BTFTLIAW – Chapter 984


Chapter 984 – The Foreign Races’ Decision

Solomon, Leir, and Yerd were currently inside the Beastman Race’s palace. There were also other tribal groups present inside the room. The people in this room were the decision makers of the three races. If someone were to come here and kill everyone present, then the entire Foreign Races would certainly fall into anarchy.

But the reason why these people were here was for discussion. They will decide on whether they should send troops to help the Winged Pegasus Clan. For the foreign races, the implications of this decision were quite heavy.

Solomon looked at the people inside the room and said, “Everyone should already know why we’re here. So, how do we decide on this?”

Whispers were quickly heard inside the hall, everyone was discussing amongst themselves. However, nobody actually talked out loud. Everyone was just sitting there talking with those close to them.

When Solomon saw this situation, his eyes couldn’t help but contract. He didn’t think that this simple thing, when connected to Zhao Hai, would turn into a complex situation.

Solomon turned to Leir and the Yerd and said, “How about you two? What do you think about this matter?”

Leir smiled faintly and said, “Let’s listen to what everyone says first. I still can’t decide on what to do with this matter.”

Yerd didn’t make any noise but she nodded, indicating her intent. She didn’t want to express her view at this time.

Solomon already expected this response, but since this matter needed to be resolved, he looked at the two and said, “You two, why are you making this difficult? Why don’t you just say what is on your mind?”

The people under them had also noticed the actions of the three leaders. Therefore, the discussions began to turn quiet until everyone was now turning their attention to the three.

The smile on Leir’s face disappeared and a trace of anger flashed by his eyes. He didn’t think that Solomon would force them to this point. He discovered the Solomon had become more and more overbearing in the recent days. It seems like he looks at Leir as though he was his subordinate. With Leir’s temper, this was completely unacceptable.

Leir was a Dwarf who were good-natured people and liked to handle things in a low-key manner. But no matter what, Leir was still a Patriarch, holding the same status as Solomon. How could Solomon treat him in such a manner.

Leir looked at Solomon and said, “How about we send people to find Bingya and the others first? Once they come here, then they may give us a better suggestion. After all, they had been with Mister Zhao Hai for a long time. They should understand Zhao Hai’s temperament more than us.”

When Leir said this, nobody objected. They knew that Leir was on point. Now that Zhao Hai had dealt with the Supreme Elders, the people didn’t regard Bingya and the others as important as they used to be. However, it seems like their opinion was still very important.

Bingya and the others have been with Zhao Hai for a long time, so they should have a good understanding about Zhao Hai’s style. Because of this, their opinion should be significant to the discussion.

Solomon didn’t say anything. To be honest, he didn’t really care about Zhao Hai right now. They had already obtained the 12 Ultimate Weapons. Although one had been taken away by Zhao Hai, it wouldn’t affect their strength too much. Solomon believed that their present strength was already enough to deal with Zhao Hai. Don’t forget, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to face the nine Supreme Elders. At that time, Zhao Hai wanted to ask the foreign races for help.

By looking at this point, it was enough as long as five to six Supreme Elders collaborate to deal with Zhao Hai. There’s no need to say about 12 Supreme Elders. These 12 ultimate weapons would certainly deal with Zhao Hai. Killing Zhao Hai with this number shouldn’t be impossible.

Because of this thought, Solomon advocates to support the Winged Pegasus Clan. He wanted to use this opportunity to seize the Winged Pegasus. For Solomon, Zhao Hai was no longer worth worrying about.

Leir’s thoughts were the direct opposite to Solomon’s. He wasn’t in favor of sending support. Leir knew a lot about Zhao Hai from Ryder. He came to know that Zhao Hai had means to know what’s currently happening to his people. Therefore, it’s impossible for Zhao Hai to be unaware of what was currently happening to the Winged Pegasus. If Zhao Hai knew about the Winged Pegasus Clan’s situation and didn’t make a move, then this means that Zhao Hai has his own plans. Because of this, Leir believes that they shouldn’t dispatch troops, lest they disrupt Zhao Hai’s plan.

Leir didn’t want to do wrong with Zhao Hai. He believed that Zhao Hai had helped them so much and had even given the ultimate weapons to the Foreign Races. With this sincerity, the Foreign Races should be supporting Zhao Hai.

Meanwhile, although Yerd was still on the fence, she was leaning on the decision of sending troops. The Elves had always thought that they were the most noble race between the heaven and the earth. They had been suppressed by the Divines all these years which made the Elves feel aggrieved. Now that the Divines had disappeared, then it was natural for them to show their strength.

Yerd’s idea about Zhao Hai was similar to Solomon. In her mind, they now have the power to deal with Zhao Hai. Even if Zhao Hai couldn’t be killed, he would still have problems facing 12 Supreme Elders. Most importantly, Yerd was thinking that Zhao Hai was about to ascend!

Zhao Hai informed them that he was about to ascend. Although this shows Zhao Hai’s strength, it also represented his weakness. This meant that Zhao Hai couldn’t stay at this plane for too long. As long as they drag Zhao Hai on for a while, then their shackles on the Foreign Races should disappear once he ascends.

Because of this information, Yerd agreed to sending troops. However, she still needed to be careful and wanted to listen to Yehta’s opinion.

Before long, three people came in from outside. These were the three people who went to look for Bingya, Ryder, and Yehta. When these three people came back, Solomon’s spirit couldn’t help but shake, he immediately said, “Did Bingya and the others arrive? Make them enter quickly.”

Among the three people, a beastman immediately replied, “Answering to the Patriarch. I didn’t find Captain Bingya. I went to his home and found out from his neighbor that after returning, his family suddenly moved out. As to where, nobody knows. Also, it wasn’t only them who moved out, those with close relationship to them were gone as well.”

Solomon stared before his expression changed. Then he turned to the Dwarf and the Elf, but their report was the same, Yehta and Ryder had also moved out at fairly the same time as Bingya. Moreover, just like Bingya, the people who had close relationships with them were gone. They didn’t even leave behind any clue.

When he heard the reports, Solomon’s mood sank, then he roared, “Absurd! They certainly ran with Zhao Hai, I’m sure of it!”

Leir’s expression had also turned frigid. However, he wasn’t angry, instead he was worried. This was because he found out that things were more serious than he thought. Zhao Hai seems to know something, thus prompting him to make such an arrangement.

This information made the people inside the hall look at each other. They didn’t know what to say. At this moment, Solomon turned to everyone and said, “Forget it. Everyone, let’s talk about what to do with the Winged Pegasus Clan.”

Upon hearing the whispers once more, Solomon actually frowned. To be honest, he disliked this sound, he disliked discussion. However, he couldn’t change the situation..

After a short time, a Beastman suddenly stood up and bowed to Solomon, “Your Majesty, I think we should dispatch troops. At this moment, the most powerful group in the Divine Realm is the Foreign Races. The Winged Pegasus Clan is our ally, so we should send troops to help them. At the same time, we could also absorb the Winged Pegasus, this way they won’t provide a problem for us in the future. We shouldn’t be passive in this matter.”

This was a Fox Beastman. The Fox tribe were famous for being sly. His words were representative of their nature. He first said that they were now the most formidable force in the Divine Realm. Although the Winged Pegasus were their ally, his words wanted to remind those present that they were now the rulers of the Divine Realm. It was time for them to expand.

After that, he also said that they should absorb the Winged Pegasus Clan. In other words, since they weren’t part of the Foreign Races, then they might become their enemy in the future. Because of this, they need to make a move towards the other party first.

Although it was only a short string of words, it relayed many things. One could see from this point where the reputation of the Fox tribe being sly came from.

His words caused another burst of murmurs inside the room. After the Divines were dealt with, the Foreign Races found themselves with a inflated sense of confidence.

At this time, a Dwarf stood up and said, “I don’t agree to sending troops. Everyone should be aware that the Winged Pegasus, the Thunder Clan, and the Barbarians were Mister Zhao Hai’s first allies. Mister Zhao Hai had already taken the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians to another place, meanwhile, the Winged Pegasus Clan had been dragging on and refused to go. Because of this matter, Mister Zhao Hai even killed the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. It’s impossible for Mister Zhao Hai to be unaware of the Winged Pegasus Clan’s situation. It’s also not possible for Mister Zhao Hai to not make a move despite knowing about this matter, this simply isn’t his character. This only means that Mister Zhao Hai intended to refrain from sending troops, he has his own plan. If we rashly meddle in his business, then we might offend Mister. This wouldn’t be good for the Foreign Races.”

The Dwarf said a lot of words, he also pointed out the downside of meddling in this situation. From what he said, it can be seen that they had some connections inside the Winged Pegasus Clan, making them aware of the clan’s matters. They knew that something must have happened between Zhao Hai and the Winged Pegasus Clan. If they dispatch troops at this time, then they might greatly offend Zhao Hai. There were a lot of people in this room that didn’t want to offend Zhao Hai. This was because they had firsthand experience with Zhao Hai’s fighting prowess.

At this time, another Beastman stood up and said, “What are we afraid of? Don’t forget, we now have the Divine Realm’s 12 ultimate weapons. This is an unprecedented degree of strength. So what if we offend Zhao Hai? He wouldn’t be able to do anything to us.”

This statement gave no consideration nor face to their previous alliance with Zhao Hai. However, there were a lot of people inside this hall who had the same idea in their mind, especially the Beastman and the Elves.

Then as a retort, another Dwarf stood up, “What are you talking about? Don’t forget how much Mister Zhao Hai has helped us. But now, you’re thinking about dealing with Mister Zhao Hai. You are being ungrateful!”

The Beastman coldly snorted and said, “Ungrateful? Did Zhao Hai really help us to deal with the Divine Race? Don’t forget, he also has great hatred towards the Divine Race. Then after that, he only gave us the 12 ultimate weapons, the most important part, the Star Disk, he kept for himself. And why do you think he did this? It’s because he didn’t regard us as an ally from the beginning. Why should we be hospitable to such a person? Why would we be ungrateful if we decide to deal with him?”

The Dwarf replied, “No matter what, if not for Mister Zhao Hai, our Foreign Race wouldn’t have conquered the Divine Realm. It would have been impossible for us to obtain 12 Ultimate Weapons. At the very least, we should feel some gratefulness towards him. We shouldn’t be thinking about dealing with Mister Zhao Hai.”

The Beastman sneered and said, “Is gratefulness really more important than the improvement of our race? This time, we’ll be sending troops to the Winged Pegasus Clan in order to absorb them into our fold. This will strengthen the Foreign Races. With such a good opportunity, why shouldn’t we send troops? Zhao Hai dealing with the Divines can be said to be his good will toward us. However, that wasn’t completely because he wanted to help us. He dealt with the Divines because he has enmity with them. If he really dealt with the Divines completely because of us, then I will be grateful. But now, hehe.”

The Beastman said exactly what was inside Solomon’s mind. Just like he said, they had no sense of gratefulness towards Zhao Hai. This was because, in their minds, Zhao Hai dealt with the Divines because they offended him. Him helping the Foreign Races was just a fortunate secondary result.


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