BTFTLIAW – Chapter 965


Chapter 965 – Bank Experience

When Zhao Hai heard the scanner’s prompt, he couldn’t help but curse. This scanner was truly a miserly fellow. In the beginning, it would ask Zhao Hai for money in order to analyze things. And now, it can’t even do a simple thing like artificially giving him money in the ID card. It actually wanted Zhao Hai to spend his gold from the Space.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that there was no way for the scanner to change. He immediately went to the processing machine in order make ID cards for himself as well as for Laura and the others. He also planned to place a hundred thousand gold coins on each card.

Zhao Hai didn’t know the purchasing power of gold coins in the Atlanta Plane. Therefore, he decided to have a hundred thousand gold coins as a buffer.

Before Zhao Hai took the ID cards from the processing machine, Laura and the others went out of the villa. Upon seeing them arrive, Zhao Hai knew what they wanted to do. Zhao Hai turned to Laura and said, “Did you manage to get their style of clothing?” Laura nodded, “There isn’t anything special, they’re not that eye-catching either. Look.” Then after that, the women proceeded to draw the clothes for the processing machine to make.

After waiting for the clothes to finish, Laura and the others immediately put them on. On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t need to have clothes prepared for him. His own clothing can transform itself. As long as Zhao Hai willed it, he could dress like anything he wanted.

When the women finished putting their clothing on, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Let’s go and see what the Atlanta Plane is like.” Laura and the others nodded before all of them returned to the living room. After that, Zhao Hai looked for a place where nobody can see them. Then the group appeared there.

Upon arriving in the Atlanta Plane, the group immediately looked all around them. The place was good and the environment wasn’t bad. This caused Zhao Hai to be startled. He thought that since the Atlanta Plane was so developed, then their technology would have a great impact to the environment. But now, it seems like this wasn’t the case. The people from the Atlanta Plane protected their environment well.

The reason why Zhao Hai said this was because when people reach levels like him, then they would be extremely sensitive to their environment. It wouldn’t take Zhao Hai long to know whether the place was polluted or not.

While Laura and the others were curiously looking around, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, let’s get going. Don’t forget, we need to speak the Atlanta Plane’s language.”

Laura and the others nodded, then they carried on to talk using the Atlanta Plane’s language. They had already studied the Atlanta Plane’s language for some time, so they were quite familiar with it already.

The group appeared inside a small city under the O’neal family’s control. As long as they make a few turns, then they would be going along the city’s main street.

After seeing that there weren’t any banks, Zhao Hai went to a pedestrian and gave him a salute before asking, “Mister, can I ask where the bank in this city is? I’m from outside this area and I want to take some money.”

The man turned his head to Zhao Hai and saw an ordinary looking man. There was nothing special on him but there was a cloudy temperament around him, making people look at him favorably. So the man immediately replied, “The Bank is very close. You go straight this road and then turn right, in about five minutes it should be on sight.”

After that, Zhao Hai nodded and expressed his gratitude to the person before leading Laura and the others to proceed. The group inspected everything around them. They could see that this was a very busy street, both sides of the road were filled with tradesmen. It was very noisy. While Laura and the others were looking all around, people were curiously looking at them, some were in surprise.

Zhao Hai’s group was filled with beautiful women, so it was natural that they would be able to turn heads. Zhao Hai didn’t care about this, he just smiled as he received the envious looks of the people around him.

The Atlanta Plane’s people weren’t a monogamous society. Here, as long as you’re rich, you can marry as many wives as you want. Because of this, Zhao Hai’s ID card was able to record his relationship with his wives.

This was also one of the characteristics of the Atlanta Plane’s ID card. When you marry, the name of your spouse would be reflected on the ID card.

After walking for about 10 minutes, the group was finally able to see the bank. The bank looked very well decorated. Zhao Hai looked at the name of the bank, Magic Armor Bank.

Zhao Hai nodded before leading Laura and the others towards the bank. The bank was quite stylish. The entire hall was about five meters high. Its interior decorations were resplendent and rich. Inside the bank, there were rows of counters with people lining up. On the left side of the hall was a place for sitting down.

Near the right side of the hall was a room. On the side of the door, the characters for, ‘VIP lounge’ was written. There was an expensive looking soldier stationed outside the room along with two pretty female staff.

Zhao Hai went directly towards the VIP lounge. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, the two female staff bowed and said, “Welcome Mister, may we please see your ID card.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before handing his ID over. The female staff gave Zhao Hai’s ID a look before handing it back to Zhao Hai and saying, “We’ll have to be unfair to Mister. We cannot allow you in since you’re not a VIP.”

The people inside the hall noticed Zhao Hai entering the bank along with his beautiful wives. Moreover, he even walked directly towards the VIP lounge. Upon hearing the female staff, some of them laughed.

“So he just wanted to put up an act to enter the VIP lounge. You don’t even have 1 million gold coins deposited, yet you think you’re a VIP? Look at this fool, are these women also deceived by him?”

“Right, right, these beautiful women were fooled by this man. Elder Brother, perhaps you’re richer than him.”

Upon hearing these remarks, the faces of Laura and the others couldn’t help but turn red. If not for Zhao Hai waving his hand to them, they would have began berating these people back.

Zhao Hai wasn’t angry, instead, he looked at the female staff and said, “Sister, I’m aware of the rules. I came here to upgrade mine and my wives’ ID Cards to VIP. Can the VIP lounge handle this?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the people in the hall gawked. Then some of them went to look outside the bank to see whether Zhao Hai had piles of gold following behind him. Otherwise, how could he upgrade a group’s cards to VIP?

But after looking outside, there were no cars parked that were filled with gold coins. The people in the hall had mixed reactions. Some of them had ridiculing smiles on their faces while some remained silent.

There were spatial tools in the Atlanta Plane, but these items were uncommon. They were generally under the hands of people with status. If Zhao Hai didn’t have cars filled with gold coins, then he wouldn’t be able to upgrade his group’s status to VIP. But on the contrary, if Zhao Hai was still able to upgrade his status to VIP, then this meant this his identity wasn’t simple.

When the female staff heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but stare. Then she said, “Mister, please come with me.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he led Laura and the others to enter the VIP lounge. When Zhao Hai’s group entered the VIP with the female staff, the people inside the hall couldn’t help but pay attention to the VIP lounge door. They wanted to see the result. If Zhao Hai was successful in upgrading his ID card, then the people in the bank would be respectful towards him. If he wasn’t, then the staff wouldn’t be polite, they would certainly throw him out. One must know that the influence behind the Magic Armor bank wasn’t weak. If Zhao Hai deceived them, then they surely wouldn’t be polite.

Upon entering the door, Zhao Hai immediately felt the difference. The environment inside the VIP lounge was much better compared to outside. There was gentle music playing in the background. Moreover, the chairs inside weren’t hardwood chairs, they were sofas.

Under the guidance of the female staff, Zhao Hai’s group sat on the sofa. Then the female staff offered them so beverages to drink. After providing Zhao Hai’s group with refreshments, the female staff bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, please wait here in the meantime while I go and call our manager.” Zhao Hai nodded. He thought that the Atlanta Plane was becoming more and more like Earth. This gave him mixed feelings.

Before Zhao Hai even finished his drink, a middle-aged man came over. The man was wearing very formal business attire. Although it wasn’t very gorgeous, his clothing made him look respectable and professional. The man walked to Zhao Hai and bowed, “Mister Zhao Hai, Welcome to Magic Armor Bank. I’m the bank’s manager. Might I ask how much money mister intends to deposit?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ve made some big business this time. However, the opposite party didn’t send the money through the bank. Instead, he gave me gold bricks. Can those bricks be used as deposit in this bank?”

As soon as the manager heard Zhao Hai, he quickly replied, “Naturally. Mister can rest assured. Gold bricks can be deposited to this bank. We shall help mister convert them to gold coins. There wouldn’t be any mistakes.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. Where do you want me to place the gold bricks?”

The manager bowed and said, “I’ll have to ask Mister to come with me. The Mistresses can just stay here and relax.” Zhao Hai nodded before standing up and saying, “Let’s go.” The managed made an inviting gesture. Before going, Zhao Hai turned to Laura and the others and said, “Everyone, give me your ID Cards. I will deposit money to your accounts as well.”

Laura and the others complied and gave Zhao Hai their cards. After receiving the cards, Zhao Hai proceeded to follow the manager.

The manager led Zhao Hai in a respectful manner. He was now convinced that Zhao Hai wasn’t a simple character.


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