BTFTLIAW – Chapter 961


Chapter 961 – Huge Level Ups!

As soon as the three remaining combat suits were sent to the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “12 Constellations combat suits Libra, Aries, and Virgo detected. The 12 Constellations Combat Suits are now complete.”

Zhao Hai also took out the Star disk and threw it into the Space. Another prompt came, “Special use map formation discovered. Formation disk is known as Star Disk. Formation can be used along with weapons and other materials in order to make it more powerful. Host can combine the Star Disk to the Seven Star Heaven Lock and the Hell King’s ship. This will allow the Hell King’s ship to use the strength of the stars as well as break every formation that is related to constellations. Host can now also unite the Dao Lotus with the Hell King’s ship, further strengthening the ship. This will allow the ship to use the strength of the myriad worlds and break all kinds of formations. Finally, the Host can combine the Hell King’s ship with the Blood Ghost Staff. The Hell King’s ship wouldn’t only exist as a plate, its form can also be changed at will.”

Upon hearing this announcement, Zhao Hai felt great happiness. He didn’t expect that things would be this good. However, this great event was still far from ending. The Space continued to speak, “Since the Star Disk contains the power of the stars, the Space has gained stars. Everywhere in the Space now has stars in the sky, complementing the Space. Space levels up to 100 and has met the requirements for becoming a low-grade Cultivation Space. Host can now purchase 50 ordinary backgrounds and 10 low-grade cultivation backgrounds. Universal Scanner and Universal Processing machine has reached intermediate standard, allowing for the analysis and manufacturing of low level Cultivation items. Host can now assign a region to be an accelerated place. Presently, Host can accelerate a region’s time by ten times. Note: It can also make plants mature quickly, but they would have more years to their record. The special region is good for growing natural treasures. Host may also use the region to cultivate. Ten years of cultivation inside the region would be the same as one year of cultivation outside.”

Zhao Hai laughed out loud. He didn’t think that the Space would become this powerful. It rose to level 100 and became a low-grade Cultivation Space. For Zhao hai, this was an absolutely good thing. This was especially true for the time acceleration function. It had great uses for him.

At this moment, there were plenty of things inside the Space that can develop to become heavenly treasures. Unfortunately, these things needed a lot of years in order to grow. Now that the ability to dilate time had come, the time needed to cultivate these things had reduced by a lot.

However, that still wasn’t the end. After the previous prompt ended, another one came, “Since the Star Disk is an item with Stellar energy, special high level cultivation method has been provided. Myriad Stellar Transformations Secret Art acquired. Cultivation method is divided into three aspects, attack, defense, and auxiliary methods. Once Host combines the Dao Lotus with the Star Disk, the Myriad Stellar Transformations Art will evolve into Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art. Asking Host for permission in order to fuse the Dao Lotus and the Star Disk.”

Zhao Hai laughed even louder, he was too happy. This special reward came unexpected. For Zhao Hai, being able to acquire a Cultivation Method was too important.

Zhao Hai quickly agreed, “Combine, combine everything! Cai’er, go and see if the scanner and the processing machine requires money to upgrade. If not, then immediately buy as many backgrounds as you can.”

Cai’er immediately complied. Then at this time, Zhao Hai’s staff vanished. Zhao Hai could also feel the a force from the Dao Lotus inside his body, it now has the energy from the Space. A great amount of energy was integrated into the Dao Lotus. Upon internal examination, Zhao Hai found that the Dao Lotus had become different compared to before. In the past, the Dao Lotus only had the eight trigrams, looking very mysterious. Now, the eight trigrams below the Dao Lotus became a Yin-Yang pond, rotating non-stop. Along with the pond’s rotation, the power of the heaven and earth seem to be sucked into Zhao Hai’s body. In the skies above the Dao Lotus was a black void littered with stars. Starlight would occasionally fall from the void and into the Dao Lotus. When this happened, the Dao Lotus’ petals seem to sway gently.

Zhao Hai felt that his spirit form became more tangible as it began show signs of breathing. At the same time, Zhao Hai felt his mental power being strengthened.

The Gold Core in his dantian had become bigger as well. It emitted golden light, baptizing Zhao Hai’s body. At this time, there was no part in Zhao Hai’s body that felt uncomfortable.

Zhao Hai closed his eyes, enjoying the baptism. Then at this time, another prompt came in, “Spiritual Artifacts detected in the Space. Level of Spiritual Artifacts is too low, promoting their level. Spirit of the book, spear, sword, hammer, staff, bow, and whip has been promoted. Because of the existence of the Artifact Spirit, item can now command themselves to battle. But they would still listen to the Host’s commands.”[1]

Zhao Hai was shocked once again. He didn’t think that there would be more surprises. At this time, the Hell King’s ship vanished and flew into the Space. Meanwhile, the Staff came back.

Zhao Hai held his staff and took a look at it. On the staff were the symbols of the twelve constellations. The head of the staff wasn’t the original skull, instead, it has turned into a lotus. This lotus had seven pistils and at the tip of each pistil was a small star. These pistils were swaying gently. Upon further inspection, one could see that the pistils were arranged into the shape of the Big Dipper and not in a circular manner.

Stellar shimmers can also be seen from the Staff, making it look very beautiful. Zhao Hai happily looked at his staff before waving it around, making the Hell King’s ship appear. The ship had become beautiful as well. There was still the image of Hell on its hull, but both sides had disks totalling to 12. Each disk had its own constellation as all of them spun around.

Below the ship, instead of seawater, a giant lotus can be seen. From what can be seen, it seems like the ship was nestled on top of a lotus. There were also occasional sprays of bluish water containing starlight. The entire ship looked like a masterpiece made in heaven.

When Laura and the others saw the Hell King’s ship, their eyes couldn’t help but shine. They didn’t expect the ship to become even more beautiful.

Zhao Hai waved his staff again, and this time the disks on the side of the ship flew out. After a flash, the twelve constellations assumed their form. They went according to their own zodiac but they can change their form at will.

Zhao Hai nodded before boarding this ship along with Laura and the others. The combat suits returned to being disks and went back to the side of the ship. There weren’t any huge changes on the ship. But now, the wind chimes of the ship had been replaced by lotuses.

Zhao Hai stood on the deck of the ship and made a command using his mind. After that Laura and the others discovered that the ship reverted to its appearance before the upgrade. This caused some of them to be confused.

After that, Zhao Hai made another command and turned the ship into a huge lotus. The ship was now gone. When he saw this, Zhao Hai nodded. The Hell King’s ship now had the staff’s ability to assume any form.

When Laura and the others saw this, they quickly understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do. Then they proceeded to inspect the lotus. The lotus still had eighteen layers. At this time, the group was standing on the uppermost layer. Splashing below the lotus was the bluish water. And on each of the lotus’ layer, a mural of Hell can be seen on the lotus petals. Also on, each tip of the lotus petals were small wind chimes.

Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod before turning to the women and said, “In the future, we’ll be using this form of the Hell King’s ship, what do you think?”

Laura nodded as she smiled and said, “Alright, that is a great idea. It’s more attractive this way.” Lizzy and the others nodded as well. They were now looking all around to inspect their new vehicle.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s go head inside. I want to see what this Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang art is.”

Laura and the others nodded before entering a room along with Zhao Hai. The insides of the room didn’t have any changes besides being much larger compared to before. After seeing what is inside, Zhao Hai and the others proceeded to enter the villa. After that, Zhao Hai called out, “Cai’er, let me have a look at the Cultivation Method.”

Cai’er nodded. Then after that, a book appeared before Zhao Hai. This book floated in the air before a small spirit came out of the cover. The figure bowed towards Zhao Hai and said, “I have seen Young Master Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately recovered, he looked at the small figure with curiosity as he asked, “Are you that improved book? Hmm, you are the artifact bestowed by the Divines to the Radiant Church. Now that you have levelled up, you need a new name. How about this, from now on you will be known as Compendium of Treasured Scriptures.”

The spirit bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “I thank the Young Master for bestowing me a name.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Do you have the cultivation record? Let me have a look.”

The Compendium nodded before the book opened up. After that, huge writings appeared in front of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai carefully looked through these writings. The letters were well written and organized. The characters weren’t overly small, they were sized enough to be comfortable.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod. Then he proceeded to read the cultivation method, the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art.

As he read on, Zhao Hai kept trying to figure out the root of the method. After reading through the first part, Zhao Hai discovered an issue. According to the method, given Zhao Hai’s present strength, he could only practice the first part. Just the first part of this cultivation method was this formidable, it caused Zhao Hai to be startled.

  1. Three of them are from the three races(spear, hammer, bow), the other three from the Radiant Church(book, staff, sword), and then the last one Zhao Hai got from the Beastman Prairie(whip).


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