BTFTLIAW – Chapter 979


Chapter 979 – Shan’s Anger!

Shan stared as he sat opposite Speaker Fang. Winged Pegasus Fang was also able to hear the dialogue between Zhao Hai and Shan. When Speaker Fang heard it, his expression changed. He didn’t expect the enemy to progress this quickly.

Boom! Shan crushed the table in front of him. Shan raged with his blood red eyes, he said, “Too much, it’s too much!”

Speaker Fang smiled faintly and said, “It’s a bit too much. Mister Zhao Hai is clearly on the scene, yet he didn’t spare any help. It’s too much.”

Shan looked at Speaker Fang and said, “You say that Mister is too much? Didn’t he already gave us a warning? Didn’t he already arrange an escape route for us? All the things that Mister did, aren’t they all good for us? If I were Mister, I would have long ignored our clan. How could it be possible for Mister to be excessive? The ones who are being too excessive are those people from the clan. Look at them, they really think that Mister regards them as important. Without Mister, let’s see what would happen to those bastards. They are the reason why the Winged Pegasus reached this point and lost too many people!”

Speaker Fang didn’t think that Shan would say so. However, he quickly changed his mind. As Shan said, Zhao Hai had already arranged everything for them. It’s just that they didn’t go into the road that Zhao Hai prepared.

Shan looked at Speaker Fang and said, “Speaker, did you ever think that if we go on like this, then Mister would get angry at us? If Mister decides to give up on the Winged Pegasus Clan, then what kind of situation would we be in?”

When Speaker Fang heard this, he couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression changed. He was very clear about what would happen if Zhao Hai decides to give up on them. Even without the O’Neal family, the Winged Pegasus would still be in a terrible situation. After all, the Winged Pegasus wasn’t a very strong race. If Zhao Hai did leave them behind, then once the foreign races decides to do something to them, then the Winged Pegasus would have no way to fight back.

Don’t talk about the foreign races, even the O’Neal family outside was too strong for the Winged Pegasus Clan. They simply had no way to resist the magic armors. In this case, the only thing they could do was to follow Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s method might be overbearing, but one has to recognize that his intention was sincere. If they didn’t accept his goodwill, then that would be their problem.

Shan looked at Speaker Fang and knew that his thought had gone through. Shan said, “Speaker, what we need to do right now is to send our clan to the Space as soon as possible. But before we do that, we need to have our people feel gratitude towards Mister.”

Speaker Fang looked confused at Shan, “Why? Mister didn’t request our people to feel that way towards him. As long as our people enter the Space, then it would be fine.”

Shan coldly snorted and said, “Speaker, you’re being naive. Mister is intimate with the Thunder Clan as well as the Barbarians. This is because the remaining Thunder Clan members are close to Fei’er. Fei’er chose to go against his Patriarch and bring his people into the Space. At the same time, all of the Barbarians willingly entered the Space, which was something Mister wanted to see. Because of this, he would certainly look at the Barbarians in a positive light. On the other hand, what did the Winged Pegasus Clan do? Among the three clans, the one being the most arrogant towards Mister is us. Later on, we agreed to move towards the Space but we broke this promise. Let me ask you, if you were Mister, would you still forgive those guys? Does the Winged Pegasus Clan have any use for Mister? Is there any reason for Mister to save us?”

Speaker Fang didn’t make any noise. He knew that Shan was telling the truth. However, he still wanted to know why the people needed to be grateful towards Zhao Hai.

Shan took a deep breath before continuing, “Our people have already offended Mister. The two messages that Mister said could be taken as warnings. If our people keep offending him, then it wouldn’t be easy for us to ask him for help. But Mister is a person who heavily values sentiment. As long as our people feel grateful and respectful to Mister, he surely wouldn’t be cruel enough to overlook our distress. Also, Speaker, don’t forget, we will be entering Mister’s Space. If our people are still disrespectful, then Mister might destroy our clan. I’m afraid we need to change our people’s minds.”

As soon as Speaker Fang heard this, his expression truly changed. He was very clear about how true Shan’s words were. If things were just like how Shan said, then if their people don’t respect Zhao Hai, then even if they enter the Space, they would still be destroyed by Zhao Hai sooner or later.

After thinking about this, Speaker Fang let out a long breath as he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go according to what you say. How do you want to do it?”

Shan sneered and said, “Didn’t these people think they are strong? Didn’t they believe that Mister is deceiving them? Alright, then let’s have them taste the O’Neal family’s cannons. Perhaps they might regret their decisions in time. They will come to understand how much Mister has done for us.” Speaker Fang gawked when he heard this. But in the end he still nodded. He can understand Shan. It seems like Shan has decided to deal with those people who weren’t obedient.

Speaker Fang looked at Shan and said, “So what do we do next?”

Shan smiled faintly and asid, “Let’s turn the tables around. We’ll wait here. Aren’t they strong? I still remember what they said. I will learn from their actions. Since they decided to drag on, then I will also delay.”

Speaker Fang knit his brows and said, “But if we do that, a lot of people will die.”

Shan coldly snorted and said, “It’s a disaster that they brought onto themselves. To be honest, I’m tired of calling them my clansmen. I intended to help them since they are my people, but what did they do? When I needed their cooperation, where were they? I just want our people to be safe. If they aren’t taught a lesson, then they will never know what the real world is.”

Speaker Fang sighed. He didn’t say anything. He also knew the suffering that Shan experienced. To be honest, even his own heart was being suffocated. His clansmen really did go too far.

Shan looked at Speaker Fang and then turned his head and gave a command, “Come clean the room and bring a new table in.” Someone outside the door immediately responded. Then two people came in to clean the place as well as bring a new table. After which they promptly left.

These two people were Speaker Fang’s loyal subordinates. They were now the only ones that Shan can trust. Only these people were willing to work for Shan.

At this point, the clan had blocked Shan out completely. His clansmen wouldn’t listen to any of his words, nobody even came to talk to him. Moreover, their people didn’t even provide Shan with any living supplies. If not for the stockpiles in the mansion, Shan would have already starved.

Upon facing this situation, even if Shan was a well-tempered person, he would still be angered. His purpose was for the betterment of the clan, but they actually treated him in such a matter. How could Shan not be angry.

After the place has been tidied up, Shan suddenly turned to Speaker Fang and said, “Speaker, let’s go to the Space. I’m sure Fei’er and the others have been eating well. In the past few days, we’ve been eating quite poorly. We haven’t had proper sleep as well. I’ve almost turned mad by our clansmen. Now let’s see who has the right to be angry next time.”

Speaker Fang also wanted to relax. In any case, things have already developed to this point, doing anything else would be useless. Because of this, Speaker Fang quickly nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go. I hope Fei’er left some good wine for us. I have to say, Mister’s wines are very delicious.”

When Shan heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh. Then he took his command token out and waved his hand before entering the Space.

At this time, Fei’er was incomparably relaxed. The Space’s environment was fantastic. Even if you lie down at home all the time, nobody would stop you. As long as you find some food outside, you will never be hungry. Moreover, the Space had its own way of dealing with criminals. This caused the people inside to be free of worry.

Originally, Fei’er thought that nothing would change upon entering the Space. If he wanted to manage the clan, then he would still have to spend a lot of effort. However, he found that he was overthinking after entering the Space. The environment here was good, far from his imagination. It was precisely because of this environment that Fei’er’s life had gone smoothly. He suddenly found that managing the clan had become much easier.

Although Fei’er can’t taste the feeling of power now, it wasn’t important to him. What Fei’er wanted to see was his people living good lives like this. This kind of life was really good for his people.

Inside the Space, people wouldn’t have to be afraid of having ambition. In fact, having ambition was very good. If you want to live as an emperor, then you can as long as you exchange enough things to the churches. You can get anything that you want. There were even things that they haven’t seen or heard about before.

Fei’er’s life was very simple. He would cultivate everyday, then he would either collect food, research magic formations, study potions and so on. Everyday was spent in ease, but it was very fulfilling. Fei’er was very satisfied with this life.

The only sole worry that Fei’er had was Shan. Fei’er can understand Shan’s situation, so he couldn’t help but worry.

Fei’er thinks that Zhao Hai understood as well. Zhao Hai let the Thunder Clan into the Space when they were about to be killed off. Moreover, he kept his promise of not interfering. But with how the Winged Pegasus did things, what would Zhao Hai’s reaction be? Because of this, Fei’er felt nervous about Shan’s situation.


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