BTFTLIAW – Chapter 978


Chapter 978 – Start of the Attack

Pressuring people using brute force might be the stupidest method, but sometimes, it was the most effective approach. If one describes this method in just a few words, then it would be ‘If one’s sword is big enough, then one wouldn’t need to make a move!’

There was once a discussion with regards to ancient weaponry. There were a lot of weapons in the old times, and debates happened as to which one was the most powerful. However, it was an undeniable fact that heavy weapons were the most mighty! Take a mace for example, no matter what shield one uses to defend, the person behind it would still be broken upon meeting a heavy mace.

The O’Neal family was using this exact method. They were using the brute aura of their formidable military. They didn’t use any tactics for war, they were straight-up instilling pressure on the enemy. They wanted to make it known that they were unstoppable.

In face of absolute strength, schemes and tactics were no more than clown tricks. Naturally, the O’Neal family was clear about this point. This time, they showcased their enormous force in order to deal with the Winged Pegasus Clan.

Zhao Hai was looking at the monitor since he was still interested in what the O’Neal family wanted to do. At this time, Megan suddenly sighed and said, “I think I now understand why the O’Neal family didn’t pursue the undead upon seeing them. And why they are showing their huge firepower today.”

Zhao Hai was confused at what Megan said, so he asked, “Oh, why is that?”

Megan smiled faintly and said, “After thinking about it, it is because of you, Big Brother Hai. When you first met Axe, you didn’t tell him the real situation of the Ark Continent. Because of this, Axe always thought that there’s nothing wrong in the Ark Continent. Additionally, you told them that the continent’s strongest person was only 9th rank. This caused them to be certain on their invasion. But when they came to the Ark Continent, they discovered that the Ark Continent was already devoid of people. Then they found out about the Dark Mist as well as the Demon Realm. Since the Dark Mist is full of undead, they couldn’t just go in. And then, there is also nobody in the Demon Realm. Not to say friends, there weren’t any enemies to speak of. At this moment, they are very eager to find people to understand what happened in the Ark Continent. So when they discovered the Winged Pegasus, they couldn’t just let go of the opportunity.”

When Zhao Hai and the others heard what Megan said, they all nodded. They also thought that Megan was right. Megan looked at the group and continued, “Also, in the process of fighting the undead, the O’Neal family wasn’t able to gain any advantages. This greatly affected their morale. Therefore, they are badly thirsting for a taste of victory in order to increase the family’s morale. This time, they need to be successful in dealing with the Winged Pegasus, they are not allowed to fail.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That is very reasonable. But this is much better. Hahaha. I want to see the reaction of the Winged Pegasus when they see the O’Neal family’s attack.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “I reckon the O’Neal family would use the same tactic they used to enter the Taurus Continent. Their cannons would attack first before their war tanks and magic armors go in at the same time.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Although this method is too straightforward, but you have to recognize that this is the most suited method for the O’Neal family.”

The others nodded. At this time, the O’Neal family had already set-up the nearly thousand cannons that they brought. They didn’t hide anything as they postured outside the Winged Pegasus Clan’s spatial rift. Even those positioned in the spatial rift’s defensive line could see the actions made by the O’Neal family.

Despise, this was contempt shown towards the defenders. The Winged Pegasus defenders became angry. Before long, a team of ten thousand Winged Pegasus Cavalry rushed out from the defensive line and proceeded to attack the O’Neal family’s cannon positions.

There were a lot of soldiers in the defensive line who had seen the O’Neal family before. They were clear about how powerful these cannons were. So in this attack, besides teaching the O’Neal family a lesson, they wanted to destroy those cannons.

However, even if intentions were good, reality was cruel. To go against the small team of Winged Pegasus Cavalry, the O’Neal family sent 500 of their magic armors. These magic armors went straight towards the cavalry. The Winged Pegasus were surprised to see that the speed they were so proud of didn’t seem to be a problem for these huge metallic men.

The 500 magic armors were like 500 arrows that were fired towards the Winged Pegasus Cavalry. But since the Winged Pegasus Cavalry had rich battle experience, they immediately made a response. They began their counter-attack by taking out the blood lightning javelins that they acquired from Zhao Hai.

However, the cavalry still lacked experience when dealing with the magic armors. They still lacked the perfect timing. Just as they took their javelins out, the magic armors didn’t wait and immediately fired their bombs. The bombs directly hit the team of Winged Pegasus riders. Almost immediately, almost a thousand cavalry units were killed off. This shows how overbearing the bombs were.

Just as the Winged Pegasus were plunged in chaos, the magic armors rushed towards them. Energy beams shot out in succession. Every time an energy beam flashed, a Winged Pegasus would die.

The two actions made by the magic armor team took several thousand lives from the ten thousand unit troop. The Winged Pegasus army almost immediately collapsed.

At this time, it can be said that the Winged Pegasus soldiers had been lax. Shan and the others wanted the clan to move. However, those in higher position of the clan were afraid that Zhao Hai would clean them up. Therefore, the ordinary people were left with not knowing what to do.

However, it was clear that they were disobeying. They said that they would walk but they were actually going slow to the point of never moving. Moreover, the ongoing contradictions between Shan and the higher-ranked winged Pegasus caused the undercurrent of the clan to turn chaotic. This caused the army to be confused. In this case, how could the soldiers possible do their best in order to fight the enemy.

Because of their low fighting spirit, the army weren’t very willing to fight. Therefore, they could only wait to be slaughtered by the united O’Neal family army.

In the clash between the ten thousand Winged Pegasus and the 500 magic armors, the Winged Pegasus Clan suffered 7 thousand losses while the O’Neal family didn’t even lose one. This contrast was truly disproportionate.

After repelling the attack of the Winged Pegasus clan, the cannons have also finished being set-up. A thousand cannons were on standby, waiting for an order to fire.

And with Axe’s command, a thousand cannons howled as they fired their projectiles towards the Winged Pegasus clan’s defensive line.

A thousand cannons indiscriminately attacked the area in and around the defensive line. One could imagine how lethal the attack was. The entire defensive line of the Winged Pegasus was almost erased from the map.

The cannons didn’t just stop after one volley, instead they continued until they fired ten times. The Winged Pegasus Clan’s defensive line was cleared after the fifth volley. At this point, it was already impossible for the Winged Pegasus clan to resist.

After ten rounds of cannon fire, the defensive line of the Winged Pegasus clan had completely changed in appearance. The high walls have fallen and craters could be seen everywhere. Bodies of dead soldiers were strewn everywhere. Even those who were lucky enough to survive couldn’t help but stare at the battlefield with a dull look. They were completely terrified.

However, this wasn’t the end. The O’Neal family’s war tanks and magic armors proceeded to advance.

At this time, the mentally-weakened Winged Pegasus soldiers have already turned around and ran away. There were also those whose mind had completely collapsed. They began running around the battlefield. The scene was just like the end of the world.

Zhao Hai looked at the defensive line and sighed, “I didn’t think that it would be this quick. The Winged Pegasus retreated in less than three hours. Three hours, in that span of time, the defensive line was destroyed.”

Laura and the others sighed as well. In fact, this event made it clear to them how strong the O’Neal family really was. Such fighting strength was truly terrifying.

Zhao Hai turned his head and said, “Laura, report this matter to Shan. Meg, please make us some food, it’s time for lunch.”

Meg nodded before she turned around and went to the kitchen. On the other hand, Laura took out her messenger fish and told Shan about the defensive line’s situation. Upon hearing this, Shan was extremely shocked. If not for Zhao Hai being the one who said this, he wouldn’t have believed it.

It didn’t take a long time before the O’Neal family’s army seized the defensive line. They didn’t immediately advance towards the rift. Instead, they set up a defense and repaired the destroyed structures.

To be honest, Axe didn’t expect their operation to be this smooth. They didn’t think that the enemy would fall this quickly.

Although their attack towards the Taurus Continent also went smoothly, Axe understood that it was because their enemy gave up on the place. Therefore, that accomplishment could be said to be negligible.

But this time, the enemy even clashed with their army. There was a large number of enemies in the defensive line as well. However, this huge number of troops had actually been eliminated by them.

Axe was somewhat surprised regarding the Winged Pegasus clan. He didn’t expect these people to be weak! They were too weak!

They were able to fight some of the undead that they met before. Whether it was in attack or defense, these undead were much stronger than the Winged Pegasus Clan. Axe always thought that the Winged Pegasus had the same combat power as the undead. However, it turned out that the Winged Pegasus clan was much worse than the undead.

George stood next to Axe. He looked at the battlefield with an excited expression. He found that he was really lucky. He didn’t think that the attack would go this smoothly. Also, he didn’t even think that Axe would be heading today’s attack.

Although Axe was the O’Neal family’s Young Lord, he didn’t have any military achievements nor did he participate in previous wars. Because of this, his commanding skill wasn’t very good. Now that the O’Neal family had focused its efforts on this place, it’s understandable if the family didn’t assign Axe to lead the advance army. But who would’ve thought that the O’Neal Patriarch would actually appoint Axe as the chief commander of this battle. This exact decision made it possible for George to gain face in front of Axe.

Although George made a very good battle plan back during their initial entrance towards the Taurus Continent, that battle plan was ultimately rendered useless. Although this was still an important event to Axe, George thought that he could do better. He thought that if there were enemies at that time, then he would be able to decimate them all.

And in this attack, the plan that he did went very successfully. This was the reason why George was excited.

While George was indulging in his happiness, Axe suddenly said, “George, well done. Your battle plan is very effective. Good, very good.”

George quickly replied, “I thank the Young Lord for the praise. However, I don’t dare to take all of the credit. This subordinate’s accomplishment is all because of the Young Lord. If the Young Lord didn’t allow me, then i wouldn’t have been able to make the battle plan.”

Everybody liked to listen to flattery, especially someone as young as Axe. Because of this, upon hearing George, Axe couldn’t help but laugh. At the same time, he repeatedly patted George’s shoulders.

When Zhao Hai heard Axe and George’s dialog, he turned to Laura and said, “This George is truly talented. He has the making of a good official.”

Laura smiled and said, “I wonder how they would react if they know that everything is because of Brother Hai’s arrangements.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “I believe their expressions would be splendid. Right, Cai’er, those Warriors we met in the O’Neal family’s territory, did you pay attention to them? What are they doing now? If there are any troubles in the O’Neal family’s backyard, then I think we should help them to deal with it. After all, having these free workers is very good.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others chuckled. Cai’er also smiled and said, “Young Master, rest assured. As long as the Young Master needs it, I can get the recordings over the last few days and have it analyzed.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Forget it, let’s leave them be for now. The O’Neal family didn’t become a superpower of the Magic Armor continent by being easily dealt with. We don’t have to worry about them in the meantime.”


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