BTFTLIAW – Chapter 960


Chapter 960 – The Biggest Benefit Is Yours

Elder Star looked at Zhao Hai as he smiled bitterly and said, “Zhao Hai, I have to recognize that the biggest mistake the Divines has made was to become your enemy. You are indeed very strong.”

Zhao Hai stood on the Hell King’s ship, he smiled towards Elder Star and replied, “I’ll have to thank the Elder for the recognition. However, I still won’t let you off.”

Elder Star forced a smile and said, “I’m not counting on you letting us go. However, I hope that you can agree to a request. As long as you comply, all of us will kill ourselves in front of you. None of us will rebel.”

Zhao Hai looked into Elder Star and said, “Then please tell me your request.”

Elder Star replied, “In this situation, we already don’t plan on going out alive. However, if you don’t agree, we will go all out. I believe that 1 or two of us would be able to escape. Those who would escape wouldn’t seek revenge against you, instead, they will kill everyone in the Divine Realm, no matter civilian or experts. When that time comes, it would be a headache for you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It truly will. Tell me your request.”

Elder Star took a deep breath and said, “I hope that you can assure us that the Divines would survive. Leave a few Divines alive, don’t kill them all.”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment. He didn’t expect this to be Elder Star’s request. He thought about it and said, “Alright, I agree. Although this Zhao Hai is ruthless towards his enemies, I can still keep my words. To be honest, there’s no point in lying to a few dead people.”

Elder Star nodded and said ,”Alright, I believe you. I hope you can keep your promise.” After that, Elder Star vomited blood before any signs of life vanished from his eyes.

When the other Divine Supreme Elders saw Elder Star’s action, they didn’t hesitate and did the same. Every one of them vomited blood before falling down from the sky.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and took the corpses of the Supreme Elders to the Hell King’s ship’s deck. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “No matter what, you are heroes of your race.”

After that, Zhao Hai made the Hell King’s ship fly towards where Solomon and the others were. At this time, the foreign races’ Supreme Elders were aleadry beside their race’s Patriarchs.

Zhao Hai glanced at the group before turning his head to Solomon, “Patriarch Solomon, as you have seen, I will be taking the ultimate weapons with me. Three days later, I will give them all to you. When the time comes, I hope that you can give me the ultimate weapons of your races.”

Solomon knew that the elimination of the Divine Race’s Supreme Elders was all because of Zhao Hai, so he nodded and said, “Alright, we will certainly comply.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then the Hell King’s ship vanished in mid-air. A while after Zhao Hai vanished, the three foreign race Supreme Elders turned to Solomon and asked, “Solomon, what is this all about? Why would you hand the ultimate weapons of the three races over?”

Solomon proceeded to explain the pre-arranged condition. Naturally, he emphasized the fact that Zhao Hai would give them all 13 ultimate weapons in the end.

The three Supreme Elders gawked, but they didn’t oppose to Solomon’s acceptance of Zhao Hai’s condition. Accepting Zhao Hai’s request would give them 13 ultimate weapons. On the other hang, if they don’t accept, then they would develop a hatred towards Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai decides to deal with them, then they would certainly find it hard to resist.

At this time, Zhao Hai sent the combat suits to the Space. Along with the prompts, Zhao Hai also acquired eight more combat suit seeds.

Then suddenly, the Star Disk made Zhao Hai stunned. This was because the Star Disk’s prompt was different compared to the combat suits.

The prompt for the Star Disk went like this, “Special group plate detected. This formation disk can be used alongside the Seven Star Heaven Lock Disk. Formation is incomplete. Upon completing the formation, the Host would find a pleasant surprise. Hoping for the host to complete the formation as soon as possible.”

Unexpectedly, the Star Disk didn’t produce a seed. Zhao Hai was stuck with what to do. When the time comes, if he couldn’t hand the Star Disk over, wouldn’t Solomon and the others become angry?

However, Zhao Hai changed his thoughts about this matter. Even if he didn’t hand the Star Disk to Solomon and the others, what can they do about it? Can they beat Zhao Hai with their current strength? At the thought of this, Zhao Hai relaxed. However, he didn’t immediately combine the Star Disk with the Seven Star Heaven Lock.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also commanded Cai’er to plant the eight combat suit seeds. These seeds would take less than three days to mature. However, Zhao Hai still allocated three days in the agreement in order to provide himself with some allowance.

On the other hand, the original combat suits had integrated themselves into the Blood Ghost Staff. Now, the staff has eight additional constellations. At the same time, eight huge beasts were added to Zhao Hai’s staff. These beasts were quite special. All of them had the appearance of a scorpion but with little differences here and there. Their abilities weren’t the same as well. What made Zhao Hai puzzled was the fact that all of them turned into scorpions. Shouldn’t they transform into the form of their constellations?

After asking the Space, Zhao Hai understood that the 12 beasts could change form at will. But since the most powerful form for them at this time was a scorpion, all of them adapted to this image. If Zhao Hai wanted, they could transform into any constellation he wants to.

Zhao Hai immediately had them change their form. Before long, they all became their own figures. Zhao Hai asked the Space about why the scorpion had the most powerful form. The response made Zhao Hai unsure whether he should laugh or cry.

It went like this, when Zhao Hai took in the Capricorn combat suit, the Space could’ve turned it’s form into a goat. But since a goat was a herbivorous creature and wasn’t suitable for slaughter, the Space went according the laws of the 12 combat suits and turned the Capricorn combat suit into a scorpion. This was because scorpions not only have two pincers, they also have an attacking tail. At the same time, they could also use their mouths and even their feet to attack the enemy. Lastly, of all the animals, the scorpion’s carapace provided it with a good defense. Because of this, the Space went for the battle-ready scorpion form.

Naturally, scorpions weren’t this flexible. It would be impossible for their tails to be like whips. However, the Space still deemed its form appropriate. So the Space turned all of the combat suits into scorpions. Zhao Hai hadn’t thought about this before, so he only reacted upon seeing them now.

However, this was still good news for Zhao Hai. With all these combat suits, Zhao Hai would have more means to attack. And with the combat suits’ diverse forms, they would have more methods of attack. With all of these in hand, of course Zhao Hai would be glad.

Three days passed by in a blink of an eye. Three days later, Zhao Hai appeared in the skies of the Libra Continent. Solomon and the others were already waiting there for him. Zhao Hai waved his hand as nine ultimate weapons appeared in front of Solomon and the others. Naturally, these combat suits were made from the seeds in the Space. The original combat suits had integrated themselves to Zhao Hai’s staff.

However, this didn’t mean that the seed combat suits were much worse compared to the original. These suits might not be stronger than the original, but they were now free from the Star Disk’s control. Also, the problems of energy consumption and other shortcomings of the original combat suits had been fixed.

Of course, only the original combat suits could combine with the Blood Ghost Staff and transform into different forms at will. However, the foreign races didn’t need to know about this.

Zhao Hai handed the nine combat suits to Solomon before he said, “Patriarch Solomon, I’m afraid I would have to be unfair to you.”

The complexion on the faces of Solomon and the others changed. Every one of them began to feel anxious, they think that Zhao Hai wanted to snatch the combat suits of their Supreme Elders. Upon seeing their expression, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly and said, “Patriarch Solomon, there’s no need to be anxious. I’m not here to steal the ultimate weapons. But I do have something to tell you. I finished researching these ultimate weapons. However, a mishap occurred when I began to study the Star Disk. I didn’t expect the Star Disk to combine with my Hell King’s ship. You should know that I snatched my ship from the Divine Race’s Deity. My understanding of the ship is extremely limited. I didn’t think that the Star Disk would fuse with the ship. So now, I cannot take the Star Disk out. I hope that the Patriarchs could forgive me.”

After hearing this, Solomon and the others relaxed. To be honest, even if Zhao Hai didn’t give them the Star Disk and a couple of ultimate weapons, they could still accept it. After all, they were profiting big in this exchange.

Solomon looked at the others and saw their expressions loosen. Solomon became relieved as he turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, there’s no need to apologize. Since this is the case, then Mister can have the Star Disks. Elders, please give Mister your ultimate weapons.”

The three Supreme Elders didn’t say anything as they took their combat suits off and handed them over to Zhao Hai. At the same time, Zhao Hai also gave the nine combat suits to the Supreme Elders. Zhao Hai didn’t take the three combat suits immediately, instead he looked at the three elders and said, “Elders, I made some modifications on the nine combat suits. I hope that you can try them on and tell me what you think. If you like it, then I will be taking these three ultimate weapons. If you don’t then I will just leave them behind.”

When the three Elders heard Zhao Hai, their expressions changed. But after a moment, they chose a combat suit and proceeded to wear it.

They had used combat suits for a long time. Although they had traded their combat suits, they didn’t feel anything strange. Combat suits don’t recognize masters. Because of this, the elders just equipped the ultimate weapons.

Upon wearing the combat suits, the Elders immediately felt the differences. In the past, whenever they wear their ultimate weapons, even if it increases their strength, they could still feel a constricting feeling. This made it impossible for them to use the combat suits for a long period of time.

But now, these combat suits didn’t have this feeling. Instead, they were very comfortable. Moreover, the power that they can exert right now was not much less compared to before.

The three elders felt that this might be an illusion. So they tried other combat suits and even compared notes. In the end, the result was the same, this made the Elders feel relieved.

Also, as the three looked at the combat suits, they discovered that they were shiny as though they were new. There wasn’t even a small dent seen, it was surprising.

One must know that ultimate weapons were around for who knows how many years. The ultimate weapons would surely be damaged along the way. However, these combat suits were flawless, it seems like Zhao Hai fixed them.

The three elders looked at each other and saw the surprise on each other’s eyes. Then the three bowed slightly to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, there’s no need to worry about it. They’re very comfortable to wear and it seems like Mister even repaired them. We need to thank Mister for this.”

Solomon and the others were looking anxiously at the three Elders. After hearing the elders, they couldn’t help but feel relieved. Then they looked at Zhao Hai differently while also feeling some guilt.

Zhao Hai smiled and replied, “It’s good that the Elders liked them. To be honest, my research on these combat suits didn’t take too much time. However, it took a lot of effort to repair them. Fortunately, nothing went wrong in the repair. This shall be my gift to the foreign races. Everyone, I’ll be taking these three suits. After three days, I will come back here and return them to you. You can rest assured.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai brought his Hell King’s ship and vanished from the Libra Continent. When Zhao Hai reappeared on the Taurus Continent, Laura and the others came out. Plastered on their faces were huge smiles.

Upon looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get puzzled as he asked, “What happened? Why are you all smiling?”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, your methods are too great. Although biggest benefit is yours, it was still them who had to give thanks. You haven’t noticed, but even Solomon and the others were looking gratefully towards you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Actually, this isn’t considered as me taking advantage of them. Although they can use the original ultimate weapons, it would still be a waste. Those ultimate weapons are much more useful in my posession. In their hands, the ultimate weapons would just be like sledgehammers being wielded by three-year olds. At that age, the most they could use are wooden swords. The combat suits produced by the Space is more suited for them. Not only was the burden removed, their effective strength was also further improved.”

Laura smiled and said, “In any case, you gained advantages this time. Brother Hai, didn’t the Space say that a reward would be given when the collection is complete? Quick, let’s see what that reward is.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, I’m quite curious as well. This isn’t the first time that the Space produced mysterious things. But every time we gained a lot. This time, I wonder what benefits we could get.” Then after saying that, Zhao Hai sent the combat suits to the Space.


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