BTFTLIAW – Chapter 975


Chapter 975 – Charles!

Laura frowned as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, if this is the case, then we can only ascend in the Divine Realm or in the Atlanta Plane.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s still early for us to ascend, so there’s no need to worry about that. We’ll take a look at the Ascension magic armors of the Atlanta Plane first. If it exists, then that would be good. But if it doesn’t, then we could only ascend in the Divine Realm. To be honest, I’d rather ascend in the Divine Realm and meet Lu Wei rather than ascending in the Underworld.”

Laura nodded, “The Underworld is full of dark energy. I believe the person who manages it isn’t good. Brother Hai’s decision is correct.”

Zhao Hai added, “I agreed to helping Kampala and the others because I want to learn more about the Cultivation Realm. So there’s no need to worry about it.”

At this time, the Lich who were taken by Zhao Hai to the Space had arrived. When Zhao Hai went back to the Space, he immediately told Rockhead to call the Lich over.

The Lich quickly arrived, they didn’t waste any time as the group bowed to Zhao Hai. Then their head Lich said, “We’ve seen the Young Master. May I ask what the Young Master needs? If there’s no problem, then we ask the Young Master to send us back to Wild Dragon Island. We still need to study magic formations.”

When Zhao Hai heard the Lich, he smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need focus too much on studying magic formations. I called you over today because an old friend wants to see you. His name is Kampala and he’s outside. When you meet him, tell him about your situation inside the Space.”

The old Lich stared for a moment before he nodded and said, “So it is Kampala. He’s a Lich that is always going against the Dark Temple. He’s very strong and quite knowledgeable. It would be a great thing if he can join us in researching magic formations.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly as he replied, “That would be good, but there’s no need to think about magic formations all the time. Go out and see Kampala’s group with me.” Then he waved his hand as he took the Lich outside.

Kampala was anxiously waiting for Zhao Hai to return. They weren’t afraid of the passage of time before, but now that they were waiting for something significant to their future, they couldn’t help but be nervous.

As undead, Kampala and the others never knew the definition of anxiety. But now, they became acquainted to the feeling. However, they had no way of finding Zhao Hai nor could they urge him to hurry up. They could only wait with anxiety.

It was at this time that Zhao Hai came back. Along with him were the Lich group that he had taken in before.

When Kampala saw these Lich, he quickly went forward with happiness as he greeted the old Lich, “Charles, you really did come out to see me!”

The Charles that Kampala called out was the head of the Lich group. Zhao Hai didn’t bother Charles and Kampala, he just let them be as he stood on the side.

Charles looked at Kampala and said, “Kampala, what matters do you need to see this fellow? Is there a problem that really needs my help? Really, I don’t want to talk nonsense. The Young Master taking you back is your blessing. And if you go, you can still see me. Do you know how busy I am right now? I’ve already cracked half of a magic formation, and now I’ve been interrupted by you.”

Then Charles turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, please take me back. I’ve almost cracked a magic formation, I really couldn’t leave for long. If this fellow doesn’t enter the Space, then leave him here to die. Young Master, I really need to go back now.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile as he looked awkwardly at Kampala. Then he turned to Charles and said, “Alright Charles, you need to have a chat with Kampala. Really, if he didn’t call your name, then I wouldn’t have known.”

Charles gave an embarrassed smile before replying, “Young Master, that isn’t strange. Even I’ve gone close to forgetting my name. Besides Kampala, no other person calls me by my name.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, you two are old friends, so you need to have a  good chat. I wouldn’t disturb you anymore. Right, take this. You should know how to use it. You entertain Kampala and the others. I don’t know how to entertain them.”

Charles looked at the thing that Zhao Hai handed over, it was a command token. Naturally, Charles knew what this token did, so he quickly bowed and said, “Thank you Young Master.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly before his body vanished.

When Zhao Hai vanished, Kampala immediately looked at Charles and said, “Charles, what are you doing? For your Young Master, you just ignored our countless years of friendship?”

Charles looked at Kampala and said, “Kampala, let me say something for you. What kind of days have you been experiencing in the Underworld? I’m sure you know it yourself. The Young Master taking you in would be a blessing for you. Sigh, I have a lot of things to do. And now you disturb my magic formation research.’

Kampala could see that Charles wasn’t lying, however, he still couldn’t help but be shocked as he said, “Charles, your Young Master has left. So there’s no need to go on with this attitude. Why do you need to speak in that tone?”

Charles looked at Kampala, then he suddenly laughed and said, “Kampala, do you think that the Young Master told me to talk like this? No, you’re mistaken, a huge mistake. The Young Master has given us absolute freedom and didn’t control us. He just let us help him in studying magic formations. You wouldn’t imagine how profound the world of magic formations are. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, then you wouldn’t believe me. There are a lot of things that magic formations could do in order to improve our world.”

Kampala looked at Charles as though he saw a monster. He said, “Charles, do you remember the time where we first met?”

When Charles heard this, he couldn’t help but stare. He knit his brows as he asked, “Kampala, are you unwell? Why would you ask me this?”

Kampala’s expression turned cold as he asserted, “Just answer my question.”

Charles looked at Kampala’s face, then his expression couldn’t help but change. His face sank as he said to Kampala, “Are you suspecting me? Good, good. You’re an idiot. You actually doubted my ability? Compared to me, you’re just an idiot, a full-on idiot.”

After hearing the curses coming from Charles’ mouth, Kampala’s expression eased up. Then he looked at Charles and said, “So it is really you. But what is going on with you?”

Charles replied, “What did you say? Are you stupid? Our Lich race is the most spiritually gifted race. You actually suspected me of being controlled? You’re being an idiot. Right, what did you tell the Young Master? Did the Young Master agree to let you into the Space?”

Kampala looked at Charles, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry at his words. Then he said, “Don’t joke with me, Charles. Do you really think I’d go into the Space? I just wanted to work with Zhao Hai. He will give us shelter and we help him do things. We are equal.”

When Charles heard Kampala, his expression changed, “You idiot! Did you really say that to the Young Master?”

Upon seeing the drastic change in Charles’ expression, Kampala asked, “Is there something wrong? We’ll treat each other as equals, I don’t want to be his slave.”

Charles clenched his teeth as he scolded, “You utter fool. Do you really think that you’re smart, that you know everything? Do you know the Young Master’s strength? Do you really think that the Young Master was going all out when dealing with Guli? You’re too naive. Let me tell you. Not only did the Young Master conquer the Ark Continent, but he also took the Demon Realm in. At the same time, he eradicated the Divine Race, a race that is similar or even stronger than the Demons. That ship that you saw before was an item from the Cultivation World that the Young Master has snatched from a cultivator. The one in charge of the Underworld’s Dark Temple is also a Cultivator. When the Young Master fought with Guli last time, he didn’t even use a tenth of his power. This is because using more power would push the limits of the plane, causing the Young Master to ascend. And he didn’t want to leave this place in the meantime.”

The reason why Charles knew about this was because he was told by Zhao Hai. And through his mouth, Zhao Hai would be able to express his strength to Kampala and the others, making them feel how powerful Zhao Hai was.

Zhao Hai was very clear that although Kampala said that the previous Underworld was calm, all of those times had long passed. After many years of fighting, Kampala and the others had already bathed themselves in the spirit of battle.

Regarding these types of undead, winning them over by pure discourse was the incorrect way. The only method was to make them respect your strength, only then could they submit.

Sure enough, upon listening to Charles, Kampala’s brows furrowed. Naturally, he doubted Charles, he didn’t believe that Zhao Hai would be that strong.

At this time, Jiang Zhen suddenly said, “Charles, we’re old friends and you have saved us in the past. However, I just cannot believe what you are saying. It seems like Zhao Hai is casually using his own strength, isn’t he afraid of ascending?”

Charles turned to Jiang Zhen and said, “Don’t get too close to me, smelly zombie. I just lazily saved you in order to give Kampala face. You’re underestimating the Young Master. You don’t know, but the Young Master just underwent a huge battle and had conquered the entire Divine Realm. After doing that, he managed to gain a secret technique. This technique can compress the energy inside one’s body. At this time, the energy inside the Young Master’s body is a tenth of what it was before. But even so, his energy’s purity has been improved by ten times. A plane’s rules on ascending pertains to the quantity of energy and doesn’t take into account how pure the energy is. Because of this, the Young Master is no longer worried about suddenly being pushed out and ascending. However, even if he fought you right now, he still wouldn’t need to exert his full force in order to defeat you. At this point, I’m afraid that even the Young Master’s undead would be able to take care of you. There’s no need for him to make a move.”

The reason why Charles spoke to Jiang Zheng was because he knew that Jiang Zheng was also testing him.

When Kampala saw how highly Charles thought about Zhao Hai, he frowned as he asked, “Zhao Hai shouldn’t be that strong. You say he also has an undead army? We also have undead subordinates. Why would we be afraid of him?”

Charles stared upon hearing this, then he laughed and said, “Kampala, I really don’t want to belittle you. But how much undead do you have right now? And how strong are they? If you have truly strong undead, then you wouldn’t have asked Young Master for help.”

Kampala gawked, then his face changed as he snorted and said, “I should have enough to deal with Zhao Hai.”

Charles couldn’t help but laugh louder as he replied, “You really aren’t willing to give up. Let me tell you for your own good. The Young Master has undead surpassing 1 billion. Moreover, each of their strength surpasses a gold skeleton. I couldn’t even calculate how strong all of them are. Now, are you still confident?”

Kampala, Guli, and Jiang Zheng gawked upon hearing Charles. Their expressions failed to mask their disbelief, then Kampala said, “You’re saying that Zhao Hai has more than 1 billion undead? How is that possible?”

Charles sneered and said, “Why would that be impossible? You’re looking at Young Master as though he’s an ordinary person, this in itself is incorrect.”

The three stayed silent, they were now beginning to believe Charles. After seeing their expressions, Charles smiled faintly and said, “I’ll lead you to a place. There, you will understand everything.” Then he took the command token out and stroke it gently. Before long, a spatial rift appeared by his side.