BTFTLIAW – Chapter 971


Chapter 971 – Making a Mistake

After waiting for Bluewell to leave, Zhao Hai turned his head to the manager and said that he had some gold bricks to deposit.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the manager immediately said, “Mister, please come with me.” After that, Zhao Hai went along with the manager.

When Zhao Hai arrived inside the room, he discovered that it was the same as the one in the previous city. It seems like all Magic Armor Banks have similar rooms like this.

Zhao Hai proceeded to put 20 million gold coins worth of gold bricks into the formation. The manager also confirmed that they were worth 20 million. After having the value deposited into his ID card, Zhao Hai proceeded to leave.

After returning to the hotel, Laura said, “Brother Hai, are you really sure about giving Bluewell 5 million gold coins in order to open a factory?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Why not? In any case, we would recoup the money sooner or later. Also, opening this factory would only give us benefits right? And before, we made a huge mistake, it is time for us to correct it.”

When Laura and the others heard this, they couldn’t help but stare. Laura looked at Zhao Hai with a puzzled expression as she asked, “Brother Hai, what mistake?”

Zhao Hai replied, “We made a serious mistake. We thought that after we ascend, it would be impossible for us to return here. However, that only applies to ordinary cultivators. On the other hand, we have the Space. Even if we cannot return, what about the races that are under us? Couldn’t they just return to this place? Is there no material here that the Upper Realm need?”

As soon as Laura and the others heard this, they were immediately surprised. Then their faces seem to show their enlightenment. Indeed, just like Zhao Hai said, they made a mistake.

People from the Cultivation Realm couldn’t return to the lower realms because they were affected by the laws of the heaven and the earth. But to Zhao Hai, this simply wasn’t an issue. It can be said that the Space itself wasn’t something that the heavens can affect. Therefore, after Zhao Hai ascends, as long as they still had the Space’s map, they could return at any time.

Whether it was the Ark Continent, Demon Realm, Divine Realm, or the Atlanta Plane, all of them had good things present. Most importantly, these things would belong to Zhao Hai alone.

In these places, not to say about anything else, how much gold do they have? With more gold, Zhao Hai’s Space could do more things. How much influence could this get in the Cultivation Realm? How much influence would Zhao Hai have? There was no need to express it.

Laura and the others took a deep breath. Then Laura turned to Zhao hai and said, “So what Brother Hai is saying is, the factory would be a preparation for the future?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The situation with the Magic Armor Continent is special, the Atlanta Plane is special as well. If this lower plane has some way of blocking the underworld, then our 5 million gold coins would be a chess piece that we leave behind. For us, this only brings advantages.”

Laura nodded, “That is indeed a good way to use 5 million. On the contrary, I think it’s too cheap. I don’t know what kind of person this Bluewell is, I hope that he doesn’t betray us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “He wouldn’t dare. He is only an ordinary person of the Atlanta Plane. He might be intelligent, he might be good at business. However, in the face of absolute strength, all of those cleverness would be a joke. If he dared to play with me, then I could easily kill him.”

Laura also nodded. Just like what Zhao Hai said, not to say about Bluewell, Zhao Hai wasn’t even afraid of the O’Neal family. If Bluewell dared to betray Zhao Hai, then his life would be gone in a blink of an eye.

Zhao Hai looked at the ladies and said, “The Divines have been destroyed by us. It looks like the foreign races wouldn’t join us. And now we’ve left a seed in the Atlanta Plane. Things here have almost been taken care of. Now we’ll go to the underworld. Before, I didn’t dare to go all out against the Skeleton King. But now it’s different. My strength is still the same as before yet am no longer suppressed. We’ll go to the Underworld and see if we can leave something behind there.”

Laura nodded and said, “Indeed. The Underworld is too mysterious. That Skeleton King looks like he isn’t at the apex of the Underworld. Brother Hai, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I also feel the same. This is the reason why I’m very interested with the Underworld. As long as we get the Ascension magic armor of the Atlanta Plane, then there’s nothing else we need. At that time, we can go to the Underworld and see what it looks like.”

Laura nodded, then she said, “We also need to pay attention to the Winged Pegasus Clan’s situation. The O’Neal family would discover them by tomorrow. When that time comes, another war would start.”

Zhao Hai thought about it and said, “Alright, let’s call Shan over to the Space.”

When Laura heard this, she chuckled slightly before she turned away to manage things.

Shan has been unhappy in the past few days. His people weren’t cooperating with him. Although they had reached an agreement to enter the Space, the Winged Pegasus were always looking for reasons to drag on. Those who did this the most were the Elder and senior members of the clan. These people disobeyed Speaker Fang, not to say about Shan. Everytime he faced those people, Shan couldn’t help but get furious.

However, Shan didn’t want Zhao Hai to come and handle the matter. He knew that if he called Zhao Hai over, then it’s possible that Zhao Hai would be disappointed and may never involve himself with the Winged Pegasus anymore. For the Winged Pegasus, this would surely be a huge disaster.

Although he was very disappointed with his people, Shan endured for his race. He still had hope for his clansmen.

What made Shan feel depressed was the fact that nobody cared about his efforts. And instead of being grateful, his clansmen even disliked him. It would be impossible for Shan to be happy in this situation.

Shan’s situation now was similar to the time before Zhao Hai killed Yifei. It seems like Zhao Hai killing Yifei caused the Winged Pegasus to resist more. The Winged Pegasus opposed Shan in every decision he made. Even Speaker Fang didn’t enter these people’s eyes, much less Shan.

This day, Shan was inside Speaker Fang’s room, discussing how to solve their clan’s matters. It has been a few days since Zhao Hai left the Winged Pegasus territory, yet there were no movements from their part. The two were getting more and more anxious, but they weren’t strong enough.

At this time, Shan suddenly felt his messenger fish acting up. Shan’s expression changed, he looked at Speaker Fang and forced a smile, “Mister is looking for me. It seems like he’s been discontented with our progress.”

Speaker Fang stared before he smiled bitterly. To be honest, he was also discontented at their current state. In these few days, less than 100 households managed to enter the Space. These households were people who had good relationships with the two of them. As for the others, they simply weren’t willing to move.

Shan took his messenger fish and heard Zhao Hai’s voice, “Shan, Speaker Fang, please go to the Space, I have something to tell you two.”

Shan looked at Speaker Fang, then he took his command token out as the two entered the Space. Upon entering, they discovered that they were standing inside a huge lotus. The two couldn’t help but gawk, but they soon recovered when they saw Fei’er and Ding.

After seeing the two, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Come here and take a seat.” After giving a salute, Shan and Fang walked towards the room where Zhao Hai was.

This wasn’t Zhao Hai’s room inside the ship, instead it was the ship’s reception room. Zhao Hai had some small dishes prepared as well as some bottles of liquor. After the group had a sip of their wine, Zhao Hai turned to Shan and smiled, “How are things going? Are you having hard times recently?”

Shan looked embarrassed at Zhao Hai, he didn’t know how to respond. They certainly weren’t having a good time. Zhao Hai looked at Shan’s expression and faintly smiled, “Don’t worry much about it, I don’t blame you. When I killed Yifei, I’ve already expected this to happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I asked you here today because I have something to tell you. In about two days, the O’Neal family’s scouts would discover the entrance to the Winged Pegasus Clan’s Plane.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Shan and Speaker Fang’s expression changed. The two stared at Zhao Hai while Zhao Hai returned their gaze.

Suddenly, Fei’er clapped hard as he said, “Shan, this is good news. You can use this opportunity to compel your people to enter the Space. They didn’t want to enter the Space because they think Mister is lying about the magic armors. Now that the magic armors are coming, those people would know that they’re real. When the time comes, they won’t oppose to moving to the Space. However, things wouldn’t be easy in the beginning. Your people would surely try to face the magic armor. Only after knowing the strength of the magic armors would they be willing to follow your words. You need to be mentally prepared.”


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