BTFTLIAW – Chapter 983


Chapter 983 – Winged Pegasus Clan’s Final Hope

Another reason why Zhao Hai took those people back into the Space was because he didn’t want to receive any threats. Zhao Hai dislikes being threatened. And if Fenglei and the others reach a dead end, then it wouldn’t be difficult for them to take those people as hostages. When the time comes, not only would Zhao Hai be troubled, Shan and the others would be as well.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to intervene in the current matters of the Winged Pegasus Clan. He wanted to see if the Winged Pegasus would enter the Space if they were forced to into a corner.

If the Winged Pegasus Clan were like the Thunder Clan, being annihilated yet still not entering the Space, then Zhao Hai would give them his admiration. However, he still wouldn’t help them.

If they want to be heroes, Zhao Hai wouldn’t stop them. They would have Zhao Hai’s respect, but not his sympathy.

The second day after the O’Neal family attacked the defensive line, The O’Neal family began to advance into the Winged Pegasus Plane. Their speed of advancement wasn’t very fast, but it was steady. They left the Winged Pegasus Clan with no chance to counter-attack.

The Generals of the Winged Pegasus Clan were doing the same attacking tactics as Zhao Hai. They were doing guerilla warfare.

However, the Winged Pegasus were quick to discover that their methods were simply useless against the O’Neal family. The magic armors were quicker than them. Moreover, the skies didn’t have any obstructions unlike the ground. If they want to get rid of each other, then speed was paramount. If the Winged Pegasus couldn’t grasp the speed advantage, then they would just be courting death in front of the O’Neal family.

The next day went along this situation. The Winged Pegasus launched sneak attacks that resulted in no benefits. The civilians could only retreat and fall back city by city.

When this situation was recalled over to Fenglei and the others, their expressions were difficult to look at. Guerilla warfare was the final hope of the Winged Pegasus Clan. If this tactic was unusable, then they can only fight using normal methods. But in these base battles, the Winged Pegasus clan would still suffer losses in front of the cannons and war tanks of the O’Neal family.

The next day quickly arrived, the O’Neal family was still taking city after city. But each place they visited didn’t have any people present.

This time, Axe wasn’t thinking of enslavement. They knew too little about the Winged Pegasus Clan. Therefore, Axe was planning on killing them all!

Axe’s plan might be too much, but to Axe it actually wasn’t. They want the land but not the people. If they keep the Winged Pegasus alive, then they would have to station people here in order to keep the Winged Pegasus Clan in check. This would slash numbers from the O’Neal family’s army. Therefore, Axe was intent on cleaning the place up, not even chickens and dogs would survive.

Axe wasn’t afraid of the Winged Pegasus Clan’s retaliation. To be honest, he even hopes for the Winged Pegasus Clan to send out powerful soldiers their way. This would make Axe assured that the Winged Pegasus were at least decent. If the Winged Pegasus can provide good resistance, then Axe’s heart would be settled. Axe could still remember the undead that they faced in the beginning. Their fighting strength was exceptional.

Although those undead were very strong, in the life and death moment of the Winged Pegasus Clan, they actually didn’t appear. For Axe, this situation was a significant hidden danger.

Axe knew that those undead were controlled by a person. If he couldn’t see those undead here in the Winged Pegasus plane, then this means that the person was hiding all along. That person’s threat to the O’Neal family was too big.

Although the attacks of the family were formidable, it was impossible for pilots to stay inside their magic armors all the time. And once they go out of their magic armors, the strength of the pilots would decrease by several folds. In this case, if an army of undead suddenly appeared during the time when pilots were not inside their magic armors, then the O’Neal family would suffer a huge disaster.

Axe was no longer the naive boy who had just gained an army to command. After the past few days, he had matured and was now able to think about problems ahead. Therefore, Axe greatly valued information regarding those undead.


Upon receiving more information, Fenglei and the others immediately went back to Speaker Fang’s mansion in order to look for Shan. However, they were unfortunate since, not only Shan, but even the guards on the study room were gone. Upon seeing this, Fenglei’s heart turned cold. He didn’t know what Shan was doing. However, this also meant that Fenglei and the others could no longer use those people to threaten Shan.

It was just yesterday that they found out about Shan and Speaker Fang entering the Space. Upon returning to the hall, Fenglei thought about various ways on how to solve their problem. The only thing they need to do right now was to have Shan contact the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians for help.

That evening, Fenglei finally decided on catching everyone loyal to Shan and use them as a bargaining chip. But now, it seems like that method couldn’t be used. Everyone who was still loyal to Shan, as well as those who were on Speaker Fang’s side, had vanished. Now, Fenglei had no means to threaten Shan.

In the face of this outcome, Fenglei didn’t know what to do. Then he suddenly discovered that if Shan couldn’t help them, then the Winged Pegasus Clan would be finished.

In the past, Fenglei and the others felt that Shan was just spouting nonsense in order to scare them. But now, they found out that it was actually true. If they don’t enter Zhao Hai’s Space, then the Winged Pegasus Clan would likely be annihilated.

However, this realization came too late. Fenglei knew that counting on Shan at this time would be impossible. But there was still another choice, the foreign races.

After thinking about this, Fenglei immediately took his messenger fish. This fish was connected to a foreign race member that he was previously acquainted to. As Fenglei held his messenger fish, he said, “Elder Ness, Elder Ness, are you there?”

This Elder Ness was a Beastman race elder who was also the Elder in charge of keeping in contact with the Winged Pegasus Clan. He was Fenglei’s last hope in order to save the race. Just as Fenglei was about to repeat his call, Elder Ness’ voice was suddenly heard, “Speaker Fenglei? What’s the problem?”

When Fenglei heard Ness’ answer, he couldn’t help but let out a long breath. Then he quickly replied, “Elder Ness, good day. This Fenglei has something to tell you. A new race has appeared in the Divine Realm. They use some sort of iron giant to fight. These iron giants are very strong. They can fly in the sky and their attacks aren’t lower than any God-rank expert. At this time, they are attacking the Winged Pegasus Clan. I hope that the foreign races would help us. As long as you save us, then the Winged Pegasus Clan would pay any price.”

The Winged Pegasus Clan paying any price wasn’t something that a Vice-Speaker like Fenglei could say. But now that Shan and Fang weren’t present, Fenglei had no choice.

When he heard Fenglei, Ness paused for a moment. This caused Fenglei to become uneasy. After a while, Ness said, “Fenglei, I seem to remember Zhao Hai having a good relationship with the Winged Pegasus Clan. Why didn’t Mister Zhao Hai help you this time?”

Fenglei couldn’t help but smile bitterly, he didn’t expect the other party to bring up the matter of Zhao Hai. Moreover, it seems like the other party was respectful towards him. This caused Fenglei to feel awkward.

He tried his best to say that he didn’t want to be ruled by Zhao Hai. However, it seems like everyone has a good relationship with him. For the Winged Pegasus, this was a huge blow.

Naturally, Fenglei wouldn’t speak the truth. He immediately said, “Elder Ness, this is what happened. Our Winged Pegasus Clan has a person named Shan, he’s the only one who can reach Mister Zhao Hai. However, he’s not in our family this time and went to visit the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan. Since we couldn’t find him, then we couldn’t look for Mister Zhao Hai for help. Therefore, I want to ask the foreign races to help us go through this ordeal.”

Fenglei’s words were nothing less than smooth, moreover, he spoke with great care. He never made his request as the Patriarch of the Winged Pegasus Race, so even if the foreign races agree to help and drive off the O’Neal family, the Winged Pegasus Clan still has the chance to withdraw from the agreement since the request bore no authority They could just say that the Patriarch didn’t give his agreement to the request, this should buy them time.

As soon as Ness heard Fenglei, he turned silent. Then after some time he said, “Speaker Fenglei, I couldn’t decide on this matter myself. The clan would need to have a discussion. Please wait for some time.” Right after that, Ness didn’t speak anymore.

Fenglei’s heart couldn’t help but sink. He was afraid that Ness wouldn’t care about them. If this was the case, then the Winged Pegasus Clan is finished.

But what Fenglei didn’t know was that his request had caused a debate among the Foreign Races. The Foreign Races was almost divided into two sides, those who wanted to offer support and take the opportunity to absorb the Winged Pegasus Clan, and those who didn’t want to help in order to prevent offending Zhao Hai.

The worries of the Foreign Races were within reason. This was because they understood the situation with the Winged Pegasus Clan. At the same time, they also knew about their relationship with Zhao Hai.


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