for them. After all, the strongest means of attack in the Magic Armor Continent were magic armors.

If the people from the Magic Armor Continent were out of their magic armors, then they would have almost no fighting power. On the other hand, most of the people in those planes were physically strong. And with the magic armor pilots not being able to wear their magic armors everyday, if the people from the lower planes attacks them, then the consequences would be unimaginable. So for their own safety, the people from the magic armor continent wouldn’t accept slaves.

Additionally, most of the heavy work in the Magic Armor Continent were done using magic armors. Their working efficiency was higher than average people by many times. Therefore, they simply didn’t need slaves.

At this time, Lizzy said, “The O’Neal family naturally had stronger means, but they just haven’t used it yet. Perhaps their stronger method is the same as the Divine Race’s combat suits, they would need to pay a price in order to use it. As long as the Foreign Races compel them to a certain point, then the O’Neal family would certainly use them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The Foreign Races are certainly enough to push the O’Neal family. Although magic armors are formidable, they also have their weak point. If the pilots want to rest, then they need to come out of their magic armors. During war time, they have to do this every time they rest. Although they had practiced for so long and had this transition time reduced significantly, they would still suffer under the Foreign Races who were good to go all the time. Moreover, the Foreign Races are rich with fighting experience. They might not understand magic armors for now, but after being in a stalemate for a long time, they would eventually find this weakness. When that time comes, the O’Neal family would certainly suffer a loss. They would need greater strength in order to get an advantage in the war.”

Lizzy nodded, “Right. Because of this, I’m quite sure that the O’Neal family would use stronger means. But Brother Hai, you need to pay attention. Commanding magic armors to war isn’t the same as commanding ordinary people. In the future, when we have our own magic armors, we need to train good commanders.”

When Zhao Hai heard Lizzy, he couldn’t help but stare. He hadn’t thought about this point, but Lizzy reminded him about this important matter. So he nodded and said, “It seems like we’ll look for an opportunity to get Undead creatures from the Atlanta Plane.”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “Although the Undead are very intelligent, they still fall short compared to living people, perhaps its because of their insufficient experience. So Brother Hai, I think we should get some people from the Atlanta Plane if we want to create a magic armor army. I don’t think we should go for undead.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, I’ll listen to you. I’ll pay attention to this matter. Now that the Foreign Races have clashed with the O’Neal family, I’m certain that Axe would return. This would give Shan time to move his clan in the next few days. And after all the Winged Pegasus moved, we can finally be relieved about this matter.”

Laura smiled and added, “Brother Hai, what do you think about inviting the Dwarves over to the Space? Their impression of you is very good. Moreover, there are no problems with their recent performance and moral behaviour. Having them in the Space would give great benefits to us.”


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  1. The thing that i am starting to hate about this novel is in this phrase:

    “Zhao Hai was such a person, if he treated you right and you didn’t return the sentiment, then he wouldn’t be polite to you.”

    However when the undead from the underworld came to him, he didn’t even think before turning them into slaves. And don’t come saying they aren’t. if he asks them to suicide they will do so willingly because the space turned them into “machines” for him. If he had not brought them in, or tried to stop the system, i would understand but he just stayed there looking and smiling.

    So how can you say we will treat you well, if even if you treat will hell we will turn you into a slave?

    1. yeah.. felt the same when I typed it hahaha

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    2. Mi teoría es que el (poco a poco) a comenzado a pensar como el espacio, por lo que ve a los no muertos no como personas sino que como “objetos pensantes” … recuerda que tiene niños no muertos en su ejército

      1. they would be the undead version of android number 16, no matter how human he looked he was still faithful to his first command to kill goku xd

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