BTFTLIAW – Chapter 988


Chapter 988 – Magic Armor vs Ultimate Weapon

Axe was standing on his war tank with George at his side. Then Axe turned his head to George and said, “George, how many days has it been?”

George replied, “Young Master, it’s been three days. We haven’t met those Winged Pegasus fellows for three days. Even in the cities we’ve passed through, there was still no trace of them.”

Axe let out a long breath as he muttered, “Three days, it’s really three days. George, can you also feel that this situation seems very familiar?”

When George said this, he stared for a moment. Then he turned to Axe and said, “Young Master, you mean?”

Axe replied, “Isn’t the situation here very much like the Ark Continent? The people disappeared and we don’t know where they went. This is the same as what happened to the Ark Continent.”

George nodded, “Right, just as Young Master said, it’s pretty much like back in the Ark Continent. But it’s not completely the same. Back in the Ark Continent, the inhabitants had already left for some time. But here, it seems like they had just moved out. If we speed up, then it’s possible that we would be able to see where these people moved to. But Young Master, I don’t approve to this. No matter where these people went, their action only meant that they couldn’t oppose our advance, so they withdrew. We only need the ores in this plane. But if we pursue, then it’s possible that we’d run into an ambush. If this is the opposite party’s plan, then it would be troublesome.”

Axe quietly listened to George’s words. George had been performing very well for quite some time. As a staff member, he was very qualified. After hearing George, Axe nodded and said, “Right, what you said is good. Unfortunately, if only we can find out who is the one behind the migration of these people, then we’d be able to solve the knot in our hearts. Forget it, let’s continue with what we’ve been doing. Let’s proceed with caution.”

George didn’t say anything. The army’s speed right now wasn’t very quick. So as long as they kept going at their current pace, then there won’t be any problems.

At this time, Shan was still flying around city after city to move people. Shan already told his clansmen that it was fine as long as they carry their bare minimum possessions. There was no need to carry bulky things because it would affect speed too much. Although they would need to be set-up when they go into the Space, almost all things they need could be purchased with gold coins. As long as they were willing to work, then they would never have problems inside the Space.

Because of this, Shan wasn’t worried about looking after his clansmen’s life inside the Space. He’d already asked Fei’er about this. Fei’er said that it was very cheap to live comfortably inside. Everyone can afford everything they need. And if you don’t want the Space to build you a house, then you can build one yourself. This way, you would save a lot of money.

The speed at which the Winged Pegasus clan entered the Space evidently sped up a lot. The reception inside has been very tense, but it was still being handled properly. This was mainly because nobody expected the Winged Pegasus to be this frantic.

At this point, Shan began to feel relief. While he was moving his Clansmen into the Space, he made sure to go to the place with the highest risk of being attacked. Because of this, the O’Neal family wouldn’t be meeting any Winged Pegasus member within a few days.

While Shan and his clansmen were busily moving to the Space, the Foreign Races’ reinforcing troops had arrived outside the Winged Pegasus Plane’s rift. At this time, the rift has been controlled by the O’Neal family. They had built a defensive line and left some war tank and magic armors to defend it.

An army of more than ten million was impossible to miss. Naturally, the O’Neal family was able to discover them. Upon seeing the army, the garrison troops immediately sent out requests for reinforcements. The reinforcement request was divided into two. One went to inform Axe’s group, while the other went towards the Clan’s base.

The garrison commander seems to have rich battlefield experience. Upon seeing that the enemy would be a threat, he immediately made the right choice and made adjustments to defend as long as they could.

The Foreign Race army arrived in front of the defensive line. And with almost no rest, they launched an attack at the spatial rift.

The Foreign Races anxiously attacked because of two main reasons. The first reason being that Fenglei had been constantly telling them that the Winged Pegasus were migrating quickly. And the second reason, they didn’t really care about the O’Neal family.

After Zhao Hai dealt with the Divine Race, the Foreign Races found themselves to have unprecedented confidence. In their opinion, now that the Divines were gone, nobody in this world could match them. Because of this, they didn’t put the O’Neal family in their eyes. Therefore, just as they reached the spatial rift, they immediately launched an attack without even taking a rest. And when the Foreign Races attacked, the O’Neal family also countered. Their cannons began to fire and hit the approaching army.

The Foreign Races didn’t expect such ferocious attack from the opposite party. There were a lot of people who weren’t able to get their Domain up in time and were extinguished by the incoming fire.

The O’Neal family’s attack was obviously very strong. This cannon attack was even stronger than an attack coming from a magic armor. So naturally, the Foreign Races would suffer.

Upon seeing this situation, the Foreign Races couldn’t help but look seriously at the O’Neal family. After they retreated, they didn’t immediately launch a second attack. Instead, they slowly drew back and proceeded to reorganize.

However, the O’Neal family wouldn’t give them time. The O’Neal family had already known about Domains since they fought with the Winged Pegasus Clan. They also knew that this group wasn’t good to deal with. Because of this, after the Foreign Race retreated, the O’Neal family’s magic armor immediately came out and attacked them.

The magic armor army might not be able to fight in the skies for a long time, but their strength in a short time was very powerful. Not only were they fast, they also had strong defenses and decent firepower. Therefore, the magic armors launched a lightning attack against the Foreign Races.

The magic armors changed to their aircraft forms and became bomber planes. They used the quickest speed to fly above the foreign race army before bombing them down. Then after unloading their bombs, they immediately made a sharp turn in order to avoid any direct confrontation.

The foreign race Elders didn’t expect the enemy to be this bold. They actually dared to initiate an attack. Therefore, they weren’t able to respond after being bombed on.

This made the Elders’ expressions change. Their previous attack was just a light poking. On the other hand, the O’Neal family’s counter-attack was clearly a huge slap to their faces. They couldn’t just bear to endure this.

Four Elders immediately flew out of the army before dashing towards the O’Neal family’s defensive line. After seeing four people from the enemy side coming out, the O’Neal family commander immediately knew that these four were experts. They wouldn’t dare to clash with these people so he immediately commanded war tanks, cannons, and magic armors to prepare. As long as the other party enters their range, then they would immediately pepper them with attacks.

Before long, the Elders entered the attacking range of the O’Neal family. When this happened, the O’Neal family immediately sprang to action. The garrison troops didn’t dare to treat this matter lightly. In order to deal with these four people, 50 cannons fired their shells simultaneously. The O’Neal family had such great weapons for defending. The rounds they used were of very high quality. The fifty rounds of artillery fire went straight towards four people, and they were also very accurately aimed.

But at this moment, the four experts suddenly wore full body armors. Then one of them launched lightning fast punches, sending bulls towards the approaching shells. Without even getting close to the four people, the shells were quickly decimated.

When he saw this, the garrison commander’s expression sank. He knew that he had ran into his match. He immediately made the artillery fire five or six more shots while  with the magic armors prepared. This way, they could respond to anything at any time.

The reason why he didn’t make the magic armors enter the battle this time was because if he did, then the artillery would have to stop.

The artillery fire has to stop, but it still wasn’t the time. The cannons had a certain range, not too far, and not too close. The current position of the four Foreign Race elders was at the optimum location for cannon fire. Naturally, the commander wouldn’t send his magic armors at this time.

However, the attacking strength of the four Elders have exceeded the imagination of the O’Neal family. As the cannons fired just three rounds, the Elders have already battled their way towards the defensive line, which wasn’t in the firing range of the cannons. It was at this moment that the magic armors began to be deployed.

This was the first clash between Magic Armors and the Divine Realm’s Ultimate Weapons. Altogether, the O’Neal family had deployed 50 magic armors. Sending this many people in order to deal with the four Elders shows how much vigilance the O’Neal family currently had. They sent 50 magic armors in order to keep their losses in check. Even if they couldn’t beat the enemy, at the very least they can’t have the magic armors be destroyed. One must know that the manufacturing costs of magic armors were very high. Magic armor production wasn’t a trivial matter for the O’Neal family, especially magic armors that reached God-rank.


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