BTFTLIAW – Chapter 972


Chapter 972 – Can the Underworld Cooperate?

Shan and Fang’s expression were somewhat ugly. They didn’t want to deal with their clansmen using this method. Zhao Hai saw their reaction and couldn’t help but feel disappointed. They were too indecisive, failing to forgo the right thing over a small sacrifice. The most important matter was survival! Shan and Fang were thinking in the mindset of a hero. Not to say being a hero, they didn’t even have the strength to be one.

Yes, Zhao Hai’s plan would kill people. But don’t forget that these people died in order to save a lot more people.

Shan clearly knew this, yet they were still hesitating. Up until this time, they still wanted to bring all of their people into the Space. Who knows if it was because of their naivety, or were they just being stupid.

Zhao Hai shook his head and sighed. Then he looked at Shan and said, “Shan, if given the opportunity, would you kill one person in order to save ten thousand?”

Shan started when he heard this. He himself wasn’t an indecisive person, he even had Zhao Hai kill Yifei before. But these days, his people were not cooperating with him, he was not trusted and was even loathed. This caused him to be mentally affected. Because of this, he wanted to prove himself and bring all of his people into the Space.

It’s possible that Shan didn’t discover this point and was just a subconscious action. Because of this, Shan held some resistance towards Fei’er’s words.

But now that he heard Zhao Hai, he was startled, it seems like he was awakened. Zhao Hai looked at Shan and smiled, “Shan. Don’t forget about your goal. If you hesitate, more people would die. If you don’t agree to the plan, then that’s also fine. I happen to be close to finishing my matters before I ascend. Once I leave, I won’t have any relationship with the Divine Realm anymore.”

Shan stood up, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister can rest assured, I know what I should do. I ask Mister to forgive me for my previous actions. I’ve been lacking in my management.”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “Shan, you, Fei’er and Ding are the people I like the most in your three clans. The future of your tribes will be handed to the three of you. Let me tell you the truth, there are races other than your clans that I also need to take care of. When I encounter something later on, I won’t have any time to spare for you. I’m not worried about Fei’er, his people have more or less settled themselves. There won’t be any problems for them in the future. At the same time, Ding’s people are doing well. After all, everybody moved in. Even their Patriarch agreed. What I’m most worried about is the Winged Pegasus Clan. They seem to have some dislike towards me. If you can’t manage them, then they would be a potential danger. I don’t want such danger inside my Space. Do you understand?”

Shan bowed and said, “I understand. Mister, feel relieved, I’m clear about what I need to do.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Speaker Fang and said, “Speaker Fang, you’re a great elder of the Winged Pegasus Race. You’re a high-ranking official. And sometimes, you need to be imposing in order to suppress those who disobey you. At this time, Shan’s prestige is still insufficient. He would need your help to manage the future development of the Winged Pegasus Race.”

Speaker Fang stood up, his face showing his guilt as he said, “I’ve been unfair to Mister. I apologize for disappointing you.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s not too late to change. You go back and prepare.”

Shan and Speaker Fang nodded. Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent them back. After the two were sent off, Zhao Hai turned to Fei’er and Ding and said, “Fei’er, Ding, you need to settle your people as soon as possible. Have you seen the churches? You can exchange for things you need there. I’m currently not in the Divine Realm. I went to the Atlanta Plane to see the O’Neal family’s territory. Therefore, I won’t have much time to go see you inside the Space. It is up to you to take care of your people.”

When Fei’er and Ding heard Zhao Hai, they paused for a moment before they said, “Mister, rest assured. There won’t be any problems.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then said, “You won’t suffer any problems in the Space. Here, your lives would only get better and better. Alright, I’ve already told you everything you need to know. I won’t be coming to the Space often so you have to solve your problems on your own. I won’t care about how you handle things from now on.”

Upon hearing this, Fei’er and Ding’s hearts couldn’t help but be moved. They understand that Zhao Hai just gave them his stance. He will not meddle with their clan and would just let them develop on their own.

In the past, Fei’er and the others were worried upon entering the Space. This place was purely Zhao Hai’s domain. If Zhao Hai wanted to do something to them, then they simply won’t have the opportunity to resist.

Zhao Hai drank a few more cups of wine with the two before sending them off. After his visitors left, Zhao Hai returned to his villa where Laura and the others were already waiting for him.

Zhao Hai turned to look at the monitor. The image currently projected was from the O’Neal family’s magic armor troops. They’ve already discovered the rift to the Winged Pegasus Clan.

There were garrison troops stationed on the rift. These troops were reinstated after the nine Supreme Elders retreated. The Winged Pegasus Clan being unwilling to enter the Space was precisely because the nine Supreme Elders already went away.

When the O’Neal family’s people discovered the Winged Pegasus, they didn’t immediately approach. For the O’Neal family, this was a huge discovery. They knew that the family was looking for a large army. Now they had found one.

Most importantly, there was a spatial rift here. The magic armor pilots knew what this meant to the O’Neal family. They even started to suspect that their God was giving special care towards the O’Neal family.

After making their discovery, the O’Neal family’s troops retreated. When he saw their reaction, Zhao Hai slightly smiled. Then he turned to Laura and said, “The O’Neal family is really careful, but this care is the right move. I’m afraid the Winged Pegasus would be faced with huge troubles.”

Laura nodded, “Right, the Winged Pegasus will have huge problems. When we deal with their problem later on, we can proceed to our next plan.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Right, when we solve the Winged Pegasus, we shall proceed to lure the O’Neal family over to the foreign races. Hahaha. To be honest, the O’Neal family is too pitiful. They’re actually doing free labor for us.”

Laura and the others chuckled. At this time, Cai’er suddenly appeared and told Zhao Hai, “Young Master, something is happening to the Underworld’s Dark Mist.”

Zhao Hai quickly changed the monitor to show the dark mist. The moment the image changed, Zhao Hai and the others immediately saw the Underworld’s dark mist violently tumbling. It looked like an angry devil as it whistled and rumbled.

Zhao Hai frowned when he saw the dark mist. He didn’t know what was happening but he knew that this wouldn’t happen for no reason. There should be a reason for this development.

Before long, the answer to Zhao Hai’s question appeared. A team of skeleton soldiers came out along with a bone carriage. Zhao Hai felt relief when he saw this. He knew this group, he had fought with them before.

But then, Zhao Hai became shocked. Behind this team of skeletons was another group.

This new group looked somewhat special. These people were all zombies with thin bodies and pale bones. Their long nails and sharp fangs showed their status.

Just like the skeletons, this group of zombies were also accompanied by a carriage. However, this carriage was actually a zombie carriage. What pulled it were zombies while the carriage itself seemed to be a huge zombie head, complete with its sharp fangs.

The body of the carriage was black, probably made with some unknown beast’s skin. It looked like it wasn’t heavy. It also glowed a green light. When Zhao Hai saw this carriage, his first feeling was that this carriage was made out of corpse skin. This thought scared him a little.

And then, another group of people were trailing behind the zombies. Upon seeing the third group, Zhao Hai immediately thought of the Lich race!

Zhao Hai thought of them because they looked the same as the legendary Lich clan. They seem to have no physical body, they just floated as dark mists. Occasionally, one could see a hand coming out.

In the middle of these Lich was an especially large dark mist. This mist wasn’t smaller than the carriages of the skeletons and the zombies. It seems like this was where the Lich King was.

Zhao Hai frowned when he looked at these three groups. Lich, zombies, and skeletons were the most famous types of undead. However, why would they appear here? What do they want to do?

At this time, the three groups stopped. Then the Skeleton King as well as the Zombie King walked out from the their carriages. The Zombie King was a huge zombie. His height was about two meters, his skin was golden yellow. His muscles were visibly withered, akin to a rotten branch. He had big red eyeballs, 20 centimeter fangs and even longer 50 centimeter nails.

From the lich group, the huge dark mist seem to distort space before it turned into a person wearing a magic robe. In the person’s hand was a book. He had white hair as well as a very neat beard. If one looks at his upper part, then one could see a great literary elder. Unfortunately, his lower body showed his identity. His body didn’t continue on, it was just dark mist.

After the three had come out, the Skeleton King suddenly opened his huge mouth and screamed. Zhao Hai was sure that there wasn’t any sound being heard. Instead, the scream contained spiritual energy and spread all throughout the area.

The Zombie King also did the same and opened its mouth and roared. It was a horrific scream that drilled into the mind of a person.

Those who were looking at the screen were able to hear this roar. Zhao Hai felt uncomfortable while Laura and the others covered their ears. At the back of the undead group, the Lich King knitted his brows.

A moment after the two undead roared, the Lich King said, “Old Bones, Big Tooth, can you not scream? You might not notice, but your voices are too loud and ugly, it’ll scare people. If we want to see civilized people, then we should use civilized means.”

After he said this, the Lich King looked at his surroundings and suddenly said, “Is the Expert who fought the Skeleton King here? If you can hear me, please come out to see us. Rest assured, we came here with no evil intentions.”

Zhao Hai’s group was astonished at what the Lich said. Zhao Hai didn’t expect the Lich to be like this, he couldn’t help but feel strange. And the strangest thing about this was the Lich talked just like Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and said, “Laura, why does this Lich talk a bit like me?”

As soon as Laura and the others heard Zhao Hai, they thought about the Lich’s manner and chuckled. The politeness of this Lich was indeed like Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head as he said, “I didn’t expect a Lich to have the same temperament as me. Hehe, I’ll go see why they want to meet me.” Then Zhao Hai’s figure moved and appeared in front of the three groups.

Naturally, the Lich didn’t expect Zhao Hai to come out just as he talked. The Lich gawked before he gave Zhao Hai a slight bow, “Lich Kampala has seen Mister.”

Zhao Hai also gave a small bow and said, “I’ve seem Mister Kampala as well as the other two Kings. I was careless last time and wasn’t able to introduce myself, I am Zhao Hai.”

The Skeleton King looked at Zhao Hai, then using his spiritual force he said, “Guli!”

The Zombie King also turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Jiang Zheng!” His voice was somewhat hoarse. It seems like every word took him extreme effort to dictate.

Zhao Hai slightly bowed once more and said, “May I know why you came looking for me? I shouldn’t have anything to do with you. Although I sparred with Mister Guli last time, that was just a matter of learning.”

Lich Kampala looked at Zhao Hai and smiled faintly, “We came looking for Mister in order establish a cooperation.”

When Zhao Hai heard Kampala, he couldn’t help but stare. He looked at the three and asked, “Cooperation? What could I do to cooperate with you?”


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