BTFTLIAW – Chapter 963


Chapter 963 – The Situation of the People In the Space

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Solomon thought about Zhao Hai’s ship that can hold a lot of people. Solomon seemed to have reached an understanding as he nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll be depending on Mister. You can go to the Leo Continent at any time.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before bowing to everyone and said, “Thank you very much. I will begin immediately. I’ll have to ask Patriarch Solomon to send word to your troops.”

Solomon was also aware of Zhao Hai’s mysterious ability to appear and disappear, so he just nodded. After Solomon and the others got down from Zhao Hai’s ship, Zhao Hai proceeded to vanish from the Libra Continent and reappear in the Leo Continent.

Upon appearing in the Leo Continent, Zhao Hai immediately attacked the Leo Divines. The situation with the Leo Divines wasn’t doing very well. While fighting against the foreign races, the losses they had suffered wasn’t small. Although they managed to hold the foreign races back, the price they paid was very huge.

They could only hope that their Supreme Elder would come back. However, their Supreme Elder didn’t return. Instead, Zhao Hai came, this caused huge damage to their morale.

Zhao Hai didn’t hold back against the Leo Divines. Because of this, everyone who attacked were killed off, those who behaved were sent to the Space.

Zhao Hai had done such things multiple times. The undead were also used to this. Since the undead had some sort of intelligence, they no longer needed Zhao Hai’s command during the battle.

The foreign race army had already received their Patriarch’s order, so they didn’t participate in the attack. However, they were still able to see how easily Zhao Hai managed to deal with the Leo Divines. When they saw this, their backs couldn’t help but turn cold. This was the first time they saw this kind of attack. Zhao Hai’s undead had shocked them greatly.

The one that surprised them the most was the incomprehensible number of undead that Zhao Hai had. When Zhao Hai appeared, it seems like the entire sky of the Leo Continent was covered in undead, it was an extremely terrifying sight.

The more curious foreign race members were able to witness the fate of a small town with a hundred thousand people. Zhao Hai’s undead army only took half an hour to get rid of the town. The town was left with no living entity, people or magic beasts. All of them vanished from sight.

Every time Zhao Hai emptied a city, the foreign race army would go and occupy it. However, the foreign races discovered that their speed was still not enough to catch up with Zhao Hai.

Another thing that surprised them was the fact that the undead seem to have unlimited energy. Even after attacking for an entire day, the undead still kept going on.

A day passed, the foreign races could no longer see Zhao Hai. Two days, the foreign races had seized half of the Leo Continent, yet Zhao Hai still wasn’t in sight. It seems like Zhao Hai had ended the war.

On the third day, the foreign race army had occupied the entirety of the Leo Continent. However, they still couldn’t see Zhao Hai, it looks like Zhao Hai had already left.

The foreign race soldiers were surprised. They immediately reported Zhao Hai’s disappearance to Solomon and the others. When Solomon’s group heard this, they became shocked. Now they were curious about Zhao Hai’s true strength. A single person was able to deal with a Divine Race continent in just three days. Even thinking about this made their backs turn cold.

So where was Zhao Hai? Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space. He was no longer being repelled by the Plane at this moment. Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that the quantity of his energy has become a tenth of what it was before. However, this didn’t make his attacks weaker. This was because the energy inside his body was also ten times more potent compared to the past. In other words, Zhao Hai’s energy stayed the same despite being reduced. It would take some time before the Plane’s suppression would return.

The Stellar Transformations Art was truly formidable to be able to achieve this. Zhao Hai can clearly see that the art was much better compared to the one he practiced before.

Progreesion on any cultivation method involves the amount of energy inside one’s body. It was just like filling a barrel with water. Half of a barrel was still not enough to fully utilize one’s strength.

If the cultivation method that Zhao Hai used before was like putting water inside a barrel, then the cultivation method he used now was like filling a barrel with mercury. This made the barrel much heavier than before.

Because of this, with his barrel still not full, Zhao Hai was able to enter the Space. Zhao Hai was currently heading towards the villa, there he saw Laura and the others cultivating.

Just like Zhao Hai thought, the cultivation of the others were slower than his own. Since their bodies weren’t as good as Zhao Hai, it would take them longer than three days to refine their energy.

Although their speed was slow, Zhao Hai didn’t think of it as an issue. In the meantime, Zhao Hai observed the O’Neal family’s base in the Taurus Continent.

The O’Neal family had yet to fully construct their base. After all, their base was enormous. While to construction was happening, their scouts were beginning to look through the surrounding areas. However, they still haven’t found the spatial rifts of the three clans. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried about making a move.

After that, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to the Divine Space. In the beginning, the Divines had ravaged their surroundings. But now, they had started to behave. When they entered the Space, the Divines slowly began to understand that the Divine Race was over. The Divines would now live in this place from now on.

It was only after realizing this point that the Divines began to see how good the environment was. Compared to the Divine Realm, they wouldn’t need to worry about food in this place. Moreover, there were churches in various places that allowed them to exchange goods. Life was very convenient.

Additionally, there were no slaves in this place, nor were there people who collected taxes. In this war, the Nobles of the Divines Race had lost their dominance among the other Divines. Because of this, the Divines were truly free.

Also, the Divines had discovered that one couldn’t do crimes in this place. You cannot steal nor hurt another person, or else you would be punished.

The Divines had seen it with their own eyes. There was one Divine who bullied a family with only an old man, a woman, and a child. The next day, that man vanished. Then after a month, the man appeared once more. But this time, the man wasn’t looking so good. He became thin and pale. When the people asked him where he was, the man was immediately frightened, then he said that he didn’t want to recall where he came from.

Then later on, a person who stole someone’s belongings vanished for seven days. When he reappeared, his expression was the same as the previous person. When he was asked, he said that he was locked in a completely dark room. Nobody talked to him nor was there any other noise. Although food was provided to him, he stayed in place for seven whole days. The person said that being locked in that place for seven days was the most terrifying thing he encountered in his past seven years. He wasn’t willing to return to that place.

There were a lot of similar events like this inside the Space. Once a person commits a crime, they would be sent to the dark room. Some of the more serious offenders, like murderers, were killed on the spot. But besides them, everyone got punished. They didn’t know who took them, they just felt that they were transferred to the room after they did their crime. Then after being sent to the room, a voice would tell them about their crime and their punishment. After that, silence was the only thing that remained. The dark room wasn’t big but it wasn’t small either, it was about five by five meters big.

By word of mouth, the matter regarding the dark room spread throughout the Divine Space. This caused the Divines to be terrified, some people even said that they’d rather die than be sent to that room again.

However, this thing would never be accomplished. Once you enter the dark room, you completely lose your freedom. If you decided to kill yourself, then a strange force would take control of your body, making you lose all your strength. Because of this, committing suicide was impossible.

After several people were sent to the Dark Room, the Divine Space began to calm down. It almost turned into a high moral society where law and order prevailed.

What the Divines did now was to work every day and gain things to be exchanged for items that they need like daily necessities, books, and other items aside from weapons.

The Divines who entered the Space first began to get used to their current life. Some even thought that they were living a better lifestyle.

However, this didn’t mean that they had forgotten about their hatred towards Zhao Hai. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t appear inside the Divine Space. He just paid attention to them and see how they were living their life.

After seeing that the Divines were doing well, Zhao Hai turned to look at the other Spaces. They were doing very well, especially those in the Ark Space. Some novels began to be made and even some short movies which Zhao Hai was eager to see.

When the people from the Ark Continent saw Zhao Hai’s projections, they became curious about its origin. Those who liked to research immediately started this endeavor. In the end, they were finally able to see the advantages of magic formations. It was able to record light and project them to another place. Those who were keen of mind began to make stories and then show the recorded images to other people. This caused the emergence of short movies. Its initial  development was just like the movies back in the earth, they were first made without sound and colors.

But even if this was the case, it made life in the Ark Space even more colorful. Before long, magic formation research became to hot topic among the populace.

This was what Zhao Hai wanted to see the most. The researchers in Wild Dragon Island can only do so much. Now, with the entire continent helping in the research, the development of technology would surely be astonishing.

Compared to the Ark Space, the Demon Space went another direction. The Demons didn’t research magic formations, instead, they began to look into different kinds of plants.

This might have stemmed from the lack of fauna back in the Demon Realm. Due to its scarcity, the Demons began to be keen in looking into plants. Zhao Hai hasn’t seen the Demon Space for quite some time. And now, its state had given him a surprise. He didn’t expect the Demon Space to become a plant kingdom. Every Demon family had plants of different kinds planted all around their dwelling.

Zhao Hai can see that they didn’t cultivate those plants for consumption, it was just because the Demons liked them. With such plants proliferating in their surrounding area, the Demons managed to develop a new occupation, Potions Master!

There was no such occupation in the Demon Realm before because almost all of the plants there was poisonous and highly toxic. Nobody in their right mind would carelessly touch any kind of plant.

However, everything was different inside the Space. Plants were aplenty here, moreover, most of them weren’t harmful. Because of this, the Demons started to study plants and some even decided to taste everything they came across.

Zhao Hai was similarly glad to see this situation. They can research as much as they want. And because of this, Zhao Hai decided to establish a reward system. No matter which area of research, magic formations, plants, or any useful thing, as long as they discover something new, they will be rewarded. Naturally, the rewards differed between each contribution.

Zhao Hai’s decision roused the enthusiasm of the groups inside the Space. This was especially true for the Goblins. Their race was born to study magic formations. Ever since they learned how to read as well as recognize basic magic formations, almost all Goblins dabbled in the study of magic formations.

After looking at their frantic expressions, Zhao Hai became happy, he also gave more abundant rewards for the Goblins. The Goblins didn’t really care about food, drinks, nor the place they lived in. They just loved to look at magic formations, so they sunk their heads into their research.

Compared to the other groups, the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus were not doing as well. This was because they had just entered the Space and had not yet fully settled themselves. This was especially true for the Winged Pegasus. Since they were not willing to enter the Space, their situation was becoming more chaotic.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about their situation nor did he head there to help. He didn’t want to be seen as the type who wanted to interfere with other people’s matters. After all, the situation of the three clans was quite special.

Three days after Zhao Hai dealt with the Leo Clan, Laura and the others completed their study on the new cultivation method. Naturally, their route, energy, and physical ability still fell short compared to Zhao Hai.


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