BTFTLIAW – Chapter 981


Chapter 981 – Confrontation

Axe stood calmly on top of a war tank as he looked at the place on the other side of the spatial rift. It was like another world. Although he couldn’t see any people, he could affirm that this place wasn’t any smaller compared to the Ark Continent.

Although his expression was calm, Axe’s heart was actually excited. Another plane, it was another plane. Up until now, how many planes did they manage to find? These many planes, even the other families in the Atlanta Plane wouldn’t  have met this many planes. Most importantly, all of these planes would be under the O’Neal family!

Axe was extremely moved at this thought. Then he took a deep breath to stabilize his heartbeat. However, he still couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes.

George was standing right beside Axe. Upon looking at Axe’s appearance, George couldn’t help but be influenced by it as well. To be honest, even he didn’t expect this expedition to be this huge. George knew very well what this meant for the O’Neal family. Moreover, he made great contributions to this matter.

George looked at Axe and said, “Young Master, let’s go back in. The wind is getting strong.”

Axe turned to George and smiled, “George, if we conquer this place, how much bigger would our O’Neal family become?”

George smiled and said, “If we conquer this place, then I can affirm that the O’Neal family would become the most powerful family in the Atlanta Plane.”

Axe laughed, “Good, good. It’s just as you said, our O’Neal family would truly become the most powerful family in the Atlanta Plane.”

George responded to this with a smile. After some time, Axe calmed down. Then he looked at the Winged Pegasus plane and coldly snorted as he said, “This place now belongs to the O’Neal family. No matter who lives here, they only have one road, either they surrender or they die!”

George replied in a serious tone, “I ask Young Master to feel relieved. This subordinate is willing to break their bones in the name of the O’Neal family!”

Axe gave a satisfied nod, then he said, “George, you must do well. The future development of the O’Neal family would surely be huge. The family would need loyal people to establish vassal clans. If you do well, then your family would certainly occupy your own plane.”

George’s face was flushed with happiness as he bowed to Axe and said, “Yes, Young Master. This one will surely be loyal towards the Young Master and the O’Neal family.” George chose his words carefully. He said ‘Young Master’ before the O’Neal family. This meant that he would be loyal to Axe first before the family.

Loyalty to the O’Neal family didn’t really mean that they would be loyal to Axe. Axe was still not the Patriarch of the O’Neal family. This meant that those who swore loyalty to the family wouldn’t generally be loyal to Axe. What Axe needed the most at this time were subordinates that were loyal to him.

Moreover, George had also changed how he addressed Axe. In the past, he called him ‘Young Lord’, now he called Axe ‘Young Master’. This was also a sign of his status undergoing a change.

Upon calling him ‘Young Lord’ this meant that George was under the influence of the O’Neal family. This meant that he still wasn’t completely under Axe. Now that George was using ‘Young Master’, this implied that he had fully incorporated himself into Axe’s camp. George would join Axe in all of his ups and downs.

Axe was evidently happy, he patted George’s shoulder and said, “Good, good. Let’s go back and discuss how to take this plane.”

George nodded, then together with Axe, they jumped down from the war tank. Then they entered the commanding war tank specifically prepared for Axe.

A Commanding War Tank was actually just like a war tank but with no magic armors inside. It was designed to be a place where the commander would stay in. It was like the RV. Although it wasn’t as comfortable as a recreational vehicle, it was clearly safer.

When Axe returned to his war tank, George also followed behind him. At this point, George had become one of Axe’s most trusted men. And with George’s great talent, he quickly became important to Axe.

Upon returning to their war tank, George immediately poured Axe a cup of water. Axe looked at the half-completed map on the table and gently frowned, “George, look at this map. This only shows the area we managed to scout. In these areas, we discovered that there were monitoring stations. But now, they had retreated. From what I can see, it seems like the other side knew that we’re already here. What do you think?”

George looked at the stretch of map and said, “Young Master, we don’t know much about this place. But the thing we’re sure of is that those people aren’t very strong. We’re fully capable of dealing with them. So the next step we should do is to not care about what they are doing, instead we should think about what we should do.”

Axe raised a brow and said, “Oh, explain it to me.”

George nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master. Our O’Neal family is very strong, much stronger compared to the opposite party. However, we need to be careful. After all, this is the enemy territory. If we care too much about what they are doing, then we might be led by the nose. What I’m saying is, we shouldn’t worry about what they are doing. Instead, we should follow our plan, step by step, and don’t rush to attack. Even if the enemy keeps annoying us, we still have to go one step at a time. This way, we will squeeze them in and before long they would have to come out and fight us head-on.”

Upon hearing this, Axe frowned, “But with this method, we would take more time in dealing with them. It’s a very stupid method.”

George nodded and said, “Young Master, it is indeed a very stupid method. But Young Master, we don’t know anything about our enemy at all. We don’t know what their real combat power is. We don’t know their fighting methods and even their strongest weapons. The only thing we are certain of is that they seem to be following the Warrior discipline and they also have flying mounts. For us, this information is too small. If we make a risky attack, then we may suffer. And if we lose too much, then I’m afraid that it would be disadvantageous to the Young Master.”

When Axe heard this, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Then his expression changed as he nodded and said, “You are right. The plan that you said, although it is stupid, but we can also minimize the losses that we suffer. It is the safest way of going forward. Alright, then let’s do it as what you said.”

But George didn’t have a happy expression, he looked at Axe and said, “Young Master, but if we do it this way, then you would be under a lot of pressure. Since this method is slow, then it might seem like you aren’t interested. Those who are in the military wouldn’t easily agree to use this method.”

Axe’s voice turned cold as he replied, “Even if they don’t agree, they still have to do it my way. In any case, I’m still the chief commander of this army. George, just go about your matters with confidence. You don’t need to worry about other things. Just make sure that the battle plan is perfect.”

George nodded, but he was still worried as he said, “Young Master, I don’t think it would be good to be too stiff with those people. The Young Master is going to be the leader of the family in the future. If too many people in the army are against you, then it would be very unfavorable to your position.”

When Axe heard George, his eyes couldn’t help but furrow. Then he nodded and said, “Right, that’s correct. It seems like I shouldn’t be too strict. Alright, George, let me handle this. You can do your thing.”

George nodded before giving a salute and leaving. He knew that he was still only a subordinate of Axe. He just said what he needed to, even if he could do more. If he involved himself too much, then not only would he fail to win Axe’s favor, he might even make Axe think that he wanted to control him. That would be troublesome. There were only specific matters that George can get into, he shouldn’t overstep his bounds.

Axe looked at George’s departing back and nodded. He appreciates how George handled matters and how George was clear about his status. This was why he got Axe’s favor.

Just as George said, although Axe needs talents, he would also need the support of the family’s Elders as well as the Patriarchs of the vassal clans. It was impossible for Axe to rely on people like George. George and the others might be talented, but they had no real power. And in the future, power was what Axe would need the most.

Axe stood in front of the glass window as he looked outside. He sighed lightly, he understood that he had been too naive before, he didn’t understand anything. Every day, he would only indulge himself in risks. After he came in contact with the Clan’s management, he discovered that running it wasn’t an easy matter.


Fenglei looked at the silent people who were inside the room. He couldn’t help but be disappointed as he said, “What? You don’t have any ideas?”

Fenglei didn’t want to get angry, he was afraid of being angry. At this moment, the Winged Pegasus could be described as dispersed. These people used to be loyal to Yifei and were dissatisfied when Zhao Hai killed the Patriarch. Because of this, these people were currently on Fenglei’s side. If Fenglei starts to show his temper, then these people might side towards Shan. After all, Shan was a Patriarch candidate. Therefore, Fenglei could only endure in front of these people.

At this time, a Councilman said, “I believe we should talk to Shan. Have him ask Zhao Hai to act.”

Just after the Councilman said this, everyone in the room looked at him like he was an idiot. A general forced a smile and said, “You want to let Shan ask Zhao Hai to act? Have you been asleep? You should know how Shan is doing these past few days. Don’t be stupid. Do you really think that Shan would ask Zhao Hai for us? Even if Shan invites Zhao Hai, why would Zhao Hai even help us?”

The Councilman looked at the General in anger as he said, “If you don’t like my idea, then why don’t you come up with a better one?”

The General coldly replied, “I might not have any ideas right now, but I certainly wouldn’t come up with such a disappointing one. It would only turn us even more passive and make our deaths come even sooner.”

The Councilman sneered and said, “So we won’t die if we don’t follow my idea? I really don’t know what the Winged Pegasus military is doing right now. You keep posturing here and there, yet you actually don’t have any teeth.”

As soon as the General heard the Councilman, his expression couldn’t help but change. He looked at the Councilman and said ,”What did you say? People like you are just good at using your mouth. Who is currently fighting in the front lines right now? It certainly isn’t you guys. You only know how to sit in this place and blabber your mouth. During times like these, all of you are useless.”

What he said offended every Councilman inside the room. Even Fenglei’s expression wasn’t attractive to look at. After all, he was the Vice Speaker, a Councilman himself.

However, Fenglei wasn’t actually able to retort at this time. If he helped the Councilmen, then he would offend the Military Men. If he offended the Generals, then these Generals might be compelled to side with Shan. If that time comes, then he’s finished.

But he also couldn’t offend the Councilmen. It was at this time that another Councilman pointed at the General and shouted, “Zhanshi, what are you saying? Are really looking down on us? You need to explain yourself.”

Zhanshi coldly snorted and said, “Get lost. If you think I’m wrong, then let’s go outside and fight. Let’s see who’s the real grandfather!”

The room became even livelier as the Councilmen kept berating Zhanshi for his actions. However, Zhanshi wasn’t easy to deal with and had started to berate back. In the end, it became a fight between Councilmen and the Generals. The actions of these two groups plunged to room into great mess.”

Fenglei wished for them to stop several times. However, it came to a point that he couldn’t do anything. He didn’t have enough prestige to suppress the scene. The current situation made Fenglei’s face ugly to behold.

Boom! The loud bang stopped the room. Everyone turned to look at the source and discovered that it was Fenglei. Fengeli was currently looking at them with his pale face. The table in front of him was already turned into splintered blocks.

Fenglei’s cold eyes scanned the room before he said, “Why are all of you arguing? We’re here to solve problems, now look at what all of you are doing. Infighting is the last thing we want right now. We are currently facing a great enemy and stopping their invasion is the most important thing right now.  I don’t want to get angry, but all of you wouldn’t stop unless I make a sound!”

Although Fenglei was very angry, he didn’t actually utter any harsh words. At the same time, the room turned peaceful. Everyone stopped shouting inconsiderately.

However, nobody was still able to present an idea to relieve Fenglei’s headache. At this time, a nearby Councilman suddenly said, “I think we should look for Shan. Even if he couldn’t ask Zhao Hai to help, through Shan we could still invite the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians over.”


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