BTFTLIAW – Chapter 967


Chapter 967 – Recreational Vehicle

Upon seeing their expressions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel guilty. At the same time, he put away the extra thoughts in his mind. He understood that every move that he made wouldn’t only concern himself, he also had Laura and the others to think about.

No matter how much he missed his life back on Earth, he couldn’t go back. At this moment, he wasn’t Zhao Hai of Earth, he was Zhao Hai Buda, the Patriarch of the Buda Clan and the husband of the ladies sitting by his side.

When he thought about this, Zhao Hai immediately cleared his mind. He looked at Laura and the others and said, “I’m fine. I was just thinking about the time I was sent to the Black Wasteland. At that time, I didn’t think even dream of being in place like this.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura and the others sighed in relief. Then Laura smiled and said, “Doesn’t this show Brother Hai’s abilities? You relied on your efforts and bit by bit you were able to reach your current state.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not just me. I relied on the Space. Perhaps without the Space, the present Zhao Hai wouldn’t exist. It’s possible that the Buda Clan would already sunk into the annals of history.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and then smiled, “Brother Hai, I don’t believe other people could achieve this much even if they had the Space. Not everyone can utilize the Space to its maximum potential like you. You have been very low-key all this time. Don’t forget, the Space wasn’t this powerful in the beginning. If other people had the Space, then they wouldn’t have been as patient as you. Brother Hai, the Space is just a tool. It’s abilities are limited, and the one who determines its fate is always its user.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m fine, there’s no need to comfort me. In any case, I’m already happy to have the Space. Right, what kind of car do you want to buy? Actually, we can’t use the cars for long. After we achieved our goal in the Atlanta Plane, we would be going back. When that time comes, we won’t be able to use them anymore.”

As soon as Laura and the others heard this, they immediately went to discuss. After seeing their chirping, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile.

At this time, their vehicle stopped. After that, their driver opened the door for Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai went out of the car, the driver bowed and said, “Mister, this the biggest vehicle store in the city. There are a lot of cars available here. Mister can choose whatever car you like.”

Zhao Hai nodded and thanked the driver. After that, he took five gold coins and handed it over. After the driver expressed his gratitude, he proceeded to return to his car.

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at the huge car dealership. The store was very huge and stylish. What differs this store compared to others was the fact that there were no advertisements outside the store. The only thing that can be seen in front of the store was an ancient looking car.

The succinct design of the store gave of it the aura of a noble that was wearing commoner clothes. Even if the noble was wearing simple cllthing, his temperament could still be seen.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but praise the store, “Good, good. Just by its appearance, one could see that it’s very good. Go, see if there are any cars you want.”

Laura and the others proceeded to cheer and enter the huge store. Zhao Hai just smiled faintly. However, he didn’t run over and just calmly entered the store.

Just as he entered, Zhao Hai was immediately met with a store staff. The woman was wearing a dress. Although the dress made her look very bright, it wasn’t to the point being excessive. Her dress just made her exude a smart and capable appearance.

The female staff bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, welcome to our establishment. I am store staff Number 215.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Hello. It seems like you have quite the collection here.” The staff nodded and said, “Yes. Mister, please I’ll be leading you in. What do you want to buy? We have ordinary cars, commercial cars, sports cars, and recreational vehicles.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “I want to take a look at your recreational vehicles first. I want something that can travel anywhere.”

The staff immediately said, “Alright, please follow me.” After that, she led Zhao Hai to a place inside the store.

Zhao Hai looked at the store and saw Laura and the others looking at various sports cars. One has to recognize how cool and dazzling sports cars could be. They were very appealing to the eyes.

After Laura and the others saw Zhao Hai, they immediately went to him as Laura said, “Brother Hai, we like these ones. Can we buy them?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If you want to buy it, then go ahead. I still need to look at their recreational vehicles.”

Laura replied, “Recreational Vehicles? Alright, then let’s see them first.” After that, they followed Zhao Hai as they were led by the store staff.

The store staff was a bit shaken. Laura and the others were rare beauties, and it seems like these ladies were Zhao Hai’s wives. This caused her to be surprised, this was because Zhao Hai looked too ordinary.

The female staff didn’t believe that Laura and the others were with Zhao Hai because of money. Although the women were indeed beautiful, they couldn’t just fake their noble temperament. Even if the female staff’s dress made her look capable, her temperament still fell short compared to Zhao Hai’s wives.

Although the female staff was curious about Zhao Hai, she didn’t ask nor should she care. Being too curious would just bring her trouble.

Before long, under the guidance of the store staff, Zhao Hai arrived at where the recreational vehicle was. Zhao Hai looked at it and discovered that the RVs of the Atlanta Plane were much larger compared to those back on Earth. Their RV here wasn’t smaller than a carriage. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

Laura and the others were also surprised upon seeing the RV. They didn’t think that they would see a car that was as large as this.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai finally understood why the roads of the Atlanta Plane were wider than the ones on Earth. It seems like it was caused by the Atlanta Plane’s much higher technological level.

The female staff arrived right by the silvery bright RV and said, “Mister, please take a look. This car is produced by the O’Neal family. This recreational vehicle is divided into three floors, each floor having 125 square meters of floor space each. On the first floor, there is a miniature parking lot about 1 meter high. This parking lot would automatically descend to the ground when needed. Once you park your car, it will return to its original position inside the vehicle. All in all, the parking lot could accommodate eight cars. Each section of parking could be separated. You can descend to any parking section from the second floor and then proceed to drive. It’s very convenient.”

“Situated on the second floor are the living room, bathroom,  a fitness room, a miniature swimming pool, and other facilities. The furniture inside are all complete. All seats are made with high-grade magic beast leather. They’re very comfortable to sit on.”

“Bedroom are placed on the third floor. All in all, there are six bedrooms each with their own bathroom.”

“These are the three floors of a conventional RV. At its roof is a small courtyard where you can host small parties while on the road.”

“Windows on both sides of the car can also be opened and act as small sheds to protect against the sun. You can park your car and then proceed to enjoy a picnic.”

“The materials used to construct these RVs are all high quality copper alloys. Not only is the vehicle strong against shaking, it is also quite light for its size. There are a lot of magic formations on the vehicle, and it even uses engines made for war tanks. Because of its strong horsepower, the car could still go fast despite its large build.”

“The tires of the vehicle are made of special elastomers. Even nails would be broken when they’re being run through. The suspension mechanism is also made according to standards used for war tanks. There wouldn’t’ be any issues even if you go through a rugged mountain path.”

While the staff was explaining the function of the vehicle, they also played the functions of the car. Laura and the others were shocked to see the RV. Now they finally understood why it was named like that, it was basically a small mobile house. The carriages of the Ark Continent could only be called primitive compared to this.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t as startled. Although it was bigger and more advanced than the RVs back on earth, their fundamental function wasn’t any different.

After the staff was done with the introduction, Zhao Hai looked at her and said, “Are there other cars like this one?”

The store staff quickly replied, “It’s the only one. Mister, this RV is the most advanced vehicle of its type. Others simply couldn’t compare to it. Moreover, this car is being promoted by the O’Neal family. They’re limited in supply.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “How much is it?” When the staff heard this, she couldn’t help but stare. Then she quickly understood that Zhao Hai was interested in the vehicle so she immediately answered, “The vehicle is priced fairly. As long as you pay 500 thousand gold coins, our company would take care of everything including licensing as well as any other modifications you have for the vehicle.”

Zhao hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, prepare one of these for me.” Then he turned to Laura and the others and said, “Didn’t you like those sports cars? Go take a look so we can have them installed in the parking spaces.”

When the store staff heard this, she immediately lit up with happiness as she said, “Alright Mister, we’ll take care of it. I’m sure the madames would be satisfied with our collection of vehicles.”


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