BTFTLIAW – Chapter 985


Chapter 985 – Shan Moves

Solomon, Leir, and Yerd were just sitting there as they listened to the ongoing argument. One could see from both sides of the argument that the Beastmen were on the side of sending troops to the Winged Pegasus Clan. Meanwhile, the Dwarves opposes the idea. This was also in line with the ideas of both Patriarchs of each race. On the other hand, the Elves stayed quiet. But from their expression, it seems like they were more inclined to the idea of sending troops.

Leir looked at his people and couldn’t help but sigh deep inside. The Dwarven temperament is too straight. Because of this, they would always owe something to other people. Even the straightforward Beastmen had taken advantage of the Dwarves. After all, the Beastmen had people like the Fox tribe, meanwhile the Dwarves did not.

In Dwarven culture, grace was grace while enmity was enmity. Zhao Hai dealt with the Divine Race, and in the process helped the Foreign Races. Therefore, how could the Dwarves not acknowledge this contribution? This made Leir feel that the Beastmen were too shameless in their current action.

Solomon also felt terrible. Although Leir didn’t express any opinions about this matter, the attitude of the Dwarves showed Leir’s temperament. It seems like Leir didn’t want to dispatch troops.

Solomon had some understanding with regards to Leir. He knew that Leir was very fond of Zhao Hai. It was because of this that Leir didn’t want to participate in this action towards the Winged Pegasus Clan.

Yerd was also looking at the argument happening below. She couldn’t help but frown since she knew the implications of this scene. At the same time, she can see the Beastman  race’s dominant behavior. Although she resented such attitude, Yerd understood that the Foreign Races couldn’t afford an internal fight. Once they split, then they wouldn’t be able to dominate the entire Divine Realm.

The current Divine Realm no longer had the Divine Race, the strongest party occupying it right now were the Foreign Races. But if some internal discord happens within the Foreign Races, then the three races would be diverged. In this case, they wouldn’t be able to suppress all of the vassal races.

Additionally, the vassal races had just separated themselves from the control of the Divines. If the Foreign Races wanted to suppress them and rule them at this time, then they would need unsurpassed strength. The vassal races surely wouldn’t give up the freedom that they just gained.

It can be said that there was currently a power vacuum in the Divine Realm. And the Foreign Races were the best contender of occupying this void. Because of this, the Foreign Races needed to stay together.

After thinking about this and seeing that it was still noisy, Yerd made a soft cough. Although it wasn’t very loud, everyone in the hall actually heard it. Almost at the same time, everyone inside the hall turned silent.

Yerd’s identity was special with her being the Elven Race’s Queen. At the same time, she was also the least spoken person among the three leaders. She seldom expresses her opinion. Generally, it would be Solomon or Leir who talked while Yerd would listen and would say some words during critical times. Regardless of Solomon or Leir, to them, Yerd’s opinion was very important.

This time, Yerd actually intended to speak first. This was beyond everyone’s expectations, which in turn made the entire hall extremely quiet.

After looking at everyone, Yerd said, “Everyone, arguing wouldn’t solve anything. In my opinion,  we should send troops to the Winged Pegasus. This is also an opportunity to test Mister Zhao Hai’s attitude. He said that he would leave the Divine Realm since he would ascend. If this is the case, then he wouldn’t care about us sending troops. Otherwise, he would be lying. It’s possible that he’s the one who sent the attack to the Winged Pegasus Clan using these magic armors. These things didn’t appear in the Divine Realm before. His attacking strength is formidable, so he may pose a threat to the Divine Realm. Our Foreign races need to survive. Therefore, we need to understand our enemies. And we need to dispatch our troops in order to do so.”

Yerd spoke her thoughts one by one. As soon as he heard Yerd, Leir couldn’t help but frown. He knows that sending troops this time was inevitable.

Then Yerd turned to look at Lier and said, “We need to dispatch troops and solve this matter at the shortest time. Therefore, I want four Supreme Elders to act along with 20 million troops. Among these four elders, two will come from the Elves while two will come from the Beastmen. The Dwarves doesn’t need to send anyone. After all, we still need enough experts to defend the foreign race territory.”

Yerd’s words made Solomon’s eyes turn bright.  He immediately understood why Yerd did this. Solomon was very much in favor to Yerd’s approach.

Although Solomon loved being powerful, he wasn’t a fool. He knew about the foreign races’ situation. At this time, the Foreign Races couldn’t afford any internal dispute. And it was for this reason why he didn’t immediately say that they should send troops. Instead, he initiated a discussion between all three races.

However, Solomon didn’t expect Yerd to be so formidable. Solomon thought that his plans would be ruined, but who would’ve thought that Yerd would provide a solution. Moreover, it was the best approach they could follow right now.

The Foreign Races would dispatch troops. And since the Dwarves didn’t want to, then they wouldn’t be forced. As the matter stands, how could the Dwarves oppose?

After thinking about this, Solomon turned to Leir. Upon meeting Solomon’s eyes, Leir nodded and said, “I agree with Queen Yerd’s suggestion.” Solomon relaxed and nodded, “Alright, then we have reached a decision. We’ll proceed to discuss which troops to send.”

At this time, Zhao Hai was inside the Space looking at what was happening. When Zhao hai went to the foreign race territory, he also made maps for the Space. One shouldn’t forget that Zhao Hai didn’t reach the Dwarven territory first. Instead, he actually arrived at the Beastman territory. At that time, Zhao Hai released his staff to map the Beastman territory. Because of this, he can now monitor the Foreign Races at will.

Laura and the others were sitting beside Zhao Hai. Their faces were scrunched up as the foreign races discussed which troops to send. Then Laura coldly snorted and said, “These group of ungrateful things. Brother Hai, we must teach them a lesson this time.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Teach them a lesson? Why? Isn’t this what we wanted? Now that they had dispatched troops, we will be able to see how the O’Neal family would deal with them. Presently, I’m afraid the magic armors wouldn’t be able to deal with the Supreme Elders. When the time comes, the O’Neal family would surely send more formidable magic armors. We need to pay attention at that time.”

Laura still coldly snorted and said, “We should still teach them a lesson. Aside from the Dwarves, I’m quite tired of looking at the smug faces of the Beastman and the Elves.”

Zhao Hai slightly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, that time will come for sure. However, that time isn’t now. Don’t worry about this anymore. Let’s go tell Shan about the situation and then have them prepare.”

Laura nodded before immediately calling Shan. She knew how useful the current situation would be for Shan. Now that the O’Neal family had invaded the Winged Pegasus Plane, the clan’s impression of Shan underwent a subtle change. Shan would be able to make good use of Fenglei’s request for help from the foreign races.

Shan was currently staying inside the Space without worry in the past two days. He intends to make his clansmen anxious. Otherwise, they would never appreciate what he has done for the clan.

At this moment, his messenger fish sounded out. Shan looked and saw that it was Zhao Hai’s messenger fish. Shan immediately took the call and heard about the Foreign Races’ troops from Laura.

Upon hearing Laura, Shan immediately knew what the Foreign Races intend to do. He didn’t expect Fenglei to resort to such a drastic option.

Shan’s face was ugly as he he put his messenger fish down. Then he turned to Speaker Fang, Fei’er, and Ding. They were currently inside Fei’er’s villa and had also heard what Laura said.

Shan looked at Fei’er and the others as he smiled bitterly and said, “My clansmen really doesn’t fail to make me worry. Fei’er, what do you think?”

Fei’er forced a smile, “I have some ideas, but I couldn’t meddle in this matter. Otherwise, it would only cause resentment from your people. I also feel that Mister told you this information so that you can make use of it.”

Shan gently frowned. He understood what Fei’er wanted to say. However, he has no confidence in his clan. He can use this news but with his people’s attitude towards him, who knows how much it would be valued.

Speaker Fang looked at Shan and said, “I think we could use this very well. With the O’Neal family’s invasion, the tribe is now aware that we weren’t lying. And now that Fenglei had asked the foreign races for help, the clansmen would surely resent him. Don’t forget, we had just been liberated from the Divines. It wouldn’t be long before our clan would oppose the control of the Foreign Races. Compared to the Foreign Races, our people would rather accept Mister Zhao Hai.”

When he heard Speaker Fang, Shan’s eyes lit up as he said, “Right, then we’ll do that. This time, even if we can’t get everyone to the Space, we can still find more ways for others to get in. Even those who wouldn’t want to come will have to join in.”


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