BTFTLIAW – Chapter 968


  Chapter 968 – Meeting Warriors At Night

When Zhao Hai left the shop, he was already inside his recreational vehicle. Zhao Hai already learned how to drive back on Earth, and driving in the Atlanta Plane was much easier. This was because; One, the roads here were very wide. Two, because the cars were equipped with automatic transmission. And third, because almost all cars had an anti-collision formation installed. As long as one uses this formation, one wouldn’t need to worry about accidents. Of course, one can choose to turn this formation off.

Naturally, Zhao Hai had this formation installed in his RV. Moreover, he had modifications made on the RV in order to make it more comfortable. And with eight sports cars in the parking compartments, Zhao Hai spent more than 1 million gold coins in total.

This purchase also made Zhao Hai realize the buying power of gold coins in the Atlanta Plane. Gold coins seem to be worth a lot.

Zhao Hai drove back towards the hotel and checked out of their room before proceeding to drive off the city. He already bought a car and deposited a huge amount of money in the bank. This might cause unnecessary attention to be placed on their group. Since Zhao Hai didn’t want any complications to occur, he decided to head off to other places.

When they went out of the city, Zhao Hai released the O’neal family pilot and then had him drive the RV. Zhao Hai already bought a map before leaving, and their next destination was the neighboring city..

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t immediately enter the Space after leaving the city. They still wanted to understand the Atlanta Plane better. The roads of the Atlanta Plane were very well maintained and were very wide. Each road could allow four vehicles like their RV to go side by side.

In the beginning, Zhao Hai didn’t understand why the roads outside the city were this wide. But later on, he got the reason from the magic armor pilot. The roads were wide so that war tanks would be able to easily make use of it.

Although Zhao Hai’s RV was very big, it still wasn’t as wide as a war tank. The roads could allow two war tanks to go side by side at most. Three would be pushing it.

Zhao Hai and the others looked at the scenery they passed by and saw that it was very good. Both sides of the roads were protected forests. Later on, they came to understand that the environment inside the Atlanta Plane was very nice. There were forests and meadows everywhere, it was quite rich in nature.

Before long, the days passed by and darkness came. Zhao Hai had the RV stop as they prepared for the night.

It wasn’t that Zhao Hai didn’t want to go to the Space to rest. Instead, Laura and the others wanted to use the RV to experience what its like to stay inside a vehicle. Naturally, Zhao Hai agreed.

Meg made their dinner in the RV’s kitchen. After finishing their meal, they went to the rooftop to look at the stars before going to their rooms to sleep.

There was no need to mention how comfortable the rooms inside the RV were. Zhao Hai was sleeping with Meg tonight. The two didn’t do anything and just slept side by side.

When midnight came, Zhao Hai was suddenly woken up. This was because he felt some people in the proximity approaching them in a fast speed. Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he got up and moved Laura and the others to the Space. He also entered the Space and looked at the monitor.

Zhao Hai saw how fast these people were approaching. Moreover, these people weren’t using magic armors. Their movement was like what warriors back in the Ark Continent did.

Zhao Hai noted at this point that the O’Neal family, as well as the rest of Magic Armor Continent,  didn’t allow warriors nor mages in their territory. They had a hostile relationship with warriors and mages. If these two people were spotted in the Magic Armor Continent, then they wouldn’t have a good time.

Not long after Zhao Hai entered the Space, several warriors appeared right outside the parked RV. When the warriors saw the vehicle, they immediately surrounded it. They carefully looked at the car before one of them sighed and said, “This is quite a good vehicle. Leader, what do we do?” These warriors were wearing black clothing and had their swords strapped to their backs. Black cloths were covering their faces with only their eyes showing.

Another warrior in their group answered, “Don’t cause any incidents. Don’t forget our goal. Let’s go.” The warriors nodded. After sparing one last envious glance at the RV, the warriors proceeded to leave.

Zhao Hai counted the warriors. Altogether, there were ten of them. They were very fast, they should have about the same strength as the Ark Continent’s seven or eight ranked warriors.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he couldn’t help but stare. With the strength that these people possessed, it was impossible for them to exist here in the Magic Armor Continent. What did they come here for?

Fortunately, the group of warriors went along the road, so Zhao Hai was able to pay attention to their actions. Before long, the group entered the city that Zhao Hai came from. In the Magic Armor Continent, cities didn’t have any walls. This allowed the warriors to enter the settlement very easily.

After entering the city, the group immediately proceeded to go about undetected before entering a house. The residents of the house seem to be expecting their arrival. They immediately let the warriors in before closing the door.

At this moment, Zhao Hai was paying attention to the warrior group. It can be said that Zhao Hai was a careful person. Before leaving the city, he took the time to explore the entire city just enough so that the Space could map the entirety of it. Now, he could see the actions of those people using the monitor.

After the group entered the house, they immediately took their hoods off. When the owner of the house saw them, he handed them a document and said, “Good, you came on time. These are your ID Cards and the address of the place where you’ll be staying. Remember your mission. Make sure to understand what the O’Neal family has been doing lately.”

The leader of the warrior group took the document and gave it a quick scan. Then he nodded and said, “You can rest assured.” Then he led the warriors to leave the room.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai didn’t have any interest to listen. Then Zhao Hai let out a long breath. This was an internal affair of the Magic Armor Continent, it didn’t have any relationship to him.

As for the status of these warriors, Zhao Hai didn’t need to look it up in order to guess. They were certainly assassins from a Great Family in the Magic Armor Continent. Although it can be said that this was a continent for magic armors, there were certain matters that magic armors couldn’t handle but these assassins could. Because of this, it wouldn’t be strange for Great Families to train warriors in order to serve their goals.

It was at this moment where a scream suddenly came from a room.

Laura and the others opened their doors and walked out with their night robes still on. When they saw Zhao Hai on the living room looking at the monitor, they couldn’t help but gawk. Zhao Hai looked at the women and smiled faintly, “It’s fine, everything’s alright. Go back to sleep. There was a group of warriors approaching the RV earlier. I didn’t know what they intend to do, so I took it upon myself to move you into the Space. Everything’s fine now.”

There was still a hint of fear lingering in the minds of the ladies. They went to Zhao Hai’s side before Laura asked, “Brother Hai, what happened? Why are there warriors in the Magic Armor Continent?”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “Don’t worry, it’s fine. It’s possible that those warriors are assassins from a Great Family in the Magic Armor Continent. It seems like the recent actions of the O’Neal family had been brought to the attention of these Families. Therefore, they sent people to look into what the O’Neal family was doing.”

After hearing Zhao Hai, Laura and the others quickly relaxed. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Alright, go back to sleep.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as the group returned to their rooms in the RV.

Laura and the others looked at where they were, then they proceeded to go back to sleep. They were experienced people as well. Therefore, although what happened managed frighten them, they were able to quickly recover.

The next day, Laura and the others regained their usual vigor. After having eaten their breakfast, they proceeded to depart.

Zhao Hai sat on the roof of the vehicle as he looked at the great scenery. Laura, who sat beside Zhao Hai, suddenly turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, in about three hours, we’ll arrive at the city. According to the map, the city should be called Yanking City. We should be able to buy things there.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Now we need to buy all kinds of magic armors, methods of energy conversion, and news about the Atlanta Plane. However, we could only buy magic armors available for civilians. I’m afraid military magic armors aren’t available for us. On the other hand, the method of energy conversion should be purchasable, albeit certainly not cheap.”

Laura nodded and said, “There’s another issue, purchasing all of these things without being noticed would be very hard. Brother Hai, how about this, let’s buy the books first. Then we’ll buy everything else later on.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right, books are the key. It’s also best to find secret places where we can steal formations that aren’t available outside. The research on magic formations is the most important thing for us.”

Laura and the others nodded. It was just like in the Ark Continent where the top-ranked martial arts manuals weren’t available for the public. In the Atlanta Plane, there were special magic formations that couldn’t be gained using conventional methods. If Zhao Hai wanted to acquire those formations, then he would have to look for a place to steal them from.

At this time, Lizzy added, “Another important thing is the Ascension Magic Armor. But where do we obtain those?”

Zhao Hai also knit his brows and said, “That wouldn’t be easy to find out. Later on, we need to map more cities into the Space. That way, we would obtain some useful clues.”


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