BTFTLIAW – Chapter 987


Chapter 987 – The Frantic Winged Pegasus Clan

Shan and Speaker Fang can only do this. At this time, everyone in the Winged Pegasus Clan who were loyal to them have already moved to the Space. Just going outside and spreading information would be impossible, they cannot do it with their current status.

Moreover, they chose the person carefully, Fengling. They knew about the history of Fengling’s family. Although Fengling didn’t give them any food, Shan didn’t actually hate her. In fact, Fengling’s eldest son was one of Shan’s men.

Since Shan knew how sincere Fengling was, he decided to have this information spread through her.

There was also another reason why Shan chose Fengling. This was because of Fengling’s personal connections. Although she was only a vegetable grower, but she used to give food to the Speaker’s hall. This allowed her to know a lot of people. Moreover, some of these people held great status. And there was also her son. Because of this, it was certainly possible for her to spread messages in a short period of time.

Shan’s plan was very successful. In less than three days, the Winged Pegasus clan were already aware that the Foreign Races were on their way. They also knew that although the Foreign Races came to support them, they actually wanted to absorb the Winged Pegasus Clan.

Since the credibility on this rumor was high, and adding on the current sensitive environment, Fenglei soon discovered that his days weren’t doing well. Even his family members were affected. Everytime they walk on the streets, they would always be looked at with hostility.

Fenglei and the others haven’t felt this before. However, they’ve seen it happen. The people used to look at Shan with the same gaze, now this gaze was directed at them.

Fenglei felt that each day was like a year. Asking help from the foreign races was his decision. Even if he wanted to explain himself, he couldn’t. This was because it wouldn’t take too long before the foreign race army arrives.

Fenglei wanted to stop the Foreign Races from coming, but this was impossible. The Foreign Races wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

The internal state of the Winged Pegasus Clan was unsteady. Naturally, they weren’t able to use their full might against the O’Neal family. But fortunately for them, the O’Neal family was afraid of being baited into a trap, causing them to slow their advance. For the Winged Pegasus Clan, this was absolutely good news.

At the time when Fenglei was having his worst, Shan and Speaker Fang suddenly appeared. This time, they came with a large number of Thunder Clan and Barbarian Race soldiers.

Upon seeing the soldiers from the two clans, the Winged Pegasus Clan was shocked. This didn’t mean that they weren’t expecting the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians to appear. In fact, at this point, the majority of them knew that Shan went to the Space to look for help. Because of this, they knew that the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians would appear sooner or later. What caused their shock was the appearance of these Thunder Clan and Barbarian soldiers.

The Thunder Clan and the Barbarians weren’t very good at forging. In the past, almost all of their weapons and armor were provided by the Divine Race. However, the two clans would also need to send almost all of the ores that they mined from their plane. Because of this, majority of their weapons and armor weren’t made in high-quality. This was especially true when they rebelled against the Divine Race, their weapons and armor were beyond miserable.

But now, the armaments equipped by the two clans made the Winged Pegasus stuck in a daze. Then suddenly, Shan appeared in air outside the Palace and  loudly said, “My clansmen, I’ve invited the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan for help in bringing everyone into the Space. I will be opening the rift outside the palace. If anyone wants to enter the Space, then you can go home and pack your things. If you are still hesitating, then this rift will be open for three days before I head towards the other cities. So if you want to enter, please do it with haste!”

Shan was sitting on his mount as he shouted these words to the entire capital. His words laid everything on the table. You either follow him into the Space, or stay here and wait to be enslaved by the foreign races!

For a time, the whole Winged Pegasus capital was plunged into total silence. The Winged Pegasus were still digesting what they heard.

But after a moment, someone loudly cheered before running home. Then they quickly packed up their things and ran towards the Palace’s door.

The action of this individual was like a stone being thrown into a calm pond. The ripples of the action became bigger and bigger before everyone in the capital was seething with movement.

Almost everyone in the city ran to their homes and took their belongings. They packed their precious things and quickly ran towards the Palace.

Shan didn’t expect this situation, nor did the high-level members of the Winged Pegasus Clan. In the past, these people heavily opposed to Shan’s proposal of moving to the Space. Now, almost everyone went crazy as they ran towards the spatial rift. This was truly unexpected.

In fact, Shan didn’t know that compared to being killed and enslaved, the Winged Pegasus Clan would rather go to the Space. At the very least, Zhao Hai had always been kind to them. Even if they treated Zhao Hai badly before, Zhao Hai still didn’t retaliate against them.

These Winged Pegasus Clan were highly educated and weren’t fools. In the past, they didn’t enter the Space because they believed that their people would just do well on their own.

But when they discovered that they would be killed or enslaved if they don’t enter the Space, they immediately chose to enter the Space.

Even if Shan didn’t expect his clansmen to frantically enter the Space, the situation still made him very happy.

Fortunately, he didn’t waste his time inside the Space. He invited the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians to help him settle the Winged Pegasus who enters the Space. It can be said that the Space was fully prepared to deal with the influx of people. However, they still didn’t expect the Winged Pegasus to frantically enter.

The reason why Shan and the others were unprepared was because they weren’t aware of the current situation of the Winged Pegasus Clan. Although it can be said that the O’Neal family’s advancement wasn’t very fast, but they were still steadily advancing. Moreover, everywhere they went had been broken through. After a baptism of fire, there was basically no people left in those cities. Even if there were survivors, they were turned into either crazy people or disabled. There was no need for the O’Neal family to care about these people. In other words, the O’Neal family ravaged everywhere they went to.

Facing this enemy, the Winged Pegasus Clan were finally scared. They feared extermination and they didn’t want to be enslaved by the Foreign Races. And now that Shan and the others appeared, they were given the opportunity to save themselves. Therefore, it was natural for the Winged Pegasus to turn frantic.

With regards to the Winged Pegasus Clan’s situation, Zhao Hai was the one who had the most understanding. He expected the Winged Pegasus to enter the Space because he saw how desperate things had become in the past few days. So when Shan and the others showed up, they gave the Winged Pegasus great hope. In this case, it was natural for the Winged Pegasus to go frantic.

Although there were shortcomings in the preparation, Zhao Hai didn’t bother to remind Shan and the others since he trusted the Space. With the Space’s ability, there would be no problems in receiving the Winged Pegasus Clan. Moreover, this would also help cover up Shan’s lie. Zhao Hai would have the Winged Pegasus believe that he was impeded with other matters.

After seeing that the Winged Pegasus were basically settled, Zhao Hai began to feel relief. Then he turned his attention to Yanking City. The construction of Wolf Fang mountain had begun. The place was already settled, the next step was to start building the factory.

Bluewell was responsible for these things, so Zhao Hai didn’t have to worry about it. What he was concerned about right now was the O’Neal family. He wanted to see the current state of the family.

It can be said that the discovery of the Winged Pegasus Plane was definitely a good thing for the O’Neal family. They suddenly found a rift that led to an infinite amount of planes, and all of the materials will belong to them. This assured that the development of the Winged Pegasus Clan in the future would be limitless.

However, Zhao Hai discovered an issue. Information about the O’Neal family’s spatial rift was already possibly known by the other families.

Zhao Hai expected these families to suppress the O’Neal family upon hearing this information. But what surprised Zhao Hai was the lack of response from the other families.

After Zhao Hai asked Bluewell about this issue, he finally understood why this was the case.

In the Atlanta Plane, there were families that discovered other planes. Moreover, when they conquered these planes, they found that they obtained a lot of benefits. And this was why they didn’t attack the O’Neal family.

There was an unwritten rule among the families in the Atlanta Plane. When a family discovers a plane, the other families couldn’t suppress them. This was because these families understood if they suppress the family that discovered the plane, then when they discover their own plane in the future, they would also be suppressed. For these families, this type of things didn’t offer any advantages.

Moreover, one must know that the situation of the Magic Armor Continent wasn’t the same as the other continents. People in the Warrior and Mage Continents didn’t need a lot of ores. Their cultivation relied mainly on basic weapons and armor. On the other hand, magic armors required tons and tons of materials to make, each one equivalent to thousands of weapons and armor. The consumption of the Magic Armor Continent was several times compared to the other Continents, it might even be dozens of times.

It was impossible to rely on the Magic Armor Continent alone to supply the ores required for mass manufacturing of magic armors. So when the resources of the continent was running thin, a supply crisis emerged. In the end, unless they break open some planes, the Magic Armor continent would suffer losses. So once the magic formation for opening planes appeared, it enabled the Magic Armor Continent to forcefully conquer other planes and plunder their resources. This reinvigorated the Magic Armor Continent. Therefore, once a Family conquered another plane, it became a convention for the other families to not interfere.

Naturally, this only regards to outward suppression. Underhanded tactics was fair-play. However, even then, nobody went too far. It was because of this that the O’Neal family was still having a safe time.

After knowing about this point, Zhao Hai began to feel relief. To be honest, he didn’t want the O’Neal family to be suppressed right now. This would be disadvantageous to his current plans. At this time, Zhao Hai really wanted to see the clash between the O’Neal family and the Foreign Races.

Zhao Hai turned his gaze towards the Foreign Race army. At this point, they had already reached the Taurus Continent and were rushing towards the Winged Pegasus Plane. They wanted to control the Winged Pegasus Clan before they manage to enter the Space. If the Winged Pegasus Clan enters the Space, then what would they do to the Winged Pegasus Plane? They still haven’t done anything to the other ten continents, so why would they care about this small plane?

And the reason why the Foreign Races obtained this information was because of Fenglei’s message.  When Fenglei heard that Shan reappeared and everyone was scampering to enter the Space, he began to report everything that happened almost all the time. At this point, the Foreign Races knew almost everything going inside the Winged Pegasus Plane.

Zhao Hai had nothing to say about Fenglei’s actions. He actually sold the Winged Pegasus Clan to the Foreign Races. Zhao Hai thought about killing him, but in the end he resisted.

The speed of the Winged Pegasus when entering the Space exceeded everyone’s expectation. Just as they brought their valuables into the Space, they suddenly discovered that bringing only the good ones would suffice. This was because inside the Space, as long as you have gold coins, then you can exchange for everything you want.

When these people entered the Space, they immediately believed that Shan wasn’t deceiving them. The Space was very good, it was very nice to live in.

With the help of the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan, village after village was established. And all of the Winged Pegasus clansmen who entered the Space had smiles on their faces.


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