BTFTLIAW – Chapter 982


Chapter 982 – Zhao Hai’s Action

When the Councilman’s words were heard, the people inside the room were stunned. Then everyone began to discuss the issue. The proposal wasn’t immediately refuted because many people felt that the idea was feasible.

It might sound laughable, not asking Shan for help in persuading Zhao Hai, yet agreeing to having Shan ask help from the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians. Although it might sound contradictory, it actually wasn’t.

To state it clearly, the Winged Pegasus were afraid of Zhao Hai, but not Shan. If not for Zhao Hai, Shan wouldn’t have reached his current position.

At this time, a General suddenly said, “But will Shan agree? Moreover, what is stopping him from talking to Zhao Hai right now?”

Fenglei’s eyes narrowed as he said, “Rest assured, Shan wouldn’t. It had been so long yet he still failed to bring our people into Zhao Hai’s Space. What face does he have to talk to Zhao Hai? If we ask him to talk to the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan in order to save our people, judging by Shan’s character, he will definitely do it. As long as we can solve the clan’s situation, Shan certainly wouldn’t tell Zhao Hai about this matter.”

As soon as the people in the room heard this, all of them stared for a moment before looking at Fenglei’s smiling face. There weren’t any mistakes in Fenglei’s words. With Shan’s character, he would surely place importance on the clan’s matters. As long as he invites the Thunder Clan and Barbarians, then the Winged Pegasus clan won’t be afraid of dealing with the O’Neal family.

Fenglei looked at the people and said, “One or two people doing this surely wouldn’t be good. If everyone goes and pressures Shan, he will definitely go no matter what.”

The people in the room nodded. Then Fenglei stood up and loudly said, “Everyone, let’s go look for Shan. Let’s see if he can help.”

Then after he said that, Fenglei stood up and left the room first. At the same time, the other people quickly followed-up. Everyone went to Speaker Fang’s mansion to find Shan.

Before long, the crowd arrived right outside Speaker Fang’s mansion. At this time, there were no guards outside, the entire mansion appeared cold and static. The originally bright and lively mansion now looked like a bleak and haunted place.

Fenglei knew where the study was, so he immediately led everyone over there. Upon arriving outside the study, the group saw two Winged Pegasus guards. Fenglei recognized these two men, they were the most loyal subordinates of Speaker Fang. Their presence dictates that Shan and Speaker Fang was also here.

When the two guards saw Fenglei and the others, they couldn’t help but look at each other. However, they didn’t make any noise. Upon arriving by the door, Fenglei immediately said, “Tell Shan that I’m here.” From the expression on Fenglei’s face, one could see that he didn’t have even an inch of respect towards Shan and Speaker Fang.

When the two guards saw Fang’s expression and heard his words, a flash of anger went by their eyes. Then then one of them proceeded to reply, “Vice Speaker is unlucky, the Master is currently not in his room.”

Upon hearing that the title of ‘Vice Speaker’ was emphasized, Fenglei’s expression couldn’t help but change. But he immediately recovered as he looked at the guards and said, “Is he really not in?”

The two nodded. Then Fenglei coldly snorted as he went to push the door of the study. Normally, the two would stop Fenglei’s action. But today, the two didn’t actually move, they just allowed Fenglei to push the door open to see that there was nobody inside.

Upon seeing the two guards not moving, Fenglei’s expression changed. Then he turned to see the empty room in front of him.

Fenglei’s temper almost flared up, then he calmed himself as he turned to the two guards and said “Where did they go?”

The guards looked at the study and shook their heads at the same time. A flash of cold light appeared in Fenglei’s eyes. He knew that this was a life and death matter of the Winged Pegasus Clan, so he stopped being polite as he looked at the two guards and said, “Tell me where Shan went, or else you can’t blame me for being impolite.”

The two looked at Fenglei before one of them shook his head and said, “The Young Patriarch and the Master were just discussing inside the study a moment ago. But then they suddenly disappeared. We didn’t see them come out, it’s possible that they went to Mister Zhao Hai’s Space.”

When Fenglei heard this, his expression changed. What he was most worried about was Shan talking to Zhao Hai about this matter. Therefore he immediately said, “What did Shan say before leaving?”

The two guards shook their heads once more, then one of them said, “We’ll be unfair to Sir Vice-Speaker, we really don’t know. What we knew is that the Young Patriarch angrily smashed a table and then had us change it to a new one. After that, they disappeared. We aren’t really sure where they went.”

Fenglei didn’t suspect the guards of lying. With how the study room was made, even if one stands outside the door, it would still be impossible to hear what was going on inside. Therefore, it was normal for the two guards to not know anything.”

At this point, Fenglei’s face had an ugly expression. He looked at the two and said, “If your Master comes back, then immediately go and inform me.” After the two gave a simple nod, Fenglei and the others turned around and left.

When Fenglei’s group left, the two guards couldn’t help but smile. Since they were loyal to Speaker Fang and Shan, these two didn’t suffer any less discrimination. It was good that their families had already entered the Space. They had also entered to take a look. Upon seeing that the Space had a good environment, the two of them felt relief.

Because they had been extremely ostracized in the past few days, the two of them were really fed up. So after seeing Fenglei and the others retreating, the two of them couldn’t help but feel extremely good.

Fenglei and the others’ faces were very ugly upon leaving Speaker Fang’s mansion. When they returned to the hall, nobody spoke a word. Their faces were very difficult to look at.

Fenglei looked at the eyes of those present and said, “It seems like Shan is already aware of what happened in the front lines. I just don’t know what he is doing inside Zhao Hai’s Space. In the worst case scenario, Zhao Hai already knows the family’s situation and is ready to intervene. The best case is if Zhao Hai already knew but is not prepared to intervene. We just don’t know  which is which.”

Those present didn’t say anything. They were truly unaware of the current situation.

Fenglei scanned the people inside the room and continued, “Since this is the case, then let’s just assume that Zhao Hai already knows about the family’s situation. No matter what, the only thing we can do right now is go back and support the battle until Shan shows himself. But until that time, we have to block the enemy with our own effort.”

As soon as the people inside the room heard this, their expression changed. But nobody said anything as they gave Fenglei a salute before leaving the hall.

Fenglei was also clear that it was impossible to block the O’Neal family just by using the Winged Pegasus Clan’s strength. What they could do right now is to do their best in the battles and then find a way to ask Shan to invite the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians for help. If they do well, then maybe they can invite Zhao Hai.

Fenglei was clinging to his power and influence, but he was still sane. He knew clearly that the Winged Pegasus Clan had met their biggest crisis. If this wasn’t properly dealt with, then the clan would be in danger of being exterminated. If they weren’t eliminated by Zhao Hai, then they would be eliminated by the O’Neal family.

At this moment, Fenglei discovered that his authority wasn’t that important to him. Whether it was Zhao Hai or the O’Neal family, if they want to control the Winged Pegasus Clan, then they would first deal with the clan’s high-level members as well as those who opposed them. The more influential the person was, the more likely they would be dealt with first. So if the two parties wanted to control the Winged Pegasus clan, then Fenglei wouldn’t have a good time.

After thinking about this, Fenglei gave out a sigh. He finally understood the truth. In the face of absolute strength, these small plays that he was doing was merely him courting death.


At this time, a spatial crack suddenly appeared in front of Speaker Fang’s two guards. Then Shan’s voice was heard, “You two come in here. It isn’t safe there anymore. You two can stop guarding the study.” The two stared before they obediently entered the Space. But after going through, they discovered that Shan wasn’t on the other side.

The two looked at each other before they shrugged their shoulders and returned to their home. To be honest, they were already used to the mysticisms of the Space, so they stopped questioning everything that was happening inside.

Just like the two guards, the other people who were loyal to Speaker Fang and Shan had also been invited back into the Space.

Naturally, this wasn’t an ability that Shan’s command token could do. Instead, it was Zhao Hai who did it. Zhao Hai had been looking at the Winged Pegasus Clan’s situation. After seeing Fenglei and the others’ expressions, Zhao Hai knew that he had to act. Therefore, he immediately took Speaker Fang and Shan’s loyal people back into the Space.

The reason Zhao Hai did this wasn’t because he was afraid of them betraying Shan and Speaker Fang. Zhao Hai discovered that as long as a person entered the Space, then even if they went back out, they seem to still be disinclined to put the Space in a disadvantageous position.

Zhao Hai didn’t know if this situation was the Space’s doing, but he knew that it had something to do with it. In any case, Zhao Hai wanted these people back into the Space because he didn’t want them to have an accident.

Just like Shan said, Zhao Hai was a person who heavily valued sentiment. As long as a person was on his side, then even if the person makes a huge mistake, he would still be inclined to forgive them. This was also the case for the Divines.

The Divines have already been sent into the Space. In the beginning, Zhao Hai was full of hatred towards them, he even wished to eliminate them all. But after his feelings calmed down, Zhao Hai didn’t make any action, he couldn’t bear to make a move on them.


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