BTFTLIAW – Chapter 959


Chapter 959 – Elaborate Sneak Attack

Zhao Hai laughed as he looked at Jie Yu, “I never understood why you didn’t attack the foreign race Supreme Elders despite being able to suppress them. If Elder Star can suppress them for a long time, then the three Supreme Elders wouldn’t have survived up to this time. As it turns out, attacking them would actually break the suppression. Hahahaha. Three Elders, come help me.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the three foreign race Supreme Elders couldn’t help but laugh as well. The Beastman Supreme Elder smiled and said, “Mister Zhao Hai is really extraordinary. You were still able to see through this despite being besieged at all sides. Great. You two, let’s go.” After he said that, he rushed towards Elder Star. Meanwhile the two other Supreme Elders flew towards Gold Ben, evidently planning to deal with him first.

After seeing the situation, Gold Ben couldn’t help but fluster. His figure moved as he went towards the group fighting the Hell King’s ship. Using their collective strength, they were hoping to destroy the ship, the scorpion, as well as the two Foreign Race Supreme Elders.

At this time, Elder Star also moved and decided to join the battle. Naturally, the Beastman Supreme Elder adjusted his course in order to clash with Elder Star.

When Zhao Hai saw this, his complexion slightly changed. He could understand what the three Supreme Elders wanted to do. It might seem like they weren’t doing anything wrong and that they just decided to focus the enemies in one point. However, Zhao Hai knew that there was something hidden underneath.

And this thing was the foreign Elders’ plan to use the nine Supreme Elders to cause damage to Zhao Hai. This way, when they win against the Divines, Zhao Hai wouldn’t become another threat.

But even if the three Supreme Elders had this plan in mind, Zhao Hai had already been alert from the very beginning. He wouldn’t place himself in danger, so instead of having the scorpion join the large battle, he had it regroup with himself. With the scorpion assisting him, the pressure on Zhao Hai became lighter.

When the pressure on his lightened up, Zhao Hai couldn’t’ help but laugh as he strengthened his power. And with the weapons in his hands always changing forms, Jie Yu’s group began to be pushed back.

When Elder Star’s group saw this situation, their expression couldn’t help but change. However, they had no cards left to play.

According to the situation, Elder Star and the others should have been on the defensive. After all, the Hell King’s ship could already block four. With the addition of the three Supreme Elders, the number advantage should have been flipped.

However, this wasn’t the case. Because of Elder Star’s participation, the strength of the Divine Supreme Elders have been strengthened. If not for the Hell King’s ship, the three foreign race Supreme Elders should have already been in a dangerous position.

Zhao Hai also noticed this situation, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he strengthened his offensive and placed more pressure on Jie Yu’s group.

Jie Yu’s group began to be overwhelmed by Zhao Hai. This caused Jie Yu to become more and more angry. They desperately attacked, but their disadvantage couldn’t be compensated by just mere effort. They were in a complete disadvantage. Every ten attacks made by Zhao Hai, they could only make two.

When Jie Yu’s group began to be completely overwhelmed, Zhao Hai’s figure suddenly vanished. In the next moment, Zhao Hai reappeared behind the Pisces Supreme Elder. HIs staff transformed into a huge sledgehammer before hitting the Elder’s back.

Mingdasir was currently fighting against the giant scorpion. Although the scorpion’s attack wasn’t weak, it wasn’t a threat towards him. Moreover, he also knew that Zhao Hai was being entangled by Jie Yu, so he was safe for the moment. Because of this, he relaxed his body for a bit. But who would’ve thought that Zhao Hai would suddenly appear behind him.

Mingdasir suddenly felt an immense force strike his back. Although his muscles vibrated in order to mitigate the damage, he could still feel the damage done. The hammer cracked his bones. After that, Mingdasir felt his internal organs being assaulted. He never expected that Zhao Hai’s attack would reach this magnitude. Mingdasir’s internal organs were smashed. Then as he spurted out blood, the scorpion’s tail suddenly came and pierced his throat.

After hitting Mingdasir with his hammer, Zhao Hai immediately vanished. Then he reappeared near Jie Yu.

Zhao Hai’s move surprised everyone. They didn’t expect that while being in the middle of a fight, Zhao Hai still managed to sneak attack Mingdasir.

While everyone was stunned, Zhao Hai had already succeeded. Mingasir died in the hands of Zhao Hai. It was also at this time that the scorpion returned to Zhao Hai’s side.

Jie Yu roared in anger as he went all out against Zhao Hai. Jie Yu was using his own life force to attack. Zhao Hai could only parry, he didn’t have the chance to hit back for some time.

At this moment, the scorpion went to attack once again. Meanwhile, Mingdasir’s body disappeared into a spatial rift. The scorpion’s next target was the Leo Clan’s Supreme Elder.

Jie Yu kept desperately attacking Zhao Hai. Anyone would know that this wouldn’t be kept for long. However, not everyone noticed that Jie Yu was slowly pushing Zhao Hai towards the Hell King’s ship.

As Zhao Hai got closer and closer to the Hell King’s ship, Zhao Hai’s figure suddenly stopped mid-air. He didn’t retreat and instead turned his magic staff into a rapier as he sent a strike towards Jie Yu’s throat. But at the same time, Jie Yu also sent a punch towards Zhao Hai’s chest.

This exchange looked life-threatening. If Zhao Hai continued his rapier’s attack, then he would be hit in his chest. In this case, Zhao Hai should be taking his rapier back. However, he didn’t do it.

Zhao Hai’s rapier proceeded to strike, not caring even a bit about Jie Yu’s punch. Jie Yu’s eyes couldn’t help but show panic. His current actions were actually a gamble. He bet that with Zhao Hai at the winning side, then he wouldn’t go all out. Because of this, he pretended to be desperate. However, it seems like he bet wrongly.

The reason why Jie Yu was acting desperately was because he wanted Zhao Hai to be pushed towards Elder Star’s group. This way, everyone could group up to kill Zhao Hai.

The timing of Zhao Hai’s attack was very good. It was too late for Jie Yu to withdraw right now. Jie Yu could only watch as his throat was pierced by Zhao Hai.

When he saw this, Jie Yu couldn’t help but go truly all out. Although he couldn’t change the course of his fist, he still did his best to dodge Zhao Hai’s rapier. However, Jie Yu forgot that Zhao Hai’s weapons can transform. Just as Jie Yu dodged the rapier, the rapier suddenly turned into a shovel, transforming the strike into a slash.

Although Jie Yu can manage to dodge the strike, he couldn’t evade the slash. Jie Yu’s head met the shovel and was cut down. And since everything happened too fast, Jie Yu’s fist still managed to hit Zhao Hai’s shoulder. However, the force was just too small.

But even if the punch was weak, Zhao Hai was still pushed towards Elder Star and the others. Elder Star and the others already noted Jie Yu’s situation. After seeing Jie Yu push Zhao Hai towards them, they immediately knew what Jie Yu was planning. Because of this, Elder Star and the others were already prepared to deal with Zhao Hai.

However, who would’ve thought that Zhao Hai had already calculated Jie Yu’s plan. Although he noticed Jie Yu pushing him towards Elder Star, he still pretended to be unaware. In fact, he was just waiting for an opportunity.

Zhao Hai’s shovel hit Jie Yu in the head, and at the same time, Zhao Hai was also pushed towards Elder Star’s group. Upon seeing this, the eyes of the Divines turned red. Then Gold Ben and two other Supreme Elders immediately moved and attacked the back of Zhao Hai.

But at this moment, Zhao Hai’s figure suddenly vanished. This time, Zhao Hai reappered behind the Leo Supreme Elder who was currently fighting against the scorpion. Zhao Hai turned his staff into a rapier once more and attacked the Leo Supreme Elder’s head. With his previous momentum still preserved and the fact that Zhao Hai appeared close by, the rapier didn’t take too long before it punctured through the Leo Supreme Elder’s brain.

At the same time, the scorpion used this opportunity to sever the Leo Supreme Elder’s head using its pincers. Then Zhao Hai’s figure drew back along with the scorpion. After that, Zhao Hai waved his hand as the Leo Supreme Elder’s body and combat suit vanished in mid-air.

Zhao Hai also did the same to Jie Yu’s corpse. Meanwhile, the scorpion went forward in order to join the battle on Elder Star’s side. Elder Star and the others stared. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to kill three of them in a short time. This caused their eyes to turn even more red.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t give them an opportunity to stare. His figure moved as he joined the large fight. This caused Elder Star’s side to be completely pushed back. There simply wasn’t an opportunity for them to flip the situation over.

A sense of despair flashed through Elder Star’s eyes. Then he stopped in mid-air before turning his head to Zhao hai and spoke, “Mister Zhao Hai. Please stop, I have some words to say.”

Zhao Hai stopped along with the Hell King’s ship and the scorpion. Upon seeing the situation, the three foreign race Supreme Elders stopped as well along with the rest of the Divine Supreme Elders. All of them were looking at Elder Star, waiting for his words to be spoken.


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