BTFTLIAW – Chapter 958


Chapter 958 – Fierce Battle

Zhao Hai could understand Elder Star’s purpose. Elder Star wanted to remind the foreign races that if Zhao Hai could deal with the Divines, then he could also deal with the foreign races.

Checks and balances was a method used by leaders, almost everyone used it. If a leader couldn’t use checks and balances, then it would be impossible for him to be a great leader. [1]

Elder Star was the Central Continent’s Supreme Elder, so he was very familiar with this system. Naturally, he also knew how to use it.

Sure enough, after Elder Star said this, the three foreign race Supreme Elders didn’t look great as they turned to Zhao Hai. It’s very obvious that they realized Elder Star’s thought a long time ago. Otherwise, they would have went to Zhao Hai after seeing him. Instead, they chose to maintain a safe distance away.

After seeing the reaction of the foreign race Elders, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly as he turned to looked Elder Star and said, “Elder Star doesn’t have to worry about this. I already discussed this matter with the Foreign Race Patriarchs. After I deal with your group, I will then leave the Divine Realm. The Patriarchs also knew the reason why I have to leave.”

Zhao Hai’s words towards Elder Star made the three Supreme Elders feel embarassed. Zhao Hai turned his head towards the three Supreme Elders and said, “If you lose the opportunity to deal with them, then you will never have the upper hand. I will leave the Divine realm in the future. And when the time comes, only the three of you will be left to deal with the nine Supreme Elders.”

When the three Supreme Elders heard Zhao Hai, their complexion couldn’t help but change. To be honest, Zhao Hai’s words hit them in their greatest weak spot.

Zhao Hai’s threat was just a possibility, it was still left to be proven. After all, Zhao Hai was their ally at this time. If Zhao Hai left, then the entire Divine Realm would be left to the foreign races and the remnant group of the Divine Race. However, the Divines were the enemies of the foreign races, they were hostile towards each other for tens of thousands of years. Their hatred had already penetrated their bones. If the foreign races didn’t use this opportunity, then the foreign races would have to be left to deal with the Divines all on their own when Zhao Hai leaves.

When Elder Star heard this, he knew that his side of the debate was not doing well. His eyes narrowed as he gave his command, “Let’s begin!” Along with his voice, he also activated his Star Disk.

The Star Disk moved in Elder Star’s hand. It rotated quickly as it launched lights in all directions. After that, Zhao Hai felt a change in the surroundings. Then he was met with a starry sky.

Zhao Hai didn’t panic as he observed the situation around him. The distant sky had constellations floating around. What made Zhao Hai strange was the fact that the Star Disk seem to have much more constellations than he expected.

After looking at these extra constellations, Zhao Hai understood that they belonged to the foregn races. It was the Aries Constellation, Libra Constellation, and the Virgo Constellation.

Zhao Hai didn’t know if it was his imagination or not, but the three constellations seem to be quite grey. The three combat suits also seem to be struggling.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Elder Star, I didn’t expect you to use this move. However, this didn’t work the last time. Did you forget? I have broken this before.”

After Zhao Hai said that, he moved his hand as the Dao Lotus went to the sun where the Star Disk was. With Zhao Hai’s power as well as the Dao Lotus’ strength, a loud bang was heard before the illusion in the sky disappeared.

But although the illusion had disappeared, Zhao Hai discovered the situation was still not very good. The three Supreme Elders of the foreign races seem to be under Elder Star’s control. They were standing there, motionless, but their bodies seem to be gently shaking.

Zhao Hai knew that the three Supreme Elders were fighting against Elder Star’s control. They were currently in the process of breaking loose. But before that, Zhao Hai had to face the nine Supreme Elders alone.

Elder Star looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “Zhao Hai, coming here is your biggest mistake. Now that the three of them are restrained by me, you will have to face us all alone. Let’s see what you can do now.”

Zhao Hai just gave a faint smile as he said, “What? Do you think I’m afraid of you?” After that, Zhao Hai waved his hand as a red scorpion went out of his staff. The scorpion shook its body before it threw itself towards the Supreme Elders. The Surpeme Elders’ expressions changed. Naturally, they could recognize that this was the Scorpio Clan’s ultimate weapon. They didn’t dare to underestimate it, so Gold Ben went forward in order to fight the scorpion.

Zhao Hai didn’t pay any attention towards Gold Ben. Instead, he had the Hell King’s ship fly towards Elder Star. However, the other Supreme Elders besides Elder Star went forward to stop him.

At this time, Zhao Hai sent Laura and the others to the Space. Then he reduced the ship’s size and handed its control over to Cai’er. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai wielded his staff as he went to attack the Leo Supreme Elder. The staff in his hand turned into a sledgehammer before it slammed towards the Leo Supreme Elder.

The Pisces Supreme Elder, Mingdasir, as well as the Cancer Supreme Elder, Jie Yu, came to assist. As the group clashed, a dogfight immediately occured.

However, since Zhao Hai wasn’t able to use his full strength, he was pushed to the defensive side. But he wasn’t in any real danger. Meanwhile, Elder Star closed his eyes, his head was sweating. He was trying his hardest to suppress the three Supreme Elders as long as possible.

The three Supreme Elders have forgotten that Elder Star’s Star Disk was able to suprress them. The reason why Elder Star didn’t use this earlier was because using the Star Disk in this manner wasn’t an easy task. It would require immense energy from Elder Star, it would also have some side effects.

The 13 ultimate weapons were a set. If they were used to face an enemy, then they were naturally very powerful. However, if you have them fight each other, then it would cost a lot It was just like having a person fight his right hand using his left. The one who would be injured would be the man himself.

Solomon and the others observed the fight in the distance. They couldn’t help but feel that the battle was too terrifying. Although the fighting was in the sky, hills around the Supreme Elders and Zhao Hai were being destroyed while mountains were swaying violently. At the same time, ripples in the firmament could be clearly seen. Solomon and the others felt that the skies were being twisted.

At this moment, Gold Ben was fighting with the red scorpion, the Hell King’s ship was also able to tie four Supreme Elders down, and Zhao Hai was fighting three Supreme Elders. Zhao Hai’s opponents were exerting their full force. They knew that as long as they eliminate Zhao Hai, the Hell King’s ship would turn useless.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t easily dealt with. Although Jie Yu’s group had the upper hand, Zhao Hai was still able to counter-attack. At the very least, self-preservation was possible for Zhao Hai.

At this point, Zhao Hai’s body had turned into its crystal form. His magic staff was ever changing. In any moment, it would turn into a weapon, and the next moment it would become two weapons. Even after being besieged by three people, Zhao Hai was still far from defeat.

Jie Yu and the others couldn’t help but worry. They knew that it was impossible to hold off the three Supreme Elders for a long time. If they couldn’t deal with Zhao Hai soon, then when the three Supreme Elders gets loose, the state of the battle would be flipped over.

Jie Yu and the others didn’t know how fierce Zhao Hai was. Now, they finally understood that they had underestimated Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was just too strong.

Time passed by and Jie Yu’s group were getting more and more worried. Elder Star was also sweating more and more. At the same time, the three Supreme Elders were shaking more violently.

It was at this moment that Zhao Hai felt something strange. Although he was at a disadvantage, he wasn’t worried, he wasn’t even injured. Because of this, Zhao Hai was still able to observe the current state of the battlefield.

Although the Hell King’s ship had tied four Supreme Elders, these Supreme Elders weren’t really incapable of leaving the battle. As long as three of them stop the ship, the other one could just leave for a moment and deal with the three Supreme Elders. This would eliminate Elder Star’s troubles. However, why haven’t they done this?

Suddenly, Zhao Hai thought of something that he’d like to try. He immediately contacted Cai’er using his mind. When Cai’er heard Zhao Hai, she immediately complied.

While Jie Yu and the others were heavily engaged with Zhao Hai, a group of undead suddenly appeared near Elder Star. Upon seeing this, Jie Yu and the others weren’t afraid, instead they looked at Zhao Hai with ridicule. They thought that Zhao Hai wanted to deal with Elder Star using these undead.

However, what the undead did next startled them. The undead didn’t deal with Elder Star, instead, they turned around and threw themselves towards the three Supreme Elders.

Upon seeing this, the complexion on Jie Yu and the others’ faces changed. However, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop the undead. The undead established their Domain and attacked the foreign race Supreme Elders. When Solomon and the others saw this, they couldn’t help but be confused. They didn’t understand why Zhao Hai would attack their Supreme Elders at this time.

But much to their surprise, when the Undead attacked the foreign race Supreme Elders, a loud bang was heard. The bodies of the foreign race Supreme Elders shook as they opened their eyes slowly. Meanwhile, Elder Star’s body shook before he vomited blood. This made Solomon and the others even more shocked, they couldn’t understand what just happened.

At this moment, Zhao Hai laughed wildly.

  1. The system of checks and balances in government was developed to ensure that no one branch of government would become too powerful


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