BTFTLIAW – Chapter 986


Chapter 986 – Acting Out A Play

Fengling’s recent days weren’t very well. She was a vegetable farmer selling her produce to the Speaker’s mansion. During the time when Shan asked Zhao Hai to kill the Patriarch, she was enraged. She stopped supplying the mansion with food. Although this significantly reduced her profit, she didn’t mind.

To Fengling, Shan asking Zhao Hai to kill the Patriarch was an act of betrayal. Because of this, she decided to go against what Shan stood for, to the point where she wouldn’t give Shan any food to eat.

Although Shan said that there were invaders coming and the clan would need to shift to a safer place, Fengling was just like the other Winged Pegasus, she didn’t believe.

But when the O’Neal family arrived, Fengling began to believe Shan’s words. However, when she returned to the mansion, she discovered that it was devoid of people. Nobody knew where Shan and the others went.

Fengling began to feel regret. Because of this, she kept returning to the mansion every day. She was hoping to meet Shan and apologize. She also wishes for Shan to request Zhao Hai to help the Winged Pegasus to pass this time of difficulty.

However, in the following days, Shan didn’t appear. Fengling soon began to feel despair. On this day, just as usual, she went to the mansion. The mansion was currently bleak, there was no sense of vitality in it whatsoever. This caused Fengling’s mood to turn awful. She could still remember the time when the mansion was still very lively.

Fengling unconsciously began to walk throughout the mansion. At the same time, she thought back to how she treated Shan before. Fengling regretted her actions very much.

At this moment, Fengling suddenly heard people speaking inside the study room. Fengling stared for a moment before her face lit up with happiness. She immediately stepped forwards and went to the mansion’s study.

There were no guards outside the study. Fengling slowly approached the door until she heard the words being spoken, “Speaker, is this true? Did Fenglei really ask the Foreign Races to rescue the clan?”

Fenglei could never forget Shan’s voice. But what shocked her more was the content of the conversation. Fenglei asked the Foreign Races for help?

Although these seem to be ordinary words, it made Fengling think about the time when the Divines still ruled the Winged Pegasus Clan. Fenglei began to feel shock, then she continued listening.

At this time, it was Speaker Fang’s voice who spoke, “It shouldn’t be wrong. Mister Zhao Hai is currently not in the Divine Realm, so he didn’t have the means to help us. However, he’s still worried about the situation here. When you informed Mister that people had invaded the clan, he immediately wanted to come back. However, he became caught up with something, so he has no way to return. But Mister still had contacts within the Foreign Races. Mister Zhao Hai has some relationship with Bingya and the others. Now that the three of them have great status in their clan, they were able to find out that Fenglei had asked the Foreign Races for help.”

Fengling was quietly listening. However, she lamented deep in her heart about two things. First was her prior prejudice against Shan, and the other was hatred for what Fenglei did.

Fengling had three children, and her eldest son was a Winged Pegasus soldier who died while fighting against the Divines. Because of this, Fengling deeply cherished the Winged Pegasus Clan. It was precisely because of this that Fengling opposed to entering the Space. This was because she thought that Zhao Hai would rule over them. She wouldn’t allow her son’s sacrifice to go in vain, this caused her opposition to be very strong.

However, it seems like Zhao Hai wanted to help the Winged Pegasus Clan from the very beginning. The only thing that Fengling knew was Zhao Hai killing the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. This caused her to dislike Zhao Hai as well as the idea proposed by Shan.

But even then, her resentment towards the Foreign Races was bigger. The Winged Pegasus were keen on education. Because of this, Fengling wasn’t a fool who didn’t understand anything. Upon hearing that Fenglei had asked the Foreign Races for help, she began to feel terrible. Wouldn’t the foreign races use this opportunity to control the Winged Pegasus Clan?

Just as Fengling was thinking about this, Shan’s voice was heard, “So what is the Foreign Races’ response:? Are they going to send troops?”

Speaker Fang replied, “Yes. Bingya already told Mister that the foreign races are ready to dispatch troops. They would send four Supreme Elders as well as 20 million people.”

Shan ‘gawked’, “Four Supreme Elders? What do they want to do? Rule the Winged Pegasus Clan?”

Speaker Fang replied, “The Foreign Races had already discussed it. Among the three races, only the Dwarves strongly opposed to this idea. This was because they knew about Mister Zhao Hai’s good relationship with us. However, the Beastmen and the Elves supported sending troops. They want to do this in order to test Mister.”

Shan proceeded to ask, “Test? What do you mean?”

Speaker Fang replied, “Right, test. Ever since Mister Zhao Hai helped them deal with the Divine Race, the Foreign Races began to believe that they are now the strongest in the Divine Realm. Moreover, they think that all other race should submit to them. However, they still haven’t found a reason to move against the other races. At this moment, the Divine Realm is in a delicate state. All vassal races had just obtained their freedom. Because of this, the Foreign Races couldn’t just rashly invade. Otherwise, they would risk being attacked by all vassal races. They would need a good excuse to make a move. But now, with Fenglei’s request, the Foreign Races gained what they want, an excuse. And because of Mister Zhao Hai, the Foreign races entered a discussion. In the end, they decided to send troops. If they send troops and Mister Zhao Hai intervened, then they would just say that it was Fenglei who asked them for help. And if Mister Zhao Hai didn’t arrive, then they would occupy our Winged Pegasus Plane. With their Supreme Elders present, it would almost be impossible for us to counter-attack. In the end, the Winged Pegasus Clan would turn into a vassal race for the foreign races.”

Boom! Fengling’s heart couldn’t help but jump upon hearing Speaker Fang. And just as she thought about this, Shan broke the table.[1]

Sure enough, Shan’s angry voice was soon heard, “They dare! Mister Zhao Hai will not let them off!”

Speaker Fang replied with a hint of helplessness in his voice, “We have to accept that Mister couldn’t take care of us forever. You should be aware that the 12 ultimate weapons are now in the hands of the Foreign Races. Even if it is Mister Zhao Hai, he still would have a hard to dealing with them. This time, the foreign races are just going according to Fenglei’s request.”

The room turned quiet for some time. Then after a short while, Shan sighed and said, “I really don’t know what everyone in the clan is thinking. They don’t know the current state of the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians inside Mister Zhao Hai’s Space. The two clans doesn’t need to worry about eating or drinking anymore. They can do whatever they want to do. I’ve already asked Fei’er whether Mister Zhao Hai meddled in their affairs. Fei’er told me that Mister Zhao Hai didn’t do anything to them at all. They just went on like they used to. Why would everyone stay here and defend against the Foreign Races instead of living well inside Mister Zhao Hai’s Space?”

Speaker Fang replied, “It is because of power. Yifei wants to be the King of the Winged Pegasus Clan and rule the entire Clan alone. So he fought heavily against entering the Space. Think about how many times you have asked him. Did he listen? In the end, you had to ask Mister Zhao Hai to kill him. You only thought of best for the clan. But after Yifei died, his camp still survived, falling under Fenglei’s control. When I went to fight against the Divine Race, it was Yifei and Fenglei who went and won the Councilmen over. This caused me to be pushed out. At this point, I have no influence to stop them. This caused the Winged Pegasus Clan to be in a dire situation. We need to think of a solution to solve this.”

Shan sighed and said, “I have the method to make the clan enter the Space, but they didn’t enter. I’ve also asked the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians to help in these past few days. However, the Thunder Clan had been severely crippled by what happened before they entered the Space. On the other hand, the Barbarians have yet to settle inside. This made it impossible for them to dispatch troops. Now, our sole means is to convince our clansmen to enter the Space. However, the Clan doesn’t listen to me. I’ve done all that I can.”

Speaker Fang’s voice replied, “Let’s go inside the Space once more and see if the Barbarians could send troops. After all, this involves the life and death of the Winged Pegasus Clan.”

Shan’s reply came in, “Alright, let’s give it another try.” Then after that no other sound was heard.

At this time, Fengling opened the room’s door. However, the only thing she saw was the broken table. Upon seeing nothing, Fengling couldn’t help but feel regretful.

However, her eyes suddenly shone with light. She heard the conversation between Shan and Speaker Fang and came to know many things. More importantly, these information were very important for the Winged Pegasus Clan. She needs to spread this information to the others.

One shouldn’t underestimate a woman’s skill in spreading news. In less than one day, an entire city was able to hear rumors that the Foreign Race troops that were coming over weren’t here to help them, instead it was to conquer the Winged Pegasus Clan. Even if Fenglei flew to this place, it was already too late to hide anything.

Moreover, the rumor was still spreading fast. This new wave of information expanded in all directions. In just a few days, all of the Winged Pegasus Clan knew about this matter.

But how could Fengling think that what she heard was just a play that Shan and Speaker Fang performed?

  1. Again, Shan the table-destroyer


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  1. Sure enough, Shan’s angry voice was soon heard, “Tables! My mortal ennemies! I will not let them off! I shall destroy them all, bring me another one!”

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